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Top 20 Strongest Class 1A Students in My Hero Academia – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 20 Strongest Class 1A Students in My Hero Academia. Because people with powers are completely normal in My Hero Academia, the hero profession has become a reality in this world.

And precisely because it is a profession, this world also ends up offering schools that teach their students how to become a professional hero. Basically, that’s the plot of My Hero Academia in a nutshell. The protagonist of the story ends up entering the most prestigious school in his country, the UA, and within his class, we get to know several other aspiring heroes and their formidable powers.

Today, we’re going to meet all of these students in the protagonist’s class – more specifically, Class 1-A’s class – and rank them all from weakest to strongest, while also explaining each of the powers they possess. So, let’s get started.

20. Toru Hagakure


Although we almost never get to see her true emotions, Hagakure is still a very expressive and lively girl. The girl’s Quirk is “Invisibility”, and apparently, she can’t “turn off” her own power, which makes her invisible 100% of the time. However, she can’t seem to make her own clothes invisible, and is always wearing just a pair of gloves and boots – plus, of course, her school uniform.

Hagakure is basically the perfect hero for stealth missions, but she is also able to do other things with her powers. Thanks to her classes at UA, Hagakure discovered that she also has control over light, and she is also able to refract light that passes through her to create a powerful flash.

Using her Light Manipulation skills, she has already managed to redirect even the light laser fired by Aoyama, changing the direction of the shot. Because its power is so limited, Hagakure is low on our list.

19. Minoru Mineta


Some say he is the most annoying character in Boku no Hero, and with good reason. Despite his size, Mineta is also only 15 years old, and his personality is what makes him so difficult to put up with: The boy is an incorrigible pervert. He himself has already confessed that the reason he wanted to be a hero is to get the attention of as many girls as possible.

His power is called “Pop Off”, and consists of removing some kind of purple balls that apparently act as hair on his head and applying them to some surface. After pulling a single marble out of its head, another sphere instantly grows in its place. The balls are extremely sticky and stick to any surface… and only Mineta can remove them without being affected by them, as his body just bounces off the balls.

He can also stick several of the purple spheres together to form a giant rope or a net, he can use them in a shield, or even to stick his opponents together. Besides, as the boy is short and has his body repelled by the spheres, he can apply the balls in various positions of an enclosed space and move quickly from one to another while being repelled.

Despite his childishness and size, he ends up having enormous potential to explore his own power. But still, Mineta ends up being one of the weakest of the bunch.

18. Koji Koda


The shyest student in the entire class. To Koda’s sadness, his individuality depends precisely on his voice, and his personality doesn’t help much, no! His power is the “Animal Voice”, allowing him to communicate with all manner of animals – from large elephants to tiny insects – while still speaking normally like a human.

Whatever command he gives, the animal will do exactly as he commands. However, we didn’t get to see him use his powers for the first time until late in the anime, when he and Jiro faced off against Professor Present Mic in practice.

To help Koda improve his individuality, and even overcome a little shyness in his speech, the boy received a mask that is part of his hero costume, and such a mask helps him to amplify the sound and range of his voice, allowing let him communicate with even more animals.

Also, after an alteration to his appearance, Koji can now communicate his thoughts and feelings to animals without using his voice, thanks to his new horns, which act as a telepathic channel. Koda also has enormous potential, but his lack of confidence and shyness end up greatly impacting his performance as a hero. So, he also ends up at the very bottom of the list.

17. Yuga Aoyama


The boy who ends up being the very personification of the word “narcissist”. Aoyama is also a difficult student to deal with, as most of the time, he’ll be talking about himself and bragging about his beauty or his individuality, which is called “Navel Laser”.

His ability allows him to shoot a powerful beam of bright energy from his navel, which releases a strong light and even manages to propel Aoyama’s body in the opposite direction to the one he fired. The destructive force of this laser has the ability to destroy even metal and concrete, but after a few seconds of use, the boy gets a severe stomach ache.

This is because Aoyama was born without a Quirk and received his power from All For One, and because of that his body was incompatible with the Quirk and he had very little control over it. However, with his classes at UA and his suit created specifically to enhance the way he uses his power, Aoyama has learned much more about how to use his laser effectively and painlessly.

He was already able to develop a technique where his ray shots happen in the form of a bombardment, being thrown in several directions. Only, unfortunately, until the day comes when he is very effective with his own individuality, Aoyama today is a student who leaves something to be desired in terms of “efficiency”.

