Top 34 Most Loved Anime Dog Characters

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Top 34 Most Loved Anime Dog Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 34 Most Loved Anime Dog Characters. Anime dogs have a special place in the hearts of anime fans worldwide. These furry companions are often depicted as loyal, brave, and endearing characters in various anime series and films.

From their unwavering loyalty and courage to their playful antics and heartwarming moments, anime dogs have captured the imagination of viewers of all ages. Whether they serve as faithful companions to their human counterparts, protectors of their loved ones, or even embark on their own adventures, anime dogs have become beloved characters that leave a lasting impression.

We will explore some of the most iconic and memorable anime dogs, delving into their personalities, roles in their respective anime, and the impact they have made on the anime community. Get ready to meet some adorable and unforgettable anime dogs that have captured the hearts of fans around the world! Let us jump right into it.

34. Shu From Dragon Ball

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Shu is a humanoid dog who serves as one of the main henchmen of the villainous Emperor Pilaf. Shu is often seen alongside his partner Mai, who is another member of Pilaf’s gang. Shu is a small, anthropomorphic dog with tan fur, long floppy ears, and a short tail. He typically wears a green jumpsuit with a red belt and a small hat with a Pilaf Army emblem on it.

Shu is known for his cunning and resourcefulness, often assisting Pilaf with his schemes to gather the Dragon Balls and achieve world domination. In the early story arcs of Dragon Ball, Shu and Mai work closely with Emperor Pilaf to locate the Dragon Balls and fulfill their evil ambitions.

Shu is often tasked with various missions, such as stealing Dragon Balls from other characters or sabotaging the efforts of the main protagonists, Goku and his friends. However, despite his intelligence and cunning, Shu often finds himself on the receiving end of misfortune, frequently being defeated or foiled by Goku and his allies.

As the series progresses, Shu’s role becomes somewhat comedic, as he often finds himself in humorous situations while attempting to carry out Pilaf’s plans. Despite his loyalty to Pilaf, Shu occasionally shows a softer side, particularly in his interactions with Mai. Overall, Shu is a memorable character in the Dragon Ball series, known for his cleverness, mischievousness, and occasional comedic antics.

33. Owner From Blend S

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Owner is a Husky mixed breed dog who lives with Dino. He has brown and white fur and wears a yellow bandanna around his neck, which was given to him as a gift by Maika Sakuranomiya. Owner is generally happy and enjoys going on walks. Although he is friendly towards Maika and often licks Dino, who takes care of him, Owner has a jerkish side to him.

He has been known to bite Dino for no apparent reason and has even threatened to dismantle Dino’s figures if he didn’t take him for walks. Owner also tends to have a mind of his own and can be deceptive, often feigning innocence when caught misbehaving. Despite his occasional mischievousness, Owner remains a beloved companion in Dino’s care.

32. Inu From Blood-C


Inu is a small dog in the anime series Blood-C with brown fur and three red markings on his forehead and eyes. He is portrayed as level-headed and mature, taking matters seriously. Initially, he appears silent and distant, but as the story progresses and Saya, the main character, recovers more of her memory, he starts to communicate with her.

He reveals that his mission is to fulfill someone’s wish, which involves helping Saya regain her memories and waking her up. When asked about whose wish it was, Inu mentions that he cannot reveal that information as it would violate the contract. In the final episode of Blood-C, it is assumed that Saya’s past self, before being drugged by Fumihito, was the one who made the wish.

31. Enek From Spice and Wolf


Enek is a male sheep dog who serves as the trusted companion of Norah Arendt. Enek’s appearance is that of a shaggy canine, with thick black fur and white paws extending up to the ankles and wrists. He also has a distinctive white muzzle that peaks between his eyes and extends down to cover his throat.Known for his unwavering loyalty and levelheaded nature, Enek is deeply devoted to Nora.

He dutifully follows her every command, whether it be verbal or signaled by the bell ringing from her shepherd’s crook. He is always by Nora’s side, whether they are walking, sitting, or napping during their long conversations. He takes on the role of a guardian, watching over Nora as she sleeps in the evening and staying close to her while she guards the sheep at night.

Enek’s keen senses make him a valuable asset in helping to guard the sheep and assist Nora. He is quick to bark and warn off anyone who shows too much interest in Nora, ensuring her safety. Enek’s protective instincts and unwavering loyalty to Nora make him an integral part of their team as they navigate their adventures in the world of Spice and Wolf.

30. Kazuhito Harumi From Dog & Scissors

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Kazuhito Harumi was a devoted bookworm in his third year of middle school. He met a tragic fate when he bravely intervened to protect a young woman from an armed robber at a cafe. However, Kazuhito’s story doesn’t end there, as he is reincarnated into a small dachshund dog after his death. As a dog, he has a long body, small legs, and large ears that hang down to his shoulders.

