Top 10 Naruto Character With The Strongest Base Forms

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Top 10 Naruto Character With The Strongest Base Forms – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Naruto Character With The Strongest Base Forms. By base forms, we are taking about no transformations and no dojutsu. This is shinobi only, so non shinobi are out. Today, I’ll give you the list of the the naruto character with the strongest base forms in the series. So, let’s get started.

10. Hiruzen Sarutobi


Hiruzen has all his power in base form where he can use all 5 Nature Transformations proficiently and at a high level. Can use sealing techniques, has incredible taijutsu and speed as well as summoning. In his old age (being weaker than in his prime, even stated by Orochimaru) he was still strong enough to fight off 2 Reanimations including Orochimaru himself and managed to seal off the latter’s powers. Orochimaru himself will state that, if he was just 10 years younger he would have won.

9. Onoki


Onoki doesn’t have any kind of transformation or powerup and uses all his techniques in base. He’s highly proficient in Earth Release, being possibly its best user. He possesses the technique “Dust Release” a Kekkei Touta Jutsu which involves mixing Earth, Wind and Fire Release Nature Transformations and it can basically one shot almost anything if it gets to make contact. Onoki can also make himself lighter for flight and thus can keep his distance to battle against powerful opponents. Even in his old age he still appeared to be one of the strongest.

8. Gengetsu Hozuki


Gengetsu has all his power in base form and is among the strongest characters in the series. This is mainly because he possesses a very tricky ability which allows him to summon a clam which he uses to create mirages (illusions) of himself and the clam. Until and unless his real body or the real clam is found, he cannot be defeated. Now he makes sure to hide himself and the clam which makes things very difficult for the opponent. He can also make a clone which resembles a chibi version of himself made from the oil and water in his body. As the internal pressure builds, the clone expands until it violently explodes and the water vapour is released. This ability gave Gaara trouble in the war and it took help from Onoki to defeat him.

7. Gaara


When the series first began, Gaara was the Jinchuriki of Shukaku and benefitted from its power. Later however Shukaku was extracted from him by the Akatsuki forcing him to rely on his own power. Instead of becoming weaker he continuously got stronger with his own power all in base. In the war he was strong enough to battle the likes of Mu and Gengetsu, managing to take on Gengetsu alone and with help from Onoki successfully seals him. The scale at which he could manipulate sand was on another level and it is even more so now in Boruto where he’s become much stronger than he was in the war. Excluding powerups he would only be behind Naruto and Sasuke now in Boruto.

6. Mu


Like Onoki, Mu can use all his techniques in base. He can use all 5 Nature Transformations and thus able to combine; Earth, Wind and Fire for “Dust Release” which he uses to disintegrate anything into dust. He can make himself light enough for flight, make himself invisible and is a good sensory ninja. His invisibility and sensory abilities makes him even deadlier than Onoki and it would be fair to say he’s simply a better version of Onoki. He was never sealed when he was reanimated in the war unlike the other Kage who were reanimated with him and other reanimated shinobi.

5. Tobirama Senju


Tobirama doesn’t have any kind of powerup but is still among the strongest characters in the series. He uses all his techniques in base; can use all 5 Nature Transformations with high proficiency over Water Release, Shadow Clones, Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags. Despite all these what makes him truly powerful is his ability to use these techniques alongside the Flying Raijin Technique which he himself created. In the war as the reanimation, his performance was immense playing a crucial role in the battle against 10 Tails Jinchuriki Obito.

4. Minato Namikaze

naruto character

Another shinobi whose base form is something else. Minato always relied on his base form in his time since he was not good at using Sage Mode thus never bothered himself trying to use it. He was already so powerful in his base form. He could use Sealing Techniques, Rasengan and the Flying Raijin which made him the fastest character in his time. He showed feats that very few shinobi in the series can even dream of replicating. He took on Killer Bee and his brother the 4th Raikage at once and did not lose. He save Konoha from getting destroyed by defeating Tobi and managed to take on the 9 Tails alone. In the end using aid from Kushina’s chains he succeeded in sealing the 9 Tails. I put him above Tobirama mainly because of this feat.

3. Hashirama Senju

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Hashirama had a Sage Mode powerup which multiplied his power but he was already very strong in his base form. In base form he could use all his techniques except; Shinsuusenjutsu and the Gracious Deity Gates. This means he could still use the Wood Golem, Wood Dragon and all other Wood Release Techniques in base. In base he still held the upper hand against EMS Madara and only entered Sage Mode when Madara began using Kurama. His base form is still stronger than most with powerups and is still in the Legendary Tier where we only have Bijuu Sage Mode Naruto, EMS Madara and Bijuu Mode Minato with possibly Rinnegan Obito.

2. Sasuke Uchiha

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Sasuke’s base form skyrocketed after meeting the Sage of Six Paths. Two years after the war (in Naruto: The Last Movie) we saw something that tells us that his base form was immense. He used Chidori to take out the other half of the meteorite that was moving towards Konoha. In the war, he needed Susanoo to accomplish the same feat. This tells how powerful his base form had become. He can still use many techniques in base that are not from the Sharingan or Rinnegan. He can still use Fire Release, Chidori and several variants, Kirin etc. All these alongside his physical stats; incredible speed, taijutsu makes his base form God Tier.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto’s base form also skyrocketed after meeting the Sage of Six Paths. Two years after the war his base form had become so powerful such that after a long battle against Toneri using Bijuu Sage Mode, he reverted back to base form and used Chakra Enhanced Strength to punch Toneri’s Chakra Mode out of him. In base he still has techniques like; Shadow Clones, Rasengan, Giant Rasengan and several variants, Rasenshuriken etc. His physicals; Speed, Strength, Taijutsu are still immense making his base God Level. Against Momoshiki he managed to hold for a while in a Taijutsu duel and his Rasengan was enough for Boruto to overpower Momoshiki’s own attack, obliterate his Shinju Tree and send him into space.

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