All Titan Shifters Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

all titan shifters

All Titan Shifters Ranked From Weakest To Strongest – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of All Titan Shifters Ranked From Weakest To Strongest. Even though there are 9 original titans in the history of Attack on Titan, we’ve already canonically seen way more than 9 people take on the powers of these titans. More precisely, we already had 19 original titans bearers in the anime.

Some had very little screen time, which may have gone unnoticed by many fans who, possibly, don’t even remember some of them anymore. However, we weren’t going to leave them off this list just because of that. With such a wide variety, many of these wielders had their own way of controlling their titans, and as expected, some managed to do better than others.

To decide the positions in this ranking, we take into account the efficiency that the wielder has with his titan, his physical strength, his experience in fights and most importantly: The amount of information available in the manga about that titan wielder. Moreover, characters that we have not even seen their titanic forms, we will not even consider here. So, let’s get started.

19. Tom Xaver


Tom Xaver was a researcher and the former heir to the Beast Titan, before passing that power on to Zeke Yeager. His Beast Titan form possessed characteristics of a wild ram, having a pair of curved horns on his head, an elongated snout, and a nose similar to the animal he represents. And like most Titans, he was also bipedal.

However, all we know about Xaver’s beast titan is related to his appearance, since we don’t have much information about his achievements in battle. So, it is not possible to know for sure if he was strong or not. We already got to see him goring the titans of the past on Eren’s back, but that’s all that was shown. Xaver himself already admitted that his titan was useless in battle…

So, it’s already possible to deduce that he probably participated in some combats and ended up losing, or that he didn’t even fight with his titan, because he already knew that it wouldn’t work. right. But that’s mainly because Xaver was a scientist.

So, he probably trained his titan for combat very little, focusing on his titanic abilities only for research purposes, and nothing else. However, this bestial titan in the possession of the right person could certainly be a very dangerous titan.

18. Ymir


Ymir was a senior member of the 104th Recruit Squadron, a former member of the Survey Corps, and a former wielder of the Jaw Titan. Her Jaw Titan form was very similar to a regular pure titan, having a body with some disproportionate parts, such as her larger than normal head and her long arms. Her titan was 5 meters tall, and had sharp fangs and claws, just like the other Jaw Titans.

But unlike the other Jaws, her claws weren’t as developed and she didn’t have a hardened-coated jaw. But Ymir’s titan wasn’t weak because of that! The first time she transformed, she managed to take down several pure titans at the same time, showing us the stark difference in powers of a simple pure titan to one of the original titans.

Additionally, she was incredibly fast when transformed, being able to move with great agility and demonstrating incredible reflexes with her titan during battles. However, Ymir is an inexperienced titan shifter, who did not receive titan training from Marley. When the Porco Galliard took over her titan, everyone saw how much superior he was with the Mandible compared to Ymir.

Therefore, everything she did in Paradis could have been much better if she was an experienced user and if her titan had the standard attributes of Jaws more developed… But since that wasn’t the case, there’s no way to consider her more. stronger than other titan shifters on this list.

17. Pieck Finger


Pieck is an Eldian who served as one of Marley’s Warriors and possessed the power of the Quadruped Titan, or also known as the Wagon Titan. In her Titan form, Pieck is 4 meters tall, and as her name suggests, she moves on all four limbs in a quadrupedal fashion. Her torso is long and flat, which allows her titan to be used to transport materials or even equipped with weapons.

Indeed, the wagon titan is the physically weakest of all the original 9 titans, but she is the titan that least requires energy from its wielder, which allowed Pieck to transform several times consecutively in the final fight on Eren’s back. She was even able to single-handedly defeat a group of Jaw Titans, and from what Pieck herself said, she could still transform a few hundred more times if need be.

And this was all done without her titan armor, because when Pieck wears her war armor, she becomes a true monster on the battlefield. This may sacrifice some of your mobility, but it still makes you far more destructive than your standard titan form.