16. Hanta Sero


Sero is one of the most agile heroes within the 1-A class, thanks to his Quirk “Tape”. His elbows are shaped like rolls of adhesive tape, and from them, the boy can shoot the tapes at high speed and in a straight line. They stick easily to any surface and easily support Sero’s weight. Because of this, he can attach his tapes to large buildings to quickly move from one point to another.

It’s almost the same thing Spider-Man does, lol. In addition to mobility, his Quirk also serves to restrict his opponents’ movement by tying them up with his ribbons. However, they seem to be only a little tougher than regular ribbons, and they aren’t that difficult to destroy… since any opponent whose power is focused on physical strength, Sero’s Quirk won’t be able to contain them.

He also has a limit on how much he can use his ribbons without getting pain in his elbows, but he is learning to overcome that limit at UA. His power may be versatile, but the boy is not that strong compared to the other students in the class, and he also doesn’t have much hands-on experience as a hero.

15. Kyoka Jiro


Jiro’s power is the “Earphone Jack”, large wires of headphones that come out of the tip of her ears. These wires can stretch quite a bit, and as soon as she plugs these headphones into any solid surface, Jiro is able to hear sounds virtually inaudible to the human ear. This ends up making her an excellent hero for when it comes to infiltration and hostage rescue.

She can also plug her headphones into the speakers in her hero boots, and amplify the sound of her own heartbeat, creating a thunderous sound capable of stunning many enemies. Furthermore, Jiro can also channel the sound of his beating through the headphones in the form of a violent vibration attack. Despite her incredible power, Jiro still has trouble being more efficient in a fight and holding her own.

If her ears are completely disabled, her power is also disabled, and thanks to the girl’s lack of experience in knowing how to use her power more efficiently, she would not be the best option to face a villain head on. Therefore, she goes to position 15.

14. Mashirao Ojiro


The only student in the class who practices martial arts. Ojiro is an honorable and selfless boy, always wanting the best for his friends. He entered the world of martial arts thanks to his Quirk, which is nothing more than a huge and thick tail.

This “extra limb” was even a nuisance and an unwanted individuality for him at first…, but nowadays, he wants to turn this nuisance into his greatest strength, by using his tail in his hand-to-hand combat. Even if it doesn’t seem like such an amazing power, Ojiro is able to be very versatile with his tail, allowing him to hang from trees like a monkey, wrap around his enemies and even serve as a third arm for him.

His extra limb also has enough strength to break hard objects like metal, support his body weight and can also propel the boy in any direction after hitting a solid surface, making him much more agile in his movements.

Certainly, Ojiro is capable of a lot with his Quirk, being incredibly adept at using it with his knowledge of martial arts, but unfortunately, we never saw the boy’s real potential. Despite everything, as he manages to be quite efficient one-on-one, he ranks above Jiro on the list.

13. Rikido Sato


This hero has the power that would be perfect for all sweets lovers. Sato is a kind and polite guy, and his quirk is “Sugar Rush”. He converts all the sugar he ingests into physical strength, and to activate his power he only needs to consume 10 grams of sugar. This small amount is already enough to multiply your strength by 5 times, but this only occurs for a maximum of 3 minutes…

However, if he consumes another 10 grams, he extends this strength increase time by another 3 minutes.. However, as soon as he activates his Quirk, he becomes someone who depends solely on his muscles and nothing on his brain, as his intelligence drops a lot. At least its strength has already been shown to be enough to knock down several rocks created by Professor Cementos.

And even if its power is only brute force, Sato can handle itself very well. However, should he face an opponent with a high degree of intelligence, he would be in big trouble. As a result, he is still out of the top 10 on this list.

12. Mezo Shoji


Despite his bizarre appearance, Shoji manages to surprise many with what he is capable of doing with his individuality. His power, called “Dupli-Arms”, grants him a set of tentacles alongside his arms. With that, he can transform the tips of these tentacles and replicate other parts of his body, forming new ears, mouths, eyes, and so on…

And it’s worth mentioning that all these duplicated parts are even more efficient than the original ones; And as a result, Shoji has all of his senses enhanced and a huge increase in his sensory ability. So he has his hearing improved and becomes able to see through several angles at once. As well as increasing his physical strength by duplicating his arms.

His Quirk turns out to be very useful in location or reconnaissance missions, as his arms can also stretch very high as they replicate. And with multiple eyes and ears pointing in multiple directions, he can get a lot of information from where he is in a matter of seconds.

