Top 15 Fantasy Strategy Games You Need to Play Right Now

fantasy strategy games

Top 15 Fantasy Strategy Games You Need to Play Right Now – Fantasy is a popular genre: entire worlds of cinema and literature grow on it, and games haven’t been left aside either. In this article, I will talk about fantasy strategy games you need to play right now. So, let’s get started.

1. Endless Legend


It’s a turn-based strategy game where we lead one of eight civilizations, each with a rich history, unique characteristics, distinctive gameplay, and its own goals of achieving complete dominance over the planet.

Here, you can explore new territories, discover artifacts and forgotten technologies, build and develop cities, equip and train heroes who can take command of armies or manage a city. The gameplay resembles classic strategies with city development, army creation, as well as capturing or defending territories.

Diplomacy also plays a significant role in the game. There are many neutral cities on the game map. Some settlements can be conquered by troops or simply allied with.

2. War for the Overworld

fantasy strategy games

A real-time fantasy strategy game, the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, about building, defending, and improving your own underground lair, with the same set of buildings and units. Here, the player needs to manage the underground world, build new rooms, prepare troops, and battle enemies.

Various types of units, powerful magic, a vast skill tree, and a simple storyline with many unexpected twists and decent humor are available. To win, it’s not enough to create a powerful underground army. You need to emerge on the surface and fight strong opponents.

3. Age of Wonders 3-4

fantasy strategy games

It’s a turn-based fantasy strategy game set in a fictional world filled with magic and mythical creatures. Here, heroes and their armies travel the world, interact with each other, capture cities, and control elements using magic. The game features a wide variety of playable races and epic turn-based battles.

There are several types of troops to choose from, each with its own abilities and combat tactics. Players can upgrade and enhance their heroes and armies using skill trees or special artifacts.

4. Dungeons 3-4


A grand fantasy strategy game about the dark lord of the underworld with elements of simulation and random generation, where you can create your own dungeon, assemble an army, and conquer the surface world.

The game offers the opportunity to create a unique realm of evil, consisting of dark dungeons, traps, and intricate infrastructure. Leading an army of orcs, succubi, zombies, and other creatures who dream of conquering the world of humans. The gameplay is filled with references and humor.

5. Fantasy General 2

fantasy strategy games

Here, we are presented with turn-based battles involving armies led by heroes. Each fighter has unique abilities, armor, and weapons. There are over 75 types of troops in total. Movement takes place through small locations where unexplored lands are hidden by the fog of war.

During battles, it’s essential to consider the terrain relief, character equipment, effects, balance of power, and combat morale, to avoid falling into a trap or engaging with a stronger enemy.

6. SpellForce 3


A famous game series, the first part of which was released back in 2003, became an excellent project that combined not only role-playing elements with character progression but also real-time strategy with army development and advancement.

In the 3rd installment, we still have to create a character from scratch, develop and improve it by completing various tasks. During the game, we will explore the surrounding world and create our combat group by inviting allies to the team.

7. Armello

fantasy strategy games

A blend of fantasy strategy and tabletop card game, where on the path to the throne, you’ll use magic, poisons, and treachery to ensure no one can thwart your plans. The game boasts a unique design and execution, with all characters being anthropomorphic animals fighting for power.

The gameplay resembles a classic board game where each turn is determined by dice rolls. Healing or attacking spells are available, activated by using special cards.

8. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition


An HD reissue of the cult classic Age of Mythology from 2002. you can now wield cyclopes, minotaurs, and summon gods in high resolution with new effects support.

The game transports you to the times of ancient myths, where heroes fought terrifying monsters, and gods often intervened in the affairs of mortals. So here, you’ll lead armies of not only humans but also mythical creatures into battle.

9. Total War: WARHAMMER


It’s the best fantasy universe of Warhammer and one of the best fantasy strategies to date. Epic battles, diverse faction gameplay mechanics, seamlessly integrated sandbox storytelling, and role-playing elements.

A new continent, new factions, new mechanics. Developers have eliminated most of the questionable decisions. Character progression has become more interesting and logical, and offensive magic has become significantly stronger.

The game mechanics have changed for the better; now we not only have to conquer territories but also hold them for a certain period. Each faction is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses, and battles have become bloodier and more visually stunning.

10. 8 Bit Hordes


It’s an arcade real-time fantasy strategy game where you’ll engage in building and defending your base, gathering resources, and developing an army of orcs or humans to eventually conquer all your opponents. You can play solo, in cooperative mode, or in multiplayer mode on dedicated game servers.

11. Stronghold Legends

fantasy strategy games

This game offers us a choice of three available factions: knights, wizards, or monsters. Each faction has its unique units, buildings, and abilities, adding variety to the gameplay. Alongside regular units, there are dragons, yetis, and trolls. The game features three legendary characters and three story campaigns for each of them.

In addition to regular gameplay, multiplayer and scenario editor modes are available. One of the key features of the game is castle building and management. Players must build defensive structures, gather resources, hire and train troops to defend their fortress and attack enemies.

12. Heroes of Annihilated Empires


A strategy game with RPG elements set in a medieval fantasy world where you need to build bases, gather resources, and train units in barracks. The game allows you to lead your own army or take control of one of the heroes, using a variety of weapons and magical spells to fight the enemy.

There are four races you can play in the game. Each race has three heroes with different starting characteristics, types of damage, and special abilities. A well-developed hero can replace an entire army. The differences between races are expressed both in the available troop selection and in the economic system.

13. Majesty 2


A strategy game with indirect control. Heroes in Majesty live their own lives, each with their own needs – drinking in taverns, going to the market, fighting in tournaments. All the player can do is build, construct training guilds, pay for the training of heroes, while the characters live their lives.

They travel, fight, hunt monsters, buy elixirs, and so on. The key feature of the game is that the player cannot directly command units, so rewards must be set for specific actions, thus attracting heroes to work.

14. Fabledom

fantasy strategy games

A city-building simulator set in a fairy-tale setting, where the player must construct and develop a magical city. In addition to standard genre activities and mechanics, Fabledom offers building relationships with neighbors, focusing on diplomacy, defending against enemies, and conquering lands.

Additionally, players can establish and develop romantic relationships. Magic plays a crucial role. Players can hire powerful wizards, research spells, and use magical artifacts to enhance their kingdom and army.

15. Pioneers of Pagonia


In this game, you’ll build dwellings, cultivate land, and master various crafts to eventually construct an entire city. The game features a complex economic system, including resource gathering, goods production, and trade.

Players must manage their resources wisely to ensure the prosperity of their colonies. Alongside exploration and economic development, players must also protect their settlements from enemy attacks. They can create armies, build defensive structures, and engage in battles for control of territories.

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