Top 30 Best Yuri Manga You Must Read

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Top 30 Best Yuri Manga You Must Read – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 30 Best Yuri Manga You Must Read. Yuri manga is a genre of manga that focuses on romantic and emotional relationships between female characters. The term “yuri” originated from the Japanese word for “lily,” which has been associated with female same-sex relationships.

Yuri manga encompasses a wide range of stories, from sweet and heartwarming tales of budding romance to more dramatic and complex narratives that delve into the challenges and obstacles faced by the characters in their relationships. These stories can take place in various settings, such as schools, workplaces, fantasy worlds, and more. Let us jump right into it.

30. My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!

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My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! is a yuri manga that follows the story of Sakiko Manaka, a devoted fan of the world-famous idol Chiro-chan, whose real name is Chihiro. Sakiko’s world is thrown into chaos when Chihiro ends up sitting right beside her in school. This unexpected turn of events leaves Sakiko feeling overwhelmed, and her ability to think straight seems to disappear.

Sakiko, who is used to admiring Chiro-chan from a distance, now has her idol in close proximity. This makes it difficult for her to focus on her studies, especially when her favorite idol is just inches away. However, Sakiko realizes that she needs to keep her cool and concentrate, as there might be others who are equally enamored with Chihiro.

The manga explores Sakiko’s struggle to balance her fan-girl emotions with her school life and friendships, while also hinting at the possibility of a deeper connection between her and Chihiro.

29. Gunbured x Sisters


Gunbured x Sisters is a yuri manga set in a decaying gothic city, where Dorothy, a warrior nun, has a mission to track down and eliminate supernatural creatures. As part of the elite group called the Crimson Sisters, her duty is to rid the city of the vampire population that poses a threat.

One night, she comes across a wounded woman named Maria, only to discover that Maria has fangs and a mysterious background. Facing a critical situation, Dorothy offers Maria a unique proposition: become her pet, which might be her best chance for survival. Together, they form an unusual partnership as they navigate the intricacies of the vampire menace that’s endangering their city.

The manga delves into the connection between Dorothy and Maria, exploring the mysteries surrounding the vampire population and the challenges they must overcome to safeguard their home.

28. Toshishita no Senpai

Toshishita no Senpai is a yuri manga that revolves around Nanasawa, a 25-year-old woman who has harbored unrequited feelings for her high school senior, Seto-san. One day, something extraordinary happens: Nanasawa finds herself transported back in time by 10 years.

To her surprise, she encounters Seto-senpai during her second year of high school. With the opportunity to change her fate, Nanasawa embarks on a “redo lifestyle.” Determined to seize her chance, she begins to shape her actions and decisions in order to bring herself closer to the girl she loves.

The manga follows Nanasawa’s journey as she navigates the complexities of reliving her high school years, aiming to create the circumstances that will lead to a romantic relationship with Seto-senpai.

27. Octave


Octave is a yuri manga that follows the story of Yukino Miyashita. In her youth, Yukino had an intense aspiration to become an idol. She achieved her dream by joining an idol group, but unfortunately, the group didn’t succeed as she had hoped, leading to her return to school where she faced isolation from her peers.

At 18 years old, Yukino is now living alone in Tokyo and is trying to begin anew as a talent manager. However, she finds it challenging to completely let go of her past as an idol. Yukino’s life takes a turn when she crosses paths with Setsuko, a songwriter who was also once part of an idol group that faced a similar fate. As Yukino and Setsuko connect, a romantic relationship blossoms between them.

This encounter prompts Yukino to reflect on her life and the choices she’s made. The manga explores Yukino’s journey of rediscovery, romance, and the impact that her connection with Setsuko has on her perspective and aspirations.

26. Kyuuketsuki-chan to Kouhai-chan


Kyuuketsuki-chan to Kouhai-chan is a yuri manga that follows the story of Sara Ajafuji, a new transfer student to Fujigamine Academy. Sara has a tendency to blush excessively and she hopes to lead a typical student life by making friends at the academy. This simple dream guides her aspirations.

However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Iris Kagen. Iris takes an interest in Sara and starts to pay attention to her. This unexpected attention from Iris puts Sara’s dreams of an ordinary student life in doubt. The manga revolves around the evolving relationship between Sara and Iris, exploring how their interactions impact Sara’s initial hopes and aspirations.

