Top 10 Most Violent Anime That Are Great

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Top 10 Most Violent Anime That Are Great – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Most Violent Anime That Are Great. Of course, guys, we watch anime for the stories, right, but a story with blood, guts, always gets better, isn’t it, man?

It doesn’t matter if so much violence serves to show how the story is dark and the world is cruel, right man, or it’s just fun exaggeration, here, guys, I’m going to tell you now: The best most violent, “bloody” animes that you need to see, or don’t if you can’t take it, but come on! Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Attack on Titan

violent anime

If you don’t know Attack on Titan, you must live in a cave, this anime is awesome. This anime is the following: it is the story of a world where humans are on the verge of extinction by the hands, or rather, by the mouths of giant monsters, the titans. Of course this anime too, man, is a story of struggle, overcoming, but the bravest are the ones with the shortest life, that’s the truth.

And when I say short life I mean: arms, legs flying, people being chewed, man, and blood, a lot of blood, damn it’s radical. And just when you think you got used to that… All that blood, huh, and the titans, the humans go, kick the bucket, and start doing atrocities with each other. I do not recommend watching during meals.

9. Tokyo Ghoul

most violent anime

Looking at it quickly, Tokyo Ghoul looks more like an anime with a shy student, those clichés of the shy student who gains powers, but in this case he gains powers because he becomes a Ghoul, or, a cannibal monster that can only feed on humans and other Ghouls.

Bro, of all the super powers in anime this is the one I least want to have, it comes with, you know, some cruel side effects, you know guys, blood and anime is an optional thing, right, Dragon Ball Super is really good. Tokyo Ghoul, in addition to not sparing blood in the fights, still shows the Ghouls feeding and even torturing others, I must say that there is psychological torture that is even worse than the physical ones.

You see some psychological tortures, some effects, man, it’s really tough. So, you need to have a strong stomach even in scenes that don’t have blood.

8. Blood-C


Blood-c is the sequel to the first one, which is Blood Plus or Blood+, but it manages to surpass the first one in many ways. What caught my attention while I was watching this anime is that the monsters are like a mixture of the Cthulhu Mythos with the monsters of Japanese folklore, which was awesome!

The story even starts off calm, man, I didn’t even think it would be so bloodthirsty, but the level of violence only increases to the point that, when people are trampled, you think it’s normal, you know? I swear I watched through the story in this case, but the violence was also awesome.

7. Gantz


I still remember the Gantz commercial when it was on TV, right, it showed the scene of the two heroes being run over by the subway, the heads of the guys flying, there was even a character narrating, man, and that was just in the TV commercial.

In this story, pay attention, some people die and are teleported to a room with a giant black sphere called Gantz that gives these guys some missions, and the guys go on fulfilling the mission even without knowing where it will lead, in the hope of even a day return to normal life as a prize.

It’s a shame that this anime is cruel on a Game of Thrones level, you know, the characters don’t even feel sorry for each other, most don’t even survive two missions, man, and death is always well, like, explicit.

6. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


Who doesn’t like high school anime, by the way, practically everyone is, right? Well, man, I think the students and teachers at this school, they don’t like it, they hate it. After a good luck ritual, a group of students are teleported to a dimension filled with vengeful ghosts.

The lightest death I saw was a girl hanged, when I saw the first scissor in the eye, man, I paused and thought: “What am I doing with my life, it’s not possible.” Tell you, boy, this anime is better than a lot of horror movies out there.

5. Highschool of the Dead

violent anime

This is awesome, guys, cool. We have so many movies and games of people trapped in a place full of zombies, nothing fairer than an anime with a school full of zombies, High School of The Dead is basically the best of these two worlds, if you like zombie stories but you know even a few animes, you’ll love this one.

If you like anime but don’t know much about zombie stories, you can go without fear, this anime is cool! Well, without fear is relative, right, because there are people being devoured alive every episode, but you understand what I mean.

4. Deadman Wonderland

violent anime

It must be horrible to live in prison, it must be even worse if you’re innocent, don’t you agree? Must be hard. But if you imagine a prison, an innocent boy, you know, and you mix it with The Hunger Games and the White Bear episode of Black Mirror, then you have Deadman Wonderland.

An innocent kid has been sentenced to death for murdering all of his classmates and he’s going to a private prison, you know, Deadman Wonderland, where people pay to watch inmates basically play… play deadly games. Ah, man, if you still don’t know the amount of blood in this anime, the power of the characters is to control the blood, that’s it, I don’t need to say anything else.

3. Hellsing Ultimate


There are two things you can kill at will: Vampires and Nazis. So, man, Hellsing Ultimate brings Nazi vampires, so you can see a lot of blood, like, vampires need to drink blood and there are even some impalement scenes, so I don’t even need to explain that this anime spares no effort to be “bloody “.

In this story the WWII is still going on, ok? But now, in a secret way, and the Hellsing group protects England from monsters and their main weapon is Alucard, none other than Dracula himself, boy, is cool!

2. Claymore


Claymore is a dark fantasy anime of a world plagued by monsters that can only be defeated by a group of warriors, who are actually an experiment that mixes the monsters themselves with people, so you can already imagine what the result of this. The anime doesn’t show guts all the time like the others here that I’ve already mentioned on this list, but it also doesn’t have any death, so, clean.

I think the studio even played Mortal Kombat, like, all morning and only then started to really work, because everyone dies little by little, first they lose their limbs, right man, then they lose some vital organ and only then it’s finished truth, like, over, fatality.

1. Berserk

violent anime

Speaking of dark fantasy, when the hero is called Black Swordsman and “killer of 100 men”, you can imagine a guy without an ounce of mercy, right man. And pay attention, what the main character Guts is tough, the anime is even creative in the ways he kills people with that giant sword of yours.

When the creativity to kill people with a sword runs out, he kills monsters, and when the creativity to kill monsters runs out, the creativity to kill people is already recharged and so it goes, it’s a cycle. Berserk is a God of War-style anime, and Guts, who is the protagonist, is a Kratos-style protagonist, but in the form of a bloody 90’s anime, which makes it, like, everything more roots.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Most Violent Anime That Are Great. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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