Top 5 Best Zombie Anime Characters

zombie anime

Top 5 Best Zombie Anime Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 5 Best Zombie Anime Characters. For some movies telling zombies, it will definitely show everything related to the apocalypse, and always show zombies with terrible faces or even with a grungy look. However, it is different in the anime. Well, in the zombie anime, it is shown much more complex and dynamic, not just the zombies hunting humans’ brain as their food. The fact is that most zombies in anime have common sense like normal humans, even some of them always maintain their appearance and attitude like other human beings. This time, I’ve picked up 5 characters in anime with the best zombie characters. So, let’s get started.

5. Mumei From Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


Mumei or commonly known as Hozumi is the main female protagonist in the Kabeneri series. A mysterious girl who reveals the facts of herself as a Kabeneri or Undead. She is said to be the adopted younger sister of Biba Amatori who is the leader of the hunters. In general, Mumei acted like a child, even when fighting, Mumei sometimes treated the fight like a game for her. As a Kabeneri, of course Mumei has extraordinary abilities, which is fast and quite agile in everything.

4. Makina Hoshimura From Corpse Princess: Aka


Makina is the main female protagonist in the Corpse Princess series. She is the Shikabane Hime of Ouri Kagami’s Kogon sect. Apart from having great physical skills, she’s also armed with two Ingram MAC-11 rifles. She’s known as a girl who has a curse which allows Makina to regenerate her body indefinitely, making her immortal.

3. Zombina From Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls


Everyday Life with Monster GirlsZombina is a zombie girl who is part of the special M.O.N. At first glance, Zombina is like an ordinary human, but if you look closely, her body is full of stitches everywhere, and has different skin tones separated between the stitches. Despite her silly behavior, she is smart and full of strategy. As a part of the special forces, Zombina is one of the members who carries the most firearms than her other friends. The weapon she usually uses is automatic assault rifles. As a zombie, of course, she cannot die. Even if she is shot continuously with a great weapon.

2. Rea Sanka From Sankarea: Undying Love

zombie anime

It is said that Rea is a daughter of a rich man. In the beginning, Rea was an ordinary human until one day there was an accident that made her die. After being resurrected, Rea becomes a zombie who is still as beautiful as when she was a human. However, her physical appearance was paler and there was a wound on her stomach due to the accident that led to her death. Rea is described as a girl who is quite friendly with others.

1. Ken Kaneki From Tokyo Ghoul

zombie anime

Just like the previous anime, Ken was originally an ordinary student who led a normal life at Kamii University. But due to an incident that dragged and turned him to be a Ghoul, after an organ from one of the dead Ghouls was transplanted into his body. Ken’s life changes with a new identity, every time, to protect himself from the enemies.

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