So, thanks to his versatility, Shoji gets a relatively good position in this ranking… But as we don’t know exactly how far his limb replication limit goes, we still can’t place him in the top 10.

11. Ochaco Uraraka

class 1a students

The first person to befriend Deku in UA She is a very sweet and kind person, with a noble goal of becoming a hero in order to have enough money and help her parents. And despite her cuteness, Uraraka completely changes her personality when she’s in competition. Her Quirk is “Zero Gravity”. Which gives her the power to nullify the gravity effects of anything.

So whatever she touches with her fingertips, be it an inanimate object or even a living being, that thing touched will lose its gravity and start floating. Even cars and large stone pillars completely lose their gravity effects and become extremely light under the girl’s touch. Uraraka can also make herself lose her gravity by touching her fingers together and being able to float around.

The problem is, the longer she uses her Quirk or uses it on a very large object – like an airplane – the girl ends up suffering from severe nausea. Her innocence and her lack of experience in close combat was a serious problem for her, but after the practical internship she did with the hero Gun Head, all of Uraraka’s problems were practically solved.

She is also one of the students with great field experience, thanks to the residency she did with the heroine Ryukyu. For these reasons, Uraraka occupies this position very close to the Top 10.

10. Tsuyu Asui

class 1a students

Probably the girl with the weirdest ability in Class 1-A. She is a very sincere student and very dedicated to becoming a professional hero. Tsuyu’s powers, basically, is to do everything a frog is capable of doing. The girl can stretch her tongue up to 20 meters, stick to walls, jump very high and even camouflage her skin with the environment.

Even though the powers of a frog may not seem like a big deal, we saw everything Tsuyu is capable of with her individuality when she participated in the internship with the professional hero Selkie and with the residence of the current heroine number 10, Ryukyu. Tsuyu has even carried out missions to rescue and fight criminals like a true hero, making her one of the 1-A students with the most field experience.

So, she knows how to handle herself… Tsuyu’s only weaknesses would be dehydration, which is essential for a frog’s life; and the sudden change in temperature in an environment… – since, being a cold-blooded animal, frogs cannot control their body temperature, and their bodies always have the temperature defined by the environment in which they are.

Due to her amphibious weaknesses, Tsuyu is limited to getting a higher position on this list, but her sheer experience and efficiency in missions easily put her here in the top 10.

9. Mina Ashido

my hero academia class 1a

Possibly the friendliest and tallest girl -astral of the whole class. Mina’s Quirk allows her to produce a corrosive liquid from her body, as if it were an improved version of sulfuric acid. So, this acid can be extremely corrosive, and can even melt metal armor, as happened with Aoyama’s hero costume.

And in addition to its use for the attack, the acid can also be used defensively, where the Mina creates a short-lived wall with the liquid, which manages to melt several projectiles launched against it. As if that weren’t enough, your Quirk can also be used for your own mobility!

Thanks to her training at school, her body became even more resistant to its own acid and she was also able to control the “consistency” of that liquid, being able to make it more soluble, viscous or incredibly destructive. So, in addition to using it for offense and defense, she is able to secrete a “non -corrosive” version of the acid through her feet, allowing her to glide and move very quickly through the liquid!

Mina may even have little field experience and how to use her acid more effectively, but still, her power is quite versatile and has great potential. Therefore, she is still within the top 10.

8. Momo Yaoyorozu


A very prodigious student, so much so that she entered the UA through a recommendation. Today, she is even the vice president of the class. Momo is quite polite, elegant, and intelligent, but is also self-deprecating and indecisive in her own decisions. Her individuality is “Creation”. She can create anything non-organic from the lipids – or rather the fat cells – in her own body.

She can replicate everything from tiny Russian dolls to a huge cannon… – however, something this big takes a few minutes for the girl to create. In addition, she also needs to understand how the molecular structure of the object is – if it is made of metal, glass, these things… – and obviously, the more the girl eats, the easier it is for her to create objects, since she have more material to work with.

Momo even manages to create money, but she herself said that she doesn’t do that for fear of causing inflation in her own country. She can even be very efficient in the written tests, but the girl suffers a lot with the practical tests. The first few times we saw her in action in the anime, she was always defeated thanks to her lack of confidence in herself and not making the right decisions quickly.