It is also worth mentioning that Pieck can maintain its titanic transformation for several months at a time, which only the Quadruped Titan has been shown to be able to do. However, as incredible as Pieck’s feats are, her titan is still terribly weak by nature compared to the other original 8, so we can’t put her higher in the ranks.

16. Uri Reiss


Uri Reiss was the true King of the Walls and wielder of the Founding Titan during a period that lasted until 842, when he passed on both his crown and his Titan power. Although we never saw his titan’s full appearance, only being shown a malformed titan body, we can assume that Uri had a founding titan similar to that of Frieda Reiss, but with male characteristics.

As we saw in his encounter with Kenny, who had been sent to kill him, Uri is able to assume his titanic form whenever he wants, but we don’t know what his level of control is over it. Since when Kenny appeared, he was not able to summon his entire titan to defeat Ackerman, but rather, he summoned only a deformed and incomplete titan body, which was lying on the ground and could only move one arm.

But he may have done so, as he did not find it necessary to transform completely at that time, seeing only a partial transformation as necessary. Furthermore, thanks to the War Renunciation Vow created by Karl Fritz, the Uri and many other heirs of that titan, ended up inheriting the ideology of that former King and were prevented from using the true power of the Founding Titan for the combat.

Even if Uri was a member of the royal family, who in theory would have access to all the Founding Titan’s powers, he still couldn’t use those powers to their fullest. When he assumed power from the Founder, under the influence of the vote, Uri was never violent, and even when someone showed violence in front of him. Given this, even though he is a Founder user, Uri cannot go beyond that classification.

15. Frieda Reiss

titan shifters

Frieda Reiss was the older half-sister of Historia Reiss and daughter of Rod Reiss. She inherited the Founding Titan from her uncle Uri Reiss and was the true Queen of the Walls in the period between the years 842 to 845. Frieda’s titan form was 13 meters tall and had a body with female characteristics, very similar to the Female Titan, with the difference that her muscles were not exposed.

One thing that Frieda showed that she had a lot of mastery was her power to manipulate the memories of Ymir’s Subjects, as demonstrated when she erased the memories of Historia Reiss in her visits to the girl. However, like her uncle Uri, she also ended up inheriting Karl Fritz’s ideology, not being able to use her Founder’s full potential during battles… in addition to becoming a much more peaceful person.

Because of this, when Grisha appeared in the Reiss Chapel to steal the Founding Titan, in addition to the influence of the vote, Frieda proved to be quite untrained in controlling her titanic form, being quickly defeated by Grisha’s Attack Titan. Even though she tried to defend herself in hand-to-hand combat, she didn’t stand a chance against him.

14. Grisha Jaeger


In addition to being the father of Zeke and Eren, Grisha Jaeger was an Eldian physician originally from the Liberio internment zone in Marley, and was one of Eldia’s leading Restorationists. Grisha’s main titan was the Attack Titan, inherited from Eren Kruger, since the Founding Titan he stole from Frieda stayed with him for a very short period of time.

In his Attack Titan form, Grisha stood 15 meters tall and had a body with a torso that was much bulkier than his arms and legs. In addition, Grisha also possessed the ability “Future Memory Legacies”, exclusive to the Attack Titan, which allows him to access the memories of future users of that same titan, basically giving him the ability to see the future.

We only saw him fight once, which was against Frieda’s titan, but even so, you could see that his titan was pretty strong, since he didn’t suffer almost any damage in that fight. But, unfortunately, we don’t have much information about Grisha’s strength in his titanic form, apart from what we saw in this fight – which, by the way, ended very quickly due to his strength.

We also saw his attack titan reappear in the final fight on Eren’s back, but he didn’t actually do anything quite as formidable. However, even if he was just a titan wielder without any experience, we have to take into account that he was already able to defeat and steal the founding titan for himself without any difficulty.

