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baryon mode

Naruto Baryon Mode Explained – Boruto chapter 52 brought us naruto’s strongest transformation yet ‘Baryon Mode’, far surpassing even his sage of six paths mode. Baryon Mode cements naruto’s status as the strongest shinobi in history. So today I’ll get into Baryon Mode: how it works? why he’s using? Let’s get into Baryon Mode.

baryon mode

First let me explain what Baryon Mode even is? It’s a form that kurama has known about but hasn’t told naruto of simply because there was never a need for it, which should tell you just how dangerous of an enemy naruto is fighting right now. Who we’ll talk about later if you don’t already know him. Kurama describes Baryon Mode as similar to nuclear fusion which is essentially the nuclei of two atoms coming together to form one completely new atom. Kurama and Naruto’s chakra work as raw materials that essentially mold together an entirely new form of energy. Instead of previous forms where naruto was just borrowing chakra from another source and using it such as his tailed beast and sage of six path forms, this is a completely different approach to using chakra.

baryon mode

The benefits? Naruto is stronger than ever. He’s moving at speeds that sasuke can barely track with its sharingan and is actually beating an enemy in a fist fight who was previously able to single-handedly defeat naruto and sasuke only a few chapters before, the downsides however are just as significant. Naruto and kurama’s chakra are used as sources for this new power meaning it rapidly consumes both until the point that either kurama or naruto die from exhaustion of their chakra because of this naruto has to keep his movements even his thoughts to an absolute minimum, any extraneous action uses up more of his life force. The rate at which it depletes chakra is also immense so much so that the combined chakra of the nine tails and naruto uzumaki was running out within minutes. With his chakra reserves naruto is likely the only characters to exist who’s able to use this form despite the fact that he can only maintain it for an extremely short period of time, this however is also the form greatest strength.


Naruto is currently fighting isshiki otsutsuki, who came with kaguya to earth back in the day as her partner and is supposedly the stronger of the two. He has a dojutsu allowing him to shrink any inanimate object and revert it back to its normal size at will, being able to pocket any object he shrinks in his own dimension along with space time ninjutsu and the typical otsutsuki ability to absorb chakra. He has incredible speed, strength and fighting prowess which I mentioned earlier as rivaling and actually beating that of naruto and sasuke combined. By making contact with isshiki, baryon mode is able to consume his as well because all chakras connected as a universal life force. Baryon Mode’s chakra source isn’t just limited to kurama and naruto’s because of this the fight has turned into a match of who can last longer. Simply by landing hits naruto is able to drain more and more of isshiki’s life force as his own simultaneously falls.

baryon mode

It’s fair to say that just about any enemy except an otsutsuki who certainly has great chakra reserves this form would be overkill, it’d probably drain their chakra and life force within seconds and that’s naruto’s new form though immensely draining and unsuitable for many battles. Baryon Mode has demonstrated naruto and kurama’s true strength their raw power is even greater than that of an otsutsuki in this form and it was awesome to see the seventh hokage once again show why he deserves that title. On top of that his incredibly cool, calm demeanor as he takes the minimal amount of actions needed, absolutely awesome!

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