Top 13 Strongest My Hero Academia Teachers (U.A. Staff)

my hero academia teachers

Top 13 Strongest My Hero Academia Teachers (U.A. Staff) – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 13 Strongest My Hero Academia Teachers (U.A. Staff). U.A is the biggest school for heroes and is considered the best in Japan. It doesn’t follow traditional school methods and allows its teachers to teach their classes the way they want, even being able to expel any student at any time.

In addition to being ordinary teachers who teach school subjects, these are also great professional heroes, who are always on hand to defend humanity when needed. With incredible individualities, U.A teachers manage to stand out among the most powerful professional heroes of all time, in addition to being responsible for training new heroes at the academy.

That said, let’s get to know more about the individuality of each teacher, starting from the weakest to the most powerful teacher. So, let’s get started.

13. Nezu


Nezu, also known as Mr. Principal, is a professional hero and director of U.A. Nezu isn’t exactly a human with the appearance of an animal. He is actually a rare case where an animal ended up manifesting a quirk. He looks like a humanoid mouse, but it is said that he is actually a combination of several different animals, including a dog, a mouse, and a bear, which would make him a chimera.

Because of this, Nezu has above average senses of smell and hearing. The Quirk he awakened is the “High Spec”, a power that basically makes his intelligence and reasoning far superior to that of any human being, which allows him to live freely like a normal person, even though he is an animal.

He dedicates a good part of his intelligence to taking care of the bureaucratic part and the direction of the U.A. But during the Final Exams arc, Nezu proved that his intelligence can also be used to come up with incredibly complex strategies to wreak perfectly calculated havoc on his opponents. However, as he has nothing to compensate for his low physical strength, he goes last on the list.

12. Power Loader


Power Loader is a hero specializing in rescues and excavations, and is an active teacher in the support course. He is a short, thin man with a very youthful appearance for his advanced age. He has much larger hands than normal, and wears a hero costume consisting of a large yellow helmet in the shape of a rectangular bulldozer claw.

Due to his Quirk, called “Iron Claws”, his fingers are pointed with metallic claws, in the shape of the letter “L”, which he mainly uses to dig underground. However, his power’s capabilities have been amplified by the various digging machines he pilots – machines that were developed in the support course.

His plan of attack is to make several underground tunnels and leave the ground very fragile, where one false step would make the opponent fall into the holes he dug under the ground. Because it relies so much on support machines to be able to act as a hero, Power Loader occupies the penultimate place on the list.

11. Snipe


Snipe has the appearance of a real western cowboy, using a hat, a gas mask covering his face and a big red cape. He is one of the teachers in charge of third-year students at U.A., and his specialization is rapid enemy slaughter and hostage rescue. His “Homing” Quirk matches perfectly well with the modified weapon the hero carries.

Once he spots and locks onto a target within a range of up to 600 meters, any projectile Snipe fires will be guided to the target and hit. Snipe just doesn’t have control over the trajectory of the projectiles after they are launched, so he can’t control which part of the body the shots will hit.

Snipe’s Quirk is perfect for taking down villains holding people hostage, as his bullets always hit enemies – something he already did against villains in USJ. Snipe also has smoke grenades to conceal his movements or to knock enemies out of an area.

That’s also the reason for the gas mask that comes with his hero suit. But unfortunately, the hero doesn’t have anything to make up for his lack of close combat ability and his shots don’t carry much power either.

10. Midnight

my hero academia teachers

Even if Midnight wears a hero costume very similar to that of a traditional dominatrix, no, she does not teach anything malicious that may have come into her head now. Despite her appearance, Midnight is a “Modern History of Heroes” professor at U.A. Her quirk is “Sleepwalking”.

When the heroine’s skin is minimally exposed, her body releases a distinct odor in purple smoke that is capable of instantly putting anyone who inhales this aroma to sleep. The effect is described as being more effective on males than females, giving Midnight an obvious advantage against males.

Regardless, anyone who breathes in enough of the aroma ends up falling into a deep sleep, making it difficult for opponents to confront Midnight at close range. Her specialization, obviously, is the immobilization of enemies, and thanks to her power, she rarely needs to fight – and when she does, she makes use of her whip.

The simplest way to avoid the effects of Midnight Mist is to cover your face with something that prevents you from breathing, as Mineta did in practical classes. However, if the opponent is wearing an air-filtering mask, Midnight would be in serious trouble as her combat tactics aren’t that great. Because of that, she stays in that position.

9. Present Mic


The teacher who always makes his presence clear to anyone. At U.A., he is the teacher in charge of the English subject. He is a tall, lean man with long, spiky blond hair. Around his neck he carries a directional speaker that he uses with his Quirk, which is his own voice.