However, the girl has already made enormous progress to date, and has already learned to trust herself. Despite her progress, Momo is much more effective when she’s in a team, since creating more powerful weapons like the cannon takes time. But since her power doesn’t have no limit of inorganic things to be created, she gets a high place on this list for the versatility and possibilities of using her Quirk.

7. Tenya Ida


The boy who entered the UA to follow in the footsteps of his brother, a renowned professional hero. Iida is a very responsible boy – too much so to say – respectful, honorable and leader. He’s even the president of class 1-A. His individuality is the “Engine”. The back of its two legs have pipes similar to exhaust pipes coming out of its body… which even gives it multiple gears, just like a real car.

When his Quirk is activated, the exhausts release flames and give Iida super speed. His speed came in handy during the villainous invasion of USJ, where he was able to leave the scene and warn all pro heroes in UA of the attack in a matter of minutes. His Quirk also ends up being very useful for hand-to-hand combat, as the speed of his legs adds much more force to the impact of his blows.

Iida can also sharply increase his speed with the “Reciproburst” form. Its exhausts release much larger, blue-colored flames. With that, his locomotion is practically imperceptible to human eyes, where in one second he’s in front of you, and in the next, he’s already right behind you. But obviously, like every secret technique, Iida can’t use this form for a long time, and after using it, he loses his super speed for a while.

As someone so focused and so aspiring to be a leader, Iida has a lot of potential to be a powerful hero, but his personality can be a barrier in his path. The boy still doesn’t know how to leave his personal feelings out of hero service, which has already almost made him die for the villain Stain after wanting revenge for what the villain did to his brother. Because of this, Iida ranks seventh on this list.

6. Denki Kaminari

class 1a students

Forgot your charger at home? No problem, Kaminari can help you with that! Kaminari is a very relaxed and comical guy! His quirk is the release of electricity. However, he is very 8 or 80 with his powers. Either he releases a very weak wave of energy – capable of charging cell phones at most – or he releases very strong waves, which end up spreading to all sides and can even hit his allies.

When Kaminari releases too much energy at once, it kind of “frys” his own brain, making the boy act like a goofball for several minutes until he recovers. Even though his power is quite risky, he can easily take down an entire group of villains of moderate strength and even take down an earth giant, created by the heroine Pixie Bob.

Thanks to his studies at the UA and improvements to his hero suit, Kaminari has also learned to develop new techniques to release his electricity, and even make it only target a specific target, instead of everyone around him.

The boy evolved a lot during his studies at UA, and even though he can still act like an idiot after unleashing all his power, he is already learning much more to control this problem of his, only releasing what is necessary to defeat his opponents. On the face of it, he ranks pretty high here in the top 10.

5. Eijiro Kirishima

class 1a students

An aspiring hero who is, ironically, quite headstrong. Only losing to Bakugo in this regard. Kirishima is someone who is impulsive and anxious, but who is also very serious about his desire to become a hero. His power is “Harden”. He can harden his body until it’s rock hard… even his skin takes on a rock-like appearance and texture when he uses his Quirk…

This ability also ends up giving him some extra effects, like superior strength and resistance to damage. Heat and explosions, for example. Even though it seems like an interesting ability, Kirishima has never been able to develop differentiated techniques for his Quirk, as hardening his own body is all he is capable of.

Kirishima improved his Quirk to the point where he was so tough and durable that he created his “Red Riot Unbreakable” form, where theoretically, his body is completely unbreakable, making him the perfect shield. Even though the boy could only maintain this form for a few minutes, he was already able to withstand an incessant attack of blades on his body.

The only one who was able to hurt Kirishima in his Unbreakable form was the villain Rappa, a member of the Yakuza 8 Precepts of Death. However, that defeat only motivated the young man to further improve his hardening for future battles. For his focus, training, insistence, and even field experience – as he did a residency with professional hero Fat Gum – Kirishima takes fifth place on our list.

4. Fumikage Tokoyami


Tokoyami’s power is the “Dark Shadow”, a sentient, bird-like shadow-like monster that stretches out from his body. The shadow, which is also called Dark Shadow, obeys all of Tokoyami’s orders. He is able to stretch out and attack with his claws at immense distances, making Tokoyami’s focus on ranged combat.

In very dark places, Dark Shadow becomes much bigger, much more powerful and also much more aggressive, which makes Tokoyami lose his control. However, the boy has already learned to have greater control over his power, even managing to control the shadow fully during the night.