His fur is light brown on his underbelly and dark brown on his back. Kazuhito has a habit of howling when shocked or in pain, and his ahoge moves from left to right when he speaks to Natsuno, his new owner. Kazuhito’s new owner turns out to be Kirihime Natsuno, a sadistic scissor-wielding woman who claims to have the ability to read his thoughts.

However, Kazuhito soon discovers that Kirihime is actually Shinobu Akiyama, his favorite best-selling author and the woman he had risked his life to protect at the cafe. This sets the stage for a quirky and comedic story as Kazuhito navigates his new life as a talking dog and tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding Kirihime’s true identity.

Along the way, Kazuhito encounters other eccentric characters and gets involved in various supernatural and literary-themed adventures, making Dog & Scissors a unique and entertaining anime series.

29. Cherry From Lucky Star


Cherry, or Cherry-chan as she’s affectionately called, is a beloved character in the popular anime series Lucky Star. She is a large white dog owned by the Iwasaki family and lives with Minami Iwasaki and her family in their Tokyo Metropolitan home. Despite her initially intimidating appearance, Cherry is known for her placid and relaxed nature.

She is usually calm and laid-back, often found lounging in the interior hallways of the Iwasaki home or burying her food in the yard, much to Minami’s chagrin. While Cherry is usually calm and relaxed, she has been known to be indifferent to Minami’s presence when she’s asleep. However, Cherry has a habit of waking up on her own accord or responding to prompts from other people.

Cherry’s interactions with the other characters in Lucky Star, particularly with Hiyori, are often comical. She has a habit of growling, barking, and playfully slapping Hiyori, adding humor and amusement to the series. Despite these occasional antics, Cherry is generally known for her gentle and easygoing nature.

Cherry holds a special place in the hearts of the Iwasaki family and is considered a beloved member of their household. Her presence brings warmth and joy to the series, and her cute and endearing personality has made her a fan-favorite among Lucky Star viewers. Cherry’s role as a loyal and lovable pet adds to the charm of the anime, making her a memorable and cherished character.

28. Danny From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


Danny is a loyal and courageous dog who initially belongs to Jonathan Joestar, one of the main protagonists of the series. In the early episodes of the series, Danny is shown as a faithful companion to Jonathan, providing him with comfort and support during his childhood.

However, tragedy strikes when Danny is brutally attacked by one of Jonathan’s enemies, Dio Brando, who uses his Stand, a supernatural manifestation of his fighting spirit, to harm the innocent dog. Despite Jonathan’s valiant efforts to save him, Danny ultimately succumbs to his injuries and dies, leaving Jonathan devastated.

Danny’s death serves as a significant motivation for Jonathan throughout the series, as he seeks revenge against Dio for the harm he inflicted upon his beloved pet. Danny’s memory continues to inspire Jonathan to fight for justice and protect his loved ones as he embarks on a perilous journey to defeat Dio and unravel the mysteries of the Joestar family’s supernatural abilities.

Although Danny’s time in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is short-lived, his bravery, loyalty, and sacrifice leave a lasting impact on the story and the hearts of fans, making him a memorable character in the series.

27. Bee From Dragon Ball


Bee is a lovable and loyal dog. He first appears in the Majin Buu Saga as a small, fluffy greyish dog with a playful personality. Bee is initially found by Mr. Satan, the world champion martial artist, while he is stranded on an island after the defeat of Majin Buu. Mr. Satan adopts Bee as his pet, and the two quickly form a close bond.

Throughout the series, Bee becomes a cherished companion to Mr. Satan and his family, including Videl and Gohan. He is often seen by Mr. Satan’s side, accompanying him to various events and even participating in some of his fights. Bee is known for his unwavering loyalty and bravery, often putting himself in harm’s way to protect his loved ones.

Bee also has a playful side, enjoying games and treats, and bringing joy and laughter to those around him. His innocent and pure-hearted nature endears him to both the characters in the series and the viewers. In addition to his playful antics, Bee also plays a significant role in the storyline of Dragon Ball.

He forms a unique bond with the formidable and powerful Majin Buu, who initially appears as a villain but later becomes a friend. Bee’s kindness and gentle demeanor have a profound impact on Majin Buu, helping to soften his heart and ultimately leading to his redemption. Bee’s presence in Dragon Ball showcases the importance of companionship, loyalty, and the power of kindness.

