Top 45 Most Loved Anime Witch Characters

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Top 45 Most Loved Anime Witch Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 45 Most Loved Anime Witch Characters. In anime, witches can come in various forms and portrayals. Some may have traditional witch-like appearances, with pointed hats, broomsticks, and long robes, while others may have more modern and stylish designs.

Their appearances can range from cute and whimsical to dark and mysterious, depending on the specific series and character. Witches in anime are often associated with elemental magic, spellcasting, and the ability to manipulate mystical forces. They may specialize in specific types of magic, such as fire, water, earth, or even time manipulation.

These powers make them formidable and often essential figures within their respective anime universes. While witches are commonly depicted as antagonists or as obstacles for the main characters, they can also serve as protagonists or important allies. They may possess unique personalities, motivations, and backstories that add depth to their characters. Let us jump right into it.

45. Chronoire Schwarz VI From Witch Craft Works


Chronoire Schwarz VI is a powerful tower witch who plays a significant role in the series. When she first appears, she informs Kazane Kagari about unsealing the “white princess,” setting the story in motion. Chronoire is portrayed as being ancient like Kazane Kagari, but her appearance is youthful and sweet. She has slightly pinkish red hair, a button nose, and a pointed chin with regular features.

Despite her innocent appearance, Chronoire possesses a personality that can awaken one’s masochistic tendencies. She has a unique and intriguing demeanor, making her different from other Tower Witches. One of Chronoire’s defining traits is her cheerful nature. Even in defeat, she sees it as a comical respite, adding to her enigmatic and unpredictable nature.

This makes her exceptionally dangerous, as she is always doing something that is difficult to perceive, often using diversionary tactics. Chronoire has a familiar named Knight of Crocodiles, known as Sebastian. Sebastian takes the form of a humanoid crocodile dressed as a businessman. This familiar serves Chronoire and assists her in various ways.

Additionally, Chronoire demonstrates control over the element of water and has mastery over everything related to the sea. This ability further enhances her capabilities as a powerful witch. Overall, Chronoire Schwarz VI is a mysterious and intriguing character in Witch Craft Works, known for her unique personality, deceptive tactics, and affinity for water-based powers.

44. Aurora From The Eminence in Shadow

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Aurora, also known as the Witch of Calamity or the demon Diablos. In the distant past, she was responsible for plunging the world into chaos and is now sought after by the Cult of Diablos for her immense power. Following the Red Moon Incident, her spirit now resides within Claire Kagenō’s body. Aurora is described as a tall and slender woman with a beautiful appearance.

She possesses pale, almost translucent skin and is known for her attractive figure, including a well-endowed chest and long, shapely legs. However, due to her amnesia, not much is known about her past or her true motives. Aurora displays a playful and humorous personality. She seems to have a fondness for Cid Kagenou, one of the main characters in the series.

While the full extent of her abilities is not revealed, it is hinted that her strength rivals that of Shadow, another powerful character in the series. The Sanctuary even summons a projection of Aurora to face Shadow as an “equal” opponent, suggesting her formidable power. Nelson, another character, believes that she is already strong enough to defeat him.

Overall, Aurora remains a mysterious and enigmatic character, with her past and true intentions shrouded in secrecy. Her presence adds intrigue and complexity to the story as she becomes a central figure in the ongoing conflict between various factions in the series.

43. Kazane Kagari From Witch Craft Works


Kazane Kagari serves as the commander of Workshop Witches in Tougetsu City and holds the position of chairwoman at the school where Honoka Takamiya, the series’ protagonist, attends. Kazane is also the mother of Ayaka Kagari, one of the main characters, and has a close friendship with Komachi Takamiya, Honoka’s mother. Visually, Kazane has an eccentric appearance.

Her most distinctive feature is her dyed hair, with the left side being red and the right side light pink, which is styled in a way that her right eye is always covered. Unlike her daughter Ayaka, Kazane is quite vocal and outspoken. She possesses a domineering personality and is quick to criticize others. She expresses a desire to inflict similar treatment on Weekend and Medusa.

As Ayaka’s mother, Kazane is a powerful witch in her own right. However, instead of actively using her powers, she primarily relies on her authority as the boss of Tougetsu City’s Workshop Witches to summon and command her subordinates. Despite scolding Ayaka for her reckless fighting nature, Kazane holds a strong belief in her daughter’s strength and abilities.

Kazane plays a significant role in the series, both as a powerful witch and a guiding force for Ayaka. Her eccentric appearance, domineering personality, and commitment to protecting Tougetsu City and its inhabitants make her a compelling and complex character within the world of Witch Craft Works.

42. Tampopo Kuraishi From Witch Craft Works

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Tampopo Kuraishi is one of the Tower Witches who transfers to Tougetsu Academy, the high school attended by Honoka Takamiya and Ayaka Kagari, the main characters of the series. Tanpopo serves as the leader of the KMM Gang, a group of witches.

In terms of appearance, Tanpopo has dark blond hair and light brown eyes. She is often seen wearing a white cape and a white hat adorned with a rabbit motif. Notably, Tanpopo possesses cat ears, indicating that she is not entirely human.

Ayaka Kagari refers to her as a Furry, acknowledging her non-human traits. One prominent aspect of Tanpopo’s personality is her incendiary temper. She is known for her quick shifts in emotions, transitioning from mild amusement to extreme rage within seconds. This tendency is particularly noticeable when she faces defeat at the hands of a more skilled witch.

While Tanpopo’s role in the series revolves around her membership in the KMM Gang and her interactions with Honoka and Ayaka, her character arc and development unfold within the context of the larger narrative of Witch Craft Works. Her unique appearance and temperamental nature contribute to her distinct personality within the series.

41. Marie From Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town

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Marie Azami is known as the Witch of the East End and is the princess of the Azami Kingdom. Marie has distinct physical features, such as her tall stature, amber eyes, and peach-pink hair that extends past her hips. She often wears silver-rimmed glasses that rest on the bridge of her nose, and her signature hat resembles that of a witch’s hat, with the number four visible on it.

Marie’s personality can be described as naughty and clumsy. She is not particularly skilled in household chores like cooking and cleaning, which results in her home being quite disorganized. While she may not openly compare herself to others, Marie’s magical abilities are respected by those around her. She holds some resentment towards Alka, often referring to her as a loli hag.

Despite her playful nature, Marie cares deeply about maintaining peace within the kingdom and has a genuine concern for the well-being of others, especially Lloyd, the protagonist of the series. She can easily become flustered, particularly when teased or confronted with certain situations. Marie’s interactions with Lloyd reveal her protective and caring side.

