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3rd raikage

How Strong is The 3rd Raikage? – We know that the 3rd Raikage is a very powerful shinobi, but just how powerful is he? Where does he stand compared to the other characters? So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


The 3rd Raikage is able to use Earth, Fire and Lightning Release Nature Transformations but his main affinity is Lightning Release and he was known for his unique Black Lightning, being skilled enough in its usage to pass on his knowledge to Darui. He could also shroud himself with Lightning to form the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. For his attacks he uses Lightning for greater effects.

2. Genjutsu

3rd raikage

The 3rd Raikage can’t cast genjutsu or at least hasn’t shown the ability to do so and seeing as how he’s a brute force type of shinobi, he could be quite vulnerable to genjutsu.

3. Taijutsu


The fighting style of the 3rd Raikage mainly revolves around hand to hand combat (they have to engage their opponent). By shrouding himself with lightning, all his physical attributes are enhanced making him a dangerous taijutsu user such that even Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra Mode made sure not to engage him carelessly and had to switch to Sage Mode for better reactions in order to take him down.

4. Speed


The 3rd Raikage is among the fastest characters in the series made possible by the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. By cladding himself in this mode, his speed increases significantly enough for him to dodge Naruto’s Rasenshuriken fired at incredible speed twice. His speed was such that even KCM Naruto who had become possibly the fastest character in the series at that point in time still had a lot of trouble against him.

5. Strength


The 3rd Raikage’s natural physical prowess was immense and it was further enhanced by lightning. By focusing chakra into his finger he was able to easily breeze through a large earth wall created by the section of the shinobi alliance he was battling against. While the piercing effect is what made it possible, a great amount of physical power is needed to accomplish such a feat. His Hell Stab: Four-Finger Nukite Technique is said to be able to take down powerful opponents in one move and could cut off all of Gyuki’s Tails at once.

6. Intelligence


While A appears to be a brute force kind of fighter due to his physical demeanor, it is easy to conclude that he’s not smart. We however cannot forget that he’s a Kage who are known to be generally intelligent even if not by much. He’s able to apply lightning to form the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, something we’ve seen done only by 1 or 2 other powerful lightning release users.

7. Defense


A’s most impressive and renowned trait was his extremely durable body, earning the name, the “Strongest Shield” further enhanced by his chakra mode. He is capable of withstanding very powerful techniques including Naruto’s Rasenshuriken which only inflicted little damage on him. He was durable enough to battle against the 8 Tails and receive little damage with the 8 Tails only wounding his chest. His extremely durable body enhanced with lightning release gives him a defense that not too many can outmatch.

8. Chakra

3rd raikage

The 3rd Raikage possessed enormous chakra reserves enough to use lightning to form a chakra mode for himself. His chakra reserves are known to be Bijuu Level enough to seal the 8 Tails inside the Kohaku no Johei after its numerous rampages. His chakra reserves was also enough to drain a Bijuu (8 Tails) during their intense one on one battle.

9. Stamina

3rd raikage

The 3rd Raikage’s stamina was immensely high allowing him to fight non-stop for three consecutive days and nights against 10,000 shinobi before finally collapsing something normal shinobi could only achieve with drug enhancers. His stamina was also enough to battle and exhaust the 8 Tails with both collapsing in the end. These are feats only a few shinobi can even attempt to replicate.

We can see that the only areas the 3rd Raikage lacks in are Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Summoning. He’s a monster in every other department which hints us where he stands compared to the other characters in the series.

What Tier is The 3rd Raikage?

3rd raikage

The 3rd Raikage was able to fight to a draw against the 8 Tails and battle 10,000 shinobi, a feat not any shinobi can achieve. Also KCM Naruto who was very powerful and fast and above the normal Kage paygrade had a lot of difficulty against him. Yes it was a clone but its not like the 3rd Raikage was at full power either considering he was Edo which didn’t do him justice at all compared to most Edo’s. He can tank powerful attacks and possesses speed that few can match. With this I will put him above the High Kage Tier and below the Top Tier. We can call it “High Kage+” (which has the likes of KCM Naruto, Sage Mode Kabuto, Full Power Killer Bee, Alive Minato, Edo Itachi. We can see that if some of these can beat him, they will still have a hard time.

Strongest He Beats and Weakest Who Beats Him

3rd raikage

The strongest person that the 3rd Raikage can beat for me is Alive Minato. The 3rd Raikage can easily handle his strongest attacks and Minato’s only option is sealing which will not be easy against him. The weakest person who should beat him is Onoki due to Jinton which should bypass his durable body if it lands. As a matter of fact, anyone without a really powerful or broken or sealing technique or the ability to outlast (which is impossible for most) should easily lose to him.

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