26. Tobimaru From Sword of the Stranger


Tobimaru, a courageous dog, serves as the devoted companion of a young orphan boy named Kotaro. As Kotaro and Nanashi, a ronin, are pursued by a squad of Ming warriors, Tobimaru quickly forms a bond with Nanashi despite Kotaro’s initial suspicions. Tobimaru shows his loyalty by sharing food with Nanashi, even though it was meant only for Kotaro.

Tobimaru also proves to be a fierce protector, taking action to defend Kotaro and Nanashi from their enemies. He fearlessly confronts the Ming warriors, taking on risks to ensure their safety. Tobimaru’s bravery is evident when he frees himself from being bound and leads Nanashi to the Ming fortress, where he confronts a large Ming warrior to give Nanashi an opportunity to save Kotaro from harm.

Tobimaru’s unwavering loyalty and bravery make him a beloved and memorable character in Sword of the Stranger, earning the admiration of both Kotaro and Nanashi as they navigate their perilous journey.

25. Tadakichi-san From Azumanga Daioh


Tadakichi-san, also known as Mr. Tadakichi, is a gentle and mild-mannered Great Pyrenees, who serves as Chiyo’s pet dog. Tadakichi-san is a large dog that is gentle enough for Chiyo, one of the main characters, to ride on his back.

He is known for his indulgent nature, allowing Chiyo to pet him and ride on him as she pleases. Tadakichi-san is described by Chiyo as a gentleman, and Sakaki, another character in the series, particularly likes him because he does not bite her when she pets him, unlike Kamineko, another cat character in the series.

Sakaki often daydreams about being able to ride Tadakichi-san, just as Chiyo does, as she admires his calm and gentle nature. Tadakichi-san becomes a beloved member of Chiyo’s family, and when Chiyo moves to America after graduating from high school, Tadakichi-san goes with her and stays at the house of some of their family friends.

Tadakichi-san is known for his kind and patient personality, and his relationship with Chiyo and the other characters in Azumanga Daioh adds warmth and humor to the series. He is often seen as a beloved pet and a source of comfort and companionship for Chiyo and the other characters.

24. Chouchou From One Piece


Chouchou is a dog with a coat of pure white fur that glows against his dark eyes and thin, pointed ears. He initially bears several wounds during the Buggy Pirates’ occupation of Orange Town. Chouchou’s loyalty lies with his late master Hocker, and he is dedicated to guarding Hocker’s pet-food shop in Orange Town.

He is generally stoic and unmoving, but he is fiercely protective of the shop and will not hesitate to attack anyone who mistreats him or poses a threat to the shop. Despite his small size, Chouchou is known for his physical toughness and tenacity.

He has survived multiple attacks from the Buggy Pirates and even a confrontation with Richie, a much larger creature. Chouchou’s loyalty extends not only to the memory of his late master but also to newcomers, as he helps the Straw Hat Pirates escape from a misguided mob of townsfolk after Monkey D. Luffy avenges the destruction of his shop.

Chouchou serves as a symbol of unwavering loyalty and resilience in the face of adversity in the world of One Piece, and his determination to protect his late master’s legacy has earned him the admiration of many fans of the series.

23. Taromaru From School-Live!

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Taromaru is a small Shiba Inu puppy who was found by Kurumi in a mall and later taken in by the members of the School Life Club as their mascot. Taromaru has light brown fur with white fur on the inside of his ears, the tip of his paws, and his tail. He also has white fur on his lower face and under his belly. In the anime, Taromaru is shown wearing a red collar.

Despite his small size, Taromaru is known for his intelligence and tolerance, often putting up with Yuki’s antics. Taromaru is also shown to be resourceful, being able to open doors and escape from dangerous situations, such as avoiding infected citizens and finding safety with Kei and Miki. He is generally friendly towards the School Life Club members, but holds a grudge against Miki after she yelled at him.

However, he later forgives her and is seen cuddling with her shortly before he becomes infected. Taromaru serves as a beloved and endearing character in School-Live!, bringing moments of levity and companionship to the otherwise tense and dark post-apocalyptic setting of the series.

22. Pedro Martínez From Kimi ni Todoke

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Pedro Martínez is a stray dog. Sawako and Shouta encounter Pedro Martínez on their way to school, and Shouta decides to take him in and make him a part of his family. He names the dog Pedro Martínez, and Sawako affectionately calls him Maru. Throughout the series, Pedro Martínez becomes a cherished member of the Kazehaya household, bringing joy and companionship to Shouta and Sawako.

Even after Shouta moves out for university at the end of the series, Pedro Martínez, or Maru, remains with the Kazehaya family, with Shouta’s father taking care of him and taking him out for walks. Pedro Martínez serves as a symbol of the bond between Shouta, Sawako, and their shared love for animals.