13. Eren Kruger


Eren Kruger, better known by fans as “The Owl”, was the one who passed the power of the attack titan to Grisha. Furthermore, it was he who founded the Eldia Restorationists. In his Attack Titan form, he had a very similar appearance to the Titans Grisha and Eren Yeager, being 15 meters tall and with a well-muscled and athletic body.

And being the wielder of the Attack Titan, he also possessed the Inheritance of Future Memories power. Kruger was an excellent strategist, so much so that he was able to hide his identity within Marley’s army for nearly 13 years, and almost allowed the rebellious Eldians to break free from the oppression they suffered in Marley.

Certainly, his strategic mind was used in his titan form, but we can’t confirm that, as we also only saw him transform once. At the very least, he put on a pretty good show in that one transformation, splitting a Marley cargo ship in half after lifting it onto his back.

Kruger even repeated this same move against one of the original titans summoned on Eren’s back, showing that he can also easily break titans with this move. For his strength and for being a great example of an attack titan wielder, Kruger earns a symbolic position on this list – but since we don’t have much information about him either, we won’t put him above that.

12. Reiner Braun

all titan shifters

Reiner was one of the graduates of the 104th Recruit Squadron and the Vice-Captain of Marley’s Warrior Unit in possession of the Armored Titan, being the main protagonist of Attack on Titan from the Marleyan perspective. Reiner’s Armored Titan form was 15 meters tall and featured plates of hardened skin covering almost his entire body.

He was the only armored titan we saw in the entire work, not counting the ancestors we saw on the Founder’s back. Reiner’s titan was feared precisely because of its armor, which could basically resist any titan blow or any equipment created by the people of Paradis. This only changed after Eren started to use hardening in his fists and when the thunder spears were created by the Survey Corps.

As the armored has always sinned a lot in terms of mobility, Reiner always fought using his brute strength. But his strongest blow was his frontal charge. After gaining some distance and advancing with everything, Reiner could cause such great damage with his charge that he was already able to destroy the gates of the walls, without himself suffering any damage.

However, Reiner’s own mind ends up being a problem, as he carries a huge emotional weight after everything that happened to Marcel, Berthlodt and Annie, and this has already caused him to suffer several defeats because of his unstable mind.

11. Annie Leonhart

all titan shifters

Annie Leonhart was a graduate of the 104th Recruit Squadron and a Marley Warrior in possession of the Female Titan. In her Female Titan form, Annie stands 14 meters tall, has an athletic physique with feminine features, and still retains much of her human form’s facial features. However, its titanic body has many parts with its muscle tissue completely exposed.

Thanks to her knowledge of martial arts, her titan became even more powerful, which made her look like a 14 meter UFC fighter! Her limbs could still be coated with titan hardening, and with that, her kicks had the ability to slice a titan in half without any difficulty. Her stamina is also one of the greatest of all the original titans.

However, Annie’s titan’s true asset is her scream, which she uses to call several pure titans to her position. But she does not have precise control over the titans, using this ability only as a form of distraction, where the various pure titans are attracted to destroy her titan body, and thus give Annie enough time to escape.

And finally, Annie can also create an extremely resistant crystal cocoon to protect her human body, just like the War Hammer Titan. If you notice, the Female Titan is capable of using a wide variety of skills, and this is due to the fact that the Female Titan has great ease in acquiring and assimilating the skills of other original titans, by consuming their spinal fluid.

10. Marcel Galliard


Marcel Galliard was the older brother of Porco Galliard and one of Marley’s warriors in possession of the Jaw Titan. In his Jaw Titan form, he had long hair, a bushy beard on his chin, and was 5 meters tall. But its main features were its extremely sharp claws and its incredibly developed jaw reinforced with titan hardening. Here we can already see the glaring difference between Marcel’s Jaw and Ymir’s…

Marcel has always shown himself to be a highly intelligent and committed warrior, being one of the young people who passed the test to become warriors in Marley with a certain margin. If you already know how hard it is to pass this test, it’s to be expected that Marcel would be an excellent titan Jaws, right?

