Top 20 Teen Manhwa You Need To Be Reading

teen manhwa

Top 20 Teen Manhwa You Need To Be Reading – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Teen Manhwa You Need To Be Reading. Teen manhwa is a vibrant and captivating genre of Korean comics, tailored specifically for teenagers. From the exhilarating highs of first love to the daunting lows of academic pressures, teen manhwa navigates the diverse landscape of teenage life.

With genres spanning romance, drama, fantasy, action, and more, teen manhwa captures the essence of growing up and coming into one’s own. Characters come to life through expressive illustrations, showcasing the gamut of emotions that accompany this transformative phase of life. So, let’s get started.

20. Teenage Mercenary

teen manhwa

In Teenage Mercenary, Yu Ijin’s life takes a harrowing turn when, at the age of eight, he becomes the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in a foreign land. In order to survive, he transforms into a notorious mercenary, honing his combat skills and becoming a skilled predator.

A decade later, after a chance encounter with South Korean soldiers, he reunites with the remnants of his family: his adorable younger sister, Dayun, and a warm-hearted grandfather. Returning to his home country, Ijin faces a new challenge — the prospect of leading the life of a typical high school student.

In this unfamiliar world filled with scheming bullies and newfound friendships, every experience is a fresh one for Ijin. However, as his past begins to resurface, Ijin must draw upon his years of battlefield experience to protect the loved ones he thought he’d lost forever. The story delves into his struggle to balance his newfound normalcy with the lingering shadows of his mercenary past.

19. Nano Machine


In Nano Machine, the world of martial arts and advanced nanotechnology converge at the prestigious Mashin Academy. Yeo-un’s family background is somewhat unconventional, as his mother isn’t one of the High Priest’s six official wives. Nevertheless, his lineage grants him the opportunity to vie for the esteemed position of Minor Priest.

As Yeo-un enters this fierce competition, he finds himself facing off against formidable half-siblings who possess great power and influence. However, his prospects take an intriguing turn when he receives a mysterious injection of nanomachines from a descendant in the future.

With this unexpected advantage, Yeo-un must navigate a complex world of rivalry, secrets, and ancient traditions as he strives to secure his place in the ranks of the Minor Priests and carve out his own destiny.

18. Viral Hit

teen manhwa

In Viral Hit, Yoo Hobin’s high school life is a torment, as he endures relentless bullying from his classmate and popular Newtube streamer, Pakgo. Beyond the schoolyard, Hobin juggles a demanding part-time job to cover his mother’s mounting hospital bills. His breaking point arrives when a chance accident involving Pakgo’s cameraman, “Jiksae,” thrusts him into a pathetic brawl.

However, the unexpected occurs the next day as footage of their brawl, accidentally uploaded to Newtube, goes viral overnight, amassing an impressive ten million won from viewership. Hobin, drawn by the financial potential of Newtube streaming, sees an opportunity to secure a better life for himself and his mother.

In a surprising turn of events, Hobin forms an unlikely alliance with Jiksae, working together to produce more videos of Hobin’s confrontations, taking on bullies like Pakgo and other seemingly unbeatable adversaries. As they navigate the world of Newtube streaming, they’ll discover the depths of Hobin’s determination and wit, forging a path to success in the streaming world.

17. Dark Mortal

teen manhwa

In Dark Mortal, Nam Kang’s life takes an unusual turn after an explosion leaves him orphaned, scarred, and nearly blind. Coping with relentless bullying, Nam finds solace in the company of his spirited imaginary companion, Inky, a mysterious black blob.

However, everything changes one fateful day when Nam awakens from a brutal beating to discover that his scars have miraculously healed, and his vision has been fully restored. This unexpected transformation grants him a fresh start at a new school, offering the chance to experience a normal childhood.

Yet, as Nam embraces this newfound lease on life, he is confronted with a disconcerting absence—his beloved friend Inky has vanished without a trace. As Nam navigates his way through his transformed existence, he must grapple with the mystery surrounding his miraculous recovery and the unsettling disappearance of his closest confidant.

16. Study Group

teen manhwa

In Study Group, Yusung Technical High School earns the dubious nickname “school for future criminals,” making it an unlikely place for academic pursuits. Amid this challenging environment, Gamin stands out as an anomaly with a singular objective: to secure a spot in university.