She occasionally scolds him to prevent him from becoming involved in the kingdom’s affairs, indicating her desire to shield him from potential harm. This demonstrates her sense of responsibility and affection towards him. Throughout the series, Marie’s character undergoes development, showcasing her growth and evolving relationships with other characters.

40. Kasumi Takamiya From Witch Craft Works


Kasumi Takamiya is a Workshop Witch. She is the daughter of Komachi Takamiya and the younger sister of Honoka Takamiya, the protagonist of the series. Kasumi has dark pink hair and wears a hairband to keep her bangs out of her face. At school, she wears the standard Tougetsu girls’ uniform.

Kasumi has a strong attachment to her older brother, Honoka, and exhibits what can be described as a brother complex. She is portrayed as a highly perceptive and possibly incestuous character. According to her mother, Komachi, Kasumi often jumps into Honoka’s bed or joins him in the bath, claiming it’s her right as his little sister.

Kasumi becomes jealous when Honoka gives attention to anyone besides her, particularly Ayaka Kagari. She continuously tries to separate him from Ayaka and seeks to monopolize his attention. Despite her actions and behavior, when accused of having a brother complex, Kasumi vehemently denies it. She argues that their close bond as siblings is natural and will persist throughout their lives.

Overall, Kasumi’s character in Witch Craft Works revolves around her intense attachment to her brother and her efforts to keep him close to her.

39. Minerva From Re:Zero Season 2

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Minerva is known as the Witch of Wrath. She is depicted as a beautiful young woman, standing at exactly five feet tall. She possesses vivid, slightly-slanted sky-blue eyes that almost appear transparent. Her long golden hair is gleaming and tied into a messy ponytail on the left side of her head, often brushing against her face. Minerva has a unique personality that sets her apart.

While she doesn’t appreciate conflict and often laments it, she is prideful of her work as a healer. Despite her small stature, she can act quite hostile by unexpectedly punching people or scolding them for putting their lives in danger. However, her actions are tempered by her adorable demeanor and her genuine desire to help others. People find it impossible to take offense at her actions.

Interestingly, Minerva often confuses her feelings of sadness with anger or wrath, leading her to cry as a result. Her outbursts of anger are described as being incredibly adorable. Minerva possesses the Authority of Wrath, which grants her the ability to drain mana directly from the soul of the world. With this power, she can forcibly rewrite cause-and-effect, making her capable of healing anyone or anything.

This ability makes her an extremely skilled and powerful healer. Minerva’s character in Re:Zero brings a unique blend of cuteness and power. Her healing abilities and her contrasting emotions of wrath and sadness add depth to her personality, making her a memorable character in the series.

38. Lucretia Zola From Campione!


Lucretia Zola, also known as the Witch of Sardinia and Scholar of the Gods. She is recognized for her extensive knowledge about Heretic Gods, magical techniques, and the strength of magical energies, which has earned her a high ranking among the witches. Lucretia is described as an incredibly beautiful woman, with a body that surpasses even that of models, emphasizing her allure.

She has long orange hair, purple eyes, and a mole beneath her eye, adding to her distinctive appearance. Despite her remarkable beauty, Lucretia exhibits a playful nature and enjoys playing pranks on others. However, she is willing to assist people when they require help. She jokingly refers to herself as Godou’s foreign wife, although it seems more like a humorous comment rather than a genuine romantic interest.

Nevertheless, there are hints that Lucretia may harbor romantic feelings for Godou. As a Witch of the highest order, Lucretia possesses formidable magical abilities. She can fly and manipulate her own age, enabling her to appear as an incredibly beautiful woman in her late twenties. She also possesses Spirit Vision, although it is stated to be less powerful compared to Yuri’s abilities.

Lucretia’s character in Campione! showcases a combination of intelligence, beauty, and a mischievous personality. Her expertise in magic and her playful nature contribute to her role in the series, making her an intriguing and memorable character.

37. Saya From Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

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Saya is introduced as an apprentice witch whom Elaina, the protagonist, encounters in the Land of Mages. Saya has black hair and captivating blue eyes. Initially, she is seen wearing a charcoal-grey outfit, black stockings, and white boots. Saya portrays herself as a kind-hearted, helpful, and justice-driven individual. She values fairness and doing what is right.

However, underneath her outward demeanor, Saya exhibits a slightly manipulative side, as seen when she persuades Elaina to stay with her for a while. This may stem from her desire for companionship and friends, which intensified after her younger sister returned to their homeland without her. Saya develops strong affection for Elaina and starts to perceive her presence in her own travels.

Despite her lack of self-confidence, Saya possesses considerable talent in magic. She successfully passes the magic exams and obtains her brooch, symbolizing her progress as a witch. Elaina acknowledges Saya’s potential, describing her as a powerful mage, but notes that her own insecurities have held her back from fully realizing her abilities.

Saya’s character in Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina showcases a mix of kindness, longing for connection, and a touch of manipulation. Her journey as an apprentice witch, along with her growing bond with Elaina, adds depth to her personality and allows her to overcome her self-doubts.

36. Virgilia From Umineko: When They Cry


Virgilia is the original Beatrice and the previous Endless Witch before passing her title and powers to the Golden Witch, Beatrice. Virgilia is depicted with long silver and gray hair, which adds to her dignified appearance. She typically keeps her eyes closed and wears a black dress adorned with dark red flowers, along with a matching black hat.

Virgilia’s speech is marked by respectfulness, and she generally dislikes engaging in frivolous activities. However, there are instances where she displays a fondness for combat and deception, relishing in the excitement they bring. Despite being a Finite Witch, Virgilia possesses significant power. She proves to be a formidable opponent in her magical duel against Beatrice, displaying a wide range of abilities.

She can fly, teleport, create shields of magic for defense, summon the falling Tower of Babel as a potent shield, wield the divine hammer Mjölnir and divine spear Gungnir, and even summon the god Odin. Virgilia employs a simple and classic wooden wand as a focus for her magical abilities. Additionally, she has several Goat Butlers under her command, further enhancing her capabilities.

Much like Beatrice, Virgilia is a cunning and strategic adversary. Virgilia’s role in Umineko: When They Cry showcases her immense magical prowess and her position as the original Beatrice. Her character adds depth to the story’s intricate web of witches, magic, and deceit.

35. Ninny Spangcole From Burn the Witch


Ninny Spangcole is a Witch who works for Wing Bind in Reverse London, and she serves as the partner of Noel Niihashi. In addition to her duties as a witch, Ninny is also a member of the band Cecile Die Twice, where she showcases her talents as a singer alongside Macy Baljure. Physically, Ninny has blond hair that she ties up in two long pigtails using red, spiked metal bands.

