Top 10 Supernatural Korean Movies on Netflix 

top 10 supernatural korean movies on netflix 

Top 10 Supernatural Korean Movies on Netflix – Step into the world of Korean supernatural movies on Netflix, where reality blurs with the realm of spirits and ghosts. As you delve into this collection of films, be prepared to embark on a journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected encounters with the supernatural. So, let’s get started.

10. Psychokinesis

top 10 supernatural korean movies on netflix 

Shin Seok Heon, a security guard, unexpectedly acquires psychokinetic abilities after drinking water contaminated by meteorite debris. Upon discovering that his ex-wife was murdered by hired vandals aiming to demolish his daughter Roo Mi’s restaurant for a commercial project, he joins forces with her to defend their community. Psychokinesis has a 5.9 rating in IMDb.

9. Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Pastor Park dedicates himself to uncovering the truth behind dubious religious organizations. His latest assignment leads him to investigate the cult known as Deer Mount. Concurrently, Police Captain Hwang delves into a murder case where the prime suspect happens to be a member of the Deer Mount cult. Svaha: The Sixth Finger has a 6.3 rating in IMDb.

8. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum


In 1979, Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital was the site of a tragic event where 42 patients took their own lives and the hospital director vanished without a trace. Since then, chilling rumors and eerie tales have surrounded the abandoned asylum.

An internet broadcaster seizes the opportunity to capitalize on the fear by organizing an ‘experience the horror’ show at Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. Chosen as one of the ‘7 freakiest places on the planet’ by CNN, the abandoned asylum promises to attract viewers seeking thrills. A handful of participants are recruited to explore the haunted hospital and livestream their experiences for the show.

To heighten the fear factor and draw in more viewers, the hosts resort to playing sinister tricks on the guests. However, as they delve deeper into the asylum, the line between reality and illusion blurs, and the horrifying truth behind Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital begins to unravel. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum has a 6.4 rating in IMDb.

7. Arahan


When a thief on a motorcycle steals a pedestrian’s purse, rookie policeman Sang Hwan gives chase. Despite his best efforts, he’s outmatched by the thief. Thankfully, martial arts expert Wi Jin apprehends the criminal, but Sang Hwan is left severely injured. Wi Jin takes him to her home, where the Masters of Tao heal him and recognize his potential for greatness.

They train Sang Hwan to become a Maruchi, a powerful warrior. Meanwhile, the malevolent Heuk Woon escapes from imprisonment and attacks the masters in search of a key to unlock his ultimate power as an Arahan. With the masters defeated, Sang Hwan and Wi Jin are humanity’s last hope against Heuk Woon’s tyranny. Arahan has a 6.6 rating in IMDb.

6. Thirst


Sang Hyun, a Catholic Priest, bravely volunteers for a vaccine experiment aimed at combatting the deadly Emmanuel Virus ravaging Africa. However, fate takes a sinister turn when a contaminated blood transfusion leaves him as the sole survivor, but also infected with the vampire virus.

Returning to Korea, Sang Hyun grapples with newfound blood cravings, struggling to contain his primal urges while working at a local hospital. Amidst his internal turmoil, Sang Hyun reconnects with a childhood friend whose wife, Tae Ju, suffers in unhappiness. Moved by compassion, Sang Hyun extends kindness towards her, igniting an unexpected bond.

Yet, as their relationship deepens, Sang Hyun finds himself unable to suppress his growing desire for Tae Ju, leading to a perilous journey of temptation and transformation. Thirst has a 7.1 rating in IMDb.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters

Su Mi and Su Yeon return home following a prolonged illness and hospitalization, only to find their household haunted by the lingering absence of their late mother. Welcomed by Eun Joo, their stepmother, tensions simmer beneath the surface as Su Mi, the elder and more assertive sister, confronts their family’s struggles head-on.

Su Yeon, timid and reliant on Su Mi for support, navigates the unsettling dynamic with apprehension. Subjected to ongoing mistreatment by their stepmother, the sisters endure the strained relationship for the sake of their father. Su Mi vows to shield Su Yeon from further harm, promising to protect her from their stepmother’s cruelty.

Yet, as unexplained phenomena unfold within the house, an ominous presence looms, casting doubt on the source of their troubles. As strange occurrences escalate, Su Yeon is haunted by eerie footsteps and inexplicable disturbances in the night.

With no clear explanation for the disturbances, the sisters grapple with the unsettling possibility of a malevolent force at play, threatening their sense of safety and sanity. A Tale of Two Sisters has a 7.1 rating in IMDb.

4. Miss Granny

top 10 supernatural korean movies on netflix 

Oh Mal Soon, a 74-year-old widow, begins to feel like a burden to her family. While wandering the streets one day, she stumbles upon a photo studio and decides to take a self-portrait.

To her astonishment, upon leaving the studio, she finds herself transformed back to her 20-year-old self. Embracing this unexpected second chance, she adopts the name Oh Doo Ri and resolves to live life to the fullest, reveling in the joys of youth once again. Miss Granny has a 7.2 rating in IMDb.

3. A Werewolf Boy

top 10 supernatural korean movies on netflix 

A mother relocates with her two daughters to a spacious countryside home, seeking respite for her eldest daughter’s lung ailment, as advised by her doctor. The house, provided by Ji-Tae, son of a deceased business partner, holds promises of tranquility. However, as the family settles in, they stumble upon a startling revelation: a wild boy resides in a locked room within the barn.

Assuming him to be an orphan with limited social skills, they take him in. Yet, as the boy grows fond of the eldest daughter, tensions rise. Meanwhile, Ji-Tae harbors intentions of marrying her. What secrets lie behind the wild boy’s enigmatic presence? A Werewolf Boy has a 7.2 rating in IMDb.

2. The Wailing


In the quaint village of Goksung, South Korea, Officer Jong-Goo investigates a string of gruesome murders tied to a mysterious illness. Rumors point to a reclusive Japanese resident as the culprit.

Jong-Goo, joined by his partner and a young Japanese-speaking priest, confronts the stranger’s eerie home. They discover an unsettling altar, haunting images, and a vicious guard dog. When Jong-Goo finds his daughter’s shoe, she falls ill.

Desperate, his mother-in-law summons shaman Il-gwang, while a mysterious woman implicates the stranger. Who truly brings sickness to Goksung? The Wailing has a 7.4 rating in IMDb.

1. Il Mare

top 10 supernatural korean movies on netflix 

Sung Hyun, settling into his new home at ‘Il Mare,’ is taken aback when he receives a peculiar letter. Penned by a young woman from the year 1999, the missive astoundingly predicts past events with eerie accuracy. From a snowstorm in January 1998 to an ensuing flu outbreak, Sung Hyun is left bewildered by the letter’s uncanny foresight.

Intrigued, Eun Joo, the letter’s author, becomes convinced that her words have somehow journeyed back in time to December 1997. Thus begins a regular exchange between the two newfound correspondents.

Eun Joo, a talented voice actress, implores Sung Hyun to aid her in locating a lost cassette recorder at a nearby train station. Despite his skepticism, Sung Hyun ventures to the station and catches a glimpse of Eun Joo, who remains oblivious to his existence. Il Mare has a 7.5 rating in IMDb.

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