Top 20 Strongest Class 1B Students in My Hero Academia

class 1b students

Top 20 Strongest Class 1B Students in My Hero Academia – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Strongest Class 1B Students in My Hero Academia. In My Hero Academia, the UA class that is most highlighted in the work, naturally, is class 1-A, which the protagonist is part of. However, another class has also received a lot of attention throughout the anime’s history.

Class 1-B turned out to have several students as interesting as 1-A, and their Quirks are also very unique and competent for the hero profession. Since they first appeared, 1-B has shown great evolution and we know much more about all the students in this class and today, we are fully aware of all the individualities and personalities of each of the students.

1-B is even considered to be the rival class of the 1-A class, and in all the growth they ‘ve already had as heroes, we can even equip them with the protagonist’s room today. Therefore, today we are going to meet “all the students in class 1-B”. Let’s get to know a little about their personality, their powers and even rank each student from the weakest to the strongest.

20. Yui Kodai


Her hero name is Rule, and she is a rather cold and quiet girl, who hardly expresses her emotions. But although she rarely speaks and lacks expression, Kodai is shown to care a lot for her classmates. With her Quirk called “Size”, she can change the size of anything she touches, but her power has no effect on living things, only working on objects.

As a form of attack, Kodai can shrink large objects to inches in height, throw them all at his enemies and then make them return to their original sizes, causing a wave of destruction to his opponents. This power pairs very well with Yanagi’s Quirk, who can levitate things, and Shoda’s Quirk, who can duplicate any attack.

The 3 students formed a group in practical classes, and the combination of their individualities made them an almost unbeatable team. It is unknown if Kodai can further reduce the size of things, such as to an atomic level, or if she can also enlarge something to the size of a building, for example. Of course, this all takes practice, and your Quirk can become very versatile after proper training.

But currently, Kodai depends a lot on his companions and has shown us that she is much more useful acting as a support, facilitating her allies’ attacks, and helping mainly in the transport of equipment and weapons.

19. Kosei Tsuburaba


Tsuburaba, with the hero name Aeris, is a very enthusiastic and competitive student, but he is not very ambitious. He has no intentions of becoming a great hero, as long as he’s a decent hero, it’s okay. His Quirk is called “Solid Air”, and it allows him to solidify the air he blows from his lungs, turning it into something resembling a glass structure.

After some training at the UA, he learned how to create wind platforms that allow him to move through the air and even generate “air prisons” that not only insulate a person, but are also soundproof. In the beginning, Tsuburaba’s solid air was as fragile as any glass, but today, the resistance of its Quirk has increased to the point where it was only broken by thick metal pipes.

His quirk isn’t as useful in direct combat, as his focus is to thwart enemy attacks and aid in locomotion. Furthermore, the amount of solidified air depends on Tsuburaba’s lung capacity. If he’s already panting or not blowing enough air, his powers will be greatly impaired. Tsuburaba even has a certain potential and could be much stronger if he used some equipment.

That would make him blow more air – but until that potential of his is unleashed, he still sits pretty low in the rankings.

18. Kojiro Bondo


He is a student with a mutation in his appearance that matches his individuality. He’s pretty much the Koji Koda of the B class: A big guy, kind and shy. His hero name is Plamo and his Quirk is called “Cemedine”, which interestingly, is a brand of glue that is quite famous in Japan. Kojiro manages to expel a huge amount of a glue-like liquid from the holes in his face.

The glue is extremely sticky and can be used to attach anything. He also has some control over how much he squirts out and how fast the glue dries. Kojiro is able to fire his glue over a large area, causing the region to become all sticky, which restricts the movements of opponents who are in the area.

However, Kojiro’s ability doesn’t do much more than just restrain people’s movements, and his glue doesn’t seem to be that strong against most Quirks. During the cavalry battle in the UA Sports Festival arc, even though it was completely dry and pinning the Bakugo team to the ground, it was melted down without much difficulty by the Ashido Mine’s acid.

