Top 10 Strongest Nen Abilities in Hunter X Hunter

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Top 10 Strongest Nen Abilities in Hunter X Hunter – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Nen Abilities in Hunter X Hunter. One of the most appreciated and striking features of Hunter X Hunter is its complex power system, which creates very specific rules for which skills each character can use.

All techniques are governed by a system called Nen, which allows anyone who has access to it to manipulate their vital energy, or aura, to develop unique skills, having full creative control over them. This ends up resulting in several possibilities for powers, where the sky is the limit when it comes to being creative to create any kind of skill that involves Nen.

With this, the user becomes able to do absolutely anything he wants. But have you ever wondered what are the most powerful Nen abilities ever shown in the series? If you are curious to know what these skills are, just stay with me and today you will know “The 10 most powerful Nen skills that have ever appeared in the history of Hunter x Hunter”. Well, with that said, we can get started.

10. Bungee Gum

hunter x hunter nen abilities

It doesn’t matter which list of “most powerful nen skills” you look up. This one will always be among one of the strongest precisely because of its enormous versatility, and that skill is “Bungee Gum”. This is a Transmutation-type power belonging to Hisoka. At first glance, this skill seems very simple.

Bungee Gum simply makes Hisoka’s aura have the texture, elasticity, and characteristics of rubber and bubblegum, that is, it makes his aura quite elastic and sticky. However, Hisoka has proven time and time again what he is capable of with just these traits. Bungee Gum can be used for offensive, defensive and support purposes.

For example: Throwing objects, absorbing projectiles, closing wounds, bringing people and objects closer, sticking to surfaces, reattaching body parts that were cut off, launching forward, resuscitating yourself by making movements in your own heart with your aura… And that’s not even half of what Hisoka can do! Thanks to this huge list of possibilities, Bungee Gum easily manages to enter our top 10.

9. Deep Purple


A power that manages to have a greater versatility than Hisoka’s power, but that is a little more complex. We are talking about “Deep Purple”, Morel’s ability. This power revolves around Smoke Manipulation, but the technique also uses Emission and Transmutation nen types. After releasing smoke from a huge pipe, Morel can create whatever he wants with the mist. Like, anything at all!

He can create items – like ropes – replicate animals, forge an entire setting, create clones of other people or smoke puppets, and best of all: All these things don’t necessarily have to look like they’re made of smoke. If you want, Morel can make all of these features of your Deep Purple look completely realistic! That is, the backdrops, the clones, they all can simulate the appearance of something real!

Morel made use of this ability to trick Youpi into generating numerous realistic clones of Knuckle. As if his clones weren’t a problem in themselves, they are also capable of talking and making sounds like anyone else. Morel can still generate more than 200 clones at once, and they can also be as resistant as man wants, being almost indestructible. They also fight and are active even when far away.

Precisely because it is also able to assimilate scenarios, Morel’s smoke also serves as camouflage to hide him and his allies. The only thing keeping Deep Purple from being perfect and placing higher on our list is the supposed fact that they are 100% restricted to Morel’s pipe. We don’t know for sure if he could use his abilities if he used any pipe or even a cigarette, since this never happened.

8. Rising Sun


This is the ability of Feitan, one of the members of the Phantom Troupe. With this Emission and Transformation-type technique, Feitan transmutes his aura into searing heat. The ability is manifested by emitting a ball of aura into the air, which then transforms into a miniature sun that burns the enemies to death.

This technique will have a destructive power and heat intensity equivalent to the damage he suffered in battle. That is, the more damage Feitan has suffered, the hotter the fire will be and the longer it will burn, in addition to also gaining a greater range. Rising Sun has already shown that it has a large attack radius and the temperature that this fireball reaches is practically incalculable.

The only thing we know is that this attack didn’t reach its peak when it was shown in Feitan’s battle against Zazan. A weakness of this technique is that anyone and even Feitan himself can end up being affected by it. But to get around this problem, Feitan uses another skill, where he conjures an incredibly resistant armor that covers his entire body.

While Feitan wears this armor, he is not harmed by the heat of his Rising Sun and still receives a source of oxygen as he can breathe freely. However, anything else around him will be completely burned by this technique, regardless of Feitan’s will. Because it is so destructive, this skill easily takes our 8th position.

