Top 19 Most Powerful Anime Assassins

anime assassins

Top 19 Most Powerful Anime Assassins – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 19 Most Powerful Anime Assassins. One thing a lot of anime has in common is a specific archetype of character, and that is the assassin. A typically brooding and dark character who kills people for money, this archetype of character has a wide range of personalities.

The assassins range from power-hungry and full of rage to calm and collected. Not only do they pepper the personality spectrum, but they are also all over the map in regards to power. We are also going to have only one assassin per anime. So which of them is the most powerful, and which are not nearly as strong? Well, let’s go to the list.

19. Light Yagami From Death Note


Light in the simplest terms is a serial killer who was hired by the Shinigami. Even prior to his partnership with Ryuk, Light had a genius-level intellect and incredible analysis skills. He was also known for his intense manipulation skills, even manipulating his own father into thinking he wasn’t really Kira.

He then gained the Death Note, a book that allowed him to kill people as long as he knew their real names and could visualize their faces. His kill count may be one of the highest on this list, capping out at over 900 kills before being caught by world-class detectives. However, despite his intellect, without the Death Note, he wouldn’t be able to hold his own in a real fight.

18. Himura Kenshin From Rurouni Kenshin


Kenshin is well known throughout Japan for his sword skills, he is able to effortlessly slice through steel and cut someone so cleanly that the limb can be reattached as if it were never cut. He can run faster than Gatling Gun fire and can move faster than the human eye can see.

He is notably agile and uses the environment to his advantage and uses this well because he is known to take out opponents in one blow. He shows noticeable hand-to-hand skills and can effortlessly adapt to his opponent’s fighting style.

But not only is he a great fighter, but he’s also highly charismatic and an amazing orator. Kenshin easily ranks above Light because he can hold his own in both a fistfight and a debate, something Light can’t easily do.

17. Sniper Mask From High-Rise Invasion


A newer entrant on our list is Sniper Mask from High-Rise Invasion. Sniper Mask is an enigmatic assassin who wears a smiling mask and wields a sniper rifle. As an assassin he is a force to be reckoned with, he is able to hit and kill targets from 650 feet away which is longer than The Washington Monument is tall.

He is even formidable in short-range combat, using his sniper rifle even in close quarters situations. He is even able to kill targets using the ricochet of shot bullets, an amazing bit of marksmanship. He is fast enough to catch normal bullets and dodge sniper rounds, and while he can’t outrun Gatling fire like Kenshin, he has a benefit the previous entrant doesn’t.

He has amazing hearing, able to triangulate and detect where sounds come from even without seeing them. This stops him from being snuck up on, which allows him to handle threats even easier. He outclasses Kenshin but only barely, ranking him here on our list.

16. Akame From Akame ga Kill!


As the name of the anime suggests, Akame is the main character and a highly trained assassin. Her training included her being trained and raised in the deadly wilderness filled with Danger Beasts. Her survival skills are coupled with near-superhuman strength, reflexes, senses, and durability.

She can supposedly run at Mach 1 speeds, is immune to most poisons, is able to consume large amounts of food without getting full, and is a master swordsman. She eventually starts to take drugs that increase her power even more, however, the main reason she’s not higher on this list is because of her weaponry.

Unlike the assassins later down this list who have a variety of special skills, Akame’s strength comes from her weapons. She has carried two notable blades, a blade that causes wounds that will never seal and the One Cut Killer.

The One Cut Killer is coated in a deadly poison with no antidote that kills in seconds. Her weapons are still scary and quite powerful, however, because her whole skillset really revolves around them she can’t rank higher.

15. Levi Ackerman From Attack on Titan


Levi is a member of the Ackermann family and is considered Humanity’s strongest soldier. He is said to be the best owner of the omnidirectional movement gear, able to beat a Beast Titan with no buildings or trees to anchor to. He is also said to be as valuable as an entire brigade of soldiers, able to move too fast for the Female Titan to react.

He is able to quickly analyze situations and make detailed plans even in the heat of battle. But he is also formidable in the strength situation, able to intercept and counter a Titan’s attack or break all of the teeth in the left side of Eren’s face with a punch. He is even formidable with the use of his blades, able to do a powerful spinning attack that can slice through a Titan’s arm without tiring Levi out too much.

Levi may not have the speed of Akame, but his propensity to slay Titans is a bit more impressive than what Akame has up her sleeve.

14. Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul


Suzuya may not look like much at first glance, being only 19 during the main show, but he’s a force to be reckoned with. At the very least, Suzuya has one of the highest pain tolerances on this list, able to fight with hooks stuck in his back or with his stomach cut open. Even after losing his leg he fought on and said he didn’t feel any pain after losing said leg.

