Top 10+ New Co-Op Survival Games to Play in 2024

new co-op survival games

Top 10+ New Co-Op Survival Games to Play in 2024 – In the past few years, so many survival games in various settings have been released that it’s becoming difficult to come up with something new in this genre. New survival simulators often copy the most popular mechanics from the best games in the genre, sometimes adding a few innovations that don’t always work well.

Nevertheless, the survival genre remains popular. Many players enjoy building settlements, gathering resources, and fighting. And when you can do all of this in co-op with friends, it becomes even more enjoyable. In this article, I will talk about the most interesting new co-op survival games that have already been released or are expected to be released in 2024. So, let’s get started.

13. Enshrouded


This game is a hybrid of a role-playing game and a survival game, combining elements of exploration, construction, and combat in a fantastical world. The game, which is currently in early access, has attracted a lot of attention due to its rich mechanics and engaging gameplay. The map for exploration is huge, and it will double in size upon the game’s release.

You can build using individual small blocks or entire elements. The game features a wide variety of resources for crafting building blocks, so there will be plenty to choose from. For those who love building castles and other incredible structures, this game will be one of the best. The survival process is reminiscent of Valheim.

The combat system is also interesting, featuring dodges, parries, shield-breaking, and other mechanics. The variety of enemies keeps you on your toes, and you need to adapt your style for each opponent. Additionally, there is extensive character progression with a branching system, and you can play in co-op mode with up to 16 people.

12. V Rising

new co-op survival games

In this survival game with an isometric camera view, we play as vampires in a mystical medieval world. Recently, the game came out of early access, having resolved many bugs and significantly improved optimization. You can play solo or in co-op with friends. Playing with friends is much more enjoyable since the game mechanics are designed for cooperative play.

The game includes all the familiar elements of the survival genre. We can build and decorate our castle in any chosen spot on the open map, gather materials, and craft armor and weapons. One unique aspect of the game is that we consume not regular food but blood. There are several types of blood, and the higher the quality, the more bonuses we receive.

Another noteworthy feature is character development. Unlike typical RPGs, there is no experience gained from killing mobs. To level up, you need to craft and upgrade your gear. All armor and clothing have their levels, and the total level of your gear determines your character’s level. New abilities are gained by defeating bosses, of which there are many in the game.

11. Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders


This is a game about Robin Hood with a third-person view and an open world. The game combines elements of role-playing, survival, and city-building. The action takes place in medieval England, where players assume the role of the famous outlaw. The main goal is to protect the oppressed and fight against injustice by raiding the rich and helping the poor.

Players will explore a world with diverse territories, level up their characters, and build and develop their settlements. The game features a deep construction system, allowing players to build and upgrade camps, construct defensive structures, and manage resources. You also need to help the poor by providing them with shelter in your village and taking care of their needs, such as food and housing.

Successful camp and resource management directly impacts your ability to withstand enemies. Overall, the game is very engaging, reminiscent of Medieval Dynasty, but with its own unique features. The combat system includes archery, melee combat, and the use of various traps. The enemies are diverse, ranging from simple soldiers to elite knights, each requiring a specific approach.

10. Bellwright


Bellwright is a medieval action-survival game where a brave knight is falsely accused of murdering the king’s son and sentenced to death. After escaping to distant lands, he leads a rebellion to free his homeland from tyrannical rule.

Players must complete quests for local villagers to earn their loyalty, conduct combat operations against the royal guard, and engage in horseback battles. Ultimately, you will become the leader of the rebellion and build new cities. The cooperative gameplay allows up to four players to explore the harsh world, gather resources, fight the royal guard, and recruit peasants into their own army.

Friends will manage cities by constructing and upgrading outposts, training commoners in various crafts, and assigning tasks to residents. Special attention should be given to training soldiers who will become archers, knights, halberdiers, and more.

9. Smalland: Survive the Wilds

new co-op survival games

In this game, either solo or in co-op with up to 10 players, we shrink down to microscopic sizes to explore a vast world from the perspective of tiny characters.

The gameplay is standard for the survival genre: you gather resources, build settlements, craft equipment and interactive objects, go hunting for food, and monitor your character’s stats. A few months ago, the game left early access and has since improved significantly.