Well, in theory, Marcel was yes a skilled Mandible, and the Marleyans said he had enormous potential, after seeing the boy’s performance on Marley’s missions on which he was sent. In the little we saw of him, in some flashbacks, he showed himself to be incredibly agile with his titan and was able to easily destroy all kinds of enemy weapons.

But we never got the chance to see Marcel’s Jaws truly come into action, because he gave his own life to save Reiner from being eaten by a pure titan. There are those who say that if Marcel had survived and was still alive today, he could have been an even better Mandible than his brother Porco.

9. Porco Galliard


Porco Galliard was the younger brother of Marcel Galliard and one of Marley’s Warriors in possession of the Titan Jaw, which he inherited from Ymir. His Jaw Titan form was incredibly similar to his brother’s Titan form, having long blonde hair, a bushy beard on his chin, and standing 5 meters tall.

Porco was one of the best users of the Jaw titan that we’ve ever seen in the work, it was thanks to him that we were able to understand the real power that the Jaw titan had… like the speed of his titan, and the strength of his claws and teeth, capable of even breaking the War Hammer Titan’s crystal.

We never saw him in a forest to better compare his speed and agility with the titan of Ymir, but that wasn’t necessary… The Porco could already be faster without needing anything from the scenario to help his speed, but when he was in the tightest of places, like the streets of Shiganshina District, his speed surpassed that of any known titan.

With his versatility, he was already able to destroy nearly every tank and military group in that first mission at the start of Season 4, and his speed proved to be a problem even for Eren’s attack titan during their fights. However, the Porco’s biggest problem is his impatience.

8. Falco Grice


Falco Grice is the younger brother of Colt Grice and was one of the main candidates to inherit the power of the Armored Titan, but ended up inheriting the Hog’s Jaw Titan after being transformed into a Pure Titan by Zeke. Even though Falco is a Marley warrior without any combat experience, his titan is one of the most unique we’ve seen in the entire history of Attack on Titan.

When transformed, he has huge wings, has two sets of jaws, with the outer one forming a kind of beak, and his claws are similar to the claws found on birds of prey… in addition, of course, to having a fully feathered body. Because of this, his jaw titan has the incredible ability to fly! We’ve never seen any titans with this ability, and as far as we know, it was impossible to exist.

It is a fact that his flying titan is a hybrid of the Mandible with the bestial titan, since before he inherited the Mandible, Falco had ingested some of Zeke’s spinal fluid, and this mixture was responsible for this very different mutation. Despite its size, Falco managed to show us that it already had excellent control of its titan, performing complex maneuvers in the air to dodge the attacks of the ancient titans.

We also didn’t see him fight much, just that moment in the harbor where he faced several Yeageristas and the Pieck titan, but that was his first transformation, where he attacked everything he saw in front of him. So, even if we don’t know how Falco would fare in a fight against other titans, we can’t give him a very low position, solely because of his appealing ability to fly and his claws and jaws.

7. Zeke Jaeger

all titan shifters

Zeke Jaeger was the former captain of Marley’s Warrior Unit and heir to the Beast Titan, being considered Marley’s strongest warrior. In his Bestial form, Zeke possesses ape-like characteristics, having a body covered in fur, abnormally elongated arms, and a height of 17 meters. His arms were long and strong enough to shatter boulders and use them to destroy any human line of defense.

His pitches were so powerful that they surpassed the speed of sound. His strength surpasses even Reiner’s titan strength. We know that Zeke and Reiner have already fought an off-screen battle between their titans, and Reiner lost to the giant ape. We don’t know how easy or difficult this fight was for Zeke, but after the fight, he seemed extremely calm, while Reiner was all broken on the ground…

And thanks to his royal blood, Zeke could do many things that no other beast titan was able to do. He could control pure titans, who followed his orders as if they were soldiers. And on top of that, he also had the ability to turn ordinary Eldians into pure Titans. As long as an Eldian has ingested his spinal fluid – which can be by drinking or even inhaling through the air – that person is going to be in big trouble.