25. Shoujo-tachi no Kizuato ni Kuchizuke wo


Shoujo-tachi no Kizuato ni Kuchizuke wo is a yuri manga set within a unique academy for girls, hidden within a forest. Unbeknownst to the outside world, the students at this academy are all vampires. Their goal is to learn how to hunt for blood without drawing the attention of humans. To accomplish this, the girls form strong and often intense bonds of sisterhood.

These connections are forged through shared experiences and the secrets they hold as vampires. The manga delves into the intertwined fates of these vampire girls as they navigate their relationships and their shared need for sustenance. The story explores the challenges they face in maintaining their existence while keeping their true identities hidden from the human world.

The focus is on the complex relationships and connections they develop as they learn to coexist and thrive in their secluded environment.

24. Mr. Right Turned Out To Be A Younger Woman!?

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Mr. Right Turned Out To Be A Younger Woman!? is a yuri manga that follows the story of Haruki Shiina, who finds herself still single at the age of 33. Despite her lack of luck in finding love, her relaxed and tomboyish personality makes her popular among her female coworkers.

However, she’s met with indifference from Risa Takagai, a new hire who is both beautiful and competent, rapidly advancing in her career. Haruki views Risa as a rival and is convinced that the feeling is mutual. However, she starts noticing that Risa seems to be paying her more attention than expected.

The manga explores their dynamic as Haruki grapples with her competitive feelings towards Risa while also questioning the reasons behind Risa’s seemingly watchful gaze. The story delves into their evolving relationship, unraveling both their personal and romantic developments in a workplace setting.

23. Tsuki to Koi wa Michireba Kakeru


Tsuki to Koi wa Michireba Kakeru is a yuri manga that revolves around the lifelong friendship of Hanako and Shiori. From the ages of 16 to 26, they navigate various stages of their lives together. Hanako and Shiori have been close friends since childhood, and to outsiders, they appear to be the ideal pair – a “prince” and a “princess” who are meant for each other.

The manga takes readers on a journey through the ups and downs of their relationship. As they grow and change, the story explores the complex nature of their bond. The central question that guides the narrative is the true essence of their connection.

The manga delves into the different aspects of their lives and emotions, offering a glimpse into the evolving dynamics between Hanako and Shiori and the significance of their relationship.

22. Kamitsuki Gakuen


Kamitsuki Gakuen is a yuri manga that follows Shizuka’s journey as she discovers her life as a vampire. Along the way, she makes friends with classmates who share her condition, known as Epicureans. As she navigates her new existence, she also attempts to befriend someone named Ichi-gou.

Shizuka, due to her unique circumstances of not feeding directly from humans, appears smaller in size and has smaller bat wings. However, with the support of those around her, she starts to become more comfortable with her identity as a vampire.

As her relationships develop, particularly with Ichi-gou, she begins to feel a growing attraction to the idea of drinking Ichi-gou’s blood. The manga delves into Shizuka’s experiences as she comes to terms with her vampiric nature and her feelings for Ichi-gou, while also navigating the complexities of her relationships with her fellow Epicureans.

21. The Witches’ Marriage

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The Witches’ Marriage is a yuri manga that centers around the concept of the “Door of Truth,” a sought-after achievement among witches. Gaining enough power to open this door is a challenging task, and one common method is to enter into a “Witches’ Marriage.”

This type of contract creates a connection between witches, and as their bond deepens, it generates more power. Melissa is a witch who is pursuing the Door of Truth. She enters into a Witches’ Marriage, but she asserts that her heart is immune to developing romantic feelings for others.

However, her claim is put to the test when she encounters Tanya, an adorable individual. The manga follows Melissa’s journey as she navigates her feelings and the growing bond with Tanya, exploring whether her heart truly remains unaffected as she believed.

20. The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This


The Two of Them Are Pretty Much Like This is a yuri manga that revolves around Eri and Wako, who share a close living arrangement. Eri is a thirty-year-old professional writer, while Wako is twenty and pursuing a career as a voice actor. They initially worked together and have now become roommates who share a special bond of love.

