All Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach

all forms of ichigo kurosaki in bleach

All Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of All Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach. Ichigo Kurosaki, a name which every single Anime fan knows of. This series and his character has gone on to inspire a wide variety of current day Shonen series.

During the many Arc’s of Bleach, we got to witness the insane development of Ichigo and how he could continuously push himself to limits unknown to unravel newfound forms and abilities. But since there are quite a few forms of Ichigo’s, we’ll run through each of them and hopefully give you all a much better understanding of these forms. Well, let’s go to the list.

10. Human Form


Well the first form of Ichigo’s is quite obvious and that would be his form as a human, not really all that spectacular but I’m sure it was a peaceful time for him except for when his Dad would attack him but nonetheless a harmless period in his life. Ichigo’s life before entering the world of Shinigami’s and Hollows, it was quite bland, however he was just your average High Schooler with a face of a delinquent.

He made friends such as Orihime, Chad and we can’t forget about his childhood friend Tatsuki. We do understand that when Ichigo was a child he lost his mom to a hollow known as Grand Fisher but she ultimately sacrificed her life to save Ichigo, since he was baited in by this Hollows tactics.

As for Ichigo’s strength in his human form, we saw how Ichigo would go up against other delinquents from other schools and even went as far as to save Chad from them. But that’s basically all there is about Ichigo’s human form.

9. Shinigami Form

all forms of ichigo kurosaki in bleach

Now onto the form which would elevate Ichigo’s character further and that would be Ichigo’s very first Shinigami form, this would be when Ichigo would take control of his “Reiatsu” but it’d still be a bit too chaotic for him to completely handle. This transformation of Ichigo’s is mostly prominent during the “Soul Society Arc”, Ichigo was capable of holding back Kikoo with his Zanpakuto known as “Zangetsu”.

Ichigo before saving Rukia, underwent a few days training to awaken his Bankai and to go toe-to-toe with one of the strongest captains around who we know as Byakuya. But essentially what we noticed upon Ichigo’s Shinigami form was how impressive his Flash Step was, enough to even surprise Byakuya who is basically known for his speed.

Ichigo would also take on the likes of Renji & Ikkaku during the “Soul Society Arc” in his Shinigami form but his greatest accomplishment whilst in his Shinigami form would have to be against the 11th Squads Captain, Zaraki Kenpachi, defeating Kenpachi without his eyepatch limiter and going on to break Kenpachi’s centuries old record.

But Ichigo as a Shinigami, he was still unrefined due to the massive amounts of “Reiatsu” which he couldn’t control but nonetheless he still went on to beat thousands of years old, experienced Shinigami’s and one of the most feared Captains.

8. Bankai Form: Tensa Zangetsu


At 8th is Ichigo’s first ever Bankai, known as “Tensa Zangetsu”, this would be revealed to us during the “Soul Society Arc” on top of Sokyoku Hill, when Ichigo faced off against Byakuya. The most surprising thing about Ichigo’s Bankai is that he was able to achieve it in just 3 days of intense training against Zangetsu.

During Ichigo’s battle against Byakuya he was capable of dodging and outpacing the billions of small blades from Byakuya’s Bankai which was unheard of. Ichigo was even able to use the Flash Step on Byakuya to a degree that it had confused the 6th Squad, Captain.

It usually takes 10 or more years to achieve your Bankai but Ichigo managed to somewhat pull it off in just 3 days. Usually Bankai’s are very extraordinary, for example Byakuya’s “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi” would show us the billions of tiny blades essentially becoming sakura petals and even when he awakens it, we notice hundreds of giant blades appearing behind him.

7. Hollow Form

ichigo hollow

Ichigo’s hollowified form; awakened first in his battle against Byakuya, the hollow mask is a physical manifestation of the hollow that resides within Ichigo, as well as the material spirit of his zanpakutou Zangetsu. Initially, Ichigo has absolutely no control over this form and the hollowified menace is free to run rampant; receiving a massive boost in speed, attack power and daring recklessness.

As Ichigo continues to grow and develop, he forms a relationship with the missing hollowified captains, The Vizards and learns to tame this monstrous transformation through vigorous training. By entering his inner world and conquering his zanpakutou spirit, Ichigo is able to make Zangetsu, the Hollow Within, bend to his will.