Both his scream and his control over pure titans work even when Zeke is in his human form, which even allows him to fight without having to activate his transformation. So, it’s safe to say that Zeke’s beast was one of the most powerful that ever existed in the realm of Eldia.

6. Bertholdt Hoover

all titan shifters

Bertolt Hoover was also one of the graduates of the 104th Recruit Squadron and one of Marley’s Warriors in possession of the Colossal Titan. In his titanic form, he had a body with his muscles fully exposed, which were constantly releasing jets of steam, due to his temperature, and was an incredible 60 meters tall. The Colossal Titan is arguably the most iconic Titan in the entire series.

Let those who never thought of this titan throw the first stone when they saw a page in a science book that showed a human body without skin. It doesn’t take much skill for someone to be a useful user of the Colossal Titan. Berthlodt was a bit of a cowardly boy and lost his temper very easily when someone mentioned Annie’s name, but still, he was able to cause enormous damage with his Colossal.

His kick was able to destroy a wall Maria gate much more easily than the Armored Titan’s charge, and with that same blow, he sent Eren’s attack titan to the top of the wall without any effort. Even when any human was lucky enough to get close to Bertlhodt’s titan, he could still release a huge wave of steam, which was capable of charring anyone who dared to get too close.

And let’s not forget his explosive transformation, which is as powerful as an atomic bomb. With this technique, Bertlhodt vaporized nearly an entire district of Paradis. Thanks to such great destructive potential, the Colossal titan receives the title of “god of destruction”. However, all these techniques don’t seem that difficult to learn, as Armin got the hang of them pretty quickly.

5. Lara Tybur


Lara Tybur was the younger sister of Willy Tybur and the previous heiress to the controversial War Titan “Marcellus”. In her Warhammer form, Lara was 50 feet tall, with an athletic, masculine build and a second layer of white skin covering her entire body, with the exception of some parts of her face.

Even though it was the last original titan to be shown, the War Hammer proved to be one of the most powerful titans in the entire work. For starters, unlike all other titans, the wielder of the War Hammer does not necessarily need to remain on the back of his titanic body in order to have control over it. The user can decide whether to be inside the Titan’s body or not.

As this titan has free control over titan hardening, Lara has shown us that she is capable of summoning huge spikes from the ground, capable of lifting a titan several meters high, or creating small spikes just to immobilize the movement of enemies. As a bonus, we’ve also seen her create weapons like a sword, a whip and of course, a war hammer.

But we saw that this titan can create literally anything with hardening. However, the War Hammer is a titan that always depletes its user’s energy very quickly, and as Lara did not know how to manage her own energy during the fight against Eren and the Reconnaissance Division, she ended up being defeated.

4. Armin Arlelt

all titan shifters

Armin Arlert was the 15th Commander of the Survey Corps and last wielder of the Colossal Titan. In his Colossal Titan form, Armin is 60 meters tall and has a completely skinless body, being very similar to Bertholdt’s Titan, with only a few differences.

Armin has always been someone much more sensible and strategic than Berthlodt, and just because of that, he can be considered a much better user, since his titan’s destructive potential is basically the same as the previous wielder. We’ve already seen Armin return the damage that Berthlodt did to Paradis by blowing up much of the Liberio District with his explosive transformation, which was just as powerful.

We know that he and Eren used their titans to intercept all of Marley’s ships that docked on Paradis Island, without any of them ever returning to the mainland. Also, another great feat performed by Armin was when he tore apart Eren’s Founding Titan by performing his explosive transformation on top of him. And look, Eren’s Titan was around 350 meters tall, which is almost 6 times the size of the colossal one.

Thanks to his great tactical knowledge and his high level of strategic intelligence, there is no doubt that Armin manages to use much more of his titan’s potential, being able to formulate strategies and carry out feats that can surprise his enemies.