The manga provides a glimpse into their lives as they navigate their unique relationship. It focuses on the everyday moments, the humor, the challenges, and the happiness that come with sharing their lives together. Eri and Wako’s story is heartwarming and showcases the dynamics of their relationship as they experience the ups and downs of life side by side.

19. Kimi to Shiranai Natsu ni Naru


Kimi to Shiranai Natsu ni Naru is a yuri manga that tells the story of Haru and Hii-chan, two young women in college who are grappling with the pressures and responsibilities of adulthood. They’ve followed the conventional path of getting into university, job hunting, and preparing for their post-graduation careers, simply because it’s what society expects.

However, they start questioning what they truly want for themselves. Fueled by a desire for autonomy, Haru and Hii-chan make a bold decision to take control of their lives. They throw their resumes into the sea and venture to an island together. In their pursuit of a different kind of life, they discover that island living isn’t all idyllic blue skies and carefree days.

Despite the challenges, they face their new reality as a team, and it’s a reminder that they can confront whatever the future holds as long as they face it together. The manga explores their journey of self-discovery, independence, and the bond they share as they navigate this new chapter of their lives.

18. Our Teachers are Dating

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Our Teachers are Dating is a yuri manga that revolves around Hayama-sensei and Terano-sensei, two women who are colleagues at the same school and have recently become a couple. They’re a bit reserved when it comes to their new relationship, trying to navigate the early stages of their romance.

Despite their shyness, their colleagues and even their students are supportive and encouraging, cheering them on as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of being in love. The manga focuses on the charming journey of Hayama-sensei and Terano-sensei as they explore their relationship and deal with the challenges and joys of their blossoming romance.

17. Himegami no Miko

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Himegami no Miko is a manga that revolves around Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya, two high school girls attending the respected Ototachibana Academy in the fictional village of Mahoroba, Japan. Unbeknownst to them, they are the reincarnations of the solar and lunar mikos, who hold special spiritual roles. Their lives take a dramatic turn when their ancient adversary, the Orochi, resurfaces.

The Orochi is an eight-headed serpent from Japanese mythology. As the Orochi returns, the hidden personas of Himeko and Chikane, representing their roles as protectors, awaken. They are destined to stand against the Orochi to defend the world. The manga delves into their journey as they embrace their ancient identities and work together to combat the reemerging threat.

16. Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru


Shimekiri Mae ni wa Yuri ga Hakadoru is a yuri manga that tells the story of Ayu Shirakawa, who has left her home. She comes into contact with her cousin Miyako, who introduces her to a writer named Yukari Ebiwara, known by the pen name Hikari Ebiwara. Ayu starts working as Yukari’s caregiver part-time.

Despite Yukari’s tendency to slack off by playing games and going on trips, Ayu finds joy in her new routine. As they live together and spend more time together, their bond grows stronger. Ayu begins to experience emotions she hasn’t felt before, leading her to develop romantic feelings for Yukari. The manga explores their evolving relationship and Ayu’s journey as her feelings for Yukari deepen.

15. My Cute Little Kitten


My Cute Little Kitten is a yuri manga that centers around Rena and Yuna, who have been roommates since their school days and continue to share an apartment after graduating. For five years, they’ve maintained a close friendship.

However, their situation takes an unexpected turn when Yuna brings a kitten home, even though their apartment doesn’t permit pets. This event becomes a catalyst for change. When Yuna expresses her desire to move to a place where they can keep the kitten, Rena decides to reveal her true feelings: she wants their relationship to go beyond friendship.

Yuna, while uncertain about how to respond, is willing to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship with Rena. The manga follows their journey as they navigate this new phase of their relationship, allowing their feelings to evolve and develop.

14. How Do We Relationship?

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How Do We Relationship? is a yuri manga that follows the story of two college women who enter into a romance of convenience, which eventually transforms into a genuine relationship. Miwa, a shy individual, has always wished for love, but her small-town environment in Japan makes it challenging, especially because she’s interested in other girls.

Even when she goes off to college, finding a suitable partner remains difficult. However, her outgoing classmate Saeko proposes an unusual idea – why not date each other since they don’t seem to have many other options? Initially, their different personalities clash and misunderstandings arise, making it seem like their arrangement might not work out.

Yet, as their casual friendship deepens, Miwa starts to question whether a pragmatic arrangement could actually evolve into true love. The manga delves into the evolution of their relationship and explores the journey from a convenient arrangement to a genuine romantic connection.

