Top 5 Anime Characters List With The Best Explosive Power

anime characters list

Top 5 Anime Characters List With The Best Explosive Power – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 5 Anime Characters List With The Best Explosive Power. Characters from the anime world have various abilities, ranging from technological abilities to supernatural abilities, those who have this ability are usually set in a fantasy world full of action. Some of these fighting styles have become legends and are one of the more terrifying powers of anime. One of them was explosion, a Technique that emerged from great power. Usually the user of this Explosion Technique has a short temper who doesn’t think of any side effects in the future. Today I’ve picked up the anime characters with the best explosive power. So, let’s get started.

5. Rinko Jerrard From The Law of Ueki


Rinko comes from a rich family and in her past many people pretended to be her friends because of her wealth. Disappointed by fake and cold world, she is trapped in a wicked world. Rinko is one of the power users who can make bombs from beads. She creates a special accessory using beads named Beads Cannon. It uses a special metal tube filled with beads and then passes through her fingers so she can detonate something with the help of her tube and beads.

4. Genthru From Hunter x Hunter


Genthru is known as the leader of the Bomber group and one of the players trying to finish the Greed Island game. Despite being an antagonist, he initially shows an attitude as a gentle, friendly and willing to do anything person. However, after showing his true self, Genthru is a person who likes to kill because of his lack of mercy for other people in general. Because of this, he is very self-oriented and capable of committing mass murder in line with terrorism without doubt or difficulty. Genthru also disarms his enemies for his constant composure and rarely deviates from his calm demeanor. He is able to kill multiple players as well as to deceive the entire group, while planting bombs in each of them.

3. Azuma From Fairy Tail

anime characters list

He is part of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart. Most of the time, Azuma is a tough, confident man who shows little emotion no matter what happens. But when he has a chance for fighting the stronger opponent, he will do anything including using cunning tactics against them. Great Tree Arc is a form of Lost Magic that allows him to manipulate and produce tree, as well as create explosions by condensing the earth power inside the fruit of the tree. However, the true power of the Great Tree Arc lies in the user’s ability to control all the magic stored within the earth. This effect is enough for Azuma to cause the Great Tenrou Tree collapse, as the result, it greatly weakens all Fairy Tail members on Tenrou Island. The Great Tree Arc comes as a very versatile magic, granting Azuma a large offensive power, by dropping multiple opponents at once with a powerful explosion.

2. Guila From The Seven Deadly Sins

anime characters list

Guila belongs to the Holy Knight, and the daughter of the Holy Knight Dale. In the Capital of the Dead arc, she is tasked to kill the Seven Sins in the capital city of Death. Guila is a skilled fencer using a rapier, an ordinary human until the day she drinks demonic blood and has extraordinary strength. The power of Guila is explosion that allows her to produce explosion whenever she wants. She uses it together with her rapier, and later, spear.

1. Gladius From One Piece


Gladius is as an antagonist supporting character in the Dressrosa arc. Gladius is well-known for his short temper with the Devil Fruit power he has, because he will be triggered when getting angry. With the Pamu Pamu no Mi Devil Fruit power, Gladius is able to expand and shatter his body, he can also make any inorganic objects he touches swell and burst. From all the fragments cause a powerful explosion. He can inflate and break his part of body at the moment his physical attack is connected, allowing him to increase his blow with the explosion power. In addition, he can also make his entire body swollen, effectively turning himself into a giant bomb capable of causing massive destruction.

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