In practical classes too, the glue was easily destroyed by small explosions from the Bakugo, which incapacitated Kojiro without much effort. Because of this, Kojiro does not get a better position in our ranking.

17. Reiko Yanagi

class 1b students

Her hero name is Emily, and Yanagi is a very expressionless girl, quiet and always walks with a weird posture, with her arms shrunk. Her Quirk is called “Poltergeist”, which is basically telekinesis with a different name.

Yanagi can levitate different objects with just the strength of her mind, but with one caveat: The total amount of objects she levitates cannot exceed the weight of an ordinary human, which can be around a little over 60 kilograms. As a form of attack, Yanagi levitates several objects at once and sends them as projectiles at high speed in the direction of her target.

Her Quirk added to those of her colleague, Yui Kodai, end up becoming a powerful combo. Since Kodai is able to shrink things down, it allows Yanagi to levitate objects that she normally wouldn’t be able to because of her limitation. Perhaps the only problem with Yanagi’s powers is that they are still not very developed, and have a considerable weight limit.

Certainly, this is a power with great potential, as if she practices and develops it enough, she can lower its usage limitation and start controlling objects almost unlimitedly. But until that potential awakens and she becomes a Tatsumaki for life, Yanagi is definitely not that powerful yet.

16. Yosetsu Awase


Yosetsu, with the hero name Weld, is a guy who doesn’t like to socialize very much and who is easily scared in dangerous situations, but at the same time is willing to risk his own life for his friends. His power is called “Welding”, and makes him able to weld at the atomic level two things he touches at the same time, being effective in both organic and inorganic things.

That is, in a fight, he can even weld his opponents’ bodies together, or also weld some kind of object that causes damage to the victim’s body, such as an explosive. This ability was already seen in the summer camp arc, where Yosetsu managed to weld a locator created by Yaoyorozu into the body of one of the nomus.

In the Joint Training arc he also showed that he is incredibly agile in handling his Quirk, managing to weld Bakugou to the wall in a matter of seconds. Being so fast, that even Bakugou didn’t even have time to react to his attack. Yosetsu’s Quirk ends up having a huge number of possibilities for use, but so far he has been shown to be more focused on immobilizing his opponents.

He also ends up being much more useful acting as a support, fixing broken equipment and welding together structures about to fall.

15. Nirengeki Shoda


The vice president of Class B, hero name Mines, is apparently a huge fan of Dragon Ball. Just look at his hero outfit! Shoda is very quiet, friendly and has a very humble attitude, recognizing his own strength and accepting when his opponent is stronger. All of his teammates place a lot of trust in him, being described as the conscience of Class 1-B.

However, his Quirk is one that will always demand a lot of attention from his opponents! Suppose a shot was fired, like a cannonball. The impact generated specific damage. Shoda can make that same cannonball come back and hit the target once more, only with much more force, causing an impact with more than 8000 destructive power! This is his Quirk “Twin Impact”. Did you get the reference? Lol

Even if the objects were not launched by him or if the objects are still in mid-air, Shoda can change the trajectory of these objects in mid-air so that they make the second impact. As far as we know, there is no time limit that Shoda has to generate the second hit. Therefore, everyone who faces him must always be aware of his surroundings, as the boy can activate the other impact at any time!

Shoda is also one of the students with great potential, as he can even exploit his power for mobility purposes, like jumping higher and running faster, for example. Not to mention that he can both act on the offensive and in a more supportive position, just strengthening his allies’ attacks. However, he still needs to train his own physical prowess a lot.

14. Sen Kaibara

class 1b students

Kaibara, hero name Spiral, is a well balanced guy who stays calm and focused no matter the situation. But even though he is so serious, he appreciates a good battle, where he becomes a very enthusiastic person. His Quirk is called “Spinning”, and it makes him able to spin any part of his body at enormous speed, like a drill.

By using the whirling effects of his Quirk, in conjunction with his melee abilities, Kaibara can unleash powerful whirling attacks, which are much stronger than a regular slash. And to further enhance his physical power, Kaibara wears metal gloves with a spiral pattern that only cover his fingers.