Her eyes are green, giving her a distinctive appearance. Ninny’s personality is characterized by her abrasiveness, rudeness, and temperamental nature. She insists that Noel does not refer to her as “Ninii-chan” due to her being the elder of the two. She frequently criticizes Noel’s obsession with Japanese culture, reminding her that she is not actually Japanese.

Moreover, Ninny is vocal about her dislike for their commanding officer, Billy Banx Jr., often shouting insults and criticisms in his presence. However, beneath her tough exterior, Ninny does exhibit a softer side. When she was attacked by Shelby and realized that Balgo Parks was nearby, she immediately urged him to run away to ensure his safety.

Ninny possesses significant knowledge about the rare Disguiser breed of Dragons, including their abilities, existence, and history, which Noel was previously unaware of. She is skilled in casting spells and can perform Magic #28, Rainy Wheel, and Magic #44, Flash Bumper, without needing to recite their incantations. She utilizes these spells effectively in various situations.

34. Izetta From Izetta: The Last Witch


Izetta is the last known descendant of the Weisse Hexe of Eylstadt and plays a crucial role in protecting Finé, the princess of Eylstadt, and the kingdom itself during the outbreak of war. Physically, Izetta is a young girl with fair skin, red eyes, and red hair. When she is not on the battlefield, she typically wears a red, gray, and yellow short dress.

Before the events of the series, Izetta and her grandmother traveled to different countries in an attempt to keep her witch heritage a secret. As a result, Izetta grew up shy and self-conscious. However, when the war begins, she puts aside her reservations and utilizes her magical powers to defend Eylstadt.

Izetta possesses the ability to animate and enhance objects, transforming them into powerful weapons capable of destroying tanks. However, her powers are heavily reliant on the presence of ley lines, which are natural energy pathways. The availability of ley lines in her surroundings determines the frequency and effectiveness of her abilities.

Throughout the series, Izetta’s character evolves as she confronts the challenges of war, discovers the true extent of her powers, and grapples with the consequences of using her magic to protect those she cares about. Her journey showcases her determination, growth, and willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good.

33. Akane Kowata From Flying Witch


Akane Kowata is Makoto Kowata’s older sister and a skilled witch in her own right. In the witch world, she is well-known and popular due to her proficiency in magic. Akane’s personality and appearance contrast with that of her sister Makoto. While Makoto is polite and softly spoken, Akane is more brash and outspoken, although she maintains the same kindness as her sister.

In terms of appearance, Akane stands out with her brown skin and white hair, creating a distinct contrast with Makoto’s pale skin and black hair. Despite their differences, Akane deeply cares for her sister and makes a point to regularly visit and check on Makoto, even taking time off from her worldwide travels. This demonstrates her strong bond and concern for Makoto’s well-being.

Akane’s travels and experiences as a witch give her a unique perspective and expertise in magic. Additionally, Akane has a Siamese cat familiar named Kenny, who accompanies her on her magical adventures. The presence of a familiar further emphasizes her connection to the world of witchcraft.

Overall, Akane’s popularity, skillfulness, and deep sisterly bond with Makoto contribute to her role as a prominent character in the series.

32. Maria From Maria the Virgin Witch

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Maria is a powerful witch from France who strongly despises war and conflict. Maria has short blond hair that curls at the ends, fair skin, and beautiful blue eyes. Her distinctive outfit includes two large red earrings, a black mini dress with side slits revealing black hot pants, and high thigh black boots. Maria is characterized as a compassionate, determined, and idealistic woman.

She has a strong aversion to fighting and bloodshed in any form and is driven by her deep hatred for war. She acts on her own accord and is determined to use her powers to put an end to war, often acting impulsively without considering the consequences. Despite her impulsive nature, Maria possesses a kind heart and is always willing to help those in need, even those who have previously hurt her.

As a powerful witch, Maria possesses incredible sorcery abilities. She channels her spells through a staff, which she uses as a means of flying like a witch’s broomstick. She also uses a cauldron to summon creatures and create mixtures. While Maria’s magical prowess is remarkable, she faces competition from rivals like Viv and is outclassed by heavenly beings in terms of power.

Maria’s character is defined by her strong convictions, her determination to stop war, and her willingness to help others. Her magical abilities make her a force to be reckoned with, and her desire for peace drives her actions throughout the series.

31. Fran From Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

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Fran serves as both a teacher and the master of the protagonist, Elaina. Fran possesses several distinguishing physical features, including waist-length black hair that is partially tied at the bottom, with bangs covering the left side of her face. She has captivating blue eyes and a beauty mark underneath her right eye. Her attire consists of a midnight-blue hat adorned with a red ribbon and a matching outfit.

Fran’s personality is characterized by her elated and jocular nature. She is often seen in a cheerful and lighthearted state. Unlike many of the other witches in Robetta, Fran is portrayed as non-judgmental, displaying a willingness to accept others without prejudice. However, she also has a tendency to be absent-minded or “spacy” at times, adding to her unique charm.

In terms of her magical abilities, Fran is a highly formidable and experienced witch. She demonstrates proficiency in projecting blasts of blue magic, which she can use for offensive purposes. Additionally, Fran possesses the skill to manipulate various elements, granting her versatility in combat situations. Her expertise and mastery of magic make her a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Fran’s role as a teacher and mentor to Elaina showcases her wisdom and knowledge. She plays an influential part in Elaina’s journey, providing guidance and imparting valuable lessons along the way. Her character’s combination of skill, cheerful demeanor, and spacy tendencies make Fran an intriguing and memorable witch in the series.

30. Lambdadelta From Umineko: When They Cry


Lambdadelta, also known as The Witch of Certainty, serves as the secondary antagonist and has garnered respect and admiration from both humans and witches throughout her thousand-year existence. Lambdadelta embodies the concept that hard work is rewarded, and she holds a powerful position within the witch hierarchy. Visually, Lambdadelta appears as a young girl with short blond hair.

Despite her innocent appearance, she possesses a mischievous and playfully cruel nature. One of her notable characteristics is her deep affection for Bernkastel, another powerful witch, although she often chooses to conceal her feelings. Due to her elevated existence above humans and many other witches, Lambdadelta perceives them as beings of lesser importance.

She manipulates and treats them as pawns in her games against Bernkastel, using their lives and destinies to create dramatic and intricate scenarios. Lambdadelta’s title as the Witch of the Absolute reflects her unique power, known as the magic of certainty. This ability allows her to bring about absolute results, including the ability to kill anyone with an irrefutable outcome.

This power exemplifies her dominance and control over the lives and fates of those around her. In the complex and intricate world of Umineko: When They Cry, Lambdadelta plays a significant role as a captivating and enigmatic character. Her cruel yet playful nature, coupled with her immense power, make her a formidable force and a central figure in the ongoing mysteries and battles within the series.

