Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters

strongest hunter x hunter characters

Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters. There are many featless characters who are hyped up to be very powerful at different points in the series. For now we are going to exclude them and go by what we’ve seen. So, let’s get started.

10. Feitan Portor


A member of the Phantom Troupe and one of its strongest. We’ve already seen what Feitan is capable of against a Chimera Ant. He defeated Zazan, whom after transforming, was by far the strongest squadron leader. Feitan had his own share of trouble during the battle but he was mostly rusty and not really at full power. Before he could go full power, he had already received damage enough to use “Rising Sun” and with it he eventually defeated the Chimera Ant.

9. Hisoka Morow/Illumi Zoldyck


I can’t really separate Hisoka and Illumi so the best option is to put them together. Hisoka has fought numerous battles e.g. battling against a well prepped Chrollo, so we could gauge his strength. On the other hand Illumi hasn’t really gone all out making it difficult to tell how strong he really is but we’ve seen the rivalry between the two of them. Also Illumi’s nen type “Manipulation” makes him very dangerous (could manipulate other people against their will) and we’ve already seen a glimpse of the level at which his manipulation skills are at. Both of them are certainly among the strongest hunters we’ve seen.

8. Razor


Razor is one of the Game Masters of Greed Island and took active part at one point in the game. We can tell he’s very strong from two instances; when he encountered the Phantom Troupe Members and they could all tell he’s very strong and were excited at battling him, and the dodge ball game where he showed his power. The game wasn’t really a fight but it actually showed us a glimpse of how strong he is and how dangerous he can be in battle. He could create nen beasts for battle and a normal throw of his aura ball smashed the head of his teammate Bopodo while a spike exploded a boat. Even Biscuit took notice of his strength.

7. Silva Zoldyck


Silva is the head of the Zoldyck Family. Three years prior to the start of the main story, he was powerful enough to kill an unknown member of the Phantom Troupe and dueled against Chrollo, leader of the Troupe (the outcome is unknown). We also see him battling alongside Zeno against Chrollo Lucilfer in the anime. He can transmute his aura in two large orbs that retain frightening power. He was able to kill Cheetu with a single attack, creating a large explosion and taking no damage, proof of mastery over enhancement as well. All these are testaments to how strong he is.

6. Zeno Zoldyck


We all know that Zeno is very powerful. In his battle with Chrollo, he said he would win against Chrollo unless the latter is fighting to kill. He also seems to have a small rivalry with Netero saying they are like Yin and Yang although he admits that Netero far outclasses him, still it shows the level at which he could be. He possesses powerful nen abilities, able to create a dragon “Dragon Head” using his aura and use it as a basis for his other nen abilities; “Dragon Lance” where he hurls the dragon towards his opponent capable of inflicting immense damage and “Dragon Dive” where he shatters the dragon into hundreds of smaller aura dragons that rain down from the sky as seen in the Chimera Ant Arc.

5. Chrollo Lucilfer

strongest hunter x hunter characters

Chrollo is the founder and leader of the Phantom Troupe and he’s always been portrayed to be its strongest member and one of the strongest characters in the series. He managed to take on the combined effort of both Zeno and Silva Zoldyck without killer intent and still survived with little damage. He was also able to defeat Hisoka and kill Hisoka who has always wanted to fight him. All this is made possible by his nen abilities which makes very versatile. “Skill Hunter” allows him to steal abilities from other people thus had acquired numerous abilities making him formidable opponent for anyone.

4. Royal Guards


The Chimera Ant Royal Guards are not exactly equal in strength but they have proven themselves to be on another level compared to most humans. They were basically the game changers in the battle between Humans and Chimera Ants. I put them together to include more characters in the list but if I am to rank them then it goes like this; Pitou, Youpi then Pouf. Pitou is faster and more intelligent. Youpi was the most battle oriented thus kept closer to the king. Pouf may appear a lot weaker than them but his fighting style and intelligence means even they will not have it easy beating him.

3. Isaac Netero

strongest hunter x hunter characters

The only human I place above the Royal Guards for now. Netero showcased his battle prowess against Meruem actually holding his own and doing quite well but it was Meruem so of course he lost. His nen ability “100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva” is what makes him difficult to beat. If we are only talking about raw power (Aura Capacity) then the Royal Guards far outclass him but they will hardly get past his Buddha and will also have to survive thousands of hits as well as has Zero Hand to defeat him. They are not as durable as Meruem, as intelligent, so unless they have long ranged techniques they will most likely lose.

2. Gon Freecss (Adult)

strongest hunter x hunter characters

Popularly known as Adult Gon is when Gon used nen limitation to grow to a point where he was able to defeat Pitou. He wasn’t just capable of defeating Pitou but pretty much far outclassed her and she gauged his strength to be equal to that of the King (before his revival). Pitou was no match for his speed and power. He proved that he was far beyond the level of a Royal Guard which isn’t normal for a human so it’s interesting to see if he can reach this level normally. Pitou was already out of the battle after the first kick and his Final Jajanken destroyed the forest.

1. Meruem

strongest hunter x hunter characters

Meruem is the undisputed most powerful character in the series especially after getting revived. Prior to that Netero had no way of defeating him; he tanked all of the latter’s attacks including Zero Hand which only inflicted scratches. His durability and intelligence were off the charts and Netero’s only option was to use the Rose Bomb. He became many times more powerful after consuming the aura and life force of Pouf and Youpi; much faster, stronger and on a completely different level.

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