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yandere romance anime

Top 10 Best Yandere Romance Anime Girls – Crazy and in love – that’s what yandere is all about, and we love them for that. It just keeps our hearts pumping, and who doesn’t like a girl wanting to kill someone just because they talked to you? This is why I’m going to talk about the top 10 best yandere girls in romance anime ever. So, let’s get started.

10. Kaede Fuyou – Shuffle!


Starting off our list is a surprising entry because this girl has orange hair, which yandere don’t usually have. Her name is Kaede Fuyou, and she’s from the series called Shuffle. At first, she looks like the classic popular girl in school, where she even has a fan club.

But her true self takes the spotlight when it comes to our boy Rin. She’s so crazy that when she saw him with another girl, she straight up went psycho. She’s basically yandere in disguise, and she’s incredibly violent. This might be a turn-off for some, and if it’s a turn-on for you, yeah, you need help.

I mean, sure, she’ll love you, but her perspective is crazy because she thinks she’s unworthy to be by your side. That’s going to cause some big issues, and you don’t want her to be a part of your harem because she might just kill some people.

9. Anna Nishikinomiya – Shimoneta


Hey, if you’re not into orange hair, then you might like her. She’s Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta, and not only does she have a really long and hard-to-pronounce last name, but she even has a criminal record. At least Kaede only hospitalized someone, but Anna was charged with attempted murder, attempted assault, harassment, and stalking.

This was so extreme that she just broke into her boy’s apartment and watched him sleep all night. If you want to be forced by a girl to do the r-word on you, then, she’s your best bet because she will never hesitate. I love how one of her nicknames is Sweet Angel because she’s anything but one.

If you marry her, you also don’t need to worry about someone breaking into your house. When someone does, she’s going to be there, and Anna is going to make sure that they’re going to suffer.

8. Satou Matsuzaka – Happy Sugar Life

yandere romance anime

Even though the series is called Happy Sugar Life, that’s just what Satou calls her life with Shio. At first, like any other yandere, except for Anna, you’ll think that she’s this sweet, innocent girl. But deep inside, Satou is willing to manipulate and kill anyone so that she’ll stay with Shio.

While Anna was only charged with attempted murder, Satou already killed someone, and to make things worse, it was her friend of all people. If your girlfriend or boyfriend hasn’t killed anyone yet just to be with you, leave them – they don’t truly love you.

I mean, if the girl is this pretty, I would happily help her bury the corpses, but you just don’t get to go outside because she’ll keep you locked in your castle. You just don’t want to know what happens to her at the end of the series.

7. Akane Hiyama – Love Tyrant

yandere romance anime

Our girl Akane is addicted to Seiji, and without a doubt, she’s willing to hurt anyone who tries to get in her way. Although, unlike the other ones we’ve talked about and are going to talk about in this list, she’s probably the least insane candidate.

She still attacks some people, but only a little bit, which is still a rare trait among yandere. The scary thing about her, though, is that she’s really proficient at using swords and knives. She even has a hidden blade in her hair clip. She has that big sister feel to her actions, and it’s a bit more comfortable to accept.

And again, plus points for the melons – you don’t get to see that every day. The downside – she’s willing to hurt you too if she thinks you’re cheating on her.

6. Konishi – Charlotte


Hold up, before you start typing that Konishi is your ideal waifu and how you would love to start a family with her, I just want to let you know she’s 12. So don’t try any funny business, or the FBI is going to be banging on your door and throwing flashbangs before you even know what’s happening.

Okay, now Konishi is not the main character of the story, but I was shocked when I knew that she was secretly a psychopath. She literally became the most hated character in the series because she caused Ayumi’s death and made Yuu depressed as hell.

She tried to kill Ayumi with a box cutter too, before Ayumi died. I know some of you love yandere, but we got to draw a line here – not only with the age thing, but because now she’s not even cute, she’s just annoying. But I still have to add her here because of the shock factor that she brought.

5. Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia

yandere romance anime

Who is Toga? I think you should just live in the mountains because there is no way you are fit to live in a normal society. She’s a villain in the My Hero Academia series, and her thing is that whenever she ingests someone’s blood, she could take on their appearance, voice, and even their quirk.

But if you don’t like sharp needles and objects, I suggest you stay away from her because she has a blood-sucking machine ready. She’s obviously mentally unstable, and the way she views love is that she has to suck your blood. Yep, she’s got that kink, ladies and gentlemen.

Still, it’s genuine – more genuine than you paying for that first date and then the other person just ghosting you. Just let her suck your blood and live a happy life. She’s cute, always smiling, and to top it all off, she’ll accept you for who you are. Maybe.

4. Yuka Minase – 11eyes


This is another case of a completely gentle and kind girl turning into a complete psychopath. She wanted our boy Kakeru to focus on her only and didn’t hesitate to get rid of anyone who took even a second of Kakeru’s time away from her.

To be honest, if I try to explain what happens in this series, you’re going to be as confused as you were in the last math test. So let me just say that she does not cut corners. But hey, she’s willing to sacrifice her life to save you. She may be a yandere, but she is not a monster – is what I’d like to say, but she can be one if you take things too far.

3. Kurumi Tokisaki – Date A Live


You think I’d make a yandere list without adding her? You’d either be as dumb as a literal rock, or you might not even know what the word yandere means. What’s interesting about Kurumi is that, unlike other yandere on this list, her character is really complex.

She has a sense of justice, especially when it comes to small animals, but she does not hesitate to kill humans. But why is she on this list? My girl does the classic, the iconic, the oh-so-sweet “ara ara” expression. It’s just music to my ears.

She’s even willing to revive you too after you die because when our boy Shidou lost his life, she went over 204 time loops just to change his fate. If that ain’t what you call effort, then I don’t know what is. She’s a lot sweeter than you might think initially.

2. Hitagi Senjougahara – Monogatari Series


We’re going to talk about one of the best girls in all of anime. Who is it? It’s none other than Hitagi Senjougahara from the Monogatari series. She might have an incurable disease and looks frail, but deep down, she’s a bit crazy and wild, but not as extreme as the others.

You see, she never killed someone or forced the guy to do the deed. She’s like a chill yandere. I mean, she is the perfect waifu at this point – sweet, protective, and is not willing to stab you when you have a normal conversation with other girls. She’d even take you on dates from time to time, which is already a huge win in her standards.

1. Yuno Gasai – The Future Diary

yandere romance anime

Last but not least, we’re going to talk about the queen of yandere. Yes, with the pink hair and those devilish eyes, we have Yuno Gasai from Future Diary. When you think about the word yandere, she’s the one that pops up. She’s just iconic, and no one could take this title away from her.

When her alter ego comes out, she’s just brutal, and it usually ends with someone getting killed. When Yukiteru told her that they’d marry each other, she became even more insane.

She is too overprotective because if she loves you and thinks that you’re in danger, expect to get kidnapped and be taken in as a hostage. You just have to give her some much-needed assurance, and maybe, just maybe, she won’t slit someone’s throat. Because of her iconic status and how she defined what being a yandere is, she’s number one on our list.

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