29. Satella From Re:Zero


Satella is the Witch of Envy and the individual responsible for the Great Calamity that occurred Four Hundred years ago. According to legend, she is a half-human/half-elf demi-human with distinct features such as silver hair, amethyst eyes with a bluish tint, and pointed ears befitting her half-elf heritage.

It’s important to note that Satella and the Witch of Envy are two separate personalities that were formed when she took in incompatible Witch Factors. The two personalities often clash and fight against each other. While both personalities hold love for Subaru, the Witch of Envy’s affection is much more aggressive, while Satella shows a more reasonable and caring nature towards Subaru’s well-being.

According to Alec Hoshin, Satella is described as earnest, reckless, pure, and honest. Beatrice, another character in the series, revealed that the Witch of Envy suffered from a profound lack of love before her imprisonment. Despite Subaru’s lack of prior knowledge about her, the Witch became obsessively in love with him for unknown reasons.

One of Satella’s most significant and dangerous abilities is her seemingly flawless immortality. While she can be injured and defeated, her body cannot be destroyed by any external force. Satella’s character adds depth and complexity to the story, as her presence and the conflict between her two personalities play a crucial role in the narrative of Re:Zero.

28. Noel Niihashi From Burn the Witch


Noel Niihashi is a Witch who works for Wing Bind in Reverse London in the anime Burn the Witch. She is partnered with Ninny Spangcole and together they carry out their duties in the organization. Noel has a distinctive appearance, characterized by her tall and curvy stature, blue eyes, waist-length black hair, and a small, white, horn-like extension on her left temple.

She often maintains a solemn expression and approaches situations with a serious and deadpan demeanor. She prefers to wear uniforms, as they serve as a representation of her identity, allowing others to recognize her without the need for her to explicitly introduce herself. Noel is comfortable with others using her first name when addressing her.

In terms of physical abilities, Noel exhibits considerable strength. She is capable of delivering powerful kicks, sending opponents like Balgo skidding several feet away. In a fight against Shelby, a large Dragon, she was able to send him flying several meters away with another powerful kick, visibly damaging him in the process.

Noel is highly proficient in the spells of Wing Bind, the organization she belongs to. She displays her skill by stunning a Dark Dragon momentarily with a low-level spell like Magic #4. Noel Niihashi’s character in Burn the Witch showcases a stoic yet strong-willed individual who is dedicated to her work as a witch for Wing Bind.

27. Makoto Kowata From Flying Witch

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Makoto Kowata is the main protagonist of the anime series Flying Witch. She is a young witch with long black hair styled in a hime cut, light tan skin, and large green eyes. Makoto possesses the typical appearance of a teenage girl. Makoto is known for her polite and cheerful demeanor, always maintaining a positive and happy attitude.

However, she can be a bit clumsy at times, often getting lost even in familiar surroundings, including her own home. Despite this, Makoto is a kind-hearted and sweet person who always tries her best in everything she does. She has a deep affection for her cat familiar named Chito.

As a witch, Makoto possesses the ability to cast various spells and can fly on a broomstick, although she may not be the most skilled at it. Her particular attribute is Darkness, which makes her particularly skilled at creating and manipulating objects. This includes creating items such as robes and developing new magical spells.

Makoto’s journey as a witch and her interactions with her friends and family form the core of the story in Flying Witch. Her warm personality and magical abilities add a sense of wonder and charm to the series, making her a lovable and relatable character for viewers.

26. Witch of the Waste From Howl’s Moving Castle


Initially introduced as a secondary antagonist, The Witch of the Waste is a once-great sorceress who succumbed to evil ways and transformed into a wicked witch. The Witch of the Waste harbors a deep resentment towards Howl, a powerful wizard, for abandoning her.

Her anger and desire for revenge lead her to put a curse on Sophie, the film’s protagonist, after Howl rescues her. This curse transforms Sophie into an old woman, setting off the main events of the story. The witch is often seen traveling around on a palanquin, which is carried by her henchmen.

This serves as a symbol of her status and power, as well as her penchant for being carried rather than exerting effort herself. Throughout the film, the Witch of the Waste represents the consequences of giving in to darkness and allowing hatred and jealousy to consume one’s heart. She serves as a reminder of the destructive nature of unchecked negative emotions.

While initially portrayed as an antagonist, the Witch of the Waste’s character arc unfolds with complexity and reveals deeper layers. Her portrayal contributes to the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the capacity for change within the story of Howl’s Moving Castle.

25. Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger From Little Witch Academia


Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger is a young witch from Germany who appears in the anime Little Witch Academia. She is introduced as one of three troublemaking girls alongside Amanda and Jasminka, who smuggle in prohibited hi-tech machines to upgrade with magic and sell to other students.

Constanze has a short stature and navy blue hair that reaches down to her waist, tied into a low ponytail with a big red ribbon. She rarely speaks but communicates through her own actions and writing. She appears to be friendly but is protective of her work, preferring to work alone and not liking it when others interfere with her projects.

She is even known to perform dangerous acts on those who disturb her. In addition to her magical abilities, Constanze is skilled in fundamental alchemy, as demonstrated when she transmuted a metal slab into a robot. She controls her high-tech Stanbots using magic and uses them to express herself.

Like any other witch, Constanze has her own wand, which she brings with her wherever she goes and stores in the sash around her waist. While she may seem quiet and reserved, Constanze is a skilled and powerful witch who contributes greatly to the world of Little Witch Academia.

24. Schierke From Berserk


Schierke is a young witch-in-training and a former disciple of the powerful witch Flora in the anime Berserk. She is a member of Guts’ Traveling Party and plays an important role in their journey. Schierke has distinct features such as dark green hair and a slim and small stature. She typically wears a robe and a traditional witch’s hat as her regular attire.

Despite her young age, Schierke possesses a maturity beyond her years. She tends to be quiet and withdrawn, reflecting her focused and disciplined nature as a witch-in-training. Having spent a significant portion of her life studying under the guidance of the highly skilled witch Flora, Schierke has become proficient in witchcraft.

Her knowledge and abilities in magic make her a valuable asset to the Black Swordsman Party. She is highly respected by her peers for her skills and intelligence. While Schierke is generally kind and friendly, she can sometimes be unsettled or annoyed, particularly by the behavior of Isidro, another member of Guts’ party.

Nonetheless, she maintains good relationships with most of the members and is well-liked within the group. Overall, Schierke’s dedication to her craft and her expertise in witchcraft make her an essential and respected member of Guts’ Traveling Party in their perilous journey. Her character adds depth and magical elements to the world of Berserk.

