Top 21 Teen Manhua That Are Worth Reading

teen manhua

Top 21 Teen Manhua That Are Worth Reading – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 21 Teen Manhua That Are Worth Reading. Teen manhua refers to a genre of Chinese comics that are primarily targeted towards a teenage audience. These manhua often focus on themes and issues relevant to teenagers, including school life, friendship, romance, and the challenges of adolescence.

Teen manhua usually feature relatable characters, realistic scenarios, and a blend of humor, drama, and emotion. While many teen manhua are contemporary and set in modern times, some might also incorporate fantasy, supernatural elements, or historical settings. So, let’s get started.

21. Summer Bloom

teen manhua

Summer Bloom follows the story of He You, an 18-year-old girl who has recently moved to her college city. On her first day, she has an unfortunate encounter with a mysterious young man. Feeling upset, she seeks solace in a charming flower shop at a street corner. The shop’s owner, a kind and beautiful person, welcomes her warmly.

To her surprise, He You discovers a magical flower in the shop that reminds her of her childhood. And to add to the intrigue, she comes face to face with the same enigmatic young man from earlier. As the story unfolds, He You wonders if this stranger could be the same “magical” boy who once helped her during her childhood.

20. Mint Couple

teen manhua

Mint Couple revolves around a 19-year-old girl who is joyfully commemorating her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend. However, on this special occasion, her boyfriend unveils a surprising secret. Following an accident, he has acquired the remarkable ability to teleport at will.

This revelation leaves her utterly astonished, transforming the dynamics of their relationship into something remarkably intriguing. As they navigate the implications of his newfound powers, their bond takes on a whole new dimension filled with wonder and uncertainty.

19. Don’t Love Me, Or Die

teen manhua

In Don’t Love Me, Or Die, the protagonist Su Keke, known for her dedication to learning, has a fateful encounter with a fortune teller during her journey home. Unexpectedly, this encounter leads to her being magically transformed into an enchanting individual.

This transformation dramatically alters her life’s trajectory. Suddenly, all the boys around her become ardent admirers, and she finds herself inundated with daily confessions of affection. Unfortunately, this newfound attention becomes a significant obstacle to her studies, a pursuit she values deeply.

Frustrated by the disruptions to her academic pursuits, Su Keke takes a strong stance. She vows that anyone who hinders her studies will face her unwavering determination to succeed. Her resolute message is clear: “Don’t love me, or die!”

18. My Mobster Girlfriend


My Mobster Girlfriend is a teen manhua that follow the story of Zhang Nan, a young heir to the prestigious Hidden Dragon Family, who harbors a simple desire: to live a normal, uneventful life.

However, his grandfather has other plans for him and sends him off to an exclusive aristocratic training school. As if that wasn’t enough of a curveball, Zhang Nan’s life takes an unexpected turn when a befuddled teacher mistakenly places him in an all-female class filled with the heirs of powerful families.

What follows is a comedic and tumultuous journey as Zhang Nan grapples with the challenges and antics of his new classmates, pushing him to the brink of academic failure and making him reconsider his dreams of a peaceful life.

17. Summer of Lime

teen manhua

Dahlia Lime’s life took an unexpected turn when she moved from S City to the coastal city of Q. Enrolled in the prestigious Mingtang Private High School, she embarks on a new chapter. However, on her very first day, a wrong turn led her to witness Julian Summer, a delicate and remarkably handsome top student, in tears. This initial encounter set the tone for a rather unpleasant first meeting.

Fate had more surprises in store for Dahlia when she crossed paths with Jared, the ultimate heartthrob of Mingtang High School. What started as an unexpected encounter soon evolved into a high-stakes basketball wager. Dahlia’s sudden attention from two of the school’s most charming guys left her astonished.

Yet, as Dahlia spent more time with Julian and Jared, their relationships began to shift and transform. Amid the school’s vibrant backdrop, a series of heartwarming and comical stories unfolded, showcasing the unpredictable journey of friendship and romance among these three unlikely companions.

16. Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend


In the renowned Saint Vincent High School, nicknamed the Nunnery, a surprising turn of events unfolds when two exceptionally attractive teenagers enroll simultaneously.

Dora, the protagonist, inadvertently stumbles upon the hidden aspects of these newcomers, leading to an unusual connection on their very first day at school. Intent on merely imparting a lesson, Dora finds herself entangled in a perplexing dynamic with them, baffled by the unexpected nature of a confession that defies comprehension.

15. Minty Summer


Tracey reunites with her childhood friend Neil after returning to her hometown. However, despite their shared history, something from their past has turned them into virtual strangers. As they navigate the complexities of their renewed connection, the story delves into the spectrum of emotions they’ve both experienced—ranging from smiles to pains, and from secrets to the tender nuances of young love.

Set against the backdrop of a picturesque small town, the tale beautifully captures the journey of adolescence, replete with its memories, uncertainties, and the delicate bonds that weave their way through time.

14. The 100th Day Since My Sister Disappeared


Yue WuMing, a somber individual, commits the unthinkable act of ruthlessly ending his own sister’s life and skillfully diverting any suspicion from himself. However, while tidying his sister’s room on a later occasion, he stumbles upon a notebook that unravels a startling truth.