13. Assorted Entanglements

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Assorted Entanglements is a yuri manga that presents different stories revolving around women’s romantic relationships. The manga starts with the story of Iori, a woman in her late twenties who tries to cope with her love life and work troubles by drinking alcohol.

One morning, she wakes up beside someone and is surprised to realize that her partner is Minami, a fellow worker at the bar. Minami doesn’t want to forget their connection, leading to an unexpected and complicated romantic situation. The manga explores these assorted love stories, each with its own unique set of entanglements and emotions.

12. Vampeerz


Vampeerz is a manga that follows the story of Ichika, a fourteen-year-old girl whose life takes an unexpected turn. After her grandmother’s passing, family and friends gather to offer their condolences, which unexpectedly places her in the spotlight as people from her past take interest in her youthful years.

At her age, Ichika could be exploring dating, engaging in extracurricular activities, and planning for her future, but she hasn’t done any of that. Everything changes when a young guest, Aria, arrives at her home. Ichika doesn’t recognize Aria, but Aria seems well-informed about Ichika’s family and property.

While Aria might be there to bid farewell, her presence gradually finds its way into Ichika’s heart, potentially opening up new feelings and experiences for her. The manga explores the evolving relationship between Ichika and Aria amidst the backdrop of personal change and emotions.

11. Beauty and the Beast Girl


Beauty and the Beast Girl is a yuri manga that tells the story of a troubled monster who lives alone in a forest. Despite her scary looks, she secretly wishes to live among humans. One day, her life takes a turn when she begins receiving visits from a blind human girl.

This girl is intrigued by her enigmatic forest-dwelling friend. As they spend time together in their secluded world, the bond between the monster and the girl deepens. The story showcases how their love transcends appearances, proving that true beauty goes beyond what’s on the surface.

10. I Don’t Know Which is Love

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I Don’t Know Which is Love is a yuri manga that revolves around Mei Soraike, a high school student who is preparing for graduation. She gathers the courage to confess her romantic feelings to her best friend, whom she’s secretly had a crush on for a long time. Unfortunately, her confession doesn’t go as she hoped, and she ends up heartbroken.

However, Mei decides that it’s not a big deal and remains determined to find a girlfriend when she goes to college. To her surprise, as soon as she sets this goal, various potential romantic interests start showing an interest in her, one by one. The manga explores Mei’s experiences as she navigates her love life in the context of transitioning from high school to college.

9. Dear My Teacher

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Dear My Teacher is a yuri manga centered around Fujimura Kaoru, who works as the nurse at an all-girls school. In the story, Kaoru has faced a situation where a student has confessed romantic feelings to her for the third time that year. Each time, she’s declined the offers as kindly as possible.

On the other hand, there’s Isechi Mikoto, a student who has become isolated by her peers due to a rumor suggesting she might be attracted to other girls. Coincidentally, Mikoto’s presence stirs up memories of Kaoru’s past lover. The manga revolves around the connection between Kaoru and Mikoto as they navigate their feelings and the complexities of their situation, all within the school environment.

8. Sheep Princess in Wolf’s Clothing


Sheep Princess in Wolf’s Clothing is a yuri manga that unfolds in a land where there are sheep people and a unique character named Aki, who is a wolf-woman. Aki works as a butler in the royal castle and during a twist of fate, she ends up saving the life of Princess Momo.

Because of this, the princess insists that Aki become her personal tutor. Although Momo appears gentle and meek, Aki soon discovers that she’s not an easy student to handle. The surprise comes when Aki realizes that behind the princess’s innocent facade lies a strong desire.

Aki tries to resist Momo’s advances, but her wolf instincts start to kick in, and it becomes challenging to hold back. The manga delves into the amusing yet heartfelt interactions between Aki and Momo, as they navigate their feelings and relationship.

7. There’s No Freaking Way I’ll be Your Lover! Unless…


There’s No Freaking Way I’ll Be Your Lover! Unless… is a high school yuri manga that’s all about funny situations involving fake dating, real dating, and competitive dating – and it features a girl who finds herself caught up in all three at once! Renako Amaori is leaving behind her awkward and lonely junior high days, hoping for a normal high school life with regular friends.