Thus, its offensive capacity increases a lot, as its attacks cause much more damage, since as it rotates its hands, these glove spirals act as if they were in fact a drill, being able to even cut and pierce its opponents. We saw a good demonstration of his skills in his fight against Mashirao Ojiro, where Kaibara was able to overcome all martial arts and even counter all of Ojiro’s blows thanks to his spinning limbs.

Kaibara’s skills may even be surprising for everything he can do, but there’s still a lot for him to improve. Since he needs to create more differentiated techniques with his individuality and use his creativity more, since until today, he hasn’t presented many different combat tactics.

13. Hiryu Rin


His hero name is Dragon Shroud, and he is an exchange student, who came from China. Rin is a student who is willing to work in a team, being a young man with a very serious and competitive behavior. His Quirk called “Scales” allows him to generate extremely strong and durable reptilian scales from his skin, which can protect his entire body like armor.

Rin can also use his scales offensively, projecting the tip of his scales outward so that these sharp points can be used to pierce and tear his opponent’s skin. But his individuality is not just that, he can also use it as a long-range weapon, being able to throw his scales with considerable strength and speed, in addition to having excellent accuracy in shooting.

For this, he uses a pair of special gauntlets that store the scales he produces, and can fire them like a machine gun, greatly increasing his offensive power.

With the little we’ve seen of Rin, he’s shown that he has great control over his individuality, which we can’t deny is very versatile, as he excels both in melee combat, in attack and defense, and in long-range combat distance. But still, he ends up being outclassed by many of his classmates’ Quirks.

12. Togaru Kamakiri


Kamakiri, with hero name Jack Mantis, is a case of a student who has appearance and individualities that look a lot like those of a villain, but that we should thank for choosing to follow the good path. His temperament is similar to that of Bakugo: He is quite aggressive and gets angry easily. Kamakiri also loves to fight strong opponents and beat them all in a fight.

Because of this, he considers Bakugo as his rival. His Quirk called “Sharp Blade” is something dangerous even for his colleagues, if they don’t pay attention to being too close to Kamakiri. His power allows him to produce huge blades from any part of his body, and he usually chooses to generate them in his arms.

The blades are sharp and strong enough to cut through structures made of steel, and tough enough to protect Kamakiri from point-blank explosions! His reflexes are also impressive, allowing him to move through the air at lightning speed while performing lightning-fast attacks with his blades.

Due to his exceptional agility and his ability to cut steel very easily, he ends up being able to surpass many of his classmates. However, it seems that one of the things that prevents him from having a higher rank is his own anger, not having much control over his emotions at times, which ends up impacting his performance in fights.

11. Kinoko Komori


Don’t let the cute appearance fool you. She has one of the scariest quirks ever seen in anime! At first, she was a very shy and quiet person, but during practical classes, we saw her show much more of her extroverted side. Her hero name is “Shemage” and her Quirk is called “Mushroom”, which basically makes her release fungal spores from her body.

Spores make mushrooms of all kinds grow immediately on any surface, as long as there is enough moisture. To this end, Momori always carries small water guns that spray the surroundings with moisture. At first, this doesn’t seem like a frightening power, but Momori has proven otherwise. Fungi grow faster in darker, wetter places, and the inside of the human body is just like that!

So, Momori can make fungus grow inside humans, like in their throats or lungs. She used a weaker version of this attack on Tokoyami, and it was enough to leave the boy coughing and unable to fight. As far as we know, Momori can also control the type of fungus that will spawn. She can also produce mushrooms that release a smokescreen and thus hide her presence and that of her allies.

In direct combat, if she doesn’t react in time, she could be knocked out very quickly because she has nothing to compensate for her lack of stamina. Should your weapons run out of water or the enemy’s powers draw all moisture from the area, such as Todoroki’s flames, Momori is also completely unusable. Because of all these cons, it does not pass this placement.

10. Pony Tsunotori

1b class

Like many schools, UA also accepts exchange students! And that’s the the case of Tsunotori, who came from the United States. She was the first foreign student to appear in the anime, and soon became a very cheerful, innocent and motivated person. She just needs to practice her Japanese better, because her American accent is, to say the least, funny.