But he’s no one-trick pony and resilience is not his only strength. He is a powerful swordsman, killing multiple ghouls with no problems and chopping off one of the Owl’s arms. He can also slaughter ghouls with nothing more than a generic submachine gun and has a prosthetic leg lined with blades that he uses in clever ways.

He also wields 56 flat-headed switchblades that he can throw with deadly precision and a giant L-Shaped Scythe that can pierce even a high-level half-kakuja ghoul. But he also boasts the Arata Joker, a powerful set of armor that contains a claw that can bisect even SS-Level Ghouls. The armor does cause him to bleed as he uses it, which stops him from using it too often.

He ranks above Levi mostly for his impressive durability and the debatable point that Ghouls are probably more dangerous than Titans and Suzuya takes them out like they’re nothing.

13. Rob Lucci From One Piece


If this were a list counting kills or how good of an assassin he is, Lucci would be closer to the top than he is. But counting just his abilities, he’s outshined by some of the others. But Rob is no slouch, by the age of 13 he had killed at least 500 people. Prior to his fight with Luffy, he was undefeated and he was able to take out most of the Straw Hat Pirates single-handedly.

He’s 400 times stronger than a normal soldier and 8 times stronger than a superhuman and was able to send a powerful cyborg like Franky with a single kick. He is also debatably more durable than Suzuya, walking away after being hit by a volley of cannonballs with little more than scars against his back.

He can also sense the presence of people around him with Kenbunshoku Haki or harden his arm into a powerful shield. He can also turn into a leopard or leopard-man hybrid with his devil fruit powers, which allows him to maul people to bloody bits. Lucci is a great assassin, however, he is outclassed by some pretty impressive feats.

12. Sai From Naruto Shippuden

best anime assassins

Maybe not as deadly as Lucci, but Naruto’s Sai is possibly a bigger threat. Sai is a ninja who works alongside Naruto after Sasuke disappears and is a member of Root. He was trained in the Assassination technique utilized by Root and was apparently strong enough that Danzo believed that he could take out Sasuke single-handily.

He has plenty of unique tricks up his sleeve, he can use Earth Release to burrow underground, he is also skilled in the Water, Fire, and Yang Release Styles. However, his most unique power is his drawings, which he can use in a variety of ways. He can combine it with the Body Flicker Technique to create an effective cover, create birds for transport, snakes for restraint, or lion creatures for attacks.

He is effective enough to create these drawings in mere moments even when in danger. He can create explosive tags, giant humanoids strong enough to break Deidara’s clay statues or clones of himself for reconnaissance. He is also strong enough to use Fuinjutsu to trap opponents in paintings, although this takes a while to finish.

He is also a physical threat, able to subdue Kabuto Yakushi or break Shin’s neck with a single flying knee strike. Sai ranks above Lucci because of his wide array of ninjutsu that he can use which makes him more powerful all-around compared to Lucci.

11. Legato Bluesummers From Trigun


Legato is the leader of the Gung Ho Guns and the right-hand man of Knives Millions. Legato is cruel and sadistic and is shown to care very little about the people around him. Legato is not shown to have increased speed, strength, or reflexes because his strength comes from his mind. It turns out that Legato was given Vash’s arm by his brother, Knives, and got powerful abilities.

He gained the abilities of psychokinesis and telepathy, able to manipulate people into doing things they don’t want to. He made the Roderick Gang kill each other, charmed a group of soldiers into a tight truck, and makes Chapel try to kill Nicholas Wolfwood.

But his most telling feat is when he makes the entire population of a town disappear without a trace. His powers make him a lot more dangerous than the previous, although he probably couldn’t beat them in a stand-up fight.

10. Stain From My Hero Academia

anime assassins

Stain is the recognizable and highly feared supervillain referred to as “The Hero Killer”. Stain is an A-Rank Villain who is known for killing 17 Pro Heroes and crippling 24 more. He was able to critically injure Ingenium, and overpower Kurogiri and Shigaraki who weren’t as strong as they are now, but were still pertinent threats.

He was able to overpower the vengeance-driven Tenya and a still-powerful but untrained Izuku. He was able to avoid Tenya’s Recipro Burst, can cut through the ice summoned by Todoroki, is able to fight with punctured lungs, and can take a blow from Izuku’s 5% Detroit Smash head-on.

His presence alone left a group of pro-heroes in fear by just looking at them and was able to kill the Winged Nomu in one blow despite his injuries. Not to mention his quirk Bloodcurdle which can paralyze someone when Stain ingests their blood. He is students at U.A. high school.