23. Dorothy Unsworth From Black Clover


Dorothy Unsworth is a witch from the Witches’ Forest and the captain of the Coral Peacock squad, one of the Magic Knights squads in the Clover Kingdom. Dorothy has lilac hair, fair skin, and appears to be younger than her actual age, standing slightly below average height. One defining characteristic of Dorothy is that she is a heavy sleeper.

She can be found asleep most of the time, regardless of the noise or commotion happening around her. However, she remains aware of her surroundings even while sleeping, as evidenced by her participation in the entrance exam and her ability to navigate on her own. When Dorothy is awake, she displays a carefree, playful, and highly energetic demeanor, often acting like a big sister figure to those around her.

She approaches life with a chipper attitude and shows genuine care and concern for others. Despite her tendency to sleep, Dorothy is a capable and dedicated captain who takes her responsibilities seriously. In terms of magical abilities, Dorothy possesses an immense amount of magic power. She was also the host for the elf Reve, which granted her access to some of the elf’s magic.

One notable power she possesses is the ability to read other people’s thoughts, which she can then manifest within her Glamour World, a realm created by her magic. Overall, Dorothy Unsworth is a unique and interesting character in Black Clover. Her cheerful and caring nature, combined with her powerful magic, make her a valuable asset to the Coral Peacock squad and the Clover Kingdom as a whole.

22. Witch From Goblin Slayer

anime witch

Witch is a silver-ranked adventurer, which means she has proven herself to be a capable fighter and has completed many quests and missions. However, her main role in her party is as a spell-caster, and she is known for her impressive magical abilities.

Despite her beautiful appearance and seductive demeanor, Witch is a caring and supportive individual who often acts as a mentor or big sister figure to those around her. She is quick to offer advice and help to those in need, and she takes the time to listen to others and understand their problems.

While Witch may come across as flirtatious or suggestive at times, this is mostly a natural behavior for her rather than a deliberate attempt to seduce others. She is comfortable with her sexuality and does not shy away from expressing it, but she is also respectful of others’ boundaries and never forces herself on anyone.

Overall, Witch is a complex and multifaceted character who combines her physical beauty and magical abilities with a caring and supportive personality. Her presence in the world of Goblin Slayer adds depth and nuance to the story and helps to make it a more engaging and thought-provoking experience.

21. Yubaba From Spirited Away


Yubaba is a central character and the main antagonist in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. She serves as the proprietor of the Bathhouse, a magical place that plays a significant role in the story. She has an apprentice named Haku and a harpy servant named Yu-Bird. In addition, she employs numerous other workers at the Bathhouse.

Physically, Yubaba shares a striking resemblance to her sister Zeniba. She has an unusually large figure and a large mound of gray hair styled in a bun-like fashion. While her exact age is not specified, Yubaba appears to be incredibly old, evident from her wrinkled appearance. Yubaba is portrayed as an overbearing and intimidating character, serving as the main source of conflict and opposition in the film.

She displays a strong obsession with wealth and greed, particularly when it comes to gold. She prioritizes the accumulation of gold over her own family, even expressing animosity toward her sister Zeniba. One of Yubaba’s notable magical abilities is the ability to steal the names of her workers, which binds them to a contract with the Bathhouse.

This effectively forces them to work there indefinitely, unless they can miraculously recall and reclaim their full names. This magical contract adds a sense of captivity and struggle for the characters working under Yubaba’s control. Throughout the film, Yubaba’s actions and motivations create conflicts and challenges for the film’s protagonist, Chihiro.

20. Azusa Aizawa From I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

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After dying from overwork in her previous life as a Japanese woman, Azusa Aizawa is reincarnated as an immortal witch in a fantasy world. She decides to live a peaceful and relaxed life, making a living by killing slimes. Over the course of 300 years, Azusa’s level gradually maxes out, making her the most powerful being in the world.

As a result, she unintentionally attracts unwanted attention and disrupts her peaceful existence. In terms of appearance, Azusa takes on the form of a young European woman, appearing to be around 17 years old. She has long blonde hair, with a braid encircling her head, and large blue eyes. Her typical attire consists of witch’s garments.

Azusa is characterized as laid-back and carefree, preferring to take things at her own pace and encouraging others to do the same. She has a charitable and hospitable nature, readily befriending and accepting various individuals and species she encounters in her life. Her kindness and willingness to help others contribute to her forming diverse and meaningful relationships throughout the series.

Despite her immense power, Azusa is not interested in engaging in conflicts or seeking further strength. Instead, she focuses on living a simple life, enjoying the company of her friends and loved ones. Her journey revolves around navigating the challenges that arise from her newfound power and finding a balance between her desire for tranquility and the attention she inadvertently receives.

19. Amanda O’Neill From Little Witch Academia


Amanda O’Neill is a young witch from the United States who appears in the anime series Little Witch Academia. Amanda has a mischievous streak and often engages in activities such as sneaking into Luna Nova’s storehouses and playing with its security systems. Physically, Amanda is a tall girl, standing at around 5’6″ to 5’7″.

She has short orange hair with salmon undertones that points upwards, giving her a distinctive appearance. Describing herself as a rebel, Amanda possesses a carefree and fun-loving nature. She tends to disregard authority and is primarily driven by hedonistic pursuits. Academically, she exhibits a relaxed attitude bordering on apathy, often opting for the easiest way out whenever possible.

Amanda’s athleticism sets her apart. As a tomboy, she excels in physical activities and is particularly talented in acrobatics. This skill is prominently displayed when she is flying on a broomstick. She demonstrates great agility and speed while maneuvering her broom, showcasing her natural talent for flying. In addition to her flying abilities, Amanda is also proficient in swordsmanship.

She shows moderate to considerable skill when wielding a sword, suggesting that she has received training in this area. This further highlights her versatile capabilities beyond just her magical abilities. Overall, Amanda O’Neill is a spirited and athletic witch with a rebellious nature. Her talent in acrobatics and swordplay, make her an intriguing and dynamic character in the world of Little Witch Academia.

18. Elaina From Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

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Elaina is known as The Ashen Witch due to her ashen-colored hair, which is also the source of her witch name. Elaina is often described as pretty and cute, and she bears a striking resemblance to her mother, aside from her hairstyle. In her early years, Elaina was sheltered and highly skilled in magic. She was innocent and unfamiliar with failure.

However, her personality undergoes a transformation after taking lessons, and she becomes a kinder and more understanding person, though still somewhat conceited with a high opinion of herself. Despite her self-assured nature, Elaina is intelligent and talented. At the young age of fourteen, Elaina becomes the youngest witch to pass the sorcery examination, showcasing her exceptional magical abilities.

