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how strong is might guy

How Strong is Might Guy? – We will be taking a look at How Strong is Might Guy? We know that Might Guy was immensely powerful but where does he actually stand in comparison to the other characters in the series? So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


We might think Guy doesn’t have any jutsu but we are wrong. He’s simply bad at Ninjutsu but he is still capable in them. Among Guy’s ninjutsu-skills are the Fire and Lightning Release Nature Transformations. He simply doesn’t use it because he’s bad at it and prefer to constantly improve the area where he’s best at “Taijutsu”. He can also use the Summoning Technique.

2. Genjutsu

how strong is might guy

As with Ninjutsu, Guy isn’t proficient with Genjutsu. However, he devised a way of combating Sharingan users by focusing on the positioning of their feet to predict their movements and negate the Sharingan’s eye-contact-based genjutsu. He’s also shown to dispel the high level genjutsu that was casted at the Chunin Exams which puts people to sleep.

3. Taijutsu


Guy is without a doubt the most skilled Taijutsu user in the series. He dedicated his life on Taijutsu only. Even in his base form, not many can keep up with him in a hand to hand contest. By using the 8 Inner Gates, he takes his Taijutsu to another level giving him techniques that appear as Ninjutsu, but are purely taijutsu based generated from his fists and kicks. He uses techniques like; Morning Peacock granted by the 6th Gate, Hirudora from the 7th Gate and the 8th Gate grants him the most lethal ones; Night Guy and Evening Elephant.

4. Speed

how strong is might guy

Guy is among the fastest characters in the series and his speed is such that he is consistently able to attack an opponent before they’re fully aware of his presence, if at all. His speed increases with increase in the number of gates he opens. The gates provides blistering speed and with the 8th Gate, he is second only to a few characters in the speed department. His speed was such that Madara as the Juubi Jinchuriki and very fast himself was incapable of keeping up with his speed.

5. Strength


Even in base, Guy is extremely physically strong, able to use his Strong Fist combat style to defeat an opponent with one punch and then send them flying through the wall behind them. He’s also physically strong enough to punch through large boulders with ease. Physical strength also increases the more gates he opens. The power from the 8th Gate was enough to break through Madara’s Truth Seeker Orb Shield and Night Guy was able to completely destroy an entire part of Madara’s body despite his immense durability as the Juubi host and ended up creating a dent on the Shinju.

6. Intelligence

might guy

Guy isn’t high and mighty when it comes to intelligence but it was enough to allow him master the 8 Inner Gates a technique that not many can master. Despite his lack of skill in Ninjutsu he managed to learn the summoning technique and in battle he is by no means dumb and his intelligence is such that he devised a way to avoid Sharingan based Genjutsu while still able to fight his opponent.

7. Defense


Guy doesn’t really possess any form of defense and will have to rely on his speed to avoid enemy attacks. The Inner Gates inflict a lot of strain on their body which in turn could make them less durable and thus vulnerable to attacks.

8. Summoning


Because Guy always uses Taijutsu, we might think he has no talent whatsoever in Ninjutsu. Guy can use the Summoning Technique which gives the ability to summon tortoises, such as Ningame. Guy summons him while chasing after Kisame Hoshigaki while losing momentum after being thrown by Killer Bee. While it is not the battle type, it can be useful at times.

9. Chakra


When using the gates, Guy’s attacks aren’t made of chakra as seen during his battle with Kisame where Kisame tried to absorb Hirudora but failed. However, chakra is still necessary for Inner Gate users to keep going and while the attacks aren’t made of chakra since they are purely taijutsu, they still consume the user’s chakra. Thus for Guy to be able to perform such high level techniques, he must possess high chakra reserves.

10. Stamina


Guy’s stamina and recovery rate lets him continue fighting for extremely long periods of time or return to the battle-ready in extremely short periods of time. He achieved this level of might through constantly challenging himself through arduous training of various surreal means. Despite constantly using the gates in the war, he still kept going until the end and even used the 8th Gate of Death.

Guy lacks in areas like Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Defense etc. but he makes up for it with unmatched Taijutsu, Speed and incredible Strength. We will now determine how strong he really is.

What Tier is Might Guy?

how strong is might guy

Guy is a powerful shinobi and a lack in Ninjutsu doesn’t affect him that much. Using the 7th Gate, he was able to defeat Kisame and battle alongside the likes of KCM Naruto and MS Kakashi against Obito. It also allowed him to pressure 10 Tails Madara and push him back using Hirudora. Guy can open the 7th Gate at anytime and all it needs is enough stamina. He’s so fast while using this gate and with it he should be comfortably above those who aren’t fast enough to keep up or possess the defense or durability to handle Hirudora. So High Kage and maybe above. With the 8th Gate although it is temporary he’s definitely God Tier able to damage Ten Tails Jinchuriki Madara.

Strongest He Beats and Weakest Who Beats Him

how strong is might guy

The problem with Guy is that despite his immense strength he can be outlasted by many. Strongest he beats in 7th Gate for me is the 4th Raikage since he should be faster and the 4th Raikage isn’t as durable as the 3rd Raikage so he might not be able to tank Hirudora. The weakest who beats him is Sakura. Sakura can handle all his assaults in 7th Gate and outlast him. As for the 8th Gate I don’t think Guy can beat any other God Tier. Some Non God Tiers could outlast him even in base and the best that comes to mind is Minato with Flying Thunder God, Obito with Kamui and maybe Hashirama with healing.

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