Top 10 Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia

strongest quirks

Top 10 Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. Even though the Boku no Hero universe has a gigantic roster of professional heroes and villains, we still haven’t seen the real strength of many characters’ abilities.

But in contrast to the characters who had more screen time, we could already have a good idea of ​​which of these individualities are really powerful. Well, to define the level of strength of a Quirk, we take into account its destructive capacity, its versatility and its current state in the manga.

Let’s try to avoid talking about these powers when they were in their initial stages, and focus more on how they looked over time, after they were trained, improved, and so on. In addition, we will also talk a little about the weaknesses of these powers considered “the most formidable”. So, let’s get started.

10. Explosion – Katsuki Bakugo

strongest quirks

The quirk “Explosion” just by its name is already easy to deduce that it is a power with great destructive potential. The bearer of this quirk is Katsuki Bakugo, one of the main and most talented students from Class 1-A. This Quirk allows him to produce sweat similar to nitroglycerin from the palms of his hands and ignite this liquid at will, allowing him to create strong explosions.

The more sweat he produces, the more he can use his Quirk and get faster and stronger, practically in a big “snowball effect” thanks to the heat of the explosions that make him sweat more and more, generating explosions that are increasingly destructive and hot.

Furthermore, not only can he use the explosions to attack, he can also use them for his own mobility, propelling himself and sailing through the air at extremely high speeds, while unleashing the explosions from his hands. Not to mention that the shockwave from an explosion can even be used as a shield and defend the user from enemy attacks.

The weakness of this Quirk is that it can end up damaging the user’s arms if he uses the power for a long time, drastically affecting his arms and causing intense pain. However, to make up for that a little, Bakugo has a hero costume that helps him use and better control his individuality.

9. Half-Cold Half-Hot – Shoto Todoroki

strongest quirks

Here we have another student from Class 1-A, Shoto Todoroki, who is the bearer of the Quirk “Half-Hot, Half-Cold”. He who is considered a genius by many and who entered the UA through recommendation, manages to make excellent use of this power. This Quirk gives Shoto the ability to generate ice from the right side of his body and flames from his left side.

But because his flame powers were inherited from his father, Shoto avoided using this power for a long time, in denial of his old man. However, even using only the ice powers of his Quirk, he showed us that only 50% of his power already made him incredibly powerful. He was able to freeze entire buildings and raise huge mountains of ice!

Shoto only went to use his fire powers after his fight against Deku, and even the first time he used his flames, he was already able to create a gigantic wave of fire that covered a large area, proving even more destructive capability of your power. Additionally, this Quirk also allows Shoto to use his Ice and Flame powers at the same time, using both elements in combination.

The weakness of this Quirk is that if the user abuses an element without using the other to balance their temperature, their body will end up being harmed by its power. That is, its half with the power of ice will cause frostbite and the half of fire will cause sunstroke. But the user can easily nullify this weakness if they have enough experience to alternate between ice and fire while using their Quirk.

8. Permeation – Mirio Togata

strongest quirks

At UA, a group of three third year students known as the Big Three became famous within the school because of the incredible performance they always managed to have with their Quirks. The most renowned member of this group was Mirio Togata, owner of the Quirk “Permeation”. This Quirk proved to be useful for both defense and offense, as with it, Mirio can avoid any blow thrown at him.

When we said that Mirio becomes “intangible”, it’s not just solid things that pass through his body, but immaterial things too, like light, sound, air, everything! So, when fully using his ability, Mirio becomes blind, deaf and unable to breathe, which are huge weaknesses – that is, of course, if his power hadn’t been trained for many, many years by him.

Even though he still suffers from these conditions, Mirio has learned when and where to use his ability to not suffer from these disadvantages in a fight. Another problem with Permeation is using it all over the user’s body. If Mirio does this, he ends up sinking to the ground, as if he were falling in free fall… However, when he deactivates his power and returns to a solid state, he is repelled out of the ground.

Mirio turned this weakness into a strength, since with it, he can let’s say “teleport” behind people! As you can see, Mirio can’t keep using his Quirk all over his body, so when he’s going to do something like going through a wall, he always needs to distribute Permeation very well throughout his body so that he can cross the wall without him get stuck or sink to the ground.