21. Guts From Kill La Kill


Guts is an adorable pet pug belonging to the Mankanshoku family. As a pug, Guts has a pale cream-colored coat with a dark face, and he is often seen wearing a small light blue hoodie that covers his ears. One of Guts’ distinctive features is his large eyes, which are characteristic of pugs. Guts is known for his insatiable appetite, and he is often seen eating with gusto, earning him his name.

He has a habit of sticking his tongue out, which adds to his cute and endearing appearance. Additionally, Guts has a unique ability to stand on his two hind legs, mimicking human behavior. In the series, Guts is also shown to have a perverted side, particularly towards Ryuko Matoi, one of the main characters.

His infatuation with Ryuko is portrayed in a humorous and comedic manner, adding to the comedic elements of the show. Overall, Guts is a beloved pet and a quirky character in Kill la Kill, bringing comic relief and cuteness to the series with his pug-like features, eating habits, and humorous interactions with other characters.

20. Kedama From Given

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Kedama is a delightful Pomeranian dog. He is the adored pet of Mafuyu Sato, one of the main characters in the series, and they share a close bond. Kedama is a nine-month-old Pomeranian with a rounded appearance, likely due to his weight or genetics. He has small, upright triangular ears and large blue eyes that are full of life.

His small snout ends with a large nose, and he has a small pink tongue that adds to his cuteness. Kedama’s white fur is fluffy and soft, typical of Pomeranians, and he often panting with excitement, wagging his tail, and spinning in circles when he sees Mafuyu or strangers, showing his energetic and enthusiastic nature.

As Mafuyu’s beloved companion, Kedama brings joy and comfort to his owner’s life. He is always excited to see Mafuyu off to school and eagerly greets strangers with his friendly demeanor. Kedama’s affectionate and lively personality adds warmth and charm to the story, and he is adored by fans of Given for his adorable appearance and endearing behavior.

Overall, Kedama is a cherished character in Given, portraying the special bond between a pet and its owner, and bringing delight to readers and viewers alike with his lovable personality and cute antics.

19. Jack From Beastars

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Jack is a Labrador Retriever and a student at Cherryton Academy, where he is a close friend of the main protagonist, Legoshi, who is a gray wolf. Jack is known for his cheerful personality, warm-hearted nature, and unwavering loyalty to his friends. In the world of Beastars, which is populated by anthropomorphic animals, there are tensions and conflicts between herbivores and carnivores.

Jack, being an herbivore, is well-liked and respected by both herbivores and carnivores alike due to his friendly demeanor and ability to get along with everyone. He serves as a bridge between different species, promoting harmony and understanding among the student body.

Jack is also an intelligent and observant character who provides valuable insights and advice to his friends, including Legoshi. Despite his easygoing nature, Jack is not afraid to stand up for his friends and confront challenges when necessary, showcasing his bravery and determination.

Throughout the story, Jack remains a steadfast and reliable friend to Legoshi, supporting him in his struggles and encouraging him to become a better version of himself. He serves as a source of comfort and positivity in the midst of the conflicts and mysteries that unfold in the world of Beastars. Jack’s unwavering friendship and uplifting presence make him a beloved character among fans of the series.

18. Bond From Spy × Family

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Bond is the pet of the Forger Family. Formerly known as Subject 8, Bond was used for experiments that granted him precognition abilities. He is a large dog with fluffy white fur, black paws, and a long coat, resembling a Great Pyrenees breed. Bond’s size is large enough for Anya Forger to ride on comfortably. Despite his imposing stature, Bond is shown to be a kind and protective dog.

He uses his precognition abilities to prevent accidents and rescue a child from harm. However, he also displays a jealous side, as he destroys Anya’s stuffed penguin when he feels it is getting more attention than him. Bond’s loyalty and affection towards the Forger family are evident, and he plays an essential role in their covert operations as they navigate their spy missions while pretending to be a normal family.

Bond’s precognition abilities add an intriguing dynamic to the story, as his insights and warnings often help the Forger family avoid dangerous situations. His presence brings both humor and heart to the series, making him a beloved character among fans of Spy × Family.

17. Blue From Wolf’s Rain

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Blue is a wolf-dog hybrid with dark-blue fur and dominant wolf features, including bright blue eyes. Blue is initially seen wearing a silver spiked collar, a remnant of her life with humans, whom she has lived with since she was young. Unlike other wolves in the story, Blue has a strong attachment to humans, particularly her master, Quent Yaiden.

She is extremely devoted and obedient to him, following his commands without hesitation. However, her encounter with Cheza, a mystical flower maiden, changes her perspective on her true nature as a wolf. Blue’s character is characterized by her calm and level-headed demeanor, in contrast to Quent’s impulsive and emotionally-driven actions.

