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Top 10 Strongest Edo Tensei Reanimated Shinobi – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Edo Tensei Reanimated Shinobi. A reincarnated individual will have all the abilities they had during their life, including kekkei genkai and kekkei tota. So let us count down the list from weakest to strongest.

10. Hanzo

Hanzo feared as Hanzo of the salamander was a legendary shinobi and the former leader of amegakure. During the fourth shinobi war he was reincarnated by kabuto yakushi to fight against the allied shinobi forces. Mifune was able to defeat him thanks to his prior knowledge of hanzo’s skills and tactics. He was recognized as one of the strongest ninja and icon to whole shinobi world.

9. Gengetsu Hozuki (Tied)

As a reanimation, Gengetsu tool on an entire section of the allied shinobi on his own. He was in possession of a giant clam, which he used to create mirages of himself and the clam thus making it difficult for his real body to be located. In order to defeat him, the real clam must first be located and destroyed. He was so strong that gaara and onoki had to intervene and put in effort to defeat and seal him off.

9. Mu (Tied)

Mu seemed to be better as a reanimation than gengetsu and third raikage such that, kabuto decided to use him to summon the other kage. First he could use all 5 nature transformations possessed the kekei tota “Dust Release”. His sensory perception was so high that he could sense chakra over a distance of several kilometers. The combined effort of onoki and gaara were incapable of defeating him and he lasted until itachi stopped the caster of the jutsu “Kabuto”.

8. Hiruzen Sarutobi

It is fair to say, as an edo, Hiruzen was stronger than his old self when alive since there would be no stamina or chakra problems. He didn’t show too many feats in the war arc, but the little he showed was impressive. He prevented naruto from being sucked in by the juubi wood, and he also saved hundreds of shinobi against the spiral zetsu buddha by countering his ninjutsu with the same nature type.

7. Third Raikage

The Third Raikage also took on an entire section of all the allied forces on his own and together they were incapable of sealing him off. Even after naruto intervened using a KCM clone it still wasn’t easy to defeat him as the rasenshuriken could not easily breach through his defense. After getting intel from the 8 tails concerning the scar on the 3rd’s chest, Naruto had to switch from KCM to Sage Mode due to better reactions and sensory abilities to defeat the raikage.

6. Itachi Uchiha

edo tensei
I actually believe edo itachi is stronger than alive itachi and this is the case for many as well. As an edo, Itachi has no sickness, no stamina and chakra problems. He allows showed some incredible feats which he normally would be incapable of achieving if alive. He did better than an early EMS sasuke against Kabuto, doing most of the work and eventually defeating kabuto using the izanami. With some help from naruto and bee he was able to seal away edo nagato.

5. Tobirama senju

Tobirama himself said that the hokage were reanimated at close to their full power when alive which means they were still pretty strong as Edo’s. Tobirama was very impressive in the war arc, especially with the use of the flying raijin jutsu. He did better than the other kage against 10 tails jinchuriki obito, tagging him several times before latter could even react and working in combination with naruto and sasuke to execute their plans flawlessly.

4. Nagato Uzumaki

edo tensei
Unlike many others, Nagato was actually nerfed as a reanimation mainly due to the fact that he was under kabuto’s control. However he was still pretty powerful. He was seen overpowering KCM naruto and bee without any visible difficulty. Itachi had to intervene, but even then the 3 of them were required to destroy the orb which is used to create the chibaku tensei in order to finally defeat and seal him.

3. Minato Namikaze

edo tensei
Before his death, Minato sealed the 9 tails yin half into himself and the yang half into naruto. When he was reanimated in the war arc by orochimaru, using flying raijin he reached the battlefield before the other kage and at a crucial time. He was able to use the 9 tails chakra the same way naruto did, able to enter tailed beast mode. This made him immensely powerful such that he could fight alongside naruto against obito who had become the ten tails jinchuriki.

2. Hashirama Senju

edo tensei
Hashirama and other hokage were reanimated by orochimaru to aid in the war. Among them hashirama was the only one orochimaru believed to be able to break out of the jutsu. While hashirama was not at his full power he was still pretty powerful. We know that hashirama defeated madara every single time they fought in their lifetime.

1. Madara Uchiha

Before dying madara stole hashirama’s DNA to awaken the rinnegan. Kabuto considered madara his strongest reanimation and his trump card. As an edo he was immensely powerful able to use hashirama’s wood style and the rinnegan abilites he didn’t possess while he was alive. When he was first reanimated, he was seen taking out hundreds of shinobi using taijutsu only. He was so strong that he could defeat the combined effort of the 5 kages. So, yes madara uchiha was the strongest Edo.

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