Top 9 Strongest Demon Gates Members

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Top 9 Strongest Demon Gates Members – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 9 Strongest Demon Gates Members. The nine demon gates was the elite team of the dark guild tartaros. So let us count down the list from weakest to strongest.

9. Keyes

Keyes wields a khakkhara and specializes in necromancy. He’s more of a defensive demon as he makes himself intangible to any attacks. We haven’t seen much of his offensive capabilities.

8. Ezel

Ezel is a volatile demon, bearing four arms and seven tentacles for legs. His curse gives him the ability to turn his limbs into swords for battle. Wendy had to use her dragon force to defeat him.

7. Jackal

Jackal uses an incredibly dangerous curse that lets him create and catastrophic explosions. He single-handedly took out the entire magic council killing all its members in the process. He was able to hold his own against natsu.

6. Franmalth

Franmalth’s curse gives him the ability to absorb and manipulate souls. Being able to manipulate the soul of hades, he had a lot of magic power at his disposal. He was difficult to take down.

5. Tempester

Tempester’s curse allows him to create and manipulate various natural disasters. He gave laxus a really rough time during their fight although at this point laxus had been poisoned.

4. Torafuzar

Torafuzar has a fish-like look and a stern personality. He makes use of his bladed arms for combat and his curse allows him to summon large amount of poisonous water. He was powerful enough to hold his own against gajeel in his iron shadow dragon mode.

3. Seilah

demon gates
Seilah’s curse allows her to have absolute control over anyone or anything. In her demon form, she was so fast and powerful that, she was able to completely dominate mirajane’s sitri form.

2. Kyoka

demon gates
Kyoka’s curse gives her the ability to manipulate the body’s of others giving pain to her opponents and causing sensory deprivation. She overpowered erza the whole time although she was eventually defeated.

1. Silver Fullbuster

demon gates
The reason I’m putting silver first is because of his devil slayer magic which gives him an advantage against demons. He was able to freeze a whole village. So if he’s to go up against demon, his magic type will give him an advantage.

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