Top 10 Best Romantic Korean Dramas of 2024 So Far

romantic korean dramas of 2024

Top 10 Best Romantic Korean Dramas of 2024 So Far – In the bustling world of kdramas, where love stories reign supreme and heart-fluttering moments abound, the year 2024 promises to be a treasure trove for fans of romantic escapades.

So get ready to immerse yourself in a world where love knows no bounds and emotions run deep as we explore the best romantic Korean dramas of 2024 so far!

10. Frankly Speaking


At 33 years old, Song Ki Baek leads a single life and excels as an announcer at a broadcasting station, renowned for his impeccable manners and professionalism.

However, his world is upended when he suddenly develops a condition that compels him to speak without filter, throwing him into a profound crisis.

Meanwhile, On Woo Joo, a spirited TV variety show writer, becomes intrigued by Ki Baek’s newfound candidness and invites him to feature on her program, setting the stage for unexpected encounters and personal revelations. Frankly Speaking has a 6.7 rating in IMDb.

9. Wedding Impossible

romantic korean dramas of 2024

Na Ah Jeong toils as a background actress, her talent overshadowed by the lack of recognition. Though adept at portraying married roles on screen, her own romantic life remains stagnant amidst life’s challenges. Enter Lee Do Han, her longtime male friend hailing from the LJ Group’s affluent lineage.

Pressured by familial expectations to marry, Do Han harbors a secret hindering his nuptials. Turning to Ah Jeong, he proposes a ruse—she’ll play his wife to appease his family. Embracing this unexpected leading role, Ah Jeong braces for the spotlight as Do Han’s faux spouse.

However, their scheme encounters an unforeseen obstacle in the form of Lee Ji Han, Do Han’s ambitious younger brother vying for LJ Group’s succession. Determined to thwart his brother’s union, Ji Han orchestrates an alternative match with Yoon Chae Won, adding another layer of complexity to their tangled web of relationships. Wedding Impossible has a 7.0 rating in IMDb.

8. Love Song for Illusion

romantic korean dramas of 2024

This tale intertwines a captivating love story and a gripping tale of obsession, revolving around a king with dual personalities and an assassin with a mission that becomes entangled with unexpected emotions. Crown Prince Sajo Hyun, a man of intellect, conceals his royal identity while pursuing a career as a fashion designer.

His past, scarred by a tyrannical father, haunts him deeply. Alternately, there’s Ak Hee, a charming persona with a painful affliction—he experiences agony upon physical contact. Enter Yeon Wol, a woman whose life has seen tumultuous shifts, transitioning from assassin to potential concubine.

With roots tracing back to the fallen Yeon Dynasty, she conceals her lineage as she seeks vengeance for her family’s demise. Amidst her quest to assassinate the king, she finds herself ensnared in a mysterious scheme, awakening to a bewildering reality devoid of her past memories. Love Song for Illusion has a 7.1 rating in IMDb.

7. Missing Crown Prince


In this historical romantic comedy set in the Joseon era, a twist of fate leads to a crown prince being mistakenly abducted by the family of his intended bride.

As they embark on a perilous journey to evade pursuers, unexpected romance begins to bloom between the prince and his captor, adding a delightful layer of humor and heart to their adventurous escapades. Missing Crown Prince has a 7.3 rating in IMDb.

6. The Midnight Studio


Seo Ki Joo operates a quaint photo studio, passed down through seven generations, catering exclusively to spirits from beyond. As a photographer, Ki Joo captures the ethereal essence of the ghostly clientele that frequents his establishment.

Meanwhile, Han Bom, a fiery and justice-driven lawyer, finds herself unexpectedly entangled with Ki Joo’s unique studio. Assisting them are two dedicated employees: Assistant Manager Go, responsible for attracting ghostly customers, and Baek Nam Gu, entrusted with tending to various tasks within the shop. The Midnight Studio has a 7.3 rating in IMDb.

5. The Atypical Family


Bok Gwi Joo and his family possess unique supernatural abilities. Gwi Joo himself has the power to journey back in time, but only to revisit moments of happiness from his past. Unable to alter events, he finds himself trapped in nostalgic reverie, leading to a battle with depression that eventually strips him of his extraordinary gift.

Similarly, his family members grapple with their own powers succumbing to modern-day afflictions like insomnia, bulimia, and smartphone addiction. However, when Do Da He crosses paths with Bok Gwi Joo and his family, she brings a ray of hope into their lives.

As she integrates into their household, a transformative journey unfolds, heralding newfound changes and possibilities. The Atypical Family has a 7.5 rating in IMDb.

4. Doctor Slump


During his academic years, Yeo Jeong Woo consistently topped his class and pursued studies at the nation’s premier medical school. Now a renowned plastic surgeon, his life unfolds smoothly until a mysterious medical mishap propels him to the brink of despair.

It’s during this tumultuous period that he crosses paths with Nam Ha Neul, a former academic rival who appears at his lowest ebb. Ha Neul, now working as an anesthesiologist, was once hailed as a prodigy for her exceptional intellect. Her relentless dedication to her studies and profession leaves little room for personal enjoyment.

Feeling the weight of her unfulfilled life, Ha Neul yearns for change. It’s amidst these shared struggles that she and Jeong Woo find solace in each other’s company, igniting a tender romance born from mutual understanding and support. Doctor Slump has a 7.5 rating in IMDb.

3. Captivating the King

romantic korean dramas of 2024

Lee In, a prince deeply devoted to his older brother King Lee Sun, finds himself ensnared in a web of political intrigue when he is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. Despite his loyalty, his brother perceives his actions as betrayal, fostering a rift between them that leaves Lee In grappling with profound emotional turmoil.

Amidst his struggles, he encounters an enigmatic baduk player who captivates him with her skill and mystery. Eventually ascending to the throne himself, Lee In appears strong and resolute outwardly, yet internally battles with sadness and vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Kang Hee Soo, once an anonymous baduk player, crosses paths with Prince Lee In and falls deeply in love with him. However, as fate twists and turns, she is drawn into a world of espionage, driven by a desire for vengeance. Approaching King Lee In under the guise of love, she seeks to fulfill her mission of retribution. Captivating the King has a 7.7 rating in IMDb.

2. Queen of Tears

romantic korean dramas of 2024

Baek Hyun Woo, hailed as the pride of Yongduri village, serves as the legal director of the esteemed conglomerate Queens Group. Meanwhile, Hong Hae In, a chaebol heiress, reigns as the “queen” over Queens Group’s department stores. Queen of Tears has a 8.3 rating in IMDb.

1. Lovely Runner


In the glittering world of fame and fortune, Ryu Seon Jae stands as a luminary, his star shining brightly since his debut. Yet behind the glitz and glamour lies a life fraught with exhaustion from the relentless demands of the entertainment industry.

Im Sol, a devoted fan, harbors a deep affection for Ryu Seon Jae, finding solace in his music since a childhood accident derailed her own dreams. When news of Ryu Seon Jae’s untimely death shakes her to the core, Im Sol finds herself thrust back 15 years into the past.

Confronting Ryu Seon Jae in his 19-year-old self, she embarks on a mission to alter his future, driven by an unwavering resolve to prevent tragedy. Lovely Runner has a 9.0 rating in IMDb.

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