Top 10 Strongest Swordsman in One Piece

strongest swordsman in one piece

Top 10 Strongest Swordsman in One Piece – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Swordsman in One piece. Ever since making its debut back in 1997 the one piece franchise has consistently enjoyed the kind of critical acclaim and popularity that seemed to elude many of its contemporaries and one of the many reasons for this ever engrossing arcs and its colorful cast of characters. The latter is especially noteworthy although it is those characters who have been granted special powers by consuming the mystical devil fruit that tend to hog the spotlight more. One piece hasn’t been shy of featuring other types of characters as well from literal giants to muscle heads, fish and animal people as well as dinosaurs and even regular people who have managed to achieve monstrous strength through hard work and determination. One piece characters are all over the place and we mean that in a positive way with that said we’re here to shed some light on some of One piece most powerful swordsmen as we try our best to round up the 10 most powerful Swordsman in One Piece and rank them from the Weakest to the Strongest.

10. Cavendish


Cavendish’s ranking here is less about what he’s done already so far and more about his potential. Also known as the pirate Prince this famous super rookie is the captain of the beautiful pirates and has been referred to as a genius of the sort by marine Vice Admiral Bastille. However as good of a swordsman Cavendish has it’s his alter go Hakuba that could potentially make him leap up on our rankings if not for a couple of weaknesses. As Hakuba he was able to strike down 20 fighters of block D in an instant and that could have been 21 including Rebecca if he just wouldn’t fall asleep in the middle of his rampage. If Cavendish develops better control of his dominant personality there’s little doubt that he could easily content for the title as the strongest swordsman in all of One piece.

9. Charlotte Cracker


One of the three sweet commanders of the big mom pirates. Charlotte Crackers rank within the crews hierarchy a second only to the yonkou herself Big Mom. He is also an extremely skilled swordsman who has mastered the art of wielding pretzel a double-edged sword that’s much much larger than he has. Proof of Charlotte Cracker skill and power as how he was able to cut through Luffy’s Gear fourth enhanced haki defense.

8. Trafalgar D. Law


Just how much of Trafalgar D. Law prowess as a swordsman is owed to his mastery of his devil fruit powers as something that we’ll never know. But what we do know is that it doesn’t take an expert to tell just how much skill it takes to cut people up without them even feeling it and put them back together the way he sees fit. When you’re able to cut apart mountains and a meteor in half it kind of feels like you deserve a free pass as one of the most powerful swordsmen in One piece.

7. Roronoa Zoro

strongest swordsman in one piece

By the end of the One piece series we’re hoping that Roronoa Zoro the first mate of the straw hat pirates improves enough to actually become the most powerful swordsman in all of One piece. A hard worker whose work ethic is unrivaled Roronoa Zoro is evolution throughout One piece has been amazing. First starting off as an infamous swordsman from east blue with huge dreams Roronoa Zoro is now much closer to realizing all of his life’s goals than ever before and it’s all thanks to how immensely powerful he has become as a swordsman.

6. Fujitora


A marine admiral Fujitora could very well be the most skilled and most powerful swordsman within the ranks even topping the likes of Aokiji and Kizaru. Choosing to wield his sword in a reverse grip style Fujitora is also blind making his sheer skill and talent even more of a marvel considering how he’s been able to shrug off Zoro and Luffy as well as fight equally with Sabo whose fighting prowess and use of the Mera Mera no Mi devil fruit as not to be scoffed at. An equally strong devil fruit user that can control gravity Fujitora is not a swordsman to be messed with.

5. Vista


Vista seems to be an underrated fighter in One piece among fans and he shouldn’t be. Being the commander of the 5th division of the Whitebeard pirates should command a lot more respect. Thankfully the other characters in the series seem to hold him in high enough of a regard with Mihawk even complimenting Vista as the strongest swordsman in the Whitebeard pirates crew with the two of them appearing to be evenly matched for a while. We haven’t really seen the full extent of Vistas powers so we’ll never know if he deserves to rank any higher. What we do know is that he’s powerful enough to rank this high just by being able to go toe-to-toe against Mihawk and being proficient enough to be able to cut through Akainu.

4. Shiryu


Most powerful and strongest swordsman you know why or a bit more than just evil when you get locked away for being too violent with the prisoners have impelled down One piece version of a high-security prison where supposedly some of the biggest and baddest criminals in the world are housed. A testament to how strong Shiryu is as a pirate and as a swordsman as how he managed to strike down a couple of impel down officers in one fell swoop. Not only that but Magellan trusted him enough to take care of Blackbeard and although we know how all of that turned out Shiryu has since joined Blackbeard and as the second commander of the Blackbeard pirates it just goes to show how capable Shiryu really is. Considering that Shiryu is part of the Blackbeard pirates were bound to see him in a fight sooner or later. Until then just by association alone and from the brief showcase of powers we’ve seen so far we’re ranking Shiryu this high as one of the strongest swordsman in One piece.

3. Silvers Rayleigh

strongest swordsman in one piece

You don’t become the first mate of the Roger pirates and the right-hand man of the king of the Pirates Gol D. Roger if you’re nothing and Silver’s Rayleigh is certainly no slouch. Despite his advanced age Silvers Rayleigh is still widely feared and considered a dangerous threat. His mastery of haki is second to none and it’s because of this that he was able to fight on equal grounds against an extremely powerful logia user Kizaru one of the Marine Admirals who is also considered quite the powerful swordsman himself. Just like with Shanks we’ll probably never find out just how powerful Silver’s Rayleigh was in his heyday. Even so we’re not really willing to bet against Silvers Rayleigh.

2. Shanks

strongest swordsman in one piece

You know it’s a shame that Shanks lost one of his arms. Not that Luffy isn’t worth it but we would have loved to see just how powerful Shanks really is if he had all of his limbs. Then again it’s not like he’s lost much of his strength despite being one handed. One of the four yonkou a word coined and used to describe the four most notorious and powerful pirate captains in One piece. Two of the greatest feats of Shank strength was his ability to go blow by blow against the deceased Whitebeard a former yonkou and shrug it off as nothing. He even made the weaker members of the Whitebeard pirates pass out due to his haki and his presence alone being able to put a stop to the battle in marineford. So far we haven’t really seen Shanks go all out in a fight however the fact that he’s done so much already in one piece without so much as sweating means that he’s a big deal and when he does go all-out we’re pretty sure it’ll be all worth it.

1. Dracule Mihawk

strongest swordsman in one piece

The absolute best swordsman in the world or at least in One piece. There’s really no one else better than Dracule Mihawk except maybe perhaps Shanks although since Dracule Mihawk doesn’t really seem interested in sparring let alone fighting against one of the yonkou anymore we’ll never really know for sure. What we can be sure of as how even mentioning Dracule Mihawks name is able to strike fear in the hearts of many. Considering that even being able to go toe-to-toe with Dracule Mihawk is considered a feat and how we’ve seen him strike down entire fleets of ships and icebergs with one fell swoop. It’s safe to say that placing Mihawk on top as the closest thing to a no-brainer.

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