Her hero name is Rocketti and her Quirk is based entirely on the horns on her head, called the “Horn Cannon”. With it, Tsunotori can detach the horns from her head and fire them as if they were projectiles. Other horns grow almost instantly, allowing her to either restrain multiple opponents or do a real bombardment with her power.

Once fired, Tsunotori can control up to 4 horns at once. It may not seem like much, but a single horn is enough to lift a person high into the sky, similar to Hawks feathers. Not to mention that Tsunotori is able to use her horns to transport herself at very high speed.

Tsunotori demonstrated excellent control of her individuality and great tactical intelligence during combat, always analyzing situations to make the best possible decisions. But it’s a fact that she still needs to evolve a lot as a person and as a hero, and let’s hope that by then, she’s already improved her accent! lol

9. Shihai Kuroiro

class 1b students

Kuroiro is another case of someone who could very well have been a villain because of his power. It ‘s good to know that there are still people who choose to use their gifts for good in My Hero Academia! He has a similar personality to Tokoyami: He’s dark and likes horror stuff. The difference is that Kuroiro seems to be a bit more… “sadistic” with his dark side, and likes to deceive and catch people off guard.

His hero name is Vantablack and his quirk is called “Black”, which makes him able to fuse his body with anything that is dark or black. By merging with the dark object, he can move at high speed through its entire structure, even if it is carrying a person.

Possibly, this is one of the most stealthy abilities that have ever been shown in Boku no Hero, as Kuroiro can move his body freely from one dark point to another, without worrying about his body mass. He can even use his power to enter the body of any entity that is black in color, even being able to control for a while all the movements of Dark Shadow, Tokoyami’s quirk.

His power is also easily nullified by any source of light. Anything that removes the darkness or black color from something already prevents Kuroiro from using it. Certainly, Kuroiro will be one of the best stealth heroes to ever exist in the Boku no Hero universe, who will have great prominence in terms of espionage, but he still has a long journey ahead of him.

8. Setsuna Tokage


Tokage, with the hero name Lizardy, is an extremely intelligent, confident girl who is considered a great leader by the rest of her class. However, if something doesn’t go according to her plans, Tokage is lost, not knowing how to react – just like what happened in her fight against Bakugo’s team. Her power is called “Lizard Tail Splitter”, which allows her to “split” her body into up to 50 pieces.

Tokage manages to have full control over all the divided parts, and while she controls them, all these parts freely levitate through the air at high speed, being able to levitate even her own head, if it is separated from the body. If the parts are separated from the body for too long, Tokage loses control over them and they become inactive.

And if one of these parts is destroyed, the girl can regenerate that part back in the her body without any problems, but it will take a lot of her time and energy to do so. Its power is very effective for several specific occasions, such as disturbing location-focused Quirks, spying, chasing people, and dodging attacks. However, she is another type of student who falls short in combat.

She can even attack from different angles with her body parts separated, but the attacks are not that big a deal, having a medium strength for the common human standard. An opponent with very destructive power, such as the Bakugo, could also easily destroy several pieces of Tokage’s body, forcing her to expend energy regenerating. That would put her at a huge disadvantage.

7. Neito Monoma

class 1b students

Monoma is one of the most annoying characters in Boku no Hero, probably having some inferiority complex that makes him want to be superior in everything, more specifically the A-class. He always wants to make the 1-A class feel inferior and weak, while always trying to make his own class superior in everything. At least, with other people he is seen to be someone calm, kind and even quite intelligent.

His hero name is Phantom Thief and his Quirk is called “Copia”, which allows Monoma to use the Quirk of anyone he has physically touched. He can hold up to 4 stored Quirks at once and can hold these copied powers for up to 10 minutes. After the time limit expires, he loses access to the copied Quirk until he touches the original user again.