She is typically laid back but can quickly become fiercely angered and protective when those close to her are in danger. She is known for her unwavering loyalty and protective instincts towards her loved ones. Despite her connection to humans, Blue ultimately finds her wolf’s calling more enticing and true to her nature.

She is drawn towards the mystical world of wolves and their pursuit of Rakuen, the legendary paradise. This inner conflict between her human upbringing and her wolf instincts adds depth to her character and drives her actions throughout the series. Blue’s dark-blue fur and bright blue eyes are distinctive physical features that make her stand out among the other characters in Wolf’s Rain.

16. Iggi From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


Iggi is a talking Boston Terrier and a Stand user. He is a small but feisty dog with a brash and selfish personality, often putting his own needs and desires above others. Iggi initially encounters Jotaro Kujo and his allies as an enemy, refusing to join forces with them and even attempting to sabotage their mission.

However, he eventually becomes an unlikely ally after realizing the gravity of the situation they are facing. As a Stand user, Iggi possesses the ability to manifest a Stand called “The Fool.” This Stand allows him to manipulate sand and create various sand-based attacks. He can shape sand into shields, projectiles, and even sand-based creatures to attack his enemies.

Iggi’s Stand also grants him enhanced agility and durability, making him a formidable opponent in battles. Despite his initial abrasive nature, Iggi develops a begrudging respect for Jotaro and his allies over time. He forms a unique bond with some of the other Stand users in the group, particularly with Polnareff, with whom he shares a comedic rivalry.

Iggi’s involvement in the group’s adventures often provides comic relief, as his brash personality and sarcastic remarks add a humorous element to the story. Despite his flaws, Iggi occasionally displays acts of bravery and loyalty, stepping up to protect his allies when needed. Overall, Iggi’s role as a talking Boston Terrier and Stand user adds an eccentric and entertaining element to the series.

15. Ruth From The Ancient Magus’ Bride


Ruth is a mystical creature known as a “Church Grim,” a supernatural being that protects churches and their grounds. Ruth is a loyal and powerful creature who forms a close bond with the main protagonist, Chise Hatori. Ruth initially appears as a large black dog with glowing red eyes and a foreboding presence.

However, it is later revealed that he can transform into a human-like form with a handsome and dignified appearance. Ruth possesses the ability to communicate telepathically with Chise, and he becomes her familiar, accompanying her on her journey as a mage’s apprentice.

Ruth is fiercely protective of Chise, often putting himself in harm’s way to keep her safe. He also serves as her mentor and confidante, guiding her in her magical studies and offering wisdom and advice. Ruth has a tragic past, and his experiences as a Church Grim have left him with deep emotional scars. Despite this, he remains devoted to Chise and their bond grows stronger over time.

Throughout the series, Ruth plays a crucial role in helping Chise navigate the world of magic and the challenges she faces as a mage. He is known for his intelligence, strength, and unwavering loyalty. Ruth’s complex personality, inner struggles, and deep connection with Chise make him a beloved and memorable character in The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

14. Pochita From Chainsaw Man


Pochita is a small orange dog with large round eyes. He initially appears to be a normal dog, but he is later revealed to be a devil in disguise. Pochita forms a special bond with the main character, Denji, who becomes a devil hunter. Pochita possesses the power of the Chainsaw Devil, a fearsome devil that can cut through anything with its chainsaw-like body.

He is incredibly loyal and protective of Denji, and they share a deep bond as they navigate through the dangerous world of devil hunting. Pochita is known for his innocent and childlike demeanor, often displaying curiosity and wonder towards the human world.

Despite his adorable appearance, Pochita is a formidable fighter and is willing to go to great lengths to protect Denji and his friends. His unwavering loyalty and determination make him a beloved companion and a key character in the series.

13. Zeke From Highschool of the Dead


Zeke is a small white puppy with black ear flaps who wears a red dog collar with a bone ornament. Alice Maresato discovered Zeke and brought him into Takashi Komuro’s group, where he became an unofficial member of the group. Zeke is described as brave and energetic, always willing to protect Alice and the group from the zombies known as Them.

He has acute senses and is often the first to detect the presence of Them before the other survivors. Zeke earned his name from Kohta Hirano, who cleverly derived it from the American Army’s codename for the Mitsubishi Zero fighters from WWII, known as “Zeke”. In the anime, “Them” never really attacked Zeke, but rather walked past him.

Zeke’s presence in the group brings companionship and comfort, providing solace in the midst of the chaotic and dangerous zombie apocalypse. He becomes a loyal and beloved member of the group, and his courage and vigilance serve as an inspiration to the other survivors as they navigate through the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world.