When Present Mic wants to, he can raise the volume of his voice to create a powerful sound wave, capable of shattering glass objects and throwing medium-sized objects away. The sound that comes out of the hero’s mouth can reach extremely high levels, enough to incapacitate his enemies by rupturing their eardrums, and even causing bleeding in their ears.

With his directional speaker located in his neck region, he is able to better control and direct his sound waves, preventing his sonic scream from affecting allies close to him.

However, using too much of his Quirk can give Present Mic a sore throat, and he has a disadvantage against people who can go underground, as sound doesn’t travel very well there. But despite this, he is still capable of dealing with multiple enemies by himself. Thus, he earns a position within the top 10.

8. Vlad King


Vlad is the teacher responsible for class 1-B of the heroes course. He wears a mask covering his eyes and a hero costume highlighted in red, which certainly references his individuality. Vlad King, naturally already possesses strength and speed above human standards, and his quirk, called “Blood Control”, allows him to freely control all the blood that leaves his body.

For this, his hero costume has several tubes connected to different parts of his body, which when activated, quickly suck and expel the hero’s blood through slits in his special gloves. Once the blood is out in the open, the hero can freely control its flow and movements, as well as manipulate its consistency and harden it to immobilize his enemies.

Vlad can also replace all the blood back into his body in an instant, if necessary. Furthermore, because of his Quirk, even if he loses a huge amount of blood, which would normally be fatal, it doesn’t seem to affect his performance or his vitality. Because of this, the hero becomes a formidable opponent due to the versatility of his power and his high level of resistance and durability.

7. Hound Dog


Due to his individuality, Hound Dog is a hero with the appearance of a dog and has a difficult temperament to deal with. He specializes in tracking and hunting, and at UA his role is to be a school counselor. His Quirk gives him all of a dog’s attributes and abilities, such as a keen sense of smell and hearing, as well as all the traits a dog possesses, including fur all over his body, sharp paws and claws.

When he gets nervous, he speaks incoherently, acting like an angry dog. His outbursts of rage tend to be frequent, and this is probably the reason why his hero costume comes with a muzzle. His nose is so sharp that he is able to accurately distinguish the location of people, being able to determine the number of individuals and even their exact location.

Nothing else is known about his Quirk, but it is likely that it also enhances his reflexes and strength, as the hero has high mobility despite being someone so large and muscular.

Unfortunately, we’ve never seen Hound Dog’s fury and strength in action, and we don’t even know if he’s in fact stronger than Vlad King, but thanks to his mobility and superior dog-like senses, he ranks above the hero with powers of blood.

6. Cementoss


We can say that Cementoss looks like a humanoid cement block. He is a teacher whose individuality has nothing to do with the subject he teaches at school, which is Modern Literature. Cementoss’ power allows him to manipulate any cement-based material he touches. However, it is worth mentioning that he is not able to generate cement, he can only reshape existing cement.

But just with that, he is already able to deform and mold the structure made of cement into various shapes and sizes, changing its appearance in any way he wants. During combat, Cementoss uses cement for both offense and defense, materializing massive concrete walls to surround and trap enemies within.

Constantly, the hero is also called upon to create training arenas and even repair any damage done in these arenas, as his individuality can resolve all of this in a few minutes. Due to the nature of its Quirk, Cementoss has a great combat advantage in urban areas, where concrete is practically everywhere.

However, in environments where concrete is rare or non-existent, such as in a forest or field, the hero ends up being easily overcome.

5. Thirteen

mha teachers

Thirteen is a hero who works in the USJ, an area of ​​the U.A. dedicated to disaster simulations for students to develop experience in rescues and environmental disputes. Her hero costume consists of a white spacesuit design, a black helmet with white eyes, and a pair of yellow boots. She only works with hostage rescue, and her “Black Hole” skill turns out to be very useful for that.

The tips of her fingers have capsules that, when opened, basically create tiny black holes that suck in everything around them with colossal force. Black holes suck in and disintegrate matter at the atomic level, reducing anything sucked in to dust… and have such a powerful suction force that not even light can escape.

But as a hero specializing in rescue missions, Thirteen doesn’t have much experience using the Black Hole for battle purposes, despite the strength of Quirk. She prefers to use the Black Hole solely as a method to prevent enemies from escaping, immediately shutting off the power if the target gets too close to the disintegration range, even if it turns out to be to her disadvantage.

However, even if the heroine is ineffective in any type of combat, her power remains quite destructive and can easily kill any opponent if she does not interrupt the ability in time.