7. Emperor Time

nen abilities

This skill completely breaks all Nen rules! Kurapika is a Conjuration-type user, but as soon as his eyes turn red, he activates his “Emperor Time” and becomes a Specialization-type! This mode allows Kurapika to use all basic Nen types with 100% efficiency for a Caster. That is, he uses each type of nen more efficiently than usual, which fortifies all of his chains’ abilities.

With Emperor Time, he can also use his Chain of Judgment, which has the main characteristic of entering the victim’s chest and enveloping his heart. With this, Kurapika can set two conditions, and if the victim violates either of those conditions, the current crushes their heart, killing the target on the spot.

Kurapika even has one of these chains in his own heart, which is used to limit the conditions of use of his technique “Chain of Imprisonment”, which was made exclusively to be used on members of the Phantom Troupe. So, he cannot use that specific chain on anyone other than a member of the Troupe. Otherwise, he dies instantly. But the biggest problem with Emperor Time is its conditions of use.

For every second Kurapika spends with this active mode, he loses an hour of his own life. So, if he stays only 3 minutes with this power active, he will have thrown a whole week of his life away! But even with this disadvantage, the boost of this skill makes it more than worthy of getting a high position in this top 10.

6. Parallel Future


Another power straight from the manga, and this one belongs to the fourth prince of the Kakin Empire: Tserriednich. Yes, his name is quite complicated. Good luck trying to speak without tying your tongue. His ability makes him able to see precisely what will happen in the next ten seconds in the future, which may not seem like much, but turns out to be a huge advantage for him.

The prince closes his eyes and uses Zetsu. This activates his power. So he can see what happens in the next 10 seconds. However, the prince can also move during these 10 seconds to be able to dodge an attack. As soon as the 10 seconds pass, the opponent who attacked him feels as if time has given a “skip”, a cut.

During the prince’s prediction, people are conscious all the time, but after the end of the prediction, it’s as if they lost their memory of the last ten seconds. Tserriednich can also perform actions within those seconds and his opponents will never know what he has done. So, do you understand?

It’s really complicated, but basically it’s a skill that allows you to accurately predict the enemy’s movements and still manage to dodge and attack without the opponent having any chance to react. It sounds simple, but it is an incredibly powerful and versatile technique in the hands of the right user. Which in any case, served as a glove for Tserriednich’s insane mind.

5. Skill Hunter

nen abilities

This is the skill of the leader of the Phantom Troupe. With this ability, Chrollo can steal other users’ abilities and store them in a book that he materializes. After stealing the skills, he can use them as his own. And the victim, of course, no longer has access to the stolen skill and is no longer able to use it.

However, Chrollo needs to meet four conditions for him to be able to steal a power: 1- First, he needs to witness the victim’s ability in action with his own eyes; 2- Then he must ask questions about Nen and be answered by the victim; 3- Next, he must make the palm of the victim’s hand touch an existing figure on the cover of the book; 4- And finally, he must perform all three previous steps within an hour.

To use a stolen skill, Chrollo first conjures the book and opens the page where the desired skill is located. The book then must remain open in his right hand, implying that he can only use one of his hands to fight and only one skill at a time. However, Chrollo manages to “sort of work around” this weakness in his ability with a bookmark for his book.

This marker allows Chrollo to maintain access to any skill on the page he is placed on, even if the book is closed and he is not touching it, acting as a loophole for one of the conditions imposed on the Skill Hunter. With both hands now free, Chrollo is now able to use melee combat, in conjunction with his stolen abilities.

4. Gon’s Transformation

A skill that Gon gained for a short time in the work, but that left an unforgettable mark on fans. Soon after realizing that Kite was indeed dead, Gon took a Nen Oath to increase his strength enough to make Neferpitou pay for what she did to his friend. Gon swore never to use nen again in his life in order to gain the strength necessary to kill his opponent.

After that promise, Gon underwent a dark transformation. He became an adult version of himself. He became much taller, muscular and his hair was several meters long. In addition to appearance, Gon gained strength and speed that managed to scare even Pitou. Finally, his power was enough to defeat the Royal Guard with just two hits.

His nen also increased to stratospheric levels, to the point that his “Jajaken: Stone” managed to open huge craters in the ground. Many people say that this is, in fact, the most powerful nen ability in anime, but we will disagree with you for a reason. Which is the fact that Gon can only use this skill once. After his transformation faded, the boy was completely weakened, on a thread between life and death.

