Top 25 Games Like GTA You Must Play While Waiting for GTA 6

games like gta

Top 25 Games Like GTA You Must Play While Waiting for GTA 6 – While we all eagerly await the release of GTA 6, let’s explore some games that can help pass the time. In recent years, many fantastic games have come out that are reminiscent of the beloved GTA series.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to games like GTA that capture our favorite elements from the franchise. Whether you’re drawn to riveting stories, stealing cars, gunplay, or any other shady activities, there’s something here for everyone. So, let’s get started.

1. L.A. Noire

games like gta

If you enjoy the criminal aspects of GTA but want to be on the right side of the law, why not try this game? It’s another gem from Rockstar. This detective action-adventure game features an interactive open world, allowing you to roam the streets in a vehicle or on foot.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that you not only work for the police but actually work for different bureaus, solving a range of cases including arson and homicide. For an authentic noir feel, you can even play the game in black and white.

2. The Simpsons: Hit and Run


In this game has you running amok through Springfield in flashy vehicles, breaking the environment, putting your pedal to the metal, all while completing missions that revolve around an insane story. If that’s not GTA minus guns, I don’t know what is.

Homer and the gang aren’t able to commit atrocities on the same level as someone like Trevor or Niko, of course, but you can still cause all manner of mayhem across Springfield by kicking and punching to your heart’s content.

Hit and Run is as much a game for Simpsons fans as it is for Grand Theft Auto veterans, as the game smartly peppers references to its serialised namesake across the entirety of the campaign. To be honest, Simpsons Hit and Run is generally agreed to be one of, if not the best Simpsons games of all time.

3. Lego City Undercover

games like gta

This adorable open-world platformer hides much more up its plastic sleeve than mere imitation. Here, we enter a toy metropolis where the main character catches criminals. You can freely roam the city, completing various missions with references to popular movies and TV shows.

The comedic tone and rich atmosphere stand out. The mechanics allow for different costumes to gain new abilities, and missions include puzzle elements, driving, and interaction with the environment. However, compared to more modern games, Lego City Undercover might feel less lively.

4. Crackdown 3


This game offers a truly large open world with fully destructible environments. Set in a high-tech city ruled by a despotic corporation, the visuals feel dated, and the mechanics resemble action games from a decade ago. However, the dynamic gameplay and variety of enemies give it a certain charm.

Core activities include destroying targets and freeing prisoners, with RPG elements and a leveling system adding diversity. The sandbox city is full of events and allows exploration of various areas, featuring fast-paced action, a variety of weapons and vehicles, and a dynamic atmosphere.

5. Rustler


The very idea of Rustler sounds pretty crazy: an isometric GTA similar to the first two parts of the franchise, set in a medieval setting. The developers even gave it the informal name “Grand Theft Horse.”

Rustler inherits not only the isometric perspective from GTA but also its mood. The game is full of crazy action and humor, where you participate in knight duels, hunt witches, and wreak havoc in the peaceful life of a medieval village.

6. Watch Dogs

games like gta

The first Watch Dogs in 2014 was compared to the then-recent GTA 5 for obvious reasons. The driving physics, visuals, and optimization were heavily criticized. Two years later, the second installment improved significantly, with more mechanics, possibilities, and a well-developed world, though it still had flaws.

Legion surpassed both previous games in appearance and technology. The story took a backseat to open-world activities, and new mechanics, like the ability to play as any character you meet, add excitement. The game also features an online co-op mode for shared experiences.

7. The Saboteur


This is GTA set during World War II. The game, with many realistic historical elements, takes place during the occupation of France. The main character is an Irish taxi driver who joins the resistance.

The storyline is genuinely interesting, with well-developed characters. In terms of gameplay, it’s a mix of GTA and Assassin’s Creed, where you explore an open world, steal cars, cause chaos, and evade the law. The game is incredibly atmospheric, allowing freedom to roam the map and complete side missions.

