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one piece strongest characters

Top 20 One Piece Strongest Characters Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing Top 20 One Piece Strongest Characters. Being strong is something that really less people can accomplish but, for the ones in one-piece, this is an easy feat. Here on the list we have a list of 20 individuals that are strong warriors and formidable opponents to others. Not only are they protagonists of the story but also some of the antagonists that are present in the anime. So, let’s get started.


Crocodile, another Devil Fruit wielder, possesses the Suna Suna no Mi, or sandy fruit, skills. He can transform into sands in the blink of an eye, making it incredibly impossible to harm him. We’ve seen lots of figures with the ability to transform their forms into something much more pliable, such as Ceasar with gas, but the major difference between them and Crocodile is his incredible intellect.

He understands how to wield it, which is why Luffy found it so tough to defeat him in the first place. His physical endurance, power, and agility are already impressive, but putting him in a desert would be extremely difficult.


We first saw Urouge, also called the Mad Monk, in Saobody with the remainder of the “Worst Generation,” however the pirate has indeed fought toe-to-toe with Kaido & lived. Another Devil Fruit user has been added to our roster, but this one is particularly intriguing. Urouge possesses a plant that allows him to grow his muscular & physical height.

He gets power from suffering as well, which makes fighting him hard. Unlike many of the other characters on this page, his abilities do not make him immune to injury, but the agony he endures does build his power.


Boa Hancock, the Pirate Queen of the Ocean, the Kuja Pirates’ leader, and the Shichibukai’s sole lady, is a formidable force that cannot be messed with. We constantly hear about how lovely she is throughout the show, but that’s not what makes her renowned.

She not only has control above Amazon Lily as well as the remainder of the Kuja tribe, all of whom are females, but she also possesses the Devil Fruit possibility of turning her captives to rock through passion and enticement. There’s a cause she’s so dangerous, given her physical prowess and Busoshoku Haki, which causes her spirit to solidify into armor.


Without being a part of the Straw Hat team, Law is among the most recognized characters in the show. He served under Doflamingo for a looooong period, which meant he had to put in a lot of work to get his athletic talents up to scratch with everyone else’s.

When he ended up eating the Ope Ope no Mi, the Devil Fruit, that enables users to create a “room” where they may control the power of objects, this became much more powerful. To establish influence over people, the law has infamously accomplished this through capturing their souls.


Smoothie, Big Mom’s child, is regarded as just another formidable character in the story. As someone from the Longleg Clan, she has extraordinarily long limbs, making her statuesque in comparison to most other people.

She is a Sweet Commander, which means she is second in command to her mother, and she utilizes a Devil Fruit to extract fluids from objects and people with a single press. It’s no surprise she’s dubbed the Minister of Juice! You realized Big Mom must be hazardous as one of her offspring.


Doflamingo is among the most despised antagonists ever presented in One Piece. One of his strongest qualities was deceit and the ability to influence people; this gave him the appearance of being a shrewd leader although he was far from it. His Devil Fruit power to control other individuals against their will gives him the capacity to perform “Parasite,” his most famous technique.

He was able to close King Riku’s destiny in Dressrosa by forcing him to hurt his own people in an attempt for Doflamingo to govern them.


Katakuri, also one of Big Mom’s kids, wields a deadly power that we should all be terrified of. He, like his sibling Smoothie, is a Sweet Captain with a rank next only to his mother’s. He is also the most powerful of the 3 chiefs; even Bege had to be concerned about his appearance.

While his Devil Fruit ability is the able to change into Mochi freely, it’s proved to be extremely hard to defeat in previous arcs.


We couldn’t have had a One Piece post without mentioning the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain! While Luffy was always the series’s funny and enjoyable central protagonist, we’ve seen him grow as a personality since the start. Luffy’s talents stemmed from the Devil Fruit, which enables the client to transform into a rubber man.

Luffy has learnt new gears that he can hurl his body into to destroy his opponents as a result of his intensive training; when combined with his stubborn mentality, there’s no chance he won’t be King of the Pirates someday.


Issho, popularly called as Fujitora, is a formidable member of the Marine Corps. We hope we might have a list of only pirates, however the Marines have a few ruthless members to contemplate. Issho’s most famous move is the Gravito, a technique that allows him to use his Devil Fruit skills to manipulate gravity via his sword blade.

He is a practitioner of both Busoshoku & Kenbunshoku Haki, which are known to be popular amongst Marine vice generals. He is a power of the ocean as well as an incredibly difficult foe to defeat due to his incredible swordsmanship.


Aokiji, also nicknamed as Kuzan, was once a Marine commander but is now linked with the Blackbeard Pirates. Despite the fact that he is no longer a Marine, he nonetheless possesses the Busoshoku Haki. His ice-controlling abilities are so strong that he can encase a Sea King or even several miles of water in a matter of seconds.

We’ve seen him stave off strikes by some of the Straw Hat crew’s greatest strong members, including Luffy himself. By cooling the water at the bottom him, he can use this Devil Fruit abilities to support him navigate about the sea.