Likewise, in very bright places or against bright objects, the shadow is weakened and even frightened… but at least, it is easier to control, and still manages to maintain considerable strength. Nowadays, the boy has learned to better control his own power, and thanks to the residency he did with the current number 2 hero, the Hawks, Tokoyami has managed to improve much more the way he uses his quirk.

He was even able to make up for his disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat by cloaking himself in Dark Shadow… and even developed a technique that allowed him to fly, which he was previously unable to do. Even though Tokoyami has evolved a lot since his first appearances, his techniques with his Dark Shadow are still quite recent and need to improve a lot. Therefore, fourth place on the list.

3. Katsuki Bakugo

class 1a students

His personality matches his individuality very well: Both of them are explosive! Bakugo is a childhood acquaintance of Deku’s, and although Deku considers him a great friend, Bakugo couldn’t care less about the boy! He is quite irritable, impulsive and proud. However, when he fights, interesting things happen…

Even if he still seems irritated and out of his mind in combat, Bakugo always remains calm and manages to come up with outlandish strategies to overcome any disagreement that comes his way. His power is called “Explosion”. The sweat he releases from his own body is a flammable liquid that, when accumulated on the tips of his hands, releases a strong explosion.

Thanks to his hero suit, he can accumulate all this liquid in his gloves to release a straight blast so powerful that it is capable of opening a hole in a building. Bakugo can also use this technique without his costume, but it ends up wearing down his arms a lot, leaving them injured. His explosions are also extremely useful for his own mobility.

He can even, shall we say… fly at high speeds, while releasing explosions from his hands! After finally accepting Deku’s individuality and having his talent recognized by All Might himself, Bakugo began a journey of humility that continues to this day. Anyway, his pride is still a serious problem nowadays. But as his skills continue to be amazing, he enters the top 3.

2. Shoto Todoroki

class 1a students

A frighteningly talented student, he also entered UA through recommendation. Todoroki is very emotionally closed, and he entered the UA to become a hero using only half of his quirk, since the other half, he inherited from his father Endeavor, someone who has already caused a lot of trauma in the boy. His Quirk is “Half Hot, Half Cold”.

From the left side of his body, he emits flames. On the right side, it produces ice. Due to his father’s powers of flame, Shoto avoided using this power for a long time, in denial of his father. Even so, from the first time we saw Shoto in action, he was already a monster of skill. His ability with ice was enough to freeze an entire building or even lift a mountain of ice the size of a stadium!

The boy only went to use his flames after Deku made him recognize that that power wasn’t his father’s, but something of him, of his nature… And even though we saw him use the flames for the first time, he already was able to create a ridiculously large wave of fire. Shoto is a true prodigy boy, where it wasn’t necessary so much training for him to be able to do what he does today.

It’s only now that Shoto is also learning to use his two Quirks at the same time, which he wasn’t very capable of doing before, and the young man has already shown a lot of progress. Because he is already so skilled, possesses incredible Quirk, and just lacks some practical hero experience, Shoto easily becomes the second best student in Class 1-A.

1. Izuku Midoriya

class 1a students

The protagonist of My Hero Academia, whose nickname and hero name is “Deku”. He was once a boy completely without individuality, but he still had the dream of becoming a professional hero. After helping to save a life when no one else wanted to act, his talent was recognized by All Might and the hero chose Midorya to be his successor, giving him the power called “One for All”.

This power is a crystallization of all the physical strength and Quirks of its previous wielders, which, counting All Might, are nine. The Quirk grants a significant boost to all of the wielder’s physical abilities to a superhuman level. This results in unrivaled levels of strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability. However, the power is not at all easy to control.

Recently, he’s been awakening the Quirks of all the ancient wielders, and since One for All has drastically increased the strength of those Quirks, Midorya has serious problems controlling some of them, and can even hurt his friends. So far, he has already managed to awaken 6 other Quirks, all from the old wielders, as mentioned.

Well, guys, because of his enormous potential and mainly because he has one of the strongest Quirks, Deku is easily the most powerful student in class 1-A.


All these 1-A students are just a fraction of everything the UA school has. There are still many other classes, and some students even have a place reserved to work with professional heroes once they graduate, seeing how talented they were in their internships, residencies or school festivals.

This ends up becoming an indirect lesson that Boku no Hero tries to pass on to its fans: Make an effort from an early age, to get your reward as soon as possible.

That is it from today’s post on Top 20 Strongest Class 1A Students in My Hero Academia. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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