He gets full access to the Quirks he copied and can use them however he wants, however he can’t use multiple skills simultaneously, he can only use one at a time. Another property of his power is that he cannot use Quirks that require accumulation, such as One for All, and use powers that derive from mutations in the body, such as Tsuyu’s frog powers.

With the exception of these two types of powers, Monoma can get whatever power he wants! His quirk has great potential, but it also has many rules and restrictions on use. While he can be extremely powerful, depending on the powers he has copied, he can also be very weak if he copies useless Quirks or if he simply cannot copy anything. Because of this, he is limited to this position.

6. Manga Fukidashi


Fukidashi is a young man who changes his own mind depending on his mood. His face always resembles the speech bubbles characteristic of manga. And he’s very expressive, dramatic and lively. His hero name is Comicman, and his power is possibly one of the most versatile in the B-Class. With his Quirk called “Comic”, Fukidashi can materialize words out of thin air.

These words are onomatopoeias – that is, words that describe sounds in manga and comic books. With this, he can manifest the effects of the phenomenon that the sound suggests. For example, a word “BOOM” can generate a huge explosion or the word “FUSH” can generate a wet area, perfect for Momori to use her Quirk.

However, the more he uses his ability, the more easily his throat becomes dry and sore, preventing him from pronouncing onomatopoeias more clearly. This is a similarity that Fukidashi shares with the hero Eraser Head: Using his individualities, even for a short time, causes great physical wear and tear on their bodies.

However, just as Aizawa learned to overcome his problem using eye drops, Fukidashi better always carry a propolis extract in his pocket from now on! Fukidashi has great potential as a hero, and if he overcomes his weakness and becomes an expert in all kinds of onomatopoeia, there will be practically no limits to what the manga-faced boy can do!

5. Itsuka Kendo


Undoubtedly, the B-class student who is not only the best known, but also the most loved by My Hero Academia Kendo fans is the class president of B-class, and is a sensible, responsible and strategic person. She is seen as the “big sister” of everyone in the class, but sometimes, she acts like a mother, always trying to talk sense into Monoma’s head.

Her hero name is Battle Fist and her power called “Big Fist”, makes her hands grow to gigantic size, almost larger than her own body. This naturally grants her increased strength and greater gripping ability, which proves to be very useful for restricting her opponents’ movements and transporting others with ease.

But Kendo is much more than that, as she also possesses superhuman strength, as she can freely wield her expanded hands and move around under these conditions without any problem. Her combat skills in conjunction with his expanded hands were strong and resistant enough to even dent shields made of tungsten, considered the strongest metal on earth!

She has also shown to be able to create a huge air current with her hands, generating winds strong enough to dissipate a huge area composed of the villainous Mustard’s poisonous gases. From what we’ve seen so far, Kendo still has great ability to get even stronger with her fists, so it’s expected that she will still become an excellent close combat hero in the future.

4. Jurota Shishida


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Fera, from the X-Men, was part of Boku no Hero? Jurota Shishida is the answer to that question. In his default form, he already has a very animalistic appearance, with his entire body covered in fur and sharp teeth. But don’t be fooled by his appearance, Shishida is someone who is very respectful, intellectual and eloquent.

His hero name is Gevaudan, and his Quirk called “Beast” allows him to transform into a large, monstrous beastman. This monster form drastically increases its strength, speed, and durability, as well as enhancing its senses of hearing and smell.

With all of his physical attributes vastly enhanced, along with his enhanced animal senses, Shishida becomes an unstoppable monster, capable of tracking down and dominating multiple opponents single-handedly. And even if in his transformation into a beast he becomes more wild and reckless, he still retains a good part of his intelligence, being fully capable of creating strategies during battles.

Shishida can also switch between his standard and monstrous form in a matter of seconds. The strength of Shishida’s Beast Mode was even able to send Kirishima flying far away with just one hand! Once Shishida has more control over his animal side, he will also be one of the best students to ever step foot in Class 1-B, and with what he already knows, he gains a respectable position in our ranking.

3. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

class 1b students

A true copy of Kirishima in class 1-B – not only in appearance and personality, but also in individuality. Tetsutetsu is very hot-headed, stubborn and arrogant, but he is also very friendly and honorable, oddly enough. His hero name is Real Steel and his Quirk is called “Steel”, being very similar to Kirishima’s “Hardening” ability. The difference is that Tetsutetsu turns his body into steel.

With this, he gains drastically increased defensive abilities, as well as a significant increase in the strength of his physical attacks. By turning his body into steel, not even bullets can harm him and Tetsutetsu has also shown that he can withstand hellish temperatures such as extreme heat and cold, which made him a worthy opponent against one of the best students in the A-class, Shoto Todoroki.

The only thing that could affect Tetsutetsu would be temperatures that exceed the metal’s melting point and powerful magnets, as he is susceptible to magnetism. Tetsutetsu’s power is also directly linked to his diet. The more iron-rich foods he eats, the stronger his ability will be.

The metallic boy has also proven his worth several times as a hero, and once he becomes a pro, it’s almost certain that he and Kirishima will become teammates someday, as they even interned together. Tetsu’s strength and stamina have already earned him a valuable placement.

2. Ibara Shiozaki

class 1b students

Shiozaki, hero name Vine, is a very puritanical, religious and “upright” girl. She’s the type of person who certainly wouldn’t even hold her boyfriend’s hand before marriage! But she also already demonstrated that she has a vengeful side during the Joint Training Arc. Her Quirk, called “Vineyards”, causes vines to grow on her head, which end up acting like her own hair.

These vines can be controlled at will by Shiozaki, and they can be used for both offense and defense. Her hair can generate huge protective barriers, while also being able to attack her opponents from countless different directions, as well as being able to use her vines to trap and restrict her enemies’ movements. If her hair is properly hydrated and gets enough sunlight, her vines grow even stronger!

During practical classes, she was able to cover up a huge area with her hair, as well as being able to attack from a huge distance without needing to move. With power that can cover all sorts of ranges and yet can be used as both offense and defense at the same time, Shiozaki is easily one of the most powerful in her class.

But since her hair acts like a plant, she can’t use her powers very well if her hair doesn’t get enough sun and water. Another thing that prevents her from being better highlighted is her puritanical way, which would certainly make her let her guard down or spare an enemy that should not have been spared.

1. Juzo Honenuki

class 1b students

Just like Momo and Todoroki, Honenuki entered UA through recommendation, and as far as we know, he is the only one in the class to have been recommended! He is very competitive, quick-thinking and hates to lose, but he knows when to back off. Honenuki has shown to have a high level of intelligence, being able to accurately analyze his allies and enemies, and thus come up with perfect strategies.

His hero name is Mudman and his Quirk is “Softening”, which basically allows him to have control over whatever battlefield he’s playing on. With his power, Juzo can soften the structure of anything non-living he touches, allowing him to literally “swim” through things that were once solid and even sink people into the ground like quicksand.

He can also turn things back to solidity in an instant, being able to counter the movements of everyone caught in his “quicksand” attack. Unless the enemy has superhuman strength, it won’t be able to escape the containment caused by Honenuki. His powers can also be applied to ice and large structures like buildings – but when doing so, the entire building collapses and collapses on top of everyone around it.

He managed to surprise even some of the best students in the rival class, like Todoroki and Iida. Even though he’s still just a student with little experience, he would already be able to defeat multiple enemies at once with his softening attack. Due to all of his accomplishments and his precise control over his Quirk, we can currently consider Honenuki to be the most powerful student in Class B.


As you can see, it’s not just Class 1-A that has such promising students. And look, they are only in the first year. Just imagine what the other first, second and third year UA classes must be like. It is worth remembering that the Big Three, the three best students at UA currently, are in their third year. Even in the first year, we are already seeing all these students doing as well as professional heroes.

Could it be that, once the manga comes to an end, we’ll get even a small glimpse of all these students working as professional heroes? I don’t know about you, but this is something we here would love to see! Hey guys, do you think the B class has stronger characters than the A class?

That is it from today’s post on Top 20 Strongest Class 1B Students in My Hero Academia. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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