The developers have fixed many bugs, enhanced the textures, and refined some gameplay mechanics. Now, it no longer feels like a copy of Grounded, as the mechanics of these games are quite different.

8. Myth of Empires


Myth of Empires is a multiplayer sandbox game with survival elements set in a historical setting, where players explore a beautiful yet dangerous world. The problem is that the world is engulfed in war, so travelers must become knights and join forces with friends to build a new empire.

Players will need to construct fortresses, gather armies, and emerge victorious in the war. The competitive gameplay features the ability to create your own guild and form alliances with other guilds. Factions can wage war against each other, capture fortresses, burn crop fields, and raid caravans.

Each member of an alliance can achieve ranks of nobility and develop their characters, eventually earning the right to hold the highest positions in medieval society.

7. Abiotic Factor


Abiotic Factor is a sci-fi survival game for six players with RPG elements, where scientists create unique devices and weapons to protect themselves from monsters. Players will explore various levels of a scientific complex, solving complex puzzles that require multiple conditions to be met.

To open locked doors, you will have to crawl through ventilation shafts, find necessary items, craft workbenches, repair generators, and even lay temporary electrical circuits. The challenge lies in the dangerous monsters inhabiting all buildings of the scientific complex.

6. Nightingale


Nightingale is an atmospheric open-world survival game where players take on the role of a Realmwalker, passing through mystical portals in search of humanity’s last sanctuary.

Finding the human world is very challenging, as travelers must first face nightmarish monsters, wandering zombies, and giant spiders. The human city serves as a base, and the journey through a web of fantastical worlds is necessary to gather essential resources and study new technologies.

In co-op mode, four heroes hack their way through jungles, mine ore, research technologies, craft weapons, prepare food, build settlements, and even use magic. All worlds are randomly generated, and players can share their favorite maps with the community.

5. Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure


Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure is a free survival game reminiscent of Terraria and Forager. The pixel graphics are stunning, and the vast world, consisting of various islands, is filled with all kinds of content.

Simply put, the game captivates with its possibilities and diverse content. Try to survive by building a base on different islands, each being a unique biome. You will encounter various mysteries and well-designed bosses along the way.

4. Soulmask

new co-op survival games

Soulmask is an upcoming survival game set in a primeval land. The gameplay combines exploring the remnants of ruined civilizations and challenging survival—abandoned ruins are guarded by colossal beast guardians blocking the path to knowledge.

Survivors must adapt to local conditions: learn to build shelters in hard-to-reach places, secure their homes with traps, and create primitive weapons necessary for navigating the world. The multiplayer mode supports up to 70 players, who must compete for resources and technologies, or else remain wild barbarians.

Players can form tribes and even create families, jointly build villages, hunt, and farm. In a separate PvP mode, players can choose to be savages or marauders, then either capture or defend villages from being pillaged.

3. Once Human

new co-op survival games

Once Human is an upcoming cooperative survival simulator set in a strange post-apocalyptic world where humans have turned into huge monsters, and the few survivors are infected with an alien pathogen that grants mystical powers. They must band together with other survivors and explore the local world.

The gameplay involves fighting monsters, building shelters, and exploring abandoned cities to uncover the truth. The challenge lies in the so-called Stardust, which has contaminated all soil and water, altering human consciousness and turning them into monsters.

Cooperative survival is designed for up to four survivors, ready to face interdimensional bosses and protect their camp from invasions at any moment. Players must study hundreds of blueprints to create unique weapons and explore human settlements. The world features several factions with quests of varying difficulty.

2. Mirthwood


Mirthwood is an upcoming life simulation game set in a vibrant open world, featuring numerous random events and skill development. The world consists of six diverse regions and three large cities.

In the game, players can build their own farm, harvest crops, start a family, engage in trade, hunt bandits and werewolves, and interact with various NPCs.


new co-op survival games

ASKA is an upcoming game set in the Viking world, where players must create their own tribe and struggle for survival. The game involves crafting, resource gathering, building settlements, battling enemies, and surviving harsh winters.

Players can manage a colony, attract new inhabitants, build ships, explore new lands, and fight mythical creatures. NPCs will assist with routine tasks. They can be assigned specific duties such as resource gathering, vegetable farming, beekeeping, and more. Over time, they will develop and perform more complex tasks. The game allows co-op play for up to 4 players.

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