8. Cyberpunk 2077

games like gta

Upon release, the game faced severe technical issues, especially on consoles, causing widespread dissatisfaction. Over the past four years, developers have released numerous patches, improving performance and fixing bugs.

The latest update and the Phantom Liberty expansion have significantly enhanced gameplay, adding new elements and content. While the game still isn’t perfect, it finally meets expectations. It’s a great alternative to the aging GTA 5, with a vibrant night city atmosphere and interesting main characters.

9. Sleeping Dogs


Another open-world game that strongly resembles GTA, this action-packed game is set on the streets of Hong Kong. As an undercover cop, you must infiltrate one of the largest criminal gangs and balance between light and darkness, committing crimes or preventing them.

The game doesn’t limit player actions. You can complete story missions or explore the city, participate in illegal races, relax in karaoke, or bet on cockfights. One of the game’s highlights is melee combat based on martial arts.

10. American Fugitive


Another game clearly inspired by the early GTA titles. Unlike Rustler, it shares the same modern setting. The protagonist is wrongly accused of murdering his father and sent to prison. But he’s no pushover — he escapes and sets out to find the truth while committing numerous crimes.

The game offers a variety of vehicles, including military ones, and the main gameplay mechanics revolve around heists. While it may not captivate you for hundreds of hours, it certainly evokes nostalgia for the isometric GTA games.

11. Just Cause 3


This series has always been a fun, slightly crazy, and visually stunning sandbox, and the third installment surpasses the others with the most insane stunts and spectacular explosions. Not to mention the diverse vehicles and gadgets.

This part impressed me even more than the fourth one. The gorgeous landscapes of a giant tropical archipelago and the flights in a wingsuit over flower fields still look very atmospheric and charming. Skillful use of the grappling hook allows for virtually endless flying.

12. Saints Row 3

games like gta

A more budget-friendly alternative to GTA, with one significant difference: Saints Row has a somewhat trashy storyline. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still interesting. There are plenty of unexpected plot twists, and with each mission, the game becomes more engaging, as it’s made in the best traditions of gangster action movies.

You can create your character in a robust customization system, and the city is full of shops with diverse clothing options, allowing you to craft your unique style. You gradually reclaim city streets from other gangs, and you can even customize the appearance of your gang members. Most importantly, you can call them for help.

13. Red Dead Redemption 2


This is GTA in the Wild West, if you need to describe the game in a few words. Once you begin playing, you won’t be able to put it down. The developers created a living world full of events, allowing players to write their own stories.

Each part of the map holds many secrets, revealing only to the most curious explorers. Overall, who else can make a game that, in my opinion, is even better than GTA 5? Of course, Rockstar.

14. Mafia Series

games like gta

This series is one of the best story-driven action games on a criminal theme, at least the first two parts. Mafia 3, to me, seemed incredibly boring and repetitive, so much so that I couldn’t even force myself to finish it.

But overall, it’s a great series, revealing the gritty life of gangsters with its shootouts, chases, and betrayals, where each game is a cinematic story. The recent remake, Mafia: Definitive Edition, is a standout, offering a fantastic narrative experience in an atmospheric world. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it.

15. The Godfather 2


A shooter based on the film The Godfather 2, where you become a crime leader challenging other mafia clans in the city. The main gameplay feature is recruiting various members into your clan and taking over businesses — car repair shops, casinos, construction sites, factories, and more. The more businesses you control, the closer you get to achieving your goal.

16. Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Another game on my list that can be described as GTA in the Middle Ages. This comparison is due to the open world, sense of freedom, and a variety of activities. Additionally, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is known for its historical accuracy.

The game takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the 15th century, so instead of guns and cars, players use swords, bows, and horses. The protagonist is a blacksmith’s son seeking revenge for his family’s death. Gameplay-wise, it’s an action RPG with a huge map and impressive freedom of action.

17. Spider-Man 2018


This installment took the best elements from the franchise. It has no ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Sony’s cinematic universes, yet players encounter many familiar characters. This game stands out as the best in the series.

