Top 5 Fairy Tail Characters Who Possess Immense Strength

fairy tail characters

Top 5 Fairy Tail Characters Who Possess Immense Strength – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 5 Fairy Tail Characters Who Possess Immense Strength. There are limited number of characters who possesses such degree of strength through which they can easily overpower their opponents. So let us count down the list from weakest to strongest.

5. Natsu Dragneel


Natsu possess a high degree of strength as he was able to overpower sting and rogue alone while they were in dragon force with his pure physical strength. In alvarez empire arc he able to move under bluenote stinger’s gravitational field comfortably and also one shot the enchanted neinhart one of the member of spriggan 12.

4. Laxus Dreyar


Laxus possesses a large amount of physical strength, as he was able to overpower natsu even without his lightning who is physically very strong. During grand magic games he was able to take down jura one of the ten wizard saints. He was second in physical strength after gildarts clive in fairy tail guild.

3. Gildarts Clive

fairy tail characters

Gildarts is the strongest in fairy tail guild in terms of physical strength. He has shown to be extremely strong as he casually threw natsu with one hand and able to move bluenote stinger’s gravitational field. In alvarez empire arc he destroyed the entire kardia cathedral while attacking august with a single punch.

2. August Dragneel


Despite in old age august (Wizard King) has demonstrated incredible physical strength. During his fight with gildarts he was able to block his attacks which is capable of destroying kardia cathedral and then sending gildarts flying a considerable distance with a single punch.

1. Acnologia

fairy tail characters

Acnologia holds tremendous strength even in his human form, as he was able to kill god serena (Former first wizard saint) with a single bare hand alone in the blink of an eye. He was physically even more powerful in his dragon form.

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