She relies more on her quick-wittedness and resourcefulness rather than brute force to navigate challenging situations. This allows her to escape difficult circumstances and outwit more experienced witches, including the likes of Fran. Elaina possesses advanced knowledge and mastery of magic. She can reverse damage to certain objects, heal wounds, and even engage with more skilled witches.

Her magical abilities are diverse and well-developed, allowing her to handle a wide range of situations she encounters during her journey. Throughout the series, Elaina embarks on a wandering journey, exploring various lands and encountering different people and magical phenomena. Her adventures provide her with valuable experiences and shape her growth as both a witch and an individual.

17. Ayaka Kagari From Witch Craft Works

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Ayaka Kagari is an adoptive daughter of Kazane Kagari and has earned the title of Princess at Tougetsu Academy due to her intelligence, high grades, and powerful witch abilities. Ayaka has long black hair and green eyes, and her towering height and large breasts make her stand out among her peers.

Ayaka is known for her stoic demeanor and rarely changes her expression, except for the occasional glare when she is angered. She is not particularly talkative and often ignores her fan club, who follow her around on a daily basis. In middle school, she struggled with social interaction and was considered inept in that regard.

Despite her aloof nature, Ayaka is an extremely powerful witch, second only to her mother, Kazane Kagari. She is capable of using various types of magic, including defensive and offensive spells. She is also skilled in using a broomstick for transportation and combat. Ayaka takes her role as the Princess of Tougetsu Academy seriously and often acts as a protector of the school and its students.

She is especially devoted to protecting Honoka Takamiya, a male student who has attracted the attention of various factions in the witch community due to his rare ability to nullify magic. Ayaka sees Honoka as her princess and will go to great lengths to protect him from harm. Overall, Ayaka Kagari is a complex character who balances her role as a powerful witch and a student leader.

16. Bernkastel From Umineko: When They Cry


Bernkastel is a powerful witch who has lived for a thousand years and has the ability to manipulate time and space. One of Bernkastel’s key traits is her emotionlessness, which is a result of her long life and experiences. She is often seen as cold and calculating, and she can become easily bored with the world and those around her.

However, Bernkastel is also a sadistic character, who enjoys causing pain and suffering to those around her. She holds grudges and is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone for her own amusement. Despite this, she is also a very intelligent character, who is able to plan and manipulate events to her advantage. One of Bernkastel’s most significant abilities is her power over the magic of miracles.

This ability allows her to reset a situation, as long as the chance of a favorable outcome is not zero. She can use this power to manipulate events and outcomes to suit her own desires. Overall, Bernkastel is a complex and enigmatic character who is both powerful and dangerous. Her motivations and true intentions are often unclear, making her a fascinating character in the Umineko: When They Cry series.

15. Natsuki Minamiya From Strike the Blood


Natsuki Minamiya is an English teacher at Saikai Academy and is one of the few people who knows that Kojou Akatsuki is the Fourth Primogenitor, a powerful vampire. Outside of school, Natsuki is known as the Witch of the Void and is a high-ranking attack mage. Natsuki has long black hair with a fringe and long bangs on either side of her face, as well as dark-blue eyes.

Despite being an adult, she has a child-like appearance due to being in an enchanted sleep for ten years, which prevented her body from aging. Natsuki is known for her stubborn and childish personality, but she also has a caring side. She took Astarte to a festival to help her enjoy herself and even showed her teasing side by teasing Kojou Akatsuki about his attraction to Yukina Himeragi in public.

As the Witch of the Void, Natsuki possesses immense magical power and is capable of using powerful spells to defeat her enemies. She is also skilled in combat and can hold her own in battle. Her knowledge of Kojou’s true identity and her magical abilities make her a valuable ally in the fight against supernatural threats.

Overall, Natsuki Minamiya is a memorable character in Strike the Blood, known for her unique personality, child-like appearance, and powerful magical abilities. Her loyalty to her friends and her willingness to fight for what she believes in make her an important part of the series.

14. Lotte Jansson From Little Witch Academia

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Lotte Jansson is a witch from Finland who attends Luna Nova Magical Academy and shares a room with Akko and Sucy. She is characterized by her short stature, bright orange hair, and turquoise blue eyes. Lotte has a timid and shy personality, but she is also kind-hearted and cares deeply for her friends, particularly Akko.

Despite her usually timid demeanor, Lotte has a remarkable talent for contacting and communicating with spirits within old objects and understanding faeries. This unique ability sets her apart from other witches at Luna Nova and proves to be a valuable asset in various situations.

Lotte’s standard magical skills include Flight Magic, which allows her to fly using a riding broom and the Flying Spell, as well as Metamorphosis Magic, which enables her to transform objects or creatures into different forms. She is proficient in using these spells, but her real strength lies in her connection to the spirit world.

Throughout the series, Lotte demonstrates her willingness to help others, often putting their needs before her own. Her gentle and caring nature makes her a valued friend to those around her, and she is always willing to lend a listening ear or a helping hand. Overall, Lotte Jansson is a memorable and beloved character, known for her unique talents, kind-hearted nature, and loyalty to her friends.

13. Shiny Chariot From Little Witch Academia


In the anime series Little Witch Academia, Shiny Chariot is portrayed as a powerful and charismatic witch who inspires others with her magic performances. She is known for using her magic to create dazzling light shows that entertain and captivate her audience, and her stage name Shiny Chariot reflects her ability to shine bright like a star.

As a mentor and idol to Atsuko Kagari, Chariot plays a significant role in helping her to develop her magical abilities and pursue her dream of becoming a witch. She teaches Atsuko and her friends about the importance of following their hearts and using their magic to bring joy and happiness to others.

Chariot’s magic is unique in that she uses the Magic of Stars, which has unknown but powerful abilities. Her mastery of this magic allows her to project powerful beams and explosions of magical energy, create energy barriers, and even summon a sword made of magical energy. Additionally, she is skilled in magical astrology, which she uses to see into the future and predict events.

Overall, Shiny Chariot is a beloved character in the Little Witch Academia series, known for her charisma, magical prowess, and dedication to bringing joy to others through her performances.

12. Angela Leon From Soul Eater


Angela Leon is first introduced in the Soul Eater anime as a young witch who is under the protection of Mifune, a powerful samurai bodyguard who is fiercely loyal to her. Later, she becomes a target of Arachnophobia, a group of witches who seek to capture her in order to use her magic for their own purposes.

After Mifune’s death, Angela seeks refuge at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) under the protection of Death, the academy’s headmaster. Despite her young age, Angela shows a playful and cheerful personality, often enjoying the company of others around her. However, she is also shown to possess a fierce and protective side when it comes to those she cares about.