9. Hanza Nukui From Bleach


Hanza is a master swordsman and assassin who can fight on par with a warrior like Ichigo. He’s also one of the stealthiest killers on this list, as he was able to sneak around Ichigo. Ichigo only knew he was there because Hanza let the boy read his energy. He’s also able to withstand the side effects of his Bakkoto which shows his amazing spiritual energy.

His impressive speed makes it appear like he disappears and reappears from a multitude of locations. He is also able to keep up with Ichigo’s Hollow Form, which is an impressive feat on its own. Hanza wields the “Ego Breaker” a Bakkoto the gets stronger by draining the owner’s spiritual energy.

The sword can blind the opponent by reflecting moonlight, create an alternate dimension to trap an opponent, shoot energy balls, and surround enemies with their own nightmares until their souls are crushed. But, even without the Bakkoto, Hanza is a deadly assassin that can fight on par with one of the strongest, if not the strongest character, in all of Bleach.

8. Risotto Nero From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

anime assassins

Risotto is a gifted tactician and deadly assassin who has shown a grasp of Stand Fighting that is rarely seen. His tactics are enough that he can deduce enemy movements prior to the enemy even making them or deducing weaknesses by just watching someone. He’s also deathly silent, killing many of his targets before they know he’s there.

However, where he gains most of his power and by proxy his placement on this list is his stand, Metallica. His stand allows him freely manipulate iron in the ground and air around him in an area of 16 to 32 feet. This even allows him to manipulate iron within other people’s bodies, able to form sharp objects that he can pull out of their bodies and heavily injure them.

He can manipulate severed limbs and reattach them, cover himself in metal flecks and turn invisible, control iron-based stands, and diminish the amount of hemoglobin in another person’s body to make them suffocate. Risotto’s powerful stand combined with his clever uses of it makes him a very potent threat, landing him here on the list.

7. Black Star From Soul Eater

anime assassins

Black Star is from a long line of assassins and is within the top three best meisters at the DWMA. Alongside his weapon, Tsubaki, who is allegedly the strongest weapon at the DWMA, the duo are one of the strongest pairs to come from the school. He was able to fight on par with Death The Kid in hand-to-hand combat, held his own against Stein, and fight with a Death Weapon Meister.

With the Art of Assassination he is able to see weak points on an enemy’s body and use that to his advantage. He is also one of the most versatile meisters at the DWMA, with Tsubaki able to shift into a giant shuriken, chained sickle, Smoke Bomb or Ninja Sword, all of which he is trained in using.

Not to mention Tsubaki’s most powerful form, The Uncanny Sword, which allows him to fight on par with the samurai Mifune. He is able to float a few inches off of the ground, lift some of the Moon’s teeth off of Maka, and is the fastest student at the DWMA. Not to mention that he was able to fight with a broken arm and misaligned spine.

His most pertinent ability however is his control over his Soul Wavelength, which allows him to use the power of his soul against enemies. He can hit vital points with, fire a powerful electric blast, or allow Tsubaki to control his shadow for both offense and defense. Black Star’s arrogance is what stops him from going higher on the list, but he is definitely the character on this list with the most potential.

6. Scar From Fullmetal Alchemist


Scar is a bit of a weird one to place because at first he may not seem that strong, but the longer you look the more powerful he seems. Scar is adept at hand-to-hand combat, boasts significant strength and stamina, has remarkable agility and reflexes, and is fast enough to dodge bullets.

He is able to take out a big group of armed soldiers without any weapons and has managed to murder at least ten state alchemists. He can hold his own against combat alchemists like Edward or Armstrong. His main power comes from the alchemical symbols across his right arm, given to him by his brother, which allows him to create a powerful variant of alchemy.

He stops at the second step of alchemy and breaks down the cellular structure but doesn’t put it back together, leaving what he touches as little more than dust. However, he must know the makeup of what he deconstructs at least to a degree. Due to the origins of his alchemy not being Armestrian, he is also immune to Father’s alchemy-sealing powers, making him one of the few that can fight the man.

He later also gains the other half of the transmutation array, allowing him to create rather than just destroy. This makes him even stronger allowing him to create giant spikes from the ground. The ability to both deconstruct and construct makes him a bit stronger than Black Star in our eyes.

5. Hei From Darker than Black

anime assassins

Hei, otherwise known as The Black Reaper, is a human who gained the powers of a Contractor. These powers put him in peak human condition which gave him near-superhuman agility, speed, durability, endurance, dexterity, and strength. He can slip away from onlookers silently in mere moments.

