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all the tailed beasts

All The Tailed Beasts Ranking – We will be ranking All The Tailed Beasts in Naruto. Of course we are not going to be using the “number of tails equal more power” considering it may or may not be the case. I will be using different factors like; feats shown, what it took to defeat him, how strong they make their Jinchuriki, their special powers etc. So, let’s get started.

10. Chomei (Seven Tails)


All Bijuu are immensely powerful but Chomei for me seems to be the least powerful one. Asides from the Bijuudama which all the other Bijuu can use, its abilities mainly involve; using its wings to emit blinding powder, utilizing insect based attacks like, biting the enemy, ramming its horn into them, creating a cocoon to withstand chakra absorption. It is also the only Bijuu which can fly. Having Seven Tails can imply that it is the fourth strongest but its abilities (not as powerful as the others) do not imply it to be so.

9. Saiken (Six Tails)


Saiken will be one of the strongest Bijuu if we go by the number of tails. It possesses the ability to emit corrosive substances in the form of liquid or gas which are capable of disintegrating a target if it makes contact with them. To trap a target it can expel an adhesive, sticky substance from its mouth. However, as a slug, it seems to be the most sluggish and we didn’t see said abilities of it accomplishing much.

8. Matatabi (Two Tails)


Matatabi is the Bijuu with Two Tails and is one of the fastest, showing incredible speed during the Tailed Beasts battle versus Bijuu Mode Naruto and his team and this is mainly due to its flexible muscles as a cat. Asides from the Tailed Beast Bomb, it mainly uses fire release. Matatabi under the control of Yugito was powerful enough to give Hidan and Kakuzu trouble, although they still ended up managing to defeat it.

7. Isobu (Three Tails)


Isobu was shown to be immensely powerful possessing the ability to create coral capable of immobilizing KCM Naruto and rendering him incapable of fighting. It is at its strongest in water, being able to swim at very high speeds and use water release techniques. As with all other Tailed Beasts it possesses a very durable body, but its tough shell provides an additional defense making it capable of surviving all forms of attacks. The Hidden Mist Village was so confident of its destructive potential that they, under the influence of Tobi, intended to unleash it in the midst of Konohagakure to destroy the village. It most likely took Tobi and Deidara to defeat it.

6. Kokuo (Five Tails)


Kokuo is able to use water and fire release nature transformations and by combining them, it can use Boil Release Kekkei Genkai enabling it to increase the temperature of its chakra to its boiling point. This ability forms the basis of what is referred to as “Steam-Based Ninjutsu”, granting itself, or its Jinchuriki, overwhelming physical strength. It was the only Tailed Beast possessing the willpower to broke free of Obito’s control and attempt to attack him. It showed enough physical strength, enough to injure and knock Gyuki a considerable distance away. Its ability allowed Naruto to break free of Kaguya’s ice restraints and physically overpower her.

5. Shukaku (One Tail)

all the tailed beasts

If we use the general rule “The more tails, the more powerful”, Shukaku is obviously the weakest Tailed Beast. However, judging from its versatile set of abilities, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is able to use Wind, Earth Release as well as Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai. It is mostly known for its ability to manipulate sand for offense, defense and for sealing. Its body is all sand thus can hardly get damaged capable of easily tanking Madara’s Susanoo Sword. It can also perform sealing techniques; one of them enough to temporarily restrain Madara’s Senjutsu Enhanced Susanoo. Its Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai allowed Naruto to seal one of Madara’s Limbo Clones. With all these abilities Shukaku should be among the strongest Bijuu.

4. Son Goku (Four Tails)


Son Goku asides from being a Tailed Beast is also classified as a Sage. Being a monkey, it is very agile despite its size, deceptive and with its knowledge in Taijutsu, utilizes powerful and well timed kicks against its opponents. All these already give him a physical advantage against most of the other Tailed Beasts. Then it is able to use Fire and Earth Release capable of breathing a stream of green coloured fire. By combining Earth and Fire it can use Lava Release, powerful enough to create volcanoes. Its physical advantage and lethal Ninjutsu is what should put him above majority of the Bijuu. With its power, Naruto was able to create a Lava Release Rasenshuriken, enough to inflict massive damage on Madara.

3. Gyuki (Eight Tails)

all the tailed beasts

Gyuki is noted to be the second most powerful of the Nine Tailed Beasts noted by Kisame and Kurama and feats prove this. Even the super powerful Third Raikage could only manage to force a draw. It is durable enough to survive its own Tailed Beast Ball, can rapidly spin its tentacles to create an enormous tornado, or wrap them around its body for protection against enemy attacks, even slowing down the momentum of the Juubi’s massive Bijuudama. It can also produce ink for restraining and sealing targets. He’s the main reason Killer Bee is so powerful as a Jinchuriki.

2. Kurama (Nine Tails)

all the tailed beasts

Kurama is the most powerful of the Nine Tails Beasts and the gap is quite large. It doesn’t really have special abilities like the others but it has much more chakra, is a lot faster, more physical, durable and its Tailed Beast Ball is more devastating. Even with Kushina’s chakra chains restraining it, Minato still had to give up his life to fully seal it. He was the primary firepower provider for Madara’s battle against Hashirama. Naruto in Bijuu Mode with only half of its power was already far stronger than Bee’s Bijuu Mode and could handle Five Tailed Beast, matching their combined Bijuudama with one of his.

1. Juubi (Ten Tails)

all the tailed beasts

The Nine Tails Beasts were created by the splitting of the Ten Tails. This was done by the Sage of Six Paths “Hagoromo Otsutsuki”, so of course it will be far stronger than the others. It took Hagoromo and Hamura a long battle to finally seal it and their mother Kaguya Otsutsuki. Simply adding the Nine Tails Beasts together doesn’t necessarily equate to its power, telling us that in the process of putting the Tailed Beasts together, there’s some multiplier involved. This can be proven when Kurama describe its power as immeasurable and it has different forms where it becomes more powerful.

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