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naruto killer bee

How Strong is Naruto Killer Bee? – We will be taking a look at How Strong is Naruto Killer Bee? How does he compare to the other powerful characters in the series, where does he stand among Jinchuriki? So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Killer Bee isn’t really a versatile Ninjutsu User being mainly proficient in Lightning Release. He can imbue his swords with lightning for greater cutting and piercing power. As a Jinchuriki with perfect control over his Tailed Beast, he can use the Tailed Beast Bomb. He can also make use of Gyuki’s ability to produce ink, for blinding his enemies, or form ink clones that can immobilize and seal his targets.

2. Genjutsu

naruto killer bee

Killer Bee is a Perfect Jinchuriki, meaning he has full control over his Tailed Beast. In an even where he’s trapped under genjutsu, Gyuki can always snap him out of it as we saw when Sasuke trapped him using his Mangekyo Sharingan Genjutsu. Perfect Jinchuriki are not necessarily immune to every single genjutsu but in so far as the casted genjutsu doesn’t affect the Tailed Beast inside of them, the Tailed Beast will always disrupt their chakra and break them out. So, now it depends on which genjutsu are capable of trapping both the Jinchuriki and the Tailed Beast together.

3. Taijutsu

naruto killer bee

Killer Bee has shown high level skills in Taijutsu which he often uses in conjunction with Kenjutsu. Using his seven blades, he engages his opponent in an unpredictable manner and from several directions making it almost impossible to evade. He completely overwhelmed even the Sharingan wielding Sasuke in closed quarters combat and took on the entire Team Taka without too many problems. Even Itachi couldn’t predict his movements and had to retreat from trying to engage him.

4. Speed


Bee also possesses immense speed. One of the reason his Taijutsu/Kenjutsu style can be so overwhelming is due to the immense speed that accompanies it. His speed continues to increase when he starts using the chakra modes; 1st and 2nd Version. He is at his fastest when using Version 2, capable of blitzing Sasuke with his Lariat Technique and together with his brother A blitz Kisame (to perform the double lariat combo) before he could even form a hand sign. He also possesses incredible reactions enough to react to Minato’s attempted blitz from blindside when they encountered each other.

5. Strength


Bee possesses monstrous physical strength, capable of overpowering his brother (V1 Lightning Chakra Mode) in a physical brawl in his base form. He gets more physical as he uses the Jinchuriki states severely damaging Sasuke and Kisame (completely shattering their chests) using the V1 and V2 states respectively. He can also transform his hand to become those of the 8 Tails for greater punching power. When fully transformed he can make use of the physical capabilities of the 8 Tails.

6. Intelligence


Despite his carefree nature, Killer Bee has shown that he can be very smart at times. In order to escape Sasuke’s Amaterasu, he used the Body Replacement Technique to switch places with one of Gyuki’s tentacle. This ended up fooling Sasuke into thinking he had captured him. He can also be very persuasive and deceptive, as he quickly turned Naruto’s attention away from leaving the Tailed Beast Temple by offering to train him.

7. Defense


By wrapping himself using Gyuki’s Body, Bee can defend himself from all kinds of assaults. He was capable of surviving his own Tailed Beast Bomb which was redirected back at him by the Ten Tails although he was greatly damaged but it was mainly because he was wide open and not in a defensive position. A proof that Tailed Beasts can survive almost anything when in defensive mode is when he also survived the Ten Tails Cataclysm Technique after wrapping himself using Gyuki’s Body with little damage.

8. Chakra/Stamina


Being a Perfect Jinchuriki Bee has access to the full reserves of the 8 Tails. Tailed Beasts are the greatest chakra entities in the series and very few shinobi can boast to possess chakra comparable to theirs. Bee also possessed the stamina to house the 8 Tails from a young age. In the war which took many days, he’s one of the few who kept battling throughout only getting exhausted a few times, but would quickly recover and return to battle.

What we can draw out from the ratings is that, Bee is quite powerful in every area except in summoning which he lacks and Ninjutsu where he isn’t very versatile. However he doesn’t really need to have a summoning when he has a Tailed Beast and neither does he need to be versatile in Ninjutsu when he has the mighty Tailed Beast Bomb. Let’s continue to determine how strong he really is.

In Which Tier is Naruto Killer Bee?

naruto killer bee

In which tier can a Jinchuriki who has a really powerful base form and has perfect control over the 8 Tails Tailed Beast be? He can use Bijuudama in different forms; Flash Bijuudama, continuous Bijuudama etc. can tank almost everything that comes his way. The High Kage Tier consists of people like; Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Gaara, Kisame, MS Sasuke, SM Naruto, Alive Itachi and to be honest I still view Bee to be decently more powerful than any of them. So, in all honesty Bee must be a tier higher. I always call it “High Kage+ Tier”, a tier between High Kage and Top Tier.

Whom He Beats and Who Beats Him

naruto killer bee

When it comes to Perfect Jinchuriki, the only way to beat them is to have OP techniques that could go around their raw power, or simply have the raw power to completely overpower them. Without any of these, all attempts will be useless. So, I can see Bee beating the 3rd Raikage, Kabuto, 7th Gated Guy from the same tier as him. The 3rd Raikage just wouldn’t be able to overpower him, Kabuto, Tobirama and Minato do not really have techniques to put him down for good, Hirudora will not cut it for Guy. On the other hand I see Bee losing mostly to the Jinton Users Mu and Onoki. Edo Itachi, wins more times than not due to his ability to now spam his OP techniques but can still lose since Bee has the Ink Sealing Technique and Tailed Beast Bomb will always be a problem for anyone.

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