Upon its pages, he is confronted with a shocking revelation: there exists no discernible motive compelling him to carry out his sister’s murder. Bewildered and shaken, Yue WuMing finds himself grappling with the bewildering enigma that shrouds his actions.

13. Energy Hunters


Energy Hunters is a teen manhua that follow the story of Gu Xinghe, a reserved high school student. His life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious and ominous event unleashes a rain of bloody red drops. Suddenly, he finds himself hunted by a group of monstrous creatures known as the “Death Disciples.”

Tragedy strikes when his dear friend Lu Yang is severely injured by these creatures and falls into a coma on his own birthday. However, a glimmer of hope emerges as Xinghe is rescued from the clutches of the Death Disciples by a remarkable girl possessing incredible powers. Fueled by the determination to save his friend and protect others from similar threats, Xinghe makes a life-altering decision.

He enrolls in the “Energy Hunters” academy, the same institution attended by the powerful girl who saved him. Within the academy, Xinghe embarks on a journey of training and self-discovery. He learns to harness his own latent abilities while mastering skills that will enable him to combat not only the Death Disciples but also other malevolent forces lurking in the shadows.

12. My Lucky Star

teen manhua

In the manhua My Lucky Star, we meet the adorable and lively Star Mu, who has shared a deep childhood friendship with the popular and athletic Austin Si since they were both five years old. Their bond is so strong that they know each other inside out. However, as they step into their teenage years, their feelings begin to evolve, and the idea of holding hands and more starts to flicker in their minds.

Despite their close and sweet relationship, these newfound emotions create a complex web of challenges. Star, feeling overwhelmed, starts to distance herself, leaving the usually perceptive Austin in a state of confusion. With the emergence of new friends, each with their own aspirations, the once-clear and simple dynamics between Star and Austin become more intricate.

11. Lord of Misfortune

teen manhua

In the manhua Lord of Misfortune, we follow the unfortunate high school student, Hayashi Kyo, who is famously known as the “Lord of Misfortune” at Amegafuru High School. His life seems perpetually plagued by bad luck, and the entire school believes that misfortune will befall anyone who gets too close to him. Consequently, Kyo has been isolated and shunned by his classmates.

However, this relentless streak of bad luck has honed his reflexes to the point of becoming an extraordinary superpower, allowing him to instinctively dodge any impending danger. Kyo’s life takes a dramatic turn when he has a fateful encounter with a malevolent spirit named Biwa. Even a demon hesitates to come into contact with a soul cursed by such profound misfortune.

However, their intertwined fate forces Biwa to teach Kyo a unique skill – the ability to transfer misfortune. In a desperate bid for survival, they embark on a journey to harness and control Kyo’s curse, setting the stage for a tale of unexpected alliances, supernatural powers, and the struggle for both Kyo and Biwa to break free from the shackles of their ill-fated destinies.

10. Your Modern White Knight


Modern White Knight is a manhua that follows the story of Xiantian, a young man who wakes up in an unfamiliar place on his nineteenth birthday.

Confused and disoriented, he discovers that he narrowly escaped a car accident. Amidst his confusion, the name “Qiao Xiaoqiao” echoes in his mind. Determined to uncover the mystery behind this name, Xiantian embarks on a quest to find the owner of the name.

9. Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

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In the Manhua Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!, the daily lives of a unique pair of siblings are depicted through their constant bickering and disputes over minor matters. The duo consists of the composed younger sister “Secondra” and her comical older brother “Minuto”.

Despite their ongoing squabbles, when one of them requires assistance, the other is quick to step in. Their dynamic is peculiar yet endearing. The story also introduces their circle of friends. Minuto’s longtime friend, Joy Zhen, is a handsome but uncomplicated boy. On the other hand, Secondra’s closest companion, Grace, is a kind-hearted girl who mistakenly perceives Minuto as a troublemaker.

As the tale unfolds, these characters’ interactions weave a narrative that delves into friendship, misunderstandings, and the bonds between siblings.

8. The Almighty Demon Emperor


Label him a demon, yet when he soars through the heavens on his sword, his elegance rivals that of an immortal. Call him a Buddha, but his actions leave behind mountains of corpses and rivers of blood, more sinister than any demon.

He bathes in blood and tempers his bones with fire, rendering himself invulnerable. He stands as the paramount practitioner of the demonic Dao in the world. From humble beginnings in a dump, young Lin Feng acquires the primordial demon seed, transforming into the sole grand demon in existence!

7. The Daily Life of the Immortal King

teen manhua

In an age of cultivation where everyone pursued mastery of magic arts, cultivation, and elixirs, Wang Ling stood out as an exception. He cared little for these pursuits, yet his cultivation prowess soared to incredible heights. At the tender age of three, he could already ride a sword, and by seven, he had achieved immortality.

Though he yearned for a quiet life, fate had other plans for him in a regular high school. Accidentally thrust into the spotlight, he found the attention exhausting. Ah, the burden of invincibility! He longed for a simple existence, indulging in crispy instant noodles. The life of a formidable being, it seemed, was anything but exciting – it was monotonous and, well, gummed up.

