Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights

Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights

Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights – Hey guys!. I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights. One piece originally came out in 1999 and now after almost 20 years it’s as good as ever. The story, the world, the characters, the fights and the entirety of One piece is still at the very top. Especially with the new wano country arc in manga. Today we’re going to talk about the top 10 best fights of one of my favorite series One piece. So let us count down the list.

10. Zoro vs Ryuma


We’re starting off with everyone’s favorite sword wielding straw hat. Zoro had some bad luck with his swords breaking and now for the third time in search for a new sword he’s found himself an amazing piece of wano craftsmanship attached to a dead man that corpse being Ryuma the zombie samurai. Ryuma is our first glimpse of the wano country the island inspired by Edo period Japan it’s a land full of samurai, warriors, ninjas and inequality. This fight is well animated full of amazing techniques and the respect between the Warriors is what really drives it home for me.

9. Luffy vs Arlong


Arlong thinks fish men’s a superior race, Especially because of the hate he suffered under the rule of humans. His tattoo of a suns being made to hide the slave market had after being imprisoned by the celestial dragons. Even for a fish man, Arlong has impressive strength being of the shark breed. Under and above water there are few that can match his strength in the east blue except luffy. This fight is the first one in which luffy really suffers and bleeds even though we add nineteen years ago it still remains one of my favorite one-piece moments.

8. Straw Hats vs Oars


Oars is a zombie that is four times larger than any ordinary giant. Five hundred years after his death, Moria found him and kept his body for ten years. Hogback repaired his body and together with luffy Moria finally found a worthy shadow to put into his body. Luffy will instantly showed up when oars worked up demanding to eat every last piece of food Moria had and proclaiming that he would be Pirate King. What makes this fight special for me is the combined effort of all the straw hat pirates to defeat oars. To this day, is the only time the straw hats all work together to defeat a single foe.

7. Zoro vs Mr. 1


As Luffy second in charge, Zoro usually gets to face the second strongest in the enemies group. In the alabasta arc, while Luffy was trying to figure out how water works, Zoro was busy trying to work out how to cut steel. Zoro’s opponent in this arc was crocodiles right-hand man Daz bones aka Mr. one with the bounty of 75 million berries. So just six million below crocodiles 81 million bounty. He’s the user of dice dice devil fruit that allows him to create strong steel blades out of any part of his body. So he’s literally a Man of Steel basically the perfect opponent for Zorro not to fight. But stubborn Zoro decides to put his grit against mr. one and the result is Zoro becoming a man that can cut steel.

6. Luffy vs Crocodile


Crocodile was the first warlord of the sea to fight Luffy and the first enemy to defeat him not just once but multiple times. He was the first logia devil fruit user we met. Logia being one of the if not the most powerful devil fruit types to exist. Crocodile ate Sand-Sand Fruit to become a man of sand so any attack goes through him like a hand through sand which is why luffy struggles against him. One of my favorite moments in the show is the first blow luffy lands against crocodile smug face. Ultimately this fight showed some of the creative ways devil fruit fights can take and the interesting interactions between them.

5. Luffy vs Enel


I know many people don’t like the skypiea arc but I personally did. I love the way Enel’s introduced as this literal god that can call lightning from the sky like Zeus as well as the country of skypiea and it’s internal conflict between two opposing factions of the nation. Enel has eaten the Rumble-Rumble Fruit that allows him to control and transform into electricity. As I said all logia fruits are pretty much overpowered and Unluckily for Enel, Luffy is made of rubber and rubber doesn’t conduct electricity. So he can just beat him down like any other opponent. Enel takes it as if he’s never been hit before in his life which perhaps he really hasn’t. If it weren’t for Luffy being the paper to Enel’s rock there’s no telling how far Enel would make it.

4. Luffy vs Usopp

Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights

This is one of the emotionally heavy fights in the show. The confrontation between friends over the fate of their ship going merry. After the myriad of adventures they’ve had Merry’s taken a beating. While usopp tried his best their trusty ship just can’t take them any further. While Luffy is ready to make the hard decision as captain to find a new ship for their journey. Usopp sees this as a cold hearted decision of abandoning a friend which Merry truly is to all of them. Now this conflict boils over with Usopp covered in bandages against his captain Usopp is arguably the weakest of the straw hats but he surprises everyone with how much of a fight he puts up. While Luffy’s stronger without a question who sought manages to outsmart him on multiple occasions but no amounts of smarts Usopp brings are enough he can’t stop Luffy sheer endurance and strength.

3. Luffy vs Doflamingo

Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights

It’s been 15 years since we were introduced to Doffy as a villain and after that we finally get this fight. Doflamingo was the king of the underworld in the one-piece world thanks to his cleverness and his string string fruit that allow him to create and manipulate strings. This fight was a climax of an arc that gave us so much like Straw hats and law cooperated, we saw a Gear Fourth and the end of one of the strongest villains the one-piece world has to offer.

2. Luffy vs Lucci

Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights

Rob Lucci, the leader of CP 9 and the main antagonist of the water 7 arc. Cipher pol is a part of the world government that’s in charge of intelligence gathering they’re the CIA of the one piece world and CP nines a special subdivision of Cipher Paul in charge of assassinations. Given the elite status of this division that kind of explains how strong Rob Lucci is. When he first appeared, Lucci defeated both Luffy and Zoro. The CP 9 and Rob Lucci was such a big threat that in order to defeat them Luffy had to develop both gear 2nd and gear 3rd all in an arc.

1. Luffy vs Katakuri

Top 10 Best One Piece Anime Fights

Katakuri holds one of the largest bounties that we know of at 1 billion plus berries. He’s eaten the mochi mochi fruit that allows him to create control and transform into mochi. His abilities are similar to Luffy but only more powerful in every regard. Katakuri most powerful ability is observation haki which he’s trained to such a degree that he could slightly see into the future. Luffy recognizes that Katakuri is better than him in every way but in order to protect his friends he challenges him and defeats him. During the fight both of them begin to respect each other and develop as a person and fighter. This for many has been the most amazing fight one piece has ever had especially in the anime which had some of the best animation we’ve seen from Toei animation.

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