He was only saved thanks to Nanika and Killua. So it’s safe to say that we won’t see Gon use this technique again anytime soon. So, although it is an ability that gives extraordinary power to the wielder, it comes at a very high cost to the user.

3. Aura Synthesis


This is an ability of Meruem, known as the King of chimera ants, being one of the most powerful characters ever shown in the entire history of Hunter x Hunter. The “Aura Synthesis” is a very simple skill to understand, being the starting skill of the Chimera King. With this power, Meruem gains strength and energy simply through consumption.

Meruem’s aura grows every time he devours a Nen user, with the devoured user’s energy becoming part of his own life energy in the process. With this, the wielder of this ability is able to become increasingly stronger as he devours other Nen users. When Meruem consumed Youpi and Pouf, two of his subordinates, he also obtained some of their Nen abilities.

Which means that, in addition to gaining all the aura of the devoured person, he can also acquire their powers. However, the amount he needs to consume from someone’s body to assimilate and be able to use his powers is still unknown, but it seems that Meruem needs to absorb a large part of the victim’s body to be able to use his abilities.

Neferpitou suggested that this is indeed a Nen ability, further reinforcing the fact that it is not a mere biological ability of ants. This ability is only considered so powerful, because there are practically no limits to the level of strength that the wielder can acquire using this power, and that’s why it enters our top 3.

2. 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva

nen abilities

One more technique that you will always find at the top of lists of strongest nen skills. This is the power that Netero used to try to defeat the Chimera Ant King. This ability summons a gigantic golden statue with several long arms right behind it. To execute an attack, Netero brings his hands together in a fluid motion, as if in prayer, and then one of the statue’s arms reaches its target.

The procedure is repeated before each attack. And due to Netero’s immense speed, the entire process can be accomplished in much less than 0.1 seconds. He can also control all of his hands and generate an attack that is absurdly overwhelming, preventing his opponent from reacting or dodging. The only way is to tank the hit and that’s it.

Netero awakened this power after he trained hard on the same sequence of blows on a mountain for several years. This training brought one of the most striking phrases in the world of martial arts, said by Bruce Lee: “I do not fear the man who knows ten thousand moves, but the man who has trained the same move ten thousand times”. But despite being so strong, the statue has some cons.

The biggest one is the fact that he is completely immobile, being unable to move beyond the point he was summoned. Of course, your hands already reach an absurd reach, but if by chance the opponent manages to get out of the range of your hands, he will be safer. Furthermore, this is Netero’s ultimate technique, where he spends an enormous amount of nen to activate it.

1. Granting Wishes

nen abilities

An ability so powerful that even today, no one can say if she actually uses nen to do what she does! This power belongs to the entity Nanika, a mysterious creature from the Dark Continent possessed Alluka Zoldyck’s body when the little girl was very young, and never left her body again. Nanika can grant a single wish to a person, and that wish is practically omnipotent!

If she wanted to, Nanika could even break the rules of reality, physics, space-time, everything! Its power was used to heal Gon and completely break the oath he took never to use nen to kill Pitou again. But of course, since wishes are omnipotent, they aren’t granted for free – and this is where one of the deadliest and scariest conditions in Hunter x Hunter comes in. Alluka will ask someone for three things.

It could be simple things like just playing with her or petting her. After these three wishes are completed, its appearance changes to Nanika’s face and the entity grants any wish. The wish can even be granted to a third party, a person who hasn’t even fulfilled the little girl’s three demands previously. However, let’s assume that the person made a very far-fetched request, like changing the rules of reality.

Once Alluka returns, her next three demands will be much more impossible to fulfill, like for example she will ask people to raise a building, become invisible, things like that… If someone refuses or fails to fulfill at least 4 requests for Alluka, that person will suffer an instantaneous and painful death, being crushed by an unseen force. After this fatality, Nanika’s demands are simple again and the cycle starts again.


Even though this list has several appealing skills, Hunter x Hunter has several other powers that can also be considered “unbalanced”, they just didn’t have their place on the list because of the huge gap in power difference between some or just our own opinion same.

But as nen has virtually no limits to the powers that are derived from it, it is very likely that we will still see stronger abilities in the manga – as long as there is not another hiatus so soon, right? lol Are there any skills you think should have made this list? Do you think there will still be a power that surpasses Nanika’s powers?

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Strongest Nen Abilities in Hunter X Hunter. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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