15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of 15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil. Darkness is associated with evil in many people’s minds, while light is associated with good.

Sometimes the aesthetics of these characters aren’t meant to be provocative; it’s just that, historically, Japan has different associations with colors like black and white than the Western world. In many cases, however, these characters are intended to be ironically designed. Let’s get started!!

15. Fumikage Tokoyami – ‘My Hero Academia’

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

You wouldn’t expect a hero-in-training to dress in all black, talk about the power of darkness all the time. However, that’s Fumikage Tokoyami for you. He has a bird-shaped shadow that grows stronger in the dark. In spite of his eccentricities, he’s a good-hearted kid who wants nothing more than to protect others.

14. Rin Okumura – ‘Blue Exorcist’

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Rin Okumura is the literal son of Satan, so you’d think he’d be about as evil as you can get. But, because he was raised by a demon slayer rather than his biological father, he grew up with a strong desire to protect human life. Unfortunately, many people do not believe him and expect him to be on the side of evil because of his background.

13. Asta – ‘Black Clover’


Asta has the archetypal shonen hero personality, which is far from evil. Despite this, he has a very dark aesthetic. Not only does he dress in mostly black, but his anti-magic grimoire runs on dark energy. Furthermore, he eventually begins to wield a sword that is possessed by a demon.

That sword darkens his appearance even more, casting a shadow across his arm and giving him a black horn and wing. Despite his bad guy persona, he stays true to his shonen hero roots and is dedicated to helping others.

12. Ichigo Kurosaki – ‘Bleach’


If you’re not familiar with the Shinigami, it’s a god of death. In Bleach, the Shinigami ensure the safety of souls as they pass from this world to the next, and they purify Hollows who are causing problems for humanity. They wear all black, have weapons, and appear to be well-suited to their roles.

While some of the characters aren’t exactly kind or brave, the protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, is. Bleach goes even further with the ‘darkness isn’t evil’ concept by dressing bad guys like the Arrancar in white.

11. Elias Ainsworth – ‘The Ancient Magus Bride’

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

What kind of personality would you expect from a massive being with a cow skull for a head and a penchant for wearing black? Probably not a socially awkward guy whose demeanor is more akin to a walking dad joke than an intimidating monster.

Sure, his hazy past includes eating human flesh, and yes, he can be excessively protective of Chise to the point of being a nuisance, but overall, this egregiously creepy-looking mage is only trying to help.

10. Celty Sturluson – ‘Durarara!!’


Celty is a Dullahan, an Irish fairy with a detachable head who is closely linked to death. She travels to Japan in search of her stolen head, riding a possessed black motorcycle in the process. Her headless neck emits a dark mist, and she can manipulate her own shadows to create a protective shield or fight other people.

Despite this, she is a generally well-intentioned individual with a cheerful and amiable demeanor. In fact, she’s one of Durarara’s more ordinary characters.

9. Lelouch Lamperouge – ‘Code Geass’

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

Lelouch Lamperouge is a complex character who occasionally deviates into villainy in order to achieve his objectives. But his goals are also deeply moral: he wants to free Japan from the British empire’s imperialist clutches, and he wants to protect his younger sister from any harm that may come her way. His inherent goodness does not prevent him from adopting a dark aesthetic.

His spiky black cape, on the other hand, gives him a truly villainous appearance. Furthermore, his Geass ability allows him to take control of people’s minds and force them to do whatever he wants, which is one of the creepiest abilities imaginable and certainly does not scream ‘hero.’

8. Saki Hanajima – ‘Fruits Basket’

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

On a daily basis, Saki Hanajima dresses in a gothic style. She wears ornate black dresses, veils, and other gothic clothing outside of school. She wears her uniform to school, but she still paints her nails black. She does this because, as a child, she inadvertently hurt someone while using her psychic abilities in response to vicious bullying.

The black clothing is both a penitential and a proud symbol. She’s a good person who dedicates herself to helping others, despite the fact that many people assume she isn’t because of her appearance.

7. Umehito Nekozawa – ‘Ouran High School Host Club’


When Umehito Nekozawa first appears, he appears to be quite creepy. He’s dressed in a dark hooded robe with a black wig and carries a cat puppet that he claims can curse people. However, there are reasons for his odd behavior.

Rather than being a true agent of darkness, he suffers from photophobia, which causes him to pass out when exposed to any form of light other than candlelight. He hasn’t been able to learn how to socialize as a result of his phobia, so all the curse stuff is just a way to keep himself emotionally safe.

6. Yugi Mutou – ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

When Yugi Mutou isn’t wearing his navy blue school uniform, he dresses in all black. Furthermore, he’s almost always dressed in bondage gear, and his hair is possibly the most punk thing ever seen in anime. But it’s not just his appearance that makes him dark and edgy; he also has an ancient Egyptian spirit named Yami Yugi inhabiting his body.

The two of them frequently challenge others to “Shadow Games,” which can have dire consequences. But it’s all for the greater good, and both of them are among the nicest characters in the entire series.

5. Dark Mousy – ‘D.N.Angel’


Dark Mousy is an entity that awakens in every male Niwa when he reaches the age of fourteen. So long as that boy has experienced his first taste of love. When you combine the fact that his name literally means “dark” with his massive black wings, you get a character with a distinct look. Dark is a thief of art, but he’s a thief with a mission.

He’s not just robbing people for money; he’s robbing cursed artwork that could be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Krad, his angelic-looking foe, is the polar opposite of him: his name is Dark backwards, he has white wings, and his intentions are completely nefarious.

4. Houndour – ‘Pokemon’


Pokemon has a number of creatures that appear to have come straight from hell, but this does not imply that they are cruel or demonic in any way. Houdour and its descendant, Houndoom, are a good example. These dark-type Pokemon may resemble hellhounds, but they can form meaningful bonds with their trainers just like any other Pokemon.

They are also capable of fighting on the side of good. When Ash was up against Team Rocket, for example, a pack of Houndour came to his aid.

3. WereGarurumon – ‘Digimon’


WereGarurumon is a giant werewolf who wears a pair of skull and crossbones-patterned pants. It’s difficult to get much edgier than that, but WereGarurumon’s priorities are far from dark. Instead, he’s focused on safeguarding Yamato, his human partner, as well as the real and virtual worlds.

2. Skull Knight – ‘Berserk’


Nobody in the Berserk universe is completely good, but the mysterious Skull Knight comes close. He may be a massive living skeleton who is frequently mistaken for the Grim Reaper, but he is completely dedicated to slaying demons and protecting humans.

While there is much speculation as to what Skull Knight’s true motivations are, one thing is certain: without Skull Knight’s assistance, few members of the main cast would not be alive.

1. Kirito – ‘Sword Art Online’

15 Anime Characters Who Show That Darkness Is Not Always Evil

Kirito has a number of nicknames, including the Black Swordsman. Why? It’s because he’s dressed entirely in black and wields a black sword. Kirito’s fashion choices, on the other hand, aren’t dictated by anything other than his mildly gothic sensibilities.

He isn’t dressed in this manner to imply that he is hiding something. Kirito is a brave man who goes out of his way to help those in need, even if it means risking his own life.

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