Mihawk was among the first major hitters we saw at the start of the show, and after studying with him for 2 years, Zoro is hell-bent on defeating him someday. He is a Shichibukai warrior and is known as the “Greatest Swordsman in the Land,” a name he has retained throughout the whole saga.

This isn’t beyond cause; his extraordinary physical powers have resulted in very deadly sword blows. This is the same man that beat Zoro with a little knife he usually keeps in his kitchen.


The title should ring a bell because it belongs to Monkey D. Luffy’s grandpa! When we discovered out that Luffy’s own flesh & blood was in the Marines, it’s quite a shock, but it also meant that he had a powerful lineage.

In order to share the very same Haki as the other vice generals, Garp is in command of his own fleet of men and has decades of battle experience, making him one of the game’ most powerful Marines. By his own arms, he can practically launch a cannon.


Sengoku, other vice admiral who is frequently linked to Garp, is another figure we must add on this roster. He’s known for his strategic abilities, which are the result of years of military education and experience. Sengoku possesses a Devil Fruit ability in terms of having many of the same rights and abilities as Garp.

The Hito Hito no Mi permits him to Daibutsu, or become a “huge Buddha,” which grants him incredible strength that no one else on the list can match.


Borsalino, also recognized by his nickname Kizaru, is an authorized admiral of the Marines. We’ve overheard a few different descriptions of him. He’s regarded as one of the most powerful fighters in both the Marine Corps as well as the World Government, therefore he’s a huge thing. He’s so strong that he can battle Whitebeard on a level basis, notwithstanding the pirate’s special Haki abilities.

Kizaru wields the Devil Fruit’s light-based abilities. Laser beams and the creation of a blade made from pure lighting are two of his most successful methods.


Dragon, the dad of Monkey D. Luffy, is unquestionably one of the most powerful characters in the book. This character is so powerful in the story that his moniker is “Dragon the Revolutionary,” and he commands his own rebel army.

He’s as well the World Govt’s most sought man, so we understand he wields immense power that we haven’t seen fully explored in the show. One thing is certain: based on his interactions with others, Luffy is unmistakably Dragon’s kid in terms of power and obstinacy!


The most current chapter of One Piece pitted us against one of the most well-known soldiers of the Yonko, the world’s top skilled pirate commanders. She is the leader of the Big Mom Pirates, which includes several of her kids.

Just when you thought Katakuri & Smoothie are strong, meet their mother. Her skin is extremely difficult to destroy without Haki, rendering her extremely difficult to harm. She also possesses the Devil Fruit capacity to converse with spirits, including the ability to take them if she so desires.


Shanks, as Luffy’s teacher, is unquestionably one of the top 5 most strong beings in One Piece. He, like Big Mom, is a Yonko warrior as well as the commander of the Red Hair Pirates. He seems to have a great deal of experience as a previous member of Gold D. Rogers’ gang, which has rendered him formidable, but he has also gained a variety of intriguing skills that make him tougher than practically everybody on this roster.

His Haoshoku Haki, which only one in a million individuals have and enables them to exercise their desire over others, is the most essential of these powers.


The “Strongest Monster in the Planet,” Kaido of the Beasts, deserves to be at the top of the chart. If his name wasn’t enough of a clue, the reality that he’s the leader of the Beast Pirates as well as a Yonko member should suffice. His brawn is likely his best asset; he has single-handedly destroyed numerous prison vessels.

It’s impossible to hurt him since he’s so tough. As a result, he is constantly eager to fight his fellow Yonko and perform lethal feats in order to demonstrate how difficult he is to defeat.


He is the only guy in the story who has the combination of the two Devil Fruits. He is also renowned as Marshall D. Teach, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates as well as the last warrior of the Yonko. One of the fruits grants him the ability of blackness, which he may use to construct blackhole-like manifestations to help him.

He reportedly took the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard personally as a longtime member of the Whitebeard Pirates, which permits him to unleash large earthquakes that inflict a lot of havoc.


Lastly, we now have Marines’ Fleet Captain. It’s difficult to say if he’s more formidable than Blackbeard because they’re both regarded to be quite dangerous, but maybe one day we’ll see them face up to decide a true victor. He not only commands the whole Marine Corps, but he also possesses the Devil Fruit talent, which allows him to transform into lava.

Even in encounters with Whitebeard, given the pirate’s Haki & Devil Fruit talents, he was difficult to defeat. If Luffy is ever to really be the King of the Pirates, he’ll be among the obstacles our Straw Hat warriors will have to face.


These were the top 20 all time strongest characters in one piece. While most may not have made it to the list, we can be sure that they are equally strong and formidable but compared to the ones on this list, they do rank a little bit behind. Hope you enjoyed reading into it and have a much clearer understanding of the anime. What are you waiting for, go watch the anime for yourself!

That is it from today’s post on Top 20 One Piece Strongest Characters . If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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