This is seen when she defends Mifune during his fight against Black☆Star, even using her magic to aid him. As a witch, Angela has the ability to harness magic, a limitless energy that can be used for various purposes. Her theme as a chameleon is reflected in her ability to turn invisible at will, although due to her young age and lack of control over her magic, she is only able to partially cloak herself.

Overall, Angela’s innocence and playfulness make her a likable character, while her potential as a powerful witch adds depth to her character and makes her a valuable asset to the DWMA.

11. Diana Cavendish From Little Witch Academia


As a witch from an ancient family of magic users in Britain, Diana Cavendish is regarded as a prodigy and a role model for her fellow students. Diana is also the head of the prestigious Cavendish family, making her a figure of high status in the witching world. Diana has a very composed and serious personality, and is highly dedicated to her magical studies.

She is known for her self-discipline, maturity, and exceptional magical abilities, which set her apart from her peers. Despite her reserved nature, she is also capable of kindness and empathy, and is respected by her fellow students for her wisdom and leadership skills. One of Diana’s most notable abilities is the Nullification Spell, which allows her to negate any type of magic.

She is also skilled in the use of Fusion Magic, which enables her to enhance her magical power by combining it with that of others. Additionally, Diana is a skilled illusionist, able to create powerful illusions that can deceive even the most perceptive of individuals.

Overall, Diana is a complex and multifaceted character who embodies the values of hard work, dedication, and tradition. Her exceptional magical abilities, coupled with her leadership skills and kind heart, make her an inspiring role model for aspiring witches everywhere.

10. Echidna From Re:Zero Season 2

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As the Witch of Greed, Echidna is known for her curiosity and thirst for knowledge, as well as her exceptional magical abilities. Echidna’s appearance is striking, with porcelain-like skin and black eyes that shine with intellect. Despite her formidable powers, Echidna is portrayed as a polite and soft-spoken character, with a somewhat childish demeanor.

She is described as being somewhat forgetful and clumsy, but her curiosity and thirst for knowledge are the driving forces behind her behavior. Echidna’s obsession with learning about the unknown and her desire to uncover the secrets of the world around her make her a fascinating character to follow. One of Echidna’s most notable abilities is her mastery of all six elements of magic.

This sets her apart from other characters in the series, as she is able to use a wide range of spells and techniques to achieve her goals. Her magical prowess is unparalleled, making her a formidable opponent for anyone who crosses her path. Echidna’s connection to Roswaal and Beatrice is also a key part of her character.

Overall, Echidna is a memorable and intriguing character in the world of Re:Zero. Her thirst for knowledge, mastery of magic, and complex relationships with other characters make her a fascinating character to follow, and add depth and complexity to the series as a whole.

9. Arachne Gorgon From Soul Eater


As the former head of Arachnophobia and one of the Gorgon Sisters, Arachne Gorgon possesses immense power and is a formidable foe for anyone who crosses her path. Her appearance, with her porcelain-like complexion and curvaceous figure, adds to her mystique and allure. One of the defining aspects of Arachne’s character is her vengeful nature.

She harbors a deep grudge against Medusa, her former ally who betrayed her, and seeks revenge against Death himself. This desire for revenge is the driving force behind her efforts to envelop the world in madness, as she seeks to upset the balance of power and bring about chaos. Despite her vengeful nature, Arachne is also a skilled manipulator and strategist.

She uses her skills to spy on others and gather information, which she uses to further her goals. She also presents herself as a maternal figure, using her powers to protect and nurture those she sees as valuable assets in her quest for power. In terms of her abilities, Arachne is a powerful witch who is capable of using a variety of spells and techniques to achieve her goals.

She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as demonstrated by her ability to hold her own against powerful opponents like Crona. Overall, Arachne Gorgon is a fascinating and complex character in Soul Eater. Her vengeful nature, manipulative tendencies, and powerful abilities make her a formidable foe and an intriguing character to watch.

8. Zeniba From Spirited Away


Zeniba is depicted as a witch with immense power and a sharp tongue, but also with a kind heart and a maternal instinct. Despite her initial intimidating demeanor, Zeniba proves to be an ally and protector to Chihiro, helping her navigate through the spirit world and defeat her enemies. One notable aspect of Zeniba’s character is her relationship with her twin sister, Yubaba.

Despite being identical in appearance, the two sisters have vastly different personalities and agendas. While Yubaba is greedy and selfish, using her powers to control and exploit the spirits around her, Zeniba is more compassionate and nurturing, using her magic to heal and protect.

Zeniba’s kinder nature is also evident in her relationship with No-Face, a mysterious spirit who she takes under her wing and teaches the value of kindness and respect. Another significant aspect of Zeniba’s character is her use of magic. As a witch, she possesses immense power, which she uses to manipulate the world around her.

However, unlike her sister, Zeniba uses her magic for the greater good, healing injuries and undoing curses. She is also skilled in the art of curses, as demonstrated by her curse on the golden seal, which serves as a deterrent to those who would try to steal it. Overall, Zeniba is a complex and intriguing character, full of contradictions and surprises.

7. Beatrice From Umineko: When They Cry


Beatrice is a mysterious and powerful witch who is revered as the other ruler of Rokkenjima. She has a striking appearance as a Caucasian woman with ginger-blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a bow in her hair and a choker, and dressed in a ballgown-like outfit. On the surface, Beatrice appears to be a cruel and sadistic person who enjoys torturing and killing people for the sake of entertainment.

Her reputation as one of the cruelest witches ever in the Meta-World is well-known, and she is feared from heavens to hell. She can be composed and majestic at times, while at other times, she is disgraceful and insightful with a creepy laughter and a demonic smile.

However, as the anime progresses, more sides of her character are revealed. Beatrice proves to have a joyful attitude and a childish side, which contrasts her previous personality. She also shows a more vulnerable side, hinting at deeper emotions beneath her sadistic facade. Beatrice possesses the power to manipulate life and death itself through her Endless Magic.

She can revive and kill people as she pleases, making her an incredibly powerful and feared witch. Despite her cruel nature, she is a complex character with many layers, and her motivations and intentions are often shrouded in mystery.

6. Vanessa Enoteca From Black Clover

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Vanessa Enoteca is a powerful witch from the Witches’ Forest and a member of the Black Bull squad, which is part of the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights. She is known for her wavy, pink hair and her voluptuous figure, as well as her love of alcohol and handsome men. Despite her relaxed and carefree demeanor, Vanessa is a skilled fighter and a valuable member of the Black Bulls.

She possesses a unique form of magic called Thread Magic, which allows her to control the threads of fate and manipulate the threads that make up reality itself. With her magic, she can control the movements of her opponents, deflect attacks, and even heal herself and others. In addition to her combat skills, Vanessa is also a caring and supportive member of the Black Bulls.