12. Heen From Howl’s Moving Castle

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Heen is a small, shaggy dog with a long, droopy face and a wrinkled snout. Heen serves as the loyal pet and assistant to Madame Suliman, a powerful witch, who is also a member of the royal court in the film.

Heen is depicted as being intelligent and perceptive, despite his small size and appearance as a simple pet. He is able to communicate with humans through barks and gestures, and often acts as a messenger or spy for Madame Suliman. Heen is shown to have a strong sense of duty and loyalty towards Madame Suliman, carrying out her orders without hesitation.

Throughout the film, Heen plays a key role in helping the main characters, including Sophie and Howl, on their quest to break a curse and defeat the wicked Witch of the Waste.

Despite his gruff exterior, Heen develops a close bond with Sophie, and his loyalty and bravery are showcased in several pivotal moments of the story. Heen’s character adds humor, warmth, and depth to the film, making him a memorable and beloved character in Howl’s Moving Castle.

11. Alexander From Fullmetal Alchemist


Alexander is a loyal and beloved family pet in the Tucker household. Alexander is a large white dog with a friendly and playful nature. He is particularly close to Nina Tucker, the daughter of Shou Tucker, and the two share a strong bond as they often only have each other for company due to Nina’s father’s preoccupation with his alchemy research.

In the series, Alexander is portrayed as a loyal and devoted companion to Nina, providing her with comfort and companionship in her lonely situation. He is shown to be affectionate, playful, and friendly towards others, including the Elric brothers whom he initially greets with excitement despite Edward’s initial annoyance.

However, as the story progresses, the true nature of the Tucker family’s actions involving alchemy is revealed, and it has devastating consequences for Alexander and Nina. Alexander’s character serves as a poignant symbol of the bond between humans and animals, highlighting the importance of companionship and the innocent love that pets can provide.

His fate in the series is tragic and adds emotional depth to the storyline, illustrating the darker aspects of the world of alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist.

10. Wanta From Elfen Lied


Wanta is a small dog who forms a special bond with Mayu, one of the residents of Maple House. Despite his small size, Wanta is fiercely protective of Mayu and the other residents, often acting as a guardian figure. He is shown to live in a small doghouse just inside the front gate of Maple House, near the front door, and is beloved by all the residents.

Wanta’s loyalty and dedication to protecting Mayu and the others are evident throughout the series, even though his size limits his ability to physically defend them.

Nevertheless, he exhibits a brave and protective demeanor, always ready to stand up against intruders or potential threats to his friends. Wanta’s unwavering loyalty and determination make him a beloved and trusted companion among the residents of Maple House.

Despite his small stature, Wanta’s role in the series adds depth and emotion to the story, showcasing the bond between humans and animals and the comfort and companionship that pets can provide. His presence brings warmth and affection to Maple House, and he is cherished by both the characters and the viewers of Elfen Lied.

9. Den Rockbell From Fullmetal Alchemist


Den Rockbell is the loyal and protective pet dog of the Rockbell family, who live in Resembool. Den wears an automail limb in place of her front left leg, which she lost prior to the start of the series. Despite her disability, Den is known as “Resembool’s best bodyguard” and is fiercely loyal to the Rockbell family.

Den is also compassionate, as shown by her attempts to comfort Pinako, the matriarch of the Rockbell family, when Winry, Pinako’s granddaughter, leaves home to work in Rush Valley. However, Den becomes agitated around Van Hohenheim, a mysterious character with a strange aura who visits Pinako’s house.

In the final chapter of the series, Den is overjoyed to see that Alphonse Elric, one of the main characters who had lost his body and became a suit of armor, has regained his human form. In a gaiden, Den takes care of Al’s helmet, using it as a makeshift nest for a family of baby birds. Den’s loyalty, compassion, and protective instincts make her a beloved and memorable character in Fullmetal Alchemist.

8. Makkachin From Yuri!!! on Ice


Makkachin is a standard poodle and serves as the constant companion of Victor Nikiforov, one of the main characters. He has an undocked tail and is often seen with a teddy bear fur clip, which is easy to maintain. Makkachin is portrayed as well-trained and loyal, following Victor or Yuuri Katsuki unleashed and waiting patiently at airports.

He is generally lively outdoors but lazy indoors, and rarely barks. Makkachin is known for his close bond with Victor, usually sleeping by his side and adding an endearing presence to their relationship. Despite his large size, Makkachin is light and agile, able to knock Yuuri over with his excitement. He also has a fondness for playing with water and, like most dogs, cannot resist the allure of food left unguarded.