Surrounded by a competitive atmosphere where students often prioritize individual success, Gamin faces numerous rejections when seeking study groups. However, undeterred by setbacks, Gamin takes matters into his own hands and forms his own study group.

The unexpected arrival of Hankyeong, his former tutor who’s now at the same high school aiming for her teacher certification, adds another layer of complexity to their quest. Together, they embark on a journey that seems like a battle against insurmountable odds.

15. Spirit Fingers!


In Spirit Fingers!, Amy Song, on the verge of turning 18, finds herself trapped in a world of awkwardness and self-doubt. She contemplates spending her days secluded in her room, immersed in studying, while wondering why she’s never been asked out. However, Amy’s life takes an intriguing turn when she decides to join the Spirit Fingers—an art club that’s as peculiar as it is vibrant.

This unique club becomes her gateway to self-discovery, as Amy learns that embracing her true colors is about more than just painting. Through her journey with the Spirit Fingers, she navigates the intricacies of self-confidence, friendships, and the transformative power of art, ultimately finding a place where she truly belongs.

14. My ID is Gangnam Beauty


In My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Kang Mirae’s life has been marred by a painful perception of her own ugliness. Rejected and unloved, she embarks on a transformative journey, undergoing multiple plastic surgeries to become what society deems a “Gangnam beauty.” As she enters the university with aspirations of becoming a perfumer, Mirae’s quest for beauty takes an unexpected turn.

Instead of admiration, she faces ridicule and is labeled a “plastic monster.” This starkly contrasts with Hyun Sooah, the natural beauty who’s the toast of the school. Struggling with self-esteem and the complex definition of beauty, Mirae’s world is further disrupted when she encounters Do Kyungseok, a former middle school classmate who challenges her fixation on appearances.

Mirae’s story is a poignant exploration of self-identity, self-acceptance, and the enduring power of inner beauty, as she grapples with societal expectations and discovers the true meaning of being beautiful in a world that often values superficiality.

13. Eleceed

teen manhwa

In Eleceed, Jiwoo is a compassionate young man who possesses lightning-fast reflexes, reminiscent of a cat. He uses his unique abilities covertly to make the world a better place, rescuing endangered children and caring for foster pets. Kayden, on the other hand, is a fugitive secret agent whose consciousness inexplicably finds itself trapped within the body of a rather portly, elderly, and fluffy cat.

Together, they form an unusual partnership that blends Jiwoo’s superhuman reflexes with Kayden’s exceptional intellect. Their mission: to combat the dark forces that threaten to plunge the world into chaos and evil. However, there’s a catch—they must find a way to work together effectively, despite their contrasting personalities and backgrounds.

12. The Boxer

teen manhwa

In The Boxer, Yu, a 17-year-old boy, has endured relentless bullying that has left him emotionally numb and detached from reality. He’s lost the ability to function as a typical human being, even though he possesses a remarkable talent for evading punches. Rather than defending himself, Yu allows his tormentors to pummel him, as he sees no purpose in his survival.

However, Yu’s life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with an experienced boxing trainer known as “K.” With a track record of nurturing champions, K possesses a keen intuition that recognizes Yu’s extraordinary fighting charisma. Despite Yu’s initial disinterest, K is determined to mentor him.

A shift occurs when Yu is reminded of a bright memory from his past, prompting him to accept K’s offer. He enters a world filled with formidable adversaries, both righteous and monstrous. For the first time, Yu is compelled to fight back, embarking on a journey where he rediscovers his sense of purpose and confronts the challenges that come with it.

11. Dokgo


Dokgo follows the aftermath of Kang Hu’s tragic death due to relentless bullying, which shatters his family. In the wake of this devastating loss, his younger brother grapples with suppressed anger and pain as he returns to school. The narrative picks up one year later, as Kang Hu’s brother embarks on a mission to dismantle the group of delinquents responsible for his sibling’s demise.

The story delves into the complex themes of revenge, resilience, and the pursuit of justice as the protagonist seeks to mend the fragments of his family and seek retribution for his brother’s unjust fate.