She offers guidance and assistance to her fellow squadmates, such as Noelle, who struggles with controlling her magic. Vanessa’s compassion and willingness to help others make her a beloved member of the Black Bulls. However, Vanessa’s love of alcohol and handsome men can sometimes get her into trouble.

She has been known to get drunk and cause chaos, earning her the nickname Drunken Frenzy Witch among her peers. Additionally, she has a tendency to flirt with her fellow squadmates, especially Yami Sukehiro. Despite her flirtatious behavior, Vanessa is a loyal and trustworthy member of the Black Bulls who will do whatever it takes to protect her squad and the people she cares about.

5. Atsuko Kagari From Little Witch Academia

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Atsuko Kagari, also known as Akko, is a first-generation witch who comes from a non-magical family, but she is determined to become a powerful witch like her idol, Shiny Chariot. Akko’s cheerful and optimistic personality is one of her most prominent traits.

She is always up for a challenge, even if it seems impossible, and she never gives up. Her impulsive nature often leads her into trouble, but she always manages to find a way out. Akko’s determination is one of her strongest assets, and she will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, even if it means putting herself in danger.

As a witch, Akko possesses magical abilities that allow her to project beams of energy from her wand, levitate objects and people, and change the form of animals. With the help of her mentor, Ursula, she also learns how to repair objects with magic. However, Akko’s magical abilities are not as developed as those of other witches, and she often struggles to perform spells correctly.

Despite this, Akko’s creativity and resourcefulness often allow her to find alternative solutions to problems that other witches might not consider. Overall, Atsuko Kagari is a determined and optimistic witch who is always up for a challenge. Her magical abilities are not the strongest, but her creativity and resourcefulness allow her to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals.

4. Sucy Manbavaran From Little Witch Academia

anime witch

Sucy Manbavaran is a young witch from Southeast Asia with pale grayish skin, red eyes, and mauve hair. Sucy is known for her aloof, sarcastic, and somewhat sadistic personality, often showing little emotion in situations that would cause others to panic or become excited. Sucy is skilled in the field of alchemy and is particularly interested in creating potions.

She has an uncanny fascination with mushrooms and often incorporates them into her potions, which are usually deadly or poisonous. Despite her seemingly dark interests, Sucy has a dry sense of humor and often makes sarcastic remarks. Throughout the series, Sucy is shown to have a close friendship with her roommates, although she often teases them and shows little regard for their safety.

Despite her prickly exterior, Sucy does care for her friends and has been shown to help them when they are in trouble. Sucy’s advanced knowledge of alchemy and her unique interests make her a valuable asset to the group of young witches at Luna Nova Magical Academy.

Her calm and collected demeanor often allows her to think clearly in stressful situations, and her skills in potion-making have saved the day on more than one occasion. Overall, Sucy is a complex and intriguing character with a distinct personality and a unique set of skills. Her friendship with Akko and Lotte adds depth to her character, and her dry humor provides comic relief in the midst of tense situations.

3. Kiki From Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Kiki is a 13-year-old witch-in-training. She has short dark brown hair that she ties back with a large red bow, and she is accompanied by her cat familiar, Jiji. Kiki is a strong-willed and determined character who leaves her home in Karikiya to undergo her witch training. She is friendly, curious, kind-hearted, and upbeat, and she is always eager to help others.

However, Kiki can also be stubborn and proud at times, which can lead to conflicts with those around her. Despite being a witch, Kiki is shown to be a relatable and down-to-earth character. She struggles with self-doubt and insecurity about her appearance and her abilities as a witch.

However, with the help of her mother’s advice and the support of her friends, Kiki learns to embrace her unique qualities and talents. Kiki’s delivery service becomes an important part of her character arc, as she learns to take responsibility for herself and her actions.

She initially struggles to find customers, but as she becomes more confident in her abilities and develops friendships with her customers, she becomes a beloved figure in the town of Koriko. Overall, Kiki is a charming and relatable character who learns important lessons about self-acceptance, responsibility, and the value of friendship and community. Her journey is a heartwarming and inspiring.

2. Medusa Gorgon From Soul Eater


Medusa Gorgon is known as a snake witch due to her appearance and abilities. Medusa has a striking appearance, with long blonde hair and a black body-length suit that extends to her knees. As a witch, Medusa possesses advanced magical abilities that enable her to manipulate and control her black blood, a rare and dangerous substance.

She is able to mix the black blood with Ragnarok, her weapon partner, and fuse it to Crona’s own blood, a feat that most witches would be unable to handle. Medusa is a powerful witch and is respected by others in the witch community for her skills and abilities. Despite her power and abilities, Medusa is also known for her cruel and manipulative nature.

She is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, including using others as pawns in her schemes. Her actions cause her to be a major antagonist throughout the series. Despite her villainous nature, Medusa is also a complex character with her own motivations and desires.

Her relationship with her own child, Crona, is complicated and she struggles with her own feelings of guilt and regret. Overall, Medusa Gorgon is a formidable and interesting character in Soul Eater, with powerful magical abilities and a complex personality that makes her a major player in the story.

1. Blair From Soul Eater

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In Soul Eater, Blair is a cat with strong magical power that was initially mistaken for a genuine witch due to her abilities. Despite being a cat, she can take on human form, in which she appears as a young, tall woman with a curvaceous figure and bright yellow cat eyes, and wears a black witch’s hat that coils at the end.

Blair is a playful and flirtatious character, and she enjoys being the center of attention in social settings. She is optimistic and affable, but she also has a more serious side to her. Blair is confident in her abilities and takes pride in her magical power. She is rather smug and can be a bit arrogant, believing that she is superior to others.

Despite her quirks and playful nature, Blair is a capable fighter and a serious threat to those who underestimate her. In her first meeting with Maka, she was able to defeat her with a single attack. Later, she managed to hold her own against both Maka and Soul in an actual confrontation, gaining the upper hand until Soul used trickery to turn the tide of the battle.

Overall, Blair is a complex and interesting character in Soul Eater, with a playful personality and formidable magical abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with.


In conclusion, anime witches are captivating and magical characters that add an element of mysticism and enchantment to anime series. With their distinct appearances, mystical powers, and involvement in the world of magic, they bring a unique flavor to the stories they inhabit.

Popular anime series featuring witches showcase the diversity of their portrayals, offering a rich variety of stories and characters for viewers to enjoy. Whether they are part of secret societies, magical academies, or legendary figures, anime witches bring an element of wonder and excitement to the anime medium.

Overall, anime witches have become an integral part of the anime landscape, captivating audiences with their magical abilities, intriguing designs, and their involvement in captivating storylines. They continue to be beloved and memorable characters, leaving a lasting impression in the hearts of anime fans.

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