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one punch man garou

One Punch Man Garou All Forms Explained – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing One Punch Man Garou All Forms Explained. Garou, the Hero Hunter, the one who wants to be absolute evil. By now, everyone who follows One Punch Man has heard his name. Receiving great attention in the anime and a huge amount of fans, he practically shared the role with Saitama these days.

With his unshakable desire to become the world’s greatest villain, no matter how many times he takes a beating. With every episode that has a tough fight, every chapter where he gets extremely injured, Garou learns something new and becomes stronger. Over time, Garou has evolved many times, generating different ways to fight, going far beyond just a different fighting style.

All of this was to become stronger and stronger, to assert his self-proclaimed title of “Human Monster”. And it’s exactly these forms that emerged throughout the manga that we’re going to talk about today. Today we are going to see what “All forms of the Garou” were and understand how the hero hunter’s strength was in each of them. So, let’s get started.

Base Form Garou


This is his default form, where he was still at his starting strength level. After denying the association’s request, the hero hunter was able to defeat all the people in that room with his own strength, without requiring any effort. Even the A-class heroes present, Magic Trick Man, Blue Fire, and Heavy Tank Loincloth, were easily soloed by the villain in a matter of seconds.

His speed was so absurd that he was able to dodge a Blue Fire attack and rip off the hero’s arm in the blink of an eye. Even the hero himself took a while to realize that he had already lost an arm! But that was just the beginning of the damage the Garou would do to the heroes. His martial style is the same as Silver Fang, where he always seeks to hit the enemy’s weak and vital points to gain advantage in a fight.

He can even use the Fist of Flowing Water technique. The difference in his fighting style is his ability to copy the blows of others. This is due to the Garou’s enormous learning and observation skills, where, after facing an enemy only once, he is already able to use the same techniques as his opponent. This tactic was used when facing Genos, as he had faced Watchdog Man well before.

But perhaps his most appealing technique while still in this form was his ability to deflect objects with his hands. In addition to the people at the Association meeting, other heroes who were also victims of Garou in his base form are Tanktop Vegetarian, Tanktop Master and all the heroes that Death Gatling called to try to defeat the villain – in addition to giving Metal Bat a lot of work also.

Red Garou


After all the beating Garou received from Metal Bat, Saitama, the heroes of Death Gatling and even Bang, his own sensei, he achieved his first evolution. All that looked different about him was his hair and one of his eyes, which had now turned red. That small change in his appearance was just the beginning of his process of becoming a monster.

Before the second season of the anime ended, we had the opportunity to see this first Garou evolution animated. In this form, Garou was able to fight his former master, Bang, and his brother, Bomb. And though he still didn’t have the strength to defeat the two of them, the Garou seemed to have grown even more ferocious and resistant.

From now on we will be talking about his forms that were shown in the manga. We don’t know if he gained this new form because of his will or if it was the other way around, but regardless, this was the Garou’s first step towards breaking his Limiter and becoming a true monster. Perhaps this was the way in which the Garou was beaten the most, since Royal Ripper and Bug God gave the villain a lot of fatigue.

The 2 Demon-level monsters weren’t too happy with the Hero Hunter’s presence in the Association, and therefore, they worked together to try to kill Garou. In the end, it worked. And with one fatal blow, Ripper apparently ended the hero hunter’s life. That blow could have killed any human being, but unfortunately for monsters, it only allowed Garou to evolve into his new form, becoming even more powerful.

Half-Monster Garou


Here, his monster appearance starts to emerge, and his Limiter, already starts to crack. In this form, his clothes kind of merge with his body, generating something similar to black spots around his legs and creating black stripes on his chest and arms. Like a Saiyan in Dragon Ball, Garou evolves after experiencing a near-death experience and overcoming it through self-effort.

This made him come back even more powerful and resilient, being able to fight even with all the bones in his ribs destroyed. With this evolution, Garou’s senses and reaction speed greatly increased, and with the power he had now acquired, he was already able to go head-to-head against super-powered heroes like Superalloy Darkshine.

The villain’s speed in this form could increase even more during a fight, which even made Darkshine wonder what he was seeing. In fact , the Garou’s strength and speed were so great that he was able to overcome the hero’s strongest blow, the Superalloy Bazooka, without much difficulty. This psychologically destroyed Darkshine, who was one of the first to consider the Garou as a true monster.

After that, in a short time, Garou still faced Overgrown Roover, Gyoro-Gyoro and King Orochi, three of the most powerful Dragon Level monsters, being defeated by the latter. At the very least, it gave him one more near-death experience, and once again, he managed to evolve into his next form.

Full Monster Garou – 1st Form

garou one punch man

In this form, the Garou’s entire body is wrapped in black armor, complete with pointed shoulder pads and small black bands fluttering down its back. The armor has small openings, which emanate a strong red glow. When he finally took on his monster appearance, it was hard to come up with anyone who could stand up to the hero hunter.

With his new strength, Garou started a new epic fight against his master Bang, and that, without a doubt, would be the final fight they would have against each other. Bang went way beyond his own limits to be able to face Garou. One of his blows was even able to break the villain’s body armor, which no one but the old man was able to do! But unfortunately, Bang couldn’t overcome his pupil, and fell to the ground.