10. Wind Breaker


In Wind Breaker, Jo “Jay” Ja Hyun, a second-year high school student, has carried the weight of expectations from a young age, propelling him to prioritize his studies. Despite achieving the title of student president at Taeyang High, he remains dedicated to his academic pursuits, leaving little room for social connections.

Yet, beneath his studious exterior lies an extraordinary talent for biking, a skill that astounds even seasoned riders. One fateful afternoon, Jay’s exceptional biking prowess catches the eye of his classmate, Yoon Min Woo. Intrigued by Jay’s unmatched skills, Min Woo extends an invitation to join his biking crew, but Jay initially rebuffs the offer.

Determined to introduce Jay to the joy of riding in a group, Min Woo proposes a simple challenge—to engage in a race against one of his team members, with the condition that he’ll leave Jay be if he wins. This seemingly innocuous bet sets the stage for an exhilarating journey into the world of competitive cycling and friendship.

9. The Gamer

teen manhwa

In The Gamer, Jee-Han is an avid gamer, but his world is turned upside down when he unexpectedly gains a mysterious power that transforms reality into a living RPG.

Mundane tasks, like shopping for his mother, become quests that earn him experience points, and everyone he encounters displays levels and statistics above their heads. What starts as a curious anomaly quickly becomes a startling reality when Jee-Han realizes that the world is filled with monsters to be defeated, special skills to acquire, and others who possess similar extraordinary abilities.

As he delves deeper into this newfound RPG-like existence, Jee-Han must navigate a world where the boundaries between the virtual and the real blur, and where every choice he makes has real consequences, both for himself and those around him.

8. Sweet Home


In Sweet Home, Cha Hyun is a secluded high school student, ensconced in his room, and immersed in video games. However, his life takes a tragic turn when a car accident claims the lives of his entire family, forcing him out of his comfort zone. Now, he must adapt to a new apartment and a solitary existence, grappling with pesky neighbors and financial struggles.

But these challenges pale in comparison to the terrifying reality that begins to unfold around him. People in his vicinity inexplicably transform into nightmarish monsters, plunging the world into an apocalyptic nightmare. As if that weren’t dire enough, Hyun himself undergoes a disturbing transformation, accompanied by a haunting voice in his head that grows increasingly insistent.

With time running out, Cha Hyun must unite with his fellow tenants to unravel the cause of this monstrous outbreak and find a way to survive in this hopeless new world. Along the way, he battles not only against the external horrors but also against the inner struggle to retain his humanity in the face of unspeakable darkness.

7. Oh! Holy


In Oh! Holy, Jamie Oh thrives in the shadows of high school, content with his quiet, introverted existence. What sets him apart, however, is his unique ability to perceive and communicate with the invisible realm—ghosts. These spectral friends are his trusted confidants, and he shares his secrets with them.

Yet, Jamie’s life takes an unexpected twist when the school’s most popular girl suddenly becomes intrigued by him. This newfound attention catapults him from his normal, or rather, paranormal life, into a world where the boundaries between the visible and the invisible begin to blur.

Oh! Holy unfolds a story of high school dynamics infused with a touch of the supernatural, exploring how the unseen world can profoundly impact the visible one.

6. Bastard


In Bastard, Jin’s life has been marked by adversity from its very beginning. His earliest recollections consist of waking up in a hospital bed, equipped with an artificial heart valve and a glass eye. At school, he faces incessant torment due to his disabilities, but the true horrors lie within his home. Jin is under the guardianship of his father, a relentless serial killer who preys on young women.

In a chilling twist, Jin is coerced into becoming an unwilling accomplice in his father’s heinous crimes. Haunted by the dual burden of his disabilities and his father’s malevolent influence, Jin grapples with a harrowing dilemma: how can he end his father’s reign of terror without falling victim to the same fate as his father’s victims?

The series delves into the psychological turmoil Jin faces as he navigates a world where he must confront not only the monstrous actions of his father but also the potential darkness within himself.

5. Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything


In Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything, Dongtae finds himself at rock bottom in every aspect of life—his looks, grades, and social standing are all lacking. However, a glimmer of hope arrives when the charismatic transfer student Taebin extends an invitation for him to transform his circumstances.