He is an accomplished acrobat and is adept at hand-to-hand combat, able to take on Contractors without any powers. He also has a pragmatic intelligence that lets him take his enemies by surprise. However, much like Scar, he ranks this high because of his power-set. Hei can control electricity powerful enough to knock out an entire building’s power or kill a grown man.

But that’s not all, because he can also alter matter on a molecular level much like Scar, this makes him even more deadly. While holding the Meteor Fragment, which amplifies his power, he was able to effortlessly destroy a portion of South America.

The best part of his power, however, is unlike other Contractor powers, he has no drawback, making him even stronger than most Contractors. He ranks above Scar mostly because of the South America feat, which is much stronger than anyone on this list so far.

4. Killua Zoldyck From Hunter × Hunter

anime assassins

Killua is a hunter and one of the best in the program. He is known for his Transmutation Nen, allowing him to shock with Lightning Palm or paralyze with Thunderbolt. He uses a skateboard that can withstand the weight of five people and a pair of metal Yo-Yo’s that weigh a total of 220 pounds, which is double the weight of an octopus.

His family name is enough to scare people and because of it, he has the vast wealth at his disposal. He is able to effortlessly take out at least four tanks and an accompanying military force. He has an immunity to poison, high tolerance for electricity, amazing agility, and a baffling strength for someone his age.

He can bisect large trees in a mere moment, can dodge bullets fired close to him, can stand on a running horse with ease, and can keep his guard up even while sleeping. Not to mention his ability to grow claws from his fingernails, a healing factor, a genius-level intellect, and is a master of hand-to-hand combat.

He is also able to enter a state of zero hesitation and combine the automatic movement of Whirlwind and Speed of Lightning to create his Godspeed form. Killua ranks right outside the top three due to his intense power especially for someone his age.

3. Hit From Dragon Ball Super

anime assassins

Hit is the ace warrior for Universe 6 and fears nothing besides Champa’s great power. Rarely relies on ki blasts, although he can use them, and focuses on hand-to-hand combat. His main tactic is hitting pressure points or vital points to knock out enemies. However, his main strength is with killing blows, which he has to hold back in most fights.

This is evident when he takes out Goku in a single blow, Goku only surviving because of a trick he had up his sleep. He is able to instinctively adapt and change his fighting style in the middle of the battle to better overpower his opponent. His strength comes from his Time-Skip, where he jumps forward in time a tenth of a second and surprises his opponent.

He can create a pocket dimension of all of his skipped time to make him intangible. He can even survive in the vacuum of space, making him the only one on this list that is confirmed to do so. He ranks higher than Killua because he is more experienced and his time-skip makes him nearly unbeatable, and he earns this rank as surely as he makes the donuts.

2. Korosensei From Assassination Classroom

anime assassins

Korosensei is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-E and was previously an assassin named “The Reaper”. He is a very powerful entity, as any weapon besides an anti-sensei weapon will be useless against him. He can change the color of his skin for camouflage, is immune to toxic substances, and is able to turn into a puddle of mercury-like goo.

He can compress himself into a nigh-indestructible ball covered in a hard diamond-like substance that not even a nuclear bomb could scratch, although he is immobile in this form. He can fire lasers from his tentacles and can digest anything he wants that’s not an anti-sensei weapon.

He can sense even the most minuscule of changes in the environment, he can regenerate severed tentacles, can travel up to speeds of Mach 20, can catch bullets in midair, and even knows how to do surgery. Not to mention his genius-level intellect, his amazing eidetic memory, and his long history in assassination techniques.

1. Alucard From Hellsing

anime assassins

Alucard is actually Dracula, a deadly vampire originally known as the ruler Vlad Tepes. He is by far the most powerful assassin on this list, able to slay supernatural beings in mere moments without even using his true power.

Even in his weakest form, he can destroy supernatural weapons with his bare hands, can disembowel police officers through armor with one hand, and carries two pistols that are too unwieldy for humans to use. He’s too fast for most human eyes to follow and can catch bullets in his teeth.

Not to mention his ability to regenerate from a pile of bloody shreds, he has perfect accuracy, sees through illusions, shapeshifts into anything he wants, and he can walk through solid objects at will. He can manipulate blood outside of people’s bodies, gains dominance over other people’s souls by draining them of blood, and use these dominated souls for his own use.

He can do so many things and we’d be here all day if we wanted to list them all. Not to mention, most of his feats are in his weakest state, because he has six release states that hold back his power. He rarely uses his top release state of Level Zero, but when he does, all hell breaks loose.

That is it from today’s post on Top 19 Most Powerful Anime Assassins. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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