Top 5 New Romance Anime Worth Watching

Top 5 New Romance Anime Worth Watching

Top 5 New Romance Anime Worth Watching – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 5 New Romance Anime Worth Watching. I’ve collected the anime in the romance genre that you should watch. So, let’s get started.

5. When Will Ayumu Make His Move?


Ayumu Tanaka is a freshman with great ability in the sport, who used to do kendo. But instead of joining the kendo club again, Ayumu opts for the shogi club. And the reason for this is his sempai, Urushi Yaotome, who is the head of the shogi club. Ayumu is a very straightforward person, so he often says things that make Urushi blush with embarrassment.

But at the same time, no matter how hard he tries, Ayumu still cannot beat his mentor in shogi. Ayumu is determined that he will be worthy of telling Urushi how he feels only when he can defeat her in shogi. The shogi club is in trouble: because there are only two members, it is not official.

Urushi wants to find more members. However, Ayumu is fine with this, as he can be alone with his mentor. However, he decides to help Urushi find people to join the club in order to make her happy.

4. My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex


The plot begins with the introduction of the viewer to the main characters. The boy is the apathetic geek Mizuto Irido and the girl is the reserved nerd Yume Irido. In the past they were a couple, but now they have to live under the same roof and pretend to be loving brother and sister, because their parents got hitched.

What a twist… Naturally, it will not be that easy to do, because the old wounds have not yet healed, and claims to each other left a lot. So in addition feelings have not completely disappeared. Because of their stubbornness between the protagonists there is a rivalry for “supremacy” in the family. The main characters refuse to cede to each other the position of the eldest child.

Therefore, they make a bet that the eldest will be the one who can hold out and not overstep the bounds of kinship relations. The loser, on the other hand, will be the youngest child and undertakes to fulfill 1 wish of the winner. In parallel, the heroes will gradually get to know each other better and together become a part of society.

In fact, this is a typical everyday story. There is no deep twisted plot, no unexpected turns. Just the everyday life of two teenagers.

3. More than a married couple, but not lovers.

new romance anime

At first glance, Jiro Yakuin’s school is no different from any other school in Japan. The students attend the gymnasium, the cafeteria, the clubs, use school supplies, and study and relax during recesses in the same way. However, there is one difference: the school has a special program called “Pair Practice,” which is aimed at preparing young people for married life.

According to the rules of the program, students are separated into pairs and provided with housing. During the allotted time, the newlyweds must learn to interact with each other as husband and wife, and a camera installed in the love nest will record all the successes and failures of the spouses, which will reflect on the couple’s rating.

Jiro Yakuin dreamed that his partner would be Shiori Sakurazaka, a childhood friend with whom he has long been in love. However, the school system decided otherwise and chose the bright and popular Akari Watanabe as his companion. As it turned out, not only was Jiro not thrilled about such a prospect, Akari also hoped for another partner in the form of the school’s handsome Minami Tenzin.

But newlyweds do not despair and quickly find a way out of the situation. According to the rules of the program, couples who make it to the top ten get the right to change their partner. Now Jiro and Akari are willing to do anything to achieve the result, but will their relationship remain at the same level?

2. I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

Top 5 New Romance Anime Worth Watching

Trying to brighten her last days, a terminally ill girl lying in the hospital spent her time playing otome games, until she discovered that she was suddenly a character in one of them. Unfortunately, she became not the main character, but a villain named Eileen Lauren d’Autryche.

According to the plot of the game, at the banquet in honor of the semester ending, the crown prince and Eileen’s childhood friend Cedric Jeanne Elmire will publicly announce not only the breaking of his and Eileen’s engagement, but also that he is in love with Lillia Rainworth, who is the main character.

Knowing her dim future and wishing to change her fate, the newlywed Eileen decides to take desperate measures. Realizing that her only chance for salvation is to defeat the final boss, she is willing to do anything! The final boss in the game is known as the Demon King, Cedric’s half-brother Claude Jeanne Elmire. To defeat the enemy and survive, Eileen needs to conquer his heart!

1. Call of the Night

Top 5 New Romance Anime Worth Watching

Those who have taken night walks will surely tell you that they are beautiful. The absence of people, cars, and other distractions, the charm of the dark time of day, and the ineffable feeling of freedom-it’s an atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. So a fourteen-year-old high school student, Ko Yamori, who was plagued by insomnia and therefore decided to go for a walk, was enchanted.

Loafing through the empty streets, the boy met a mysterious girl named Nadzuna Nanakusa, who showed the boy all the charms of the nightlife. Their adventures together ended with Ko soon sharing a futon with Nadzuna, who, thinking the boy had fallen asleep, took a bite to his neck!

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