Top 10 Strongest Boruto Female Characters

boruto female characters

Top 10 Strongest Boruto Female Characters – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Strongest Boruto Female Characters. We are doing a ranking of the female characters in Boruto, from weakest to strongest. So, let’s get started.

10. Anko Mitarashi


Anko was a former student of Orochimaru and she acquired all her abilities from him, such as the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and its stronger variant. She’s seen proctoring the Chunin Exams in Boruto and her skill with these techniques, in particular, allowed her to easily outmaneuver the collaborative efforts of the Ina-Shika-Cho trio during their Genin Exams. She can use fire and yang release; and is capable of performing the Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique and Sly Mind Affect Technique respectively. Definitely among the strongest women in Boruto.

9. Hanabi Hyuga


Hanabi is a very talented Hyuga and and we could see this from a very young age. She’s very skilled in the use of Byakugan as being “very pure”. In Boruto she’s a Jounin and one of the strongest women in the series, very proficient in the use of Gentle Fist. In her spar with Boruto, she’s able to dodge and parry his attacks and she could use techniques like; Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm and the Rotation technique. She leads her own team in Boruto which further proves that she’s indeed powerful and merits this position.

8. Hinata Hyuga

boruto female characters

We are yet to see what Hinata is capable of in Boruto but I am more than certain that if we do, she wouldn’t be portrayed as weaker than anyone below her. We already saw her using techniques like the Gentle Fist Air Palm, Trigrams Palm Techniques, Twin Lion Fist etc. She should’ve mastered more techniques of the Hyuga clan now in Boruto and thus should be much stronger than before. Hamura’s chakra which she got in the movie might still be a factor.

7. Karin Uzumaki


Karin came to her own in the war. Initially she was mainly a support type ninja due to her large and potent chakra which allowed her to heal herself and others in battle. By the Fourth Great Ninja War she had awakened the Adamatine Sealing Chains which we saw Kushina use in the past. They were powerful enough to destroy all of Zetsu’s Buddha hands and easily healed from being impaled by the latter’s wood release. These chains are capable of restraining even Tailed Beasts and consider that she should have mastered it in Boruto, she will be pretty powerful.

6. Kurotsuchi


Kurotsuchi is a very versatile shinobi capable of using earth, fire and water release nature transformations. She could especially use earth release on a very large scale. By combining earth and fire, she could use Lava Release in many different forms. In Boruto, together with Chojuro did well against Kinshiki and managed to temporarily restrain him. I don’t think being defeated by Ku means she was weak or anything. She seems to have underestimated him and before we knew it she had been restrained. Considering the same Ku was beaten by genins, something we don’t know happened off panel.

5. Temari Nara


We haven’t seen Temari doing much in Boruto, but we know what she’s capable of. She’s always been very powerful and uses wind style with her techniques being quite devastating and large scale. Alongside other wind style users in the war, she could counter the Ten-Tails arms and she managed to push Madara back using a single swing of her fan. She can even summon a Weasel to aid her in battle by creating strong gusts of wind in unison with her own. She did this in part one to defeat Tayuya a sound 4 member. All these techniques of her should be even more powerful in Boruto. I think she could be a bad matchup for Kurotsuchi.

4. Mei Terumi


We shouldn’t think Mei is old now. She was only 31 in part 2 which means she should be around 47 now. At this age many shinobi are at their absolute peaks while some others could only be getting past their peak. So, I would say Mei is either stronger or a bit weaker than she was back in part 2. She can use Fire, Water, Lightning and Earth release nature transformations as well as Lava and Boil Release Kekkei Genkai. We saw how all her techniques were large scale in the war, cancelling out Madara’s fire release with her water release using water dragons, large scale lava release techniques etc. There shouldn’t be many debates about her position.

3. Tsunade Senju

boruto female characters

Tsunade is close to 70 now, but thanks to her prowess in Medical Ninjutsu she still looks the same as she was back in part 2. She can still use all her techniques (100 healings, Creating Rebirth etc.) which means she should still be around the same level as she was back then considering her abilities cancels out the age factor to a certain extent unlike the other characters. She should still be able to handle all those below her in the list. So, we can all agree she merits this position.

2. Sakura Uchiha

boruto female characters

Sakura is currently the strongest female ninja in the series having surpassed all others including her teacher Tsunade. Being able to master all of Tsunade’s techniques she was a key factor in the 4th Shinobi World War. Her abilities allow her to heal from almost any damage and she can create shockwaves with her fists. In Boruto she was mostly on par with Shin in their battle all this while in base form and not using the Byakugou seal or Summoning. She more than likely has surpassed Tsunade by now.

1. Delta

boruto female characters

Delta is a member of the Kara Organization and she’s powerful enough to hold her own against Naruto. Considering how strong Naruto is now, it doesn’t matter how much he’s holding back, if she is able to give trouble to whatever amount of power Naruto is using against her, then I don’t think too many people in Boruto stand a chance against her. Definitely stronger than the other females and even Sakura herself. I would love to see a battle between her and Sakura.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Strongest Boruto Female Characters. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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