However, Makkachin is not very alert while asleep, which is considered an unusual trait. Makkachin’s presence in Yuri!!! on Ice adds warmth, humor, and depth to the storyline, showcasing the special bond between a pet and their owner. He is a fan-favorite character and beloved by many viewers of the anime series.

7. Tetsuya #2 From Kuroko’s Basketball

anime dog

Tetsuya #2 is portrayed as Tetsuya Kuroko’s pet dog and is taken care of by Kuroko and the Seirin basketball team. Tetsuya #2 has become somewhat of a mascot for the team and is affectionately called “#2” by Kuroko. Tetsuya #2 is depicted as a black and white puppy with oval-shaped eyes that closely resemble Kuroko’s eyes in color and shape.

He wears a Seirin No. 16 jersey, indicating his association with the basketball team. Tetsuya #2 exhibits a natural dribbling instinct, often seen rolling a basketball around with his paws. In addition to his basketball skills, Tetsuya #2 also displays typical dog behavior, including peeing everywhere and barking.

Moreover, Tetsuya #2 is depicted as a perceptive and intelligent dog who can accurately gauge the mood of the Seirin team and bark accordingly, such as when they score a basket. Tetsuya #2 is shown to be attached to Kuroko and constantly stays by his side.

Overall, Tetsuya #2 adds a touch of humor and affection to the story of Kuroko’s Basketball as Kuroko’s lovable and playful pet dog who has become a beloved member of the Seirin team.

6. Sadaharu From Gintama

anime dog

Sadaharu is a giant white-furred dog with black eyes and sharp teeth, who serves as a member of the Yorozuya, a group of eccentric characters who take on odd jobs in an alternate Edo period Japan. Sadaharu is initially introduced as a vicious and powerful creature known for his destructive tendencies.

As Sadaharu grows, he becomes a massive dog capable of immense strength and agility, often portrayed as a formidable force in battles and confrontations. Despite his fearsome appearance and initial behavior, Sadaharu is shown to be a loyal and affectionate companion to the members of the Yorozuya.

He forms a close bond with Kagura, one of the main characters, and is often seen playfully interacting with her and protecting her when needed. Sadaharu is also known for his voracious appetite and his love for eating, often devouring anything and everything in sight. He serves as a source of comedic relief, with his antics and misadventures often leading to humorous situations.

At the same time, he also plays a crucial role in battles and fights against enemies, showcasing his impressive strength and agility. Throughout the series, Sadaharu’s character evolves as he forms deeper connections with the other characters and becomes an integral part of the Yorozuya. He is portrayed as a loyal and beloved member of the group.

5. Pluto From Black Butler

anime dog

Pluto is a demon dog and a member of the Phantomhive household, serving as one of the contracted demons under Sebastian Michaelis, the main character of the series. Pluto is a massive, imposing dog with silver fur, sharp claws, and glowing red eyes. He is known for his incredible strength and ferocity, often portrayed as a fearsome beast capable of immense destruction.

Pluto is also unique among demons in the Black Butler series as he is shown to possess human-like intelligence and emotions, despite his beastly appearance. Pluto is initially introduced as a vicious and uncontrollable demon who poses a threat to those around him. He is often kept chained and muzzled due to his unpredictable behavior.

However, it is later revealed that Pluto’s aggression is largely a result of his past trauma and abuse, and he is capable of deep loyalty and affection towards those who show him kindness. Throughout the series, Pluto’s character arc evolves as he forms meaningful connections with other characters and gains a deeper understanding of his own identity and purpose.

He is portrayed as a complex and multi-dimensional character with a tragic backstory, and his growth and development add depth to the story of Black Butler. In summary, Pluto is a demon dog in the Black Butler series known for his immense strength, loyalty, and complex personality. His role in the story brings depth and complexity to the narrative, and he is a beloved character among fans of the series.

4. Pakkun From Naruto

anime dog

Pakkun is a small, talking pug-like dog with brown fur and dark brown ears. Pakkun is one of the loyal animal summons of the ninja world, and he is known for his tracking abilities and keen senses. He is often summoned by Kakashi Hatake, one of the main characters in Naruto, and serves as a guide and informant for the ninja team led by Kakashi.

Pakkun is portrayed as a wise and knowledgeable dog with a gruff and no-nonsense personality. He has a deep voice and often provides valuable information to Kakashi and his team during their missions. He is also shown to be brave and resourceful, using his keen senses and tracking skills to help locate targets or enemies. Despite his small size, Pakkun is known for his courage and loyalty.