7. Double – Twice


Jin Bubaigawara, also known as Twice, was a member of the League of Villains and later one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. He is the wielder of the Quirk “Double” which allows him to create exact duplicates of anything, be it himself or even other people! And the most interesting thing is that in the cloning process, it even copies the cloned person’s individuality.

In the beginning, Twice was limited to only creating two clones at a time, and the duplicates weren’t as durable as the originals. However, creating copies of himself allowed Twice to circumvent his limit of two duplicates, as clones of a person end up inheriting the same Quirk as the original, allowing even Twice’s clones to duplicate themselves.

At first he was unwilling to duplicate himself due to traumatic experiences involving his own clones. But when Twice finally overcame this problem, he was able to create an army of thousands of duplicates. To do this, he first creates some clones of himself, then those clones create other clones of themselves, and he repeats this process over and over again, which results in thousands of Twice clones.

To this day, it is not known if he had any limits! But one of the weaknesses of his Quirk is that for him to duplicate someone, he needs to know the exact measurements and characteristics of that person! Otherwise, nothing done! Another disadvantage is that when Twice creates a duplicate, he ends up having no control over these clones, as they act on their own.

6. Decay – Tomura Shigaraki


“Decay” is the power of Tomura Shigaraki, and it causes everything its user touches with the five fingers of one hand to turn to dust! That is until his Quirk undergoes an awakening during his fight against Re-Destro, after which he doesn’t necessarily need his five fingers to activate it. Luckily, Tomura’s power doesn’t affect himself.

In the beginning, he also didn’t have much control over his decay, and couldn’t control how fast the effect would be used on people and objects, but nowadays, after all the evolution he underwent in the Meta-Liberation arc, his Decay has become a source of dread for any hero. Just by touching the ground, Tomura was able to reduce much of a city to dust.

The only weakness that this Quirk had was the fact that Tomura needed to be very close to his target to activate his Decay, but nowadays, his power works almost the same as Overhaul: Just activate his power on the ground to be able to hit the opponent at distance. In the manga, this Quirk has already shown itself to be one of the hardest to avoid, as it has almost no weaknesses.

Of course, it can be countered with Eraser Head’s Erase, but still, it’s not like that would affect Tomura since he learned how to fight without relying on his Quirk. Let’s not even get into the merit that he now has several Quirks for having inherited All for One. As the definition of the very concept of “destruction”, Tomura’s power earns his sixth place in the rankings.

5. Rewind – Eri


This is the power of the young Eri, the little girl saved by Deku from the clutches of Kai Chisaki. Her Quirk “Rewind” allows her to rewind a living creature’s body to some point in time. For example, Eri can turn someone back into a baby, heal a person’s injuries by reverting them to the state before they were injured, and of course, the most broken of all: She can take away someone’s Quirk.

The source of the power of “Rewind” is directly linked to the small horn that Eri has on her forehead, and the bigger this horn is, the greater the strength of her power. This is considered by many people to be the strongest quirk in the entire anime, as “Rewind” has the power to simply wipe out all the heroes in the world.

This was even one of Chisaki’s plans when using his power on Eri to create the anti-individuality bullets. However, she can also do the opposite of that, restoring the powers of those who have lost their Quirk, just like she did when restoring Mirio’s Quirk.

Perhaps the greatest weakness of “Rewind” is directly linked to the handling of the individuality, since if its bearer does not have any emotional control or control of his own power, he may end up releasing “Rewind” in an ungoverned way, and with that affect even your own allies. But imagine what it will be like once Eri has complete control over her own Quirk. She could even surpass All for One!

4. Overhaul – Kai Chisaki

most powerful quirks

Overhaul is, by far, one of the most dangerous and broken skills that have ever appeared in the work, and just like Overhaul itself, its wielder, Kai Chisaki, was also a terrifyingly dangerous man. This individuality allows the user to “disassemble” and “reassemble” anything they touch, from living things to inanimate objects.

When I say “disassemble” I mean he can, quite literally, play with the physical structure of anything as if it were made out of LEGO bricks! Chisaki can restructure anything however he wants: He can explode people’s bodies, modify the entire environment around him as if he were an alchemist from Fullmetal Alchemist, fuse his body with other people’s body parts… The possibilities are infinite with that power!

For Overhaul to work, Chisaki only needs to make physical contact with either hand on whatever he wants to modify, i.e., that would make him a melee fighter. Chisaki can create walls or thorns straight from the ground so that they hit his opponent from any distance, and even if his own body suffers some serious damage, he just uses his Quirk to reshape his wound so that it is healed immediately.

