Top 10+ Must Watch Summer 2024 Anime

summer 2024 anime

Top 10+ Must Watch Summer 2024 Anime – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10+ Must Watch Summer 2024 Anime. Just like that, we approach yet another summer. Summer is known as the season of blockbusters, and boy does summer look great in the anime world this year.

I’m here to give you a preview of what new anime summer has in store. It’s not all about the sequels, after all, and we’ve got some promising titles lining up on the seasonal chart too. Whichever type of watcher you are, you might find something to like. Why don’t you give these animes a shot? So, let’s get started.

13. Failure Frame

summer 2024 anime

If you need any further proof that the underdog revenge story isekai is still alive and well, then look no further than this anime that graces the list. Touka, who, along with his classmates, gets transported into a fantasy world set to be heroes. Unfortunately for Touka, he ends up having the worst ability of them all, and this draws the eye of the Goddess.

Banished into the dungeon, he’s left with one course of action: clawing his way back with his supposedly worthless abilities that are abnormally powerful. Failure Frame is a story that the more veteran fans are no strangers to. We all know how the song goes: undermined protagonist being sent off to his doom, only to crawl back stronger than ever.

Still, there’s a strong appeal to these kinds of power fantasies, and I’m sure fans are eager to welcome Failure Frame in their ever-growing library of such stories. If you’re fond of the concept, here’s something that you should definitely check out this summer.

12. Wistoria: Wand and Sword

summer 2024 anime

Will Serfort has lofty ambitions, looking to become one of the mightiest magicians in the land. However, this seems to be a far cry from happening because the reality is that he’s just not that good. He’s someone who’s unable to even grasp the basics of magic, and this gets him assigned to the unglamorous job of fighting monsters for credit.

Oh, and it also puts him on a collision course with a particularly mean professor at his magic academy. However, things may not be what they seem for this fellow right here. It’s got the same overcoming the odds and proving others wrong theme as Failure Frame, but I’d say that Wistoria: Wand and Sword offers something different in its approach and goals as an anime.

For one, it’s less of a power fantasy but more of something akin to Black Clover or Mashle, even down to the aesthetics of their world. It’s got a promising preview up already, and it seems to be the type of underdog fantasy story more accessible to general viewers. It’s arguably the more easily recommendable one between the two.

11. Days with My Stepsister


As we leave Fantasyland, we dive into a show that might sound familiar to those vaguely paying attention to seasonals the past couple of years. Indeed, it’s just been two years since My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex, and I won’t blame you for mixing these two up. Both are shows with romantic undertones where the main couple is formed by their parents’ remarriage.

However, instead of a comedic focus, it pivots more on the growing relationship between our main couple, Yuuta and Saki, who, despite promising each other not to get too intimate, find themselves bonding. Turns out that a shoulder to lean on is always what one really needs, and that unlocks some interesting developments.

Days with My Stepsister is a title that may seem like a rom-com at first glance but actually leans more towards the sweet and wholesome side of the genre. The pace is quite slow, but it gives ample time for viewers to digest the closing distance between our hesitant couple. It’s a strong series overall.

10. How to Become Ordinary


Kobato wants nothing but an ordinary life after some painful experiences in the past. Luckily for him, though, he manages to find someone in the same boat. Enter Osanai, who likewise desires the same ordinary life, free from the unknown and the intrigue that comes with mysteries.

Unfortunately, things don’t come easy for them, and incidents continue to come after them, forcing them into some mystery-solving action again. If you thought that How to Become Ordinary gives off an aura similar to Hyouka, it’s because both are from the same person.

However, for the newer anime fan, maybe Bunny Girl Senpai is a possible comparison that’s more relatable. Either way, How to Become Ordinary will be brought to us by the people handling the Undead Girl Murder Farce adaptation. I’m personally excited to see how the mysteries and character dynamics translate into anime format.

9. No Longer Allowed In Another World

summer 2024 anime

When we look at the isekai series, there’s always the nagging feeling that it’s a genre that heavily feeds into wish fulfillment. Not all of them, but a lot of them operate under the assumption that there’s one thing that male adults with unfulfilling lives want: to be reincarnated into a fantasy world as a young person, still in their prime and with powers.

Not Osamu Dazai, who finds himself yanked from 1948 into this strange world. All he wants to do is find the perfect place to die, but these adventures with a whole slew of fantasy race skills just keep getting in his way. No Longer Allowed in Another World is an affectionate parody of the isekai genre.

There’s a unique element of light-heartedness in this anime, and having a character that’s completely a fish out of water in this world, as opposed to some video game genius or self-aware degenerate on Earth, does make for a fun watch.

8. Why Nobody Remembers My World?

summer 2024 anime

In a battle of supremacy amongst races, humanity, led by the legendary hero Sid, claims victory. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the world and its happy ending get rewritten in front of Kai. With the hero leading the war gone, humanity in this new timeline suffers defeat while demons are in charge.

It may look bleak, but Kai has to accept another weird yet grim reality: his existence has been forgotten completely. With the help of a mysterious girl, Rinne, he looks to help humanity take back what’s rightfully theirs, all with the abilities of the erased hero, Sid.

The whole alternative timeline premise also creates some intrigue and certainly gives it an edge in terms of unique premises. I’m personally very excited to see what direction this show will take.