He has a strong sense of duty and is willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect his allies. He is also known for his witty remarks and dry sense of humor, which adds a touch of comic relief to the series. In addition to his tracking and sensing abilities, Pakkun is also skilled in combat. He has sharp claws and teeth, which he can use to defend himself and his allies when necessary.

He is also able to communicate with humans through speech, making him a valuable asset in both intelligence gathering and battle situations. Overall, Pakkun is a beloved character in the Naruto series, known for his tracking abilities, wisdom, and loyalty to his allies. His contributions to the story and his interactions with the other characters make him a fan-favorite among Naruto fans.

3. Black Hayate From Fullmetal Alchemist


Black Hayate is a small, black Shiba Inu dog with a distinctive curly tail. He is owned by Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, who is a skilled marksman and trusted ally of the main protagonist, Edward Elric. Black Hayate serves as Riza’s loyal companion and is often seen by her side. In Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Hayate is portrayed as a mischievous and energetic dog with a playful personality.

He is known for his agility and speed, which are often utilized by Riza in various missions and battles. Despite his small size, Black Hayate proves to be a formidable ally and protector, often coming to Riza’s aid in times of danger. Black Hayate shares a special bond with Riza, and their relationship is portrayed as affectionate and strong.

Riza cares deeply for her furry companion and often relies on him for support and companionship. In turn, Black Hayate is fiercely loyal to Riza and will go to great lengths to protect her. Throughout the series, Black Hayate’s antics and interactions with the other characters provide moments of humor and warmth.

His presence adds depth to Riza’s character and enhances the overall storyline of Fullmetal Alchemist. In summary, Black Hayate is a small, black Shiba Inu dog who serves as Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye’s loyal companion in the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. His playful personality, agility, and loyalty make him a beloved character in the series.

2. Ein From Cowboy Bebop


Ein is a small, highly intelligent Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a distinctively floppy set of ears, making him easily recognizable. Despite his small size, Ein possesses exceptional intelligence and has been genetically enhanced, giving him advanced cognitive abilities.

Ein is a member of the ragtag crew of the spaceship Bebop, along with his human companions Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, and Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. Ein’s intelligence is often showcased throughout the series, with him being able to perform tasks such as hacking into computer systems, piloting spacecraft, and even assisting in solving complex mysteries.

Despite his advanced cognitive abilities, Ein maintains his playful and lovable demeanor, often providing comedic relief in the midst of dangerous situations. Ein’s relationship with the crew of the Bebop is one of companionship and loyalty. He forms a special bond with each member of the crew and is considered an irreplaceable member of their team.

His unique abilities and endearing personality make him an integral and beloved character in the Cowboy Bebop series. Overall, Ein is a fan-favorite character in Cowboy Bebop, known for his intelligence, loyalty, and adorable appearance as a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His presence adds depth and charm to the series, making him a beloved character among fans of the show.

1. Akamaru From Naruto

anime dogs

Akamaru is a small, white-furred dog. He is a member of the Inuzuka clan, a group of ninja known for their close bond with their animal companions. Akamaru is the loyal companion and partner of Kiba Inuzuka, one of the characters in Naruto.

Akamaru serves as both Kiba’s trusted friend and a valuable asset in battles. Akamaru possesses heightened senses and great agility, which make him an excellent tracker and scout. He can also transform into a larger, more formidable beast known as “Giant Akamaru” using a special technique.

Throughout the Naruto series, Akamaru is depicted as fiercely loyal and protective of Kiba. He shares a strong bond with Kiba and often assists him in battle, using his speed and agility to gain an advantage over their opponents. Akamaru also has a playful and mischievous personality, often engaging in antics with Kiba and providing comic relief in the series.

Akamaru’s role in the Naruto series extends beyond just being a pet or companion. He is an important character in battles and missions, contributing to Kiba’s combat strategies and serving as a valuable asset in their team’s efforts. Akamaru’s loyalty, agility, and unique abilities make him a memorable character in the Naruto universe.


In conclusion, anime dogs have captured the hearts of viewers with their endearing and often heroic qualities. From their unwavering loyalty and bravery to their playful antics and heartwarming moments, anime dogs have become beloved characters in various anime series and films.

Whether it’s Taromaru from “School-Live!” who serves as a loyal and intelligent companion to the School Life Club members, Chouchou from “One Piece” who guards his late master’s shop with unwavering loyalty, Tadakichi-san from “Azumanga Daioh” who is known for his gentle and mild-mannered nature, these anime dogs have left a lasting impression on audiences.

Their unique personalities and bonds with their human counterparts have made them cherished and memorable characters in the world of anime. Whether they bring laughter, tears, or inspiration, anime dogs have become an integral part of many beloved anime stories and continue to hold a special place in the hearts of anime fans worldwide.

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