After this triumphal entrance, Garou started a simultaneous fight against Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm. And of course, we must never forget the phenomenon they created in the sky with their thousands of blows that were delivered in less than a second. In this fight, where it was every man for himself, Garou was the one who emerged victorious.

Here, it already looked like no one would be able to defeat the hero hunter, and that he had reached his peak power. That is, until a certain bald guy with a cape shows up. After a single punch from Saitama, Garou crossed the ocean. And even though he withstood a normal punch from Saitama, the villain was greatly angered, and once again, he evolved into a new form.

Full Monster Garou – 2nd Form

one punch man garou

With all his rage, coupled with his desire to continue evolving into the ultimate evil figure, Garou transformed into something that already looked a lot more like a monster. He increased in size and became a real body-builder. His muscles increased, his armor became more resistant and several spikes came out of various parts of his body.

Even though Garou was now nothing more than a monster and no longer appeared to be human, he was still able to converse with Tareo normally. Only, his monster intentions grew stronger than ever. And even if his opponent was Saitama, Garou was going to show how heroes “are so powerless” against his newfound strength. But too bad his enemy was the bald guy, right.

Even though he now looked like a monster, Garou still used his martial arts while fighting, even being able to predict some of Saitama’s blows. The speed of his blows was already as fast as light, and thanks to Saitama’s lack of martial arts knowledge, Garou was able to counter some of the bald man’s blows. One of his blows sends the bald guy flying, hitting several buildings.

With that strength, you can even say that the Garou has already reached the level of Boros, huh. But of course none of that was enough to hurt the bald cape. Again, even though he didn’t experience any death here, Garou evolved thanks to his hatred and willpower, as he saw Saitama’s praise as an insult to his strength. Thus, in the middle of his fight against Saitama, the hero hunter gains another form.

Complete Monster Garou – Final Form


The villain’s body became even more muscular and taller. His appearance, when we thought he was already at the limit, managed to become even more “monstrified”, suffering from an increase in his horns and armor. He also gained the ability to spawn two more arms, but that’s not the most important thing. The big differential of this new form are its wings. Yes, Garou has now become a flying monster!

With that strength, Garou was able to land a blow that destroyed an entire volcano, spewing lava everywhere, which doesn’t seem to have affected Garou ‘s or Saitama’s body one bit. But that wasn’t even his strongest blow! Furious with the bald man, Garou pinned Saitama to the top of a mountain, and the blow was so strong that the entire mountain “entered” into the earth.

But what was most surprising was the force of the impact. The waves released by the blow traveled throughout the interior of planet Earth until they reached the other side! This raised a huge tectonic plate on the other side of the planet by hundreds of meters, which took everyone in that corner of the world by surprise. Can you imagine what it’s like for a mountain to be born at your foot out of nowhere? So insane.

However, no matter how hard Garou tried, he still wasn’t able to harm Saitama. The villain became depressed, thinking he could never become absolute evil just because Saitama existed. However, a voice from beyond appeared to help the villain… That was the voice of God himself! Who lent his power to increase Garou’s strength… which gave him his most powerful form yet.

Cosmic Fear Mode Garou

one punch man garou

Here, Garou reverted to the appearance he had in his first full monster form, but with a slight difference. All of his armor showed images of stars and galaxies, and not even his eyes or mouth showed anymore. His body gave off strong radiation, and ordinary humans fainted just by being near him. Thus, Garou became the monster he wanted so much. Heroes were defeated just by being in his presence.

The villain gained knowledge of all the forces and energy flows that existed in the universe, and for someone as good at learning as the Garou, he used all this knowledge to generate a new fighting technique: The “Erradicating Fist of All Life”. The fists of this blow generated nuclear explosions with each punch, which was reason enough to fear this new form of the Garou.

He even became capable of generating gamma-ray bursts, considered to be the most powerful type of explosion in the universe! Can you believe? Even Saitama felt a little afraid of that blow! His ability to copy others’ fighting techniques also went far beyond, where Garou was even able to copy Blast’s powers and Saitama’s strength!

Even though Garou was now able to take several serious punches from Saitama, his strength didn’t evolve as fast as the Egghead’s. In the end, he passed all the knowledge he gained from God to Saitama, as the hero had the ability to master those powers without having to receive them from God himself. This angered the deity, who turned the villain into a pillar of salt and defeated the hero hunter for good.


It’s hard to say what the author of One Punch Man is going to do with the Garou now. Garou will eventually join the Hero Association and take over from their sensei Silver Fang. And tell me, who never wanted Garou to become a hero after all the good deeds he did with Tareo?

It could even be that Garou ends up changing the functioning of the Association of Heroes… Or maybe Garou becomes an anti-hero in the future, like Deadpool. That would already match the “former hero hunter” much more, right? Anyway, let’s hope that Garou remains an interesting character, since there are already many fans out there who consider him to be the true protagonist of One Punch Man.

Hey, did you remember that the Garou had all these forms? Which one did you think was the coolest? As the Garou’s story doesn’t seem to have come to an end yet, we might even see some new form of him in the future. But of course, it depends on what will happen to him from now on!

That is it from today’s post on One Punch Man Garou All Forms Explained. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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