3. Karl Fritz


Karl Fritz was the 145th King of Eldia and responsible for the downfall of the Eldian Empire. After his empire collapsed, he moved many of the Eldians to Paradis Island, where he erected the 3 Walls. Karl Fritz’s Titan form was 13 meters tall, like most of the Founding Titans. He had thick legs, but his upper body was rather scrawny, with his ribs visible through the skin.

In addition to thin and long arms, similar to those of the Beast Titan. Being a bearer of the Founder’s royal blood, he possessed all of that titan’s vast powers, such as titan creation and control, memory manipulation, telepathic communication, and many other powers.

He is also well known as the person responsible for creating the Oath of Renunciation of War, which prevented all future wielders of the founding titan from using their powers. Shortly before creating this rule, he erased the memory of all Eldians within the Walls, making them believe that they were the only humans left on Earth, and that the Titans were, in fact, some kind of natural predator of humans.

But just listening to all the stories told about him, there’s no reason to doubt his abilities. Since the guy was simply able to materialize that insane amount of Colossal Titans to build the 3 walls we know today. So, you can already get an idea of ​​how skilled he was in using his powers.

2. Ymir Fritz

all titan shifters

Ymir Fritz was a slave from Eldia who ended up becoming the first person to obtain the power of the Titans, being considered the progenitor of all titans. After she nearly died in a lake while being chased by Eldian warriors, a mysterious creature, similar to the real-world Hallucigenia, merged with Ymir’s backbone, giving rise to the first titan in history, the Founding Titan.

Ymir Fritz’s Titan form was huge, standing at around 240 meters tall, had a female body and had long, protruding ribs. Her Titan’s face lacked skin, musculature, or eyes, leaving only a visible skull. Bizarre, right? A gigantic titan like that, at a time when there were no other titans, was a source of fear for any human being.

King Fritz at the time made Ymir his loyal subject, and the two had 3 daughters, named Rose, Maria and Sina. Thanks to the unrivaled strength of the titan of Ymir, she was able to make the Eldian empire the most powerful in the world. No other settlement dared to challenge the Eldians, as they had a 200+ meter giant beside them!

As Ymir was the first of all titans, there was no competition to measure her strength, and as the influence of the founding titan only works on her own descendents, on people who were born after Ymir, she could not manipulate the Eldians just as the founder can do today. Due to Ymir not being able to use her powers to their fullest potential, due to the non-existence of her Subjects, she ranks 2nd on this list.

1. Eren Jaeger

all titan shifters

Eren Jaeger is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. He was a former member of the Survey Corps and the wielder of 3 original titans at the same time. These being the Attack Titan, War Hammer Titan, and Founding Titan. In his Attack Titan form, Eren was 15 meters tall and had a muscular body.

With Ymir help, Eren turned into the biggest titan we’ve ever seen in the entire history of AOT, standing approximately 350 meters tall. Even the colossal titans looked tiny next to him, and as you already know, only his back was so big that it was the battlefield itself in the last arc of the manga. With this titan’s power, Eren was able to activate the Crash and unleash a massive army of colossal titans.

But Eren possessed many other abilities, such as controlling armies of Pure Titans, transforming into any Original Titan, telepathically communicating with any Subject of Ymir, turning Eldians into Titans, and removing the powers of any other Original Titan. Let’s also not forget another of the founder’s awesome abilities, which was summoning all the original titans of the past onto his massive back.

He was able to assume the body of a colossal titan and fought his last fight against the colossal Armin, who curiously, would have lost badly if it weren’t for Mikasa to end everything. In the face of all this, without a doubt, we can prove that Eren was the most powerful titan shifter ever shown in Shingeki no Kyojin.


As much as most of the titans on this list didn’t make a very decent appearance in AOT’s work, they all left their mark both in history and in the minds of fans. After all, who wasn’t always excited when they saw another titan shifter appearing? There’s no way not to stay, right? lol

That is it from today’s post on All Titan Shifters Ranked From Weakest To Strongest. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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