6. Travel to AD 3000


Travel to AD 3000 centers on a girl originally from the year 2011, who suddenly finds herself transported to the distant future of 3011. However, this future society is vastly different, as sentient machines have assumed control over certain humans, while individuals with unique abilities have emerged.

These groups all harbor ambitions of world dominance, with the conflict escalating between the subjugated humans yearning for freedom and those seeking power. Caught in the midst of this intense struggle, the protagonist must navigate the intricate web of alliances and rivalries.

Amid the chaos, she discovers a profound love, but even this affection is fraught with challenges due to the ongoing conflict. Her desire to be with the one she loves compels her to confront the intricate power dynamics at play in this futuristic world.

5. Battle Frenzy


Battle Frenzy is set in a unique world with two moons and a soul realm full of endless opportunities. Darkness prevails, and a mysterious clown adds an air of intrigue. In this world, there’s a federation made up of 100 cities and three powerful empires. The setting is one where dangerous monsters roam freely, and humanity is fighting to reclaim the Earth from these creatures.

It’s an era where heroes are born and people are striving to take back their world. At the center of all this action is Wang Zhong, a special second-year student. He possesses the ability to use the Playful Roulette, a power that has the potential to shake the entire world. And to all the ladies out there, he’s announcing his presence as a confident senior.

4. Rebirth: A Noble Family’s Comeback


Rebirth: A Noble Family’s Comeback is a story about a young woman who has gone through a series of terrible events in her life. Her father disappeared when she was just three years old, and at the age of fifteen, she had a serious injury to her hand. Tragedy struck again when her mother died in a car accident when she was sixteen.

When she was nineteen, her uncle framed her for something she didn’t do, and at twenty-two, her husband and best friend betrayed her by trying to burn her alive. But, there’s a twist. Through some twist of fate or perhaps divine intervention, she gets a second chance at life. She’s sent back in time to when she was fifteen years old.

In her previous life, she tried to stay quiet and endure all the hardships, but it only led to more suffering and betrayal. Now, in this new life, she’s determined to be strong and assertive. She wants to make sure that those who have bullied and wronged her in the past face their own share of suffering and consequences. It’s a story of revenge, transformation, and overcoming adversity.

3. Panlong


Linley is a determined young noble hailing from a once-mighty clan, now facing decline. His lofty ambitions revolve around rescuing his clan from its current state of obscurity. Linley’s extraordinary journey unfolds unexpectedly, triggered by a fortuitous accident: the discovery of a unique ring. This ring, adorned with a captivating dragon engraving, captivates him from the moment he sets eyes on it.

However, it’s not until a fateful encounter during a fierce clash between two formidable fighters that Linley realizes the true nature of his newfound possession. To his astonishment, the seemingly ordinary ring conceals powers far beyond his wildest imagination. Thus, Linley’s adventure commences, driven by newfound abilities and a fervent determination to restore his clan’s lost glory.

2. Heaven Defying Sword


In the world of Heaven Defying Sword, the young Xuan Tian sets forth on a perilous quest driven by a burning desire for vengeance. His family’s devastation at the hands of his treacherous uncle fuels his determination to confront this malevolent force. To achieve this goal, he embarks on a rigorous journey of martial arts training, with a singular focus on honing his swordsmanship.

From a naive teenager with no knowledge of the martial arts to emerging as a legendary Sword God of his era, Xuan Tian’s transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Those he once regarded as formidable adversaries now pale in comparison to his prowess; they are but insignificant grains of dust in his presence.

With a mere finger, he can obliterate all obstacles, and with his sword, he defies the very heavens themselves. Xuan Tian’s path is one that leads him directly toward the boundless expanse of the heavens, where his destiny unfolds amidst battles, challenges, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

1. Tales of Demons and Gods


The story is set in a world where powerful martial artists and cultivators exist, and it follows the journey of the protagonist, Nie Li. Nie Li was once a powerful martial artist but died in battle. However, he is mysteriously reborn in his younger self, retaining all his memories and knowledge from his previous life.

Armed with his knowledge of future events and a burning desire to protect his loved ones and change the fate of his city. He is determined to prevent the demon beast invasion that led to the downfall of his city and the death of many people, including his friends.

Nie Li begins cultivating his strength from a young age, striving to become the most powerful martial artist. Along the way, he encounters various challenges, makes new friends, and unravels the mysteries of the world’s cultivation system. He also becomes involved in political intrigues and conflicts among various powerful factions and clans.


In conclusion, teen manhua are a vibrant and diverse genre of Chinese comics that cater to the interests and experiences of teenagers. These comics delve into the challenges, dreams, and emotions that come with adolescence, offering relatable stories that resonate with their target audience.

Through a mix of art styles, themes, and narrative approaches, teen manhua create a space where young readers can find characters and situations they can identify with. Whether exploring school life, friendship, romance, or personal growth, teen manhua provide a platform for both entertainment and reflection, making them a significant and cherished part of the comic landscape.

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