As the story progresses, the mask would change shape as Ichigo’s Resonance with the Hollow Spirit grew closer; allowing him to maintain the Hollow Mask for even longer periods of time. However, despite this massive fluctuation in power; it was still only a fraction of the intensity that was restrained inside of Ichigo.

6. Vasto Lordes Form


The monster within, materialized to its fullest degree. The hollow inside Ichigo is fully realized during this transformation; taking a form closely resembles its original form as “White,” Zangetsu decides to fully consume Ichigo’s body and become this devastating entity when Ichigo’s corpse is pleading desperately with itself to keep moving after being handed defeat by Fourth Espada Ulquiorra Cifer.

With a humongous hole in his chest and absolutely no life left inside, the hollow was free to take complete reign. Unleashing the full extent of its ability, even a single sword swing being enough to rupture the ground beneath Zangetu’s feet with a Shockwave of power.

Using Ichigo’s body as a catalyst for all of this destruction, while in Vasto Lorde form he is easily able to overwhelm Ulqiorra’s Segunda Etapa transformation, taking Ulqiorra’s most powerful move Lanze Del Relampago and crushing it inside of his bare hands, as well as reducing the arrancar to a frail, limp victim wishing for the end.

Although this awesome combat ability is an unstoppable force, it does result in the loss of all of Ichigo’s humanity. Ichigo can also utilize his horns to fire off cero; while healing any and all critical wounds with high speed regeneration. Although only appearing once, the monster was able to leave enough of an impression that Ichigo’s hollow powers were vastly amped from this point on.

5. Final Getsuga Tensho Form

all forms of ichigo kurosaki in bleach

After conquering his bankai spirit fused with his hollow zanpaktou spirit; Kurosaki Ichigo is able to learn Zangetsu’s final, most powerful technique. The final getsuga tenshou. By using this ability, a new form is unlocked for Ichigo as he becomes the literal embodiment of Getsuga itself.

In exchange for his shinigami powers, Ichigo becomes cloaked in a heavy aura of black reitasu; his hair growing long and jet black while his body remains bandaged over almost completely in blue. The main focus where most of this spiritual pressure comes from is Ichigo’s right hand, where if Ichigo so chooses, he is able to take and grab hold of this terrifying presence, wielding it like a sword.

Named Mugetsu, by swinging this black reiatsu like a sword slash, Ichigo creates a wave of darkness that emerges and blackens the sky; obliterating everything in its path. Causing enough critical damage to incapacitate Sosuke Aizen while in his strongest evolutionary state.

After the final getsuga tensho is used, the transformation immediately dissipates and Ichigo is overcome by immense pain; as his shinigami powers slowly fade away along with the immense power.

4. Fullbring Form


During the two year time skip after the end of Aizen’s invasion of Karakura Town, Ichigo Kurosaki discovers and meets a band of delinquents Xcution, along with a former substitute shinigami Ginjo Kujo.

Originally starting out by just being able to materialize tensa zangetsu’s safeguard and firing off energy blasts shaped like manji symbols; Ichigo slowly begins to grow into his new fullbringer abilities, they develop even further during his fight with Jackie Tristan. Beginning to pour out Reiatsu from the badge and envelop his body, increasing his speed and strength.

Eventually taking a similar shape to his shinigami shihakusho, the full extent of his power is yet to be realized until he is placed in a situation where he needs to save his friends. Once Awakening his complete fullbringer form, Ichigo’s stamina is increased to fit what is required of this form.

His speed and power is enough to cut off Tsukishima’s arm, impressing him in the quick amount of time it took for him to master this transformation. Ultimately, these abilities are stolen back from Ginjo after his real allegiance is revealed but thankfully, Ichigo is not too far off from regaining his shinigami abilities at this point.

3. Shinigami Form (Rebuild)


During the thousand year blood war, a lot of major reveals are given about the history of Ichigo Kurosaki and the make up of where his powers and ability come from. Thanks to the heritage of his shinigami father and his quincy mother, both the blood of the king and the blood of death gods inhabit his body.

And due to the merging of the hollow White and his Mother, it’s discovered that the hollowified version of Ichigo is actually his legitimate zanpakutou spirit. The zangetsu that we’ve come to know more closely relates to Ichigo’s quincy powers; resembling Yhwach at a much younger age almost 1000 years ago.