Intrigued by the promise of change, Dongtae embarks on a journey that leads him into the enigmatic realm of DICE, a world where a single roll of the dice can reshape destinies and alter fates. As Dongtae embraces this unprecedented opportunity, he discovers that the choices he makes within this extraordinary game have the power to redefine not only his life but the lives of those around him.

4. Lookism

teen manhwa

In Lookism, Park Hyung Suk’s life has been a relentless struggle for 17 years, marred by his short stature, excess weight, and unattractive appearance. Enduring ceaseless bullying and discrimination, especially from his tormentor Lee Tae Sung, Hyung Suk decides to make a fresh start by transferring to Jae Won High School in Seoul. This school is infamous for its lenient education system and carefree students.

However, just days before his transfer, Hyung Suk experiences a bizarre transformation. He awakens to discover that he’s no longer in his familiar, overweight body but has been inexplicably granted a perfect physique—tall, handsome, and impeccably fit. The twist? His original body still exists, and when one falls asleep, he awakens in the other.

Now, juggling two radically distinct bodies, Hyung Suk must navigate his newfound popularity at J High while unraveling the mystery of his extraordinary second body. Lookism explores the challenges of duality, self-discovery, and the intriguing origins of his transformative abilities.

3. True Beauty


In True Beauty, Lim Jugyeong, a middle schooler tired of enduring ridicule for her unattractive appearance, discovers the transformative power of makeup. From BB cream to eyeliner, she learns the art of enhancing her features, turning herself from a bullied girl into a praised beauty.

With her newfound goddess-like allure, Jugyeong enjoys a comfortable school life, but her secret lies in her carefully concealed bare face. Everything takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of the handsome transfer student, Lee Suho. Not only does Suho gain instant popularity, but he also becomes the only classmate to witness Jugyeong without her makeup in a chance encounter.

Now, her reputation is at stake, compelling Jugyeong to go to great lengths to safeguard her secret. As she spends more time with Suho, Jugyeong begins to question the importance of physical appearance and whether true beauty transcends looks.

2. The God of High School


In the high-octane world of The God of High School, Korean high school students engage in a cutthroat competition to determine the ultimate martial arts champion. This fierce contest permits fighters to employ any martial style or weapon, all in pursuit of the coveted prize: the fulfillment of the victor’s deepest desire, regardless of the consequences.

Jin Mo-Ri, deeply dedicated to taekwondo and obsessed with combat, enters the tournament with a hunger for challenging adversaries. His journey crosses paths with Han Dae-Wi, a karate virtuoso who competes to save a friend teetering on the brink of life and death, and Yu Mi-Ra, a swordswoman striving to uphold her family’s legacy.

While the tournament appears straightforward, unforeseen challenges and mysteries lurk beneath the surface. Jin Mo-Ri and his newfound comrades must confront not only formidable opponents but also the enigmatic forces at play, testing their mettle and resolve. As the competition unfolds, they must be prepared for the unpredictable twists that lie ahead.

1. Tower of God


In the thrilling world of Tower of God, boundless fame, glory, and power await those who conquer its floors. Chosen by the Tower itself, individuals embark on a treacherous ascent, confronting perilous trials to achieve their deepest desires. Yet, a rare breed of entrants, the “irregulars,” voluntarily step into this enigmatic structure, striking fear into the hearts of many with their potential to disrupt the order.

Among these irregulars is Twenty-Fifth Baam, who embarks on his journey up the Tower to reunite with his childhood friend, Rachel. Little does he know that this perilous odyssey will thrust him into a battleground teeming with fierce rivals, deceitful foes, and monstrous adversaries.

Survival is uncertain, and as Baam navigates this turbulent path, he must contend not only with the Tower’s mysteries but also with the haunting possibility that he may never emerge from its depths.


In conclusion, teen manhwa is a dynamic and engaging genre of Korean comics that caters to the interests and experiences of teenagers. These colorful and expressive graphic narratives explore the multifaceted aspects of adolescence, offering stories that resonate with young readers as they navigate the challenges and joys of growing up.

That is it from today’s post on Top 20 Teen Manhwa You Need To Be Reading. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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