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How Strong is Ten Tails Juubi? – We will be taking a look at How Strong is Ten Tails Juubi? We know that those who become Ten Tails Jinchuriki are extremely powerful and are considered gods, but just how is the Ten Tails in itself without a Jinchuriki? We will try to find out. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


The Ten Tails has access to all 5 Basic Nature Transformations, and Yin-Yang Release, seeing as its Jinchuriki get access to all of them. As the progenitor of the other Tailed Beasts, it can use Tailed Beast Bomb far more powerful than those of the other Tailed Beasts. It can use Wood Release, Ten Tails Fission (which resembles the clone technique) to spawn fission beings of many shapes and sizes. After amassing its chakra, the Ten Tails roar can stir a series of massive natural disasters a technique known as Tenpenchii (Cataclysm).

2. Genjutsu


The Ten Tails has powerful chakra, said to be nature itself and possesses the most powerful Dojutsu; Rinne Sharingan which casts the most powerful of Genjutsu “Infinite Tsukuyomi”. I am not sure the Ten Tails itself has the intelligence to do it on its own and needs to be under control. With Infinite Tsukuyomi being the pinnacle of Genjutsu requiring a Rinne Sharingan to perform it, and since the Ten Tails has the Dojutsu, Genjutsu should be a non factor against it.

3. Taijutsu


The Ten Tails has also shown incredible closed quarters combat skills. When something is too gigantic it could be sluggish but this isn’t the case with the Ten Tails. Its agility was enough to wrestle and overpower Kurama and Gyuki with ease in the war. We also saw it producing fission beings of many shapes and sizes, ranging from humanoid to animal-like in appearance, some of which wield weapon-like appendages on their arms to engage its opponents when it was restrained.

4. Speed

ten tails

We got a taste of the Ten Tails speed in the war. When Kurama and Gyuki launched a barrage of simultaneous Tailed Beast Balls at high speeds towards it, it was fast enough to counter using one of its own. After the dust cleared, Naruto’s shadow clone and Kakashi were launched above the Ten Tails, where Kakashi released Gyuki, who fired a point-blank range Tailed Beast Bomb at the Ten Tails but it was however fast and reflexive enough to flick the ball back towards Gyuki using just its finger.

5. Strength


The Ten Tails also has perfect strength. When the Shinobi Alliance launched a barrage of techniques in order to incapacitate it, in an attempt to attack Obito and Madara, it entered its second form and broke free of its bindings. It was able to free itself after being restrained by Kitsuchi’s Earth Release: Sandwich Technique and created a shockwave strong enough to tear up the surrounding landscape with a single swipe of one tail.

6. Intelligence


Tailed Beasts on their own are generally not very intelligent. They are mostly raw power and need to be under control to focus said power. However in the war, the Tailed Beasts were shown to be very intelligent regardless and this includes the Ten Tails. Its best feat was when it was immobilized by Hashirama’s Deity Gates. Knowing that it has been immobilized, it produced miniature clones to defend its main body. When it was hit by the combined attack of Naruto’s Rasenshuriken and Sasuke’s Kagutsuchi, it was intelligent enough to separate the burning flesh from its body.

7. Defense


The Ten Tails is basically invulnerable, possessing the ability to manipulate and alter its own body at will, allowing it to regrow lost limbs, purge burning flesh from its main body. It was durable enough to withstand the backlash of its own point-blank Tailed Beast Ball; when its own along with Gyuki’s detonated inside of its body, it briefly inflated before shrinking back down largely unaffected and as initially stated, even wind-enhanced black flames only irritated it with no lasting damage. It is basically immortal and the only way to beat it is to seal it.

8. Chakra/Stamina

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Considered to be the source of all chakra, the Ten Tails has massive and overwhelmingly powerful reserves that are basically limitless. Its chakra level even forced Hagoromo to divide its chakra into several portions (the nine tailed beasts) that are still considered to be immensely powerful. In subsequent forms, the beast’s chakra increases significantly, enough to completely warp the shape of the Sensing Water Sphere at the Allied Shinobi Forces headquarters into two connected spheres after reaching its second form. No need to talk about stamina as it basically can hardly become exhausted with such insane reserves of chakra.

We can see that the Ten Tails is perfect for everything except for intelligence. Well it is a Tailed Beast who although were shown to be intelligent in the war do not really have the intellect that humans have. Let’s continue to determine how strong it is.

What Tier is Ten Tails Juubi?

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First we know that Jinchuriki are stronger than their Tailed Beasts because they are able to use its power better alongside their human intellect. So Jinchuriki Obito will be stronger than the Ten Tails he had and Jinchuriki Madara will be stronger than the Ten Tails he had. Kurama and Gyuki were no match for this Juubi and considering one half of Kurama was stronger than 5 Tailed Beasts, Juubi’s power must have been exponential and not just simple addition. Considering Jinchuriki Obito was around the low end of Mid God Tier while Jinchuriki Madara before absorbing Shinju was around the mid end of the same tier, I will be tempted to put the incomplete Juubi we saw in the war in the “Low God Tier”. Prime Juubi is a different story as adding the other half of Kurama will not be a simple addition but another exponential increase which could take it to “Mid God Tier”.

Who Can Beat Ten Tails Juubi?

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First of all I think anyone who isn’t God Tier stands no chance against the Ten Tails. Well Hashirama could restrain its third form but being able to make its body flexible it can pull itself out like a slime. I don’t think Hashirama will be able to handle its Tailed Beast Bombs and physical assaults. I also see Low God Tiers losing to it for example Guy in 8th Gate. To be precise it is only the Mid God Tier characters and upwards that will not lose to Juubi although they will have to find a way to seal it or extract the Tailed Beasts from it etc. So someone like DMS Kakashi will likely not be able to warp the entire Ten Tails and would eventually run out and lose. So, I only see people like Naruto, Sasuke, Jinchuriki Obito, Jinchuriki Madara and the Otsutsuki capable of subduing it.

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