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zabuza momochi

How Strong is Zabuza Momochi? – We will be taking a look at How Strong is Zabuza Momochi? | Naruto. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Zabuza’s nature transformation was water release, and has been one of the best water style users in the series. He could use the water prison technique, create water clones, and was also capable of performing large scale water release techniques like the water dragon bullet, waterfalls and could flood the entire battlefield with water. He was capable of performing more than one water release technique at the same time as seen when he used the water prison technique to trap Kakashi and simultaneously using a water clone to attach the other members of team 7. He was also skilled at using the signature technique of the mist village “Hiding in the mist technique”.

2. Genjutsu

zabuza momochi

Genjutsu certainly wasn’t Zabuza’s forte. He wasn’t capable of casting any form of Genjutsu and was also quite vulnerable to them. Back in part one during his battle against Kakashi, he showed vulnerability to Kakashi’s genjutsu easily getting trapped by it and we all know that Genjutsu isn’t anywhere near the high level ones we’ve seen in the series.

3. Taijutsu

zabuza momochi

Zabuza was skilled in Taijutsu able to fight with a Sharingan wielding Kakashi and even after losing his arms, he could battle against and defeat dozens of Gato’s men. Being a swordsman he was also a skilled kenjutsu user which he used in conjunction with Taijutsu and with just a few attacks could take down numerous opponents.

4. Speed


Throughout his battle against Kakashi, Zabuza proved to be more than capable of matching the latter’s speed and reflexes even while aided by the Sharingan. He even managed to catch Kakashi off guard in one instance, and trapped him with his Water Prison Technique. His speed was such that he bypassed the Manji formation (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Gato) instantly appearing in their middle without before they even realized what had happened.

5. Strength


Zabuza’s strength was such that he could easily wield his blade; with its weight not slowing him down at all in battle and he could employ it in combat for extended periods of time with no visible strain on himself a feat which Suigetsu the inheritor of the blade, is yet to achieve. He could also throw it spinning at several enemies.

6. Intelligence


Zabuza was an anbu for a duration of time so he must have used that time to gain extensive knowledge. He possessed knowledge of the human body’s pressure points and most vulnerable organs and was knowledgeable in foreign techniques including kekkei genkai like the Sharingan. He also had knowledge about Kakashi instantly recognizing the latter when he saw the Sharingan. Also it was due to his teachings that Haku became so powerful at a young age.

7. Defense


Due to his prowess in using water release techniques at a very high level, Zabuza can use said techniques for offensive and defensive purposes. He can always employ water in a large scale to create water walls or anything which will serve as a form of defense against incoming attacks from the opponent.

8. Chakra


Zabuza’s chakra reserves must be much more than average as he could battle against Kakashi and his team in a long difficult battle and possessed the necessary chakra to continuously use his techniques without any complains about his chakra reserves. He also possessed an incredibly strong chakra, which could be visibly seen when released, taking the image of the demon.

9. Stamina

zabuza momochi

Zabuza after a long difficult battle still showed remarkable levels of stamina and endurance, able to continue fighting effectively despite the injuries he received from Kakashi and the large number of blades that pierced him. With these injuries and the inability to use his arms, he could still fight on using a single kunai in his mouth to take out dozens of Gato’s men.

We can see that Zabuza is pretty good in almost all Ninja Arts and only lacks in Summoning and Genjutsu. This is proof that he’s quite powerful.

Zabuza’s Tier

zabuza momochi

In part one, Zabuza was capable of taking on the entire team 7 alone including Kakashi who was an elite jounin. He was very skilled in water release (still among its best users), Taijutsu, was among the most powerful of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He was more or less on the same level as Kakashi who was an elite Jounin and portrayed as the strongest Jounin in Konoha at the time, so it should not be difficult to say Zabuza was also at the “Elite Jounin Level”.

Strongest He Beats and Weakest Who Beats Him

zabuza momochi

I already said Zabuza was more or less on part one Kakashi’s level. It is difficult to tell if the presence of (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura) was a distraction for Kakashi thus preventing him from fighting without worrying about them or they were a big help and he would have lost without them. Regardless, I will say part one Kakashi is the strongest Zabuza can beat in a pure 1vs1 battle and he shouldn’t be able to handle anyone stronger than that version of Kakashi. Zabuza is quite vulnerable to genjutsu so the first person that comes to mind who should beat him is Kurunei as he will hardly be able to deal with her illusions.

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