That is, Overhaul has 100% utility for close combat, ranged combat, defense and support. I think the only weakness of this Quirk itself is that it can only be used through the user’s hands, and he will become totally powerless if his hands are somehow restrained or destroyed. That’s exactly what happened when Chisaki had his hands destroyed by the League of Villains.

3. New Order – Star and Stripe


“New Order” is one of the most powerful individualities that emerged in Boku no Hero, being the individuality of the American heroine Cathleen Bate, known as “Star and Stripe”. The “New Order” works as a true “reprogrammer” of anything. With this power, Cathleen can give new conditions and permanent rules to anything she touches and utters her name.

With this, the heroine can change the way other Quirks work or even give herself “different Quirks”. For example, after just touching air, Cathleen was able to create a giant air “construct” with her appearance. As you can see, this power is a real life hack, and because it’s so versatile, New Order is one of those Quirks where its true strength is defined by its wielder’s creativity.

With New Order, Cathleen could even “fix” several people’s Quirks, such as removing the nausea Uraraka feels when using her power, or taking away the fear of light that Dark Shadow has. Perhaps New Order’s biggest weakness is its conditions of use, as Cathleen has to touch the object she wants to change and say its name and new rule out loud.

It also cannot create more than two rules at the same time. If she decided to implement a new rule, one of the previous rules had to be disabled. Finally, a condition that seems a bit silly. When using New Order on a human, Cathleen must be aware of her target’s real identity, but this also applies to the affected person, that is, the victim needs to know her own name and identity.

2. One For All – Izuku Midoriya

strongest quirks

One For All is an individuality that has been growing stronger for a long time, since it is basically a stock of power that can be passed on to other people. With that, with each new user, this individuality becomes stronger. One for All was born to Yoichi Shigaraki, the younger brother of the villainous All for One.

This grants a significant boost to all of the wielder’s physical abilities to a superhuman level, resulting in unparalleled levels of strength, speed, and endurance. And to boot, the quirks cultivated by One for All are also much stronger than they were naturally, but they only started to appear when Deku became the user of One For All.

Not even All Might had access to these powers, and he was already considered the number 1 hero. With this, the current user can use multiple Quirks at the same time that they are even stronger than before. But perhaps One For All’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. With each new user, the power gets stronger, but it also gets much harder to control.

And if the bearer’s body is not strong enough to withstand the enormous load of power of the individuality, even the receptacle – in this case, the person’s body – is capable of exploding! Also, if we were to compare One For All in essence with other Quirks, we can say that he is not that powerful, since One For All in his origin is a very weak Quirk, and it takes a long time to reach the level which is currently.

1. All For One – Shigaraki


The All For One is a quirk that once belonged to the villain of the same name, and today, it is in the possession of Tomura Shigaraki. The power allows the user to permanently steal someone’s Quirk for themselves. As far as we know, there is no set limit on how many Quirks All for One can store, so its wielder is capable of having multiple Quirks at the same time.

The wielder can also combine several Quirks at once to create effects that were previously impossible to create. In addition to taking powers, All for One can also permanently give people powers, but in doing so, the wielder of All for One loses that power. To be quite honest, this Quirk has almost no weaknesses.

And even when a weakness appears, it is only for its bearer to absorb a specific power that compensates for that weakness. However, we can consider as a weakness the fact that the user of All For One is not able to steal the individual proficiency of the original users, causing him to have to train and become experienced with some quirks so that he can use them in his maximum potential.

And although All For One could steal any Quirk, his body did not adequately support the Quirks of newer generations, which is why he sought out Dr. Garaki. With this, it is evident that All For One holders gradually lose their ability to use the individualities of the new generations.


Yeah, it seems that just because a quirk is strong doesn’t mean it’s safe from having a bunch of weaknesses. But even if they have their flaws or inefficiencies, it’s not like these quirks are going to get any weaker or more uninteresting because of it.

After all, what makes a Quirk interesting is not that it is super powerful, but everything its bearer can do to overcome the obstacles it brings and solve all problems through their own effort. No wonder characters like Mirio are so loved by fans like this. After all, a superpower that can do everything without any difficulty or weakness cannot win anyone’s affection.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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