On the other hand, Mai Ouzuka is the total opposite: she’s rich, outgoing, and even works as a fashion model. Despite their differences, they quickly become friends. Renako believes she’s found her perfect best friend, but things get complicated when Mai confesses her romantic feelings.

This shakes Renako up quite a bit. She wants to show Mai that being best friends is better than being girlfriends, while Mai is set on proving that they’re meant to be a couple. And so, the story kicks off with a bunch of playful love-related games between them.

6. Maitsuki Niwa Tsuki Ooya Tsuki


Maitsuki Niwa Tsuki Ooya Tsuki is a manga about a girl named Asako Suga who wants to move on from a recent breakup. She decides that a change of scenery is necessary, so she looks for a new place to live. She finds a nice home a bit outside the city with a beautiful garden. However, there’s a twist – the house comes with a landlord who lives there too.

The landlord is a charming girl who seems to be always lounging around. But there’s more to her than meets the eye, as she’s hiding a secret as well. The manga explores how their relationship develops, and the hidden aspects of the landlord’s life that unfold as Asako gets to know her better.

5. Citrus

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Citrus is a manga that follows the story of Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl who loves fashion, friends, and having a good time. Her life takes a sudden turn when her mom remarries, leading her to transfer to a new all-girls school that’s very strict. This means Yuzu’s carefree lifestyle is in for a change. Right from the start, she clashes with Mei, the beautiful and serious Student Council President.

However, Yuzu’s world takes a bigger twist when she returns home to find out that Mei is now her step-sister, coming to live with her. What’s even more surprising is when Mei unexpectedly kisses Yuzu, leaving her puzzled about the meaning behind it all. The manga explores the complex feelings and relationships that develop between Yuzu and Mei as they navigate this new dynamic in their lives.

4. Girl Friends

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Girl Friends is a manga that follows the story of Mariko Kumakura, a smart student who excels in her studies but feels lonely in social situations. She often eats lunch alone. Then, Akko Oohashi enters the scene. Akko is charming and beautiful, and she sets out to befriend Mariko and help her break out of her shell.

Through their friendship, Akko transforms Mariko from a plain and quiet girl into one of the most popular and adorable girls in school. However, as they spend more time together, deeper feelings start to develop between them – feelings that go beyond just friendship. The manga explores whether these newfound emotions will harm their growing relationship or lead it in a different direction.

3. The Summer You Were There

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The Summer You Were There is a manga that follows the story of Shizuku, a quiet girl who prefers writing over talking to others. She’s been working on a secret novel that she never intends to share with anyone.

However, everything takes a turn when Kaori, a popular and adorable classmate, discovers Shizuku’s manuscript. Kaori turns out to be a big fan of Shizuku’s writing and proposes an interesting idea: she suggests that if they date, Shizuku might find inspiration for her stories. The manga explores whether these two very different girls can come together to create their own unique love story.

2. Run Away With Me, Girl


Run Away With Me, Girl is a manga that tells the story of two women in a heartfelt romance. It’s about the idea that sometimes, you have to leave your current situation to discover where you truly fit in. Midori was Maki’s first love and they were a couple in high school.

However, when they graduated, Midori ended the relationship, saying they were too mature for a same-sex relationship. Now, ten years later, the question is whether running away from their current lives could bring these two women back together again.

1. Lily Love

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Lily Love is a manga about two characters named Donut and Mew. When they meet each other, it’s not just by chance – their bond grows stronger over time, and their relationship becomes more than just friendship. The story is about how these two individuals, who are quite different from each other, gradually learn to rely on and support one another.

They work together to make their love strong and shield it from challenges like social differences, physical distance, and gender norms. The manga explores the difficulty of not only discovering real love but also the challenges of maintaining it.


In conclusion, yuri manga is a genre that explores romantic and emotional relationships between female characters. It delves into themes of love, affection, and connection among women. This genre encompasses a wide spectrum of stories, from sweet and heartwarming romances to complex narratives that tackle the challenges faced by the characters in their relationships.

While yuri manga primarily caters to a female audience, it has gained popularity among readers of all backgrounds who appreciate well-crafted stories that center around love, relationships, and the emotional bonds between characters. Ultimately, yuri manga offers readers a chance to explore the depth of human emotions and connections, regardless of gender.

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