4. Ectoplasm

my hero academia teachers

Ectoplasm is a professional hero who uses a cape covering most of his body and a black helmet covering his entire head… And, maybe you don’t know, but he has two prostheses replacing his legs, the which he lost in battle. The hero basically relies on the motto “More quantity, less quality”. And ironically, the subject he teaches is math.

His Quirk, named “Clones”, allows him to produce streams of ectoplasm from his own mouth, and transform this slimy substance into clones of himself. Clones can also generate other clones in the same way, but normally the hero has a production limit of 30 copies…, but with effort, and if he is in a good mood, he can reach 36.

Ectoplasm and its clones they also seem to share the same mind, as the original is fully aware of what his duplicates witness, even if he is a considerable distance from them. Ectoplasm can also release a large amount of ectoplasm to form a giant version of himself, which is able to trap his opponents in his body, preventing them from moving.

Because of its individuality, Ectoplasm is able to cover many needs in hero missions, such as rescue, crowd control, patrolling, and so on.

3. Gran Torino

my hero academia teachers

A former professor at U.A., who has even taught All Might himself. Despite being elderly and having officially retired as a professional hero, Gran Torino still remained active in the world of heroes for quite some time. And don’t be fooled into thinking he’s weak just because he’s old and short, as the hero manages to be very active with his Quirk, named “Jet”.

Through its own breathing, Gran Torino is able to release jets of air from holes in the soles of its feet. This allows him to move at extremely high speeds, which drastically increases the power and strength of his attacks, as well as allowing him to even fly!

In tight, enclosed spaces, he has an even greater advantage against his opponents, as the old man can move and leap quickly between walls, making his movements totally unpredictable. With its incredible speed, Gran Torino is able to knock out several enemies at once without them even realizing what hit them.

All Might himself has already stated that Gan Torino can move faster than the eye can see, and Midoriya even confirmed this during his fight with the old man. However, his Quirk’s capabilities are limited by the amount of air expelled from his lungs, which means that he cannot fly for a long distance and he becomes increasingly slower as the fights go on.

2. Eraser Head

my hero academia teachers

A hero with a well-worn appearance, looking like he’s always tired. He is responsible for the protagonist class, 1-A. Shota Aizawa, his real name, is someone who is very reserved and demanding with his students. It is said that he was the teacher who failed the most students in school. He has one of the best Quirks possible to use against any type of villain.

His power, called “Erase”, allows him to nullify another person’s Quirk just by looking at them, making the target completely unable to use their own Quirk. Aizawa can even affect several people at the same time, and the effects of the “erase” remain active even if Aizawa is not looking directly at the target.

However, the hero needs to keep his eyes open, and if he ends up blinking, his Quirk wears off and those affected by it regain their powers instantly. Their special goggles are great for hiding their gaze from other enemies, so they never know who Eraser Head is looking at and can’t predict whether their Quirks are already erased or not.

The hero also compensates for his lack of combat powers by using his Capture Weapon, which are bands made of steel wire alloy that aid him in close combat, allowing him to contain and even attack from a distance several enemies at once.

1. All Might

my hero academia teachers

The hero who is not only number 1 on the list, but was once the number 1 hero in the entire world! All Might needs no introduction for many people, but if you’re not familiar with Boku no Hero, know that he has the stereotype of an American superhero (despite him being Japanese): He is exuberant, confident and always defeats his enemies with a smile on face.

His Quirk was One for All, a power that the hero gained when he was a normal human without powers. One for All is a quirk that allows its users to store powers and later transfer it to new users. Because of this, over the generations, this individuality has been strengthened and becomes stronger with each new user.

With this power, All Might had access to superhuman physical abilities, resulting in unrivaled levels of strength, speed, agility, and durability. But All Might’s most defining characteristic, without a doubt, was his overwhelming physical strength. The hero’s attacks generated shock waves so powerful that they were able to not only defeat villains with just one punch, but could also create devastating tornadoes!

His most powerful blow was the “United States of Smash”, where he gathered all the remnants of One for All that were still left in him to deliver a blow so powerful as to generate a tornado. Even if today he no longer acts as a hero, All Might is still a professor of heroic teachings at U.A., and wherever he goes, everyone always respects him, given everything he has already done for his country.


As you can see, the U.A. knows how to assemble some renowned heroes to teach at their school! But the truth is that the U.A. it’s just a fraction of the amount of hero schools existing in the world of My Hero Academia.

And all these other schools are also extremely capable of generating professional heroes, as we’ve seen in other arcs where U.A. against students from other institutions. This just implies that there’s a lot to explore about this world of heroes yet! So, which of these teachers did you think was the coolest?

That is it from today’s post on Top 13 Strongest My Hero Academia Teachers (U.A. Staff). If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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