7. The Rookie Middle-Aged Adventurer Was Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party to Become Invincible


They say that youth is the best time for improving oneself. It’s when people are most receptive to learning and it’s when they exude the most potential. The same is true for adventurers looking to grow their strength. Without starting young, the magic power that lets adventurers grow stronger starts running dry.

But if there’s one thing that Rick Gladiator proves wrong, it’s the idea that it’s ever too late. Here’s a man who became an adventurer over the age of 30 and is at the top of his game. His secret? Well, it’s super-elite training courtesy of his mentors.

Overpowered hero shows are a dime a dozen, and this series is unapologetic about it. It feeds you the tropes that you’ve come to know and has a lot of fun with them, making it an entertaining blend of action and comedy. It kind of gives some One Punch Man vibes as well when I think about it. Now that should help set your expectations as well.

6. Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2


Ever since it started airing in 2019, Kengan Ashura has done its job satisfying anime fans’ needs for combat sports anime. I see it as a partner in crime of sorts for Baki, and while Kengan Ashura is definitely the lesser-known franchise, it’s a series that has been low-key getting better as time goes on.

The second season, which aired last year, was a very strong entry with some of the best fights with the most unpredictable outcomes. Kengan Ashura’s second season is filled to the brim with fights featuring a whole slew of main and side characters duking it out.

Kengan Ashura’s season 2 second part is set to come out this summer, and it looks to continue from where the first season left off. 3D fights will remain a big talking point for Kengan Ashura. If you’re up for more hot-blooded fighting and want to see more of the series’ signature martial arts and violence, this is something for you to feast your eyes on.

5. Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian


There’s been a strong marketing push for this anime, and I can’t say that those efforts were misplaced. Having read some of the source material, I do think Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian is poised to be the next hit in the world of rom-coms. There’s not a lot that ticks off the cold and beautiful transfer student Alisa, but one of those is her seatmate.

You see, Masachika is the furthest thing from an honor student: awkward, inattentive, and generally lazy all around. However, it’s this behavior that catches Alisa’s attention, and while berating him for his attitude, she would sneak in comments about her true feelings in Russian, completely unaware that her seatmate understands what’s on her mind for real.

The premise is basic, but what makes this anime fun is the interactions and the character dynamics between the characters. There’s much to be said about Alisa and Masachika, as well as how the former’s tsundere feelings get accidentally laid bare for the Russian-fluent guy.

4. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest

summer 2024 anime

When the Fairy Tail manga ended some time back, I did have a nagging feeling that a sequel was in the books. Sure, the author seemed to have moved on to Eden Zero, but Fairy Tail is by far Hiro Mashima’s most popular work. And while the series has had a polarizing reception, there’s a sizable group of fans wanting more.

Thus, here we are with a continuation of Natsu and his friends’ adventures. The most challenging battle so far puts them in a mission to seal away the five Dragon Gods. Their journey puts them in the path of the dark guild Diabolos, and with a new guild member who may be more than meets the eye, the dragons may be the least of Team Natsu’s problems.

If Fairy Tail’s ending left a void in your heart, then here’s 100 Years Quest for you. The manga is pretty much the same adventure filled with fan service and action fare that Fairy Tail had become known for over the years. It looks to reignite the magic felt in the early arcs when things were a lot simpler and Shounen power creep hadn’t taken over the series.

3. Isekai Suicide Squad

summer 2024 anime

If you’re familiar with comics and movies, then you may know the basic concept of The Suicide Squad: a supervillain group being granted temporary freedom in exchange for doing the government’s dirty work. Should they fail, they get a one-way ticket to the afterlife—a win-win for the bosses, right?

However, this time Harley Quinn and the gang face a challenge they’ve never tackled in any setting before: a completely different world of fantasy and magic. Are they up to the task? Well, who cares? Failure is not an option to this group if they want to come out of this alive.

Isekai Suicide Squad, for me, symbolizes the phenomenon of anime becoming more and more global. Compared to a decade ago, anime has become an international form of entertainment, and this latest blending of two worlds—both Western comics and Japanese anime—is no greater proof of that.

2. Tower of God Season 2

summer 2024 anime

Amongst the major webtoon adaptations that made it into anime form back in 2020, I can say that Tower of God is the best one if we take a look at the shows as a whole.

Sure, I know it rushed through things like its two other contemporaries, but it didn’t come to the complete detriment of the anime, at least not to the same level it did with its brethren that embodied wasted potential. The only gripe against it was that it ended too quickly.

Those who longed for a continuation will finally get their wish granted, and this time it looks to cover an arc that many people loved and a definite step up from what the first season covered. This may very well be the arc that justifies the hype behind Tower of God and shows anime fans worldwide why it’s one of the most beloved webtoons out there.

1. Oshi No Ko Season 2


Just a year ago, Oshi no Ko rocked the anime world thanks to an anime team that handled it like the next big thing it set out to be. Along with the series’ concurrent plots that both showed the cynical and inspiring side of showbiz, Oshi no Ko had a very strong case for Anime of the Year in 2023.

This show captivated anime audiences worldwide, and when season one was nearing its end, season two became a matter of when, not if. We finally got a timetable for it as the gripping tale of the siblings and their continued foray into the entertainment industry is slated for a summer release.

If you liked Oshi no Ko in any way during its first season run, then this second season is something that you’re not going to want to miss out on.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10+ Must Watch Summer 2024 Anime. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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