Swinging through the city feels incredibly realistic, making fast travel almost unnecessary, even after 10 hours of gameplay. The battles are spectacular and dramatic. The map is filled with side activities, and the city itself is lively and engaging, making it feel like a living, breathing place rather than just a chunk of concrete.

18. Prototype Series


These games allow you to climb any building in the open world, squash dozens of people in one swoop, and then transform into an old lady and wander the city streets. You play as a person with incredible abilities.

The Prototype duology is fascinating for its freedom: both games let you do whatever you want in a big metropolis, almost becoming a god. Moreover, the original and sequel contain quite engaging stories that justify all the player’s antics.

19. Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

games like gta

Imagine yourself as a cop in the world of GTA, and you’ll get a rough idea of this game. You start as a patrol officer, handling simple tasks like issuing parking tickets and gradually moving on to more serious crimes.

The game is known for its high level of realism and attention to detail: players must be mindful of their actions and follow the law to avoid negative consequences. The gameplay offers a variety of tasks, such as traffic control, chasing criminals, and investigating incidents. Every decision affects the character’s reputation and career growth.

20. Infamous: Second Son


The third game in the superhero series combines the best of the previous entries with new mechanics. The main action takes place in a futuristic Seattle, where people with superpowers are hunted like criminals.

Our protagonist can use the powers of fire, neon, and smoke. His main goal is to find a cure for the disease afflicting his people. The game stands out with an interesting storyline, side quests, and a well-developed world that can be freely explored.

21. Red Faction: Guerrilla


This is possibly what GTA would be like if it were set on Mars. Some games excel with their story or atmosphere, but this game shines with its destructible environments.

You can demolish every structure in the open world, and the destruction looks spectacular, making you want to break more and more things, and the game encourages this. There are plenty of weapons and vehicles that turn destruction into an art form. When you get tired of that, you can return to the main storyline.

22. Batman: Arkham Knight


The main events take place in the open world of Gotham City, known for its high concentration of criminals and supervillains. Here, we punish criminals, explore the map, gather clues and collectibles.

Apart from the main story, you can complete side quests and challenges. The main innovation in the third part is the Batmobile. This tank-like vehicle serves as a means of transportation around Gotham and, of course, as a weapon of mass destruction.

23. Bully

games like gta

Bully is an adventure action game with a third-person perspective and an open world reminiscent of GTA. School can be a tough place, especially if it’s a reform school for particularly naughty and rebellious teenagers. This is exactly the kind of challenging environment where the protagonist, Jimmy, finds himself.

He doesn’t hesitate to use his fists and slingshot, and the game’s story is spiced with good humor and sarcasm. You can set off false fire alarms, break into or sneak into the girls’ dormitory, skateboard through school hallways, pick locks on lockers, and steal other people’s belongings.

All of this is genuinely engaging and available between the storyline missions. The plot, by the way, is interesting and leaves a lasting impression. You’ll have to do a lot to earn respect at this school.

24. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

games like gta

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an excellent action game set in a truly vast open world with many mechanics similar to GTA. You can play the game solo or with up to 3 friends. The game is set in Bolivia, which is plagued by drug issues.

The open world offers a huge amount of freedom, and the variety of ways to complete missions allows you to approach them in your own way. Additionally, there’s an impressive selection of vehicles, both land and air. The core gameplay of the penultimate installment in the Ghost Recon series doesn’t differ much from other Ubisoft games.

You’ll encounter a plethora of points of interest on the map, capture bases, expand your influence in the region, and engage in constant battles. Playing cooperatively with friends makes it even more enjoyable.

25. Far Cry 6

games like gta

Far Cry 6 is a game that has it all: cooperative play, a vast open world, a variety of vehicles, numerous secrets and Easter eggs, an engaging storyline, and a flexible approach to completing main and side missions.

The massive map is dotted with many points of interest, including enemy bases, locations with collectible items, mission objectives, and much more. Traveling between them is never dull either, as the roads are filled with soldiers and roaming predators. In short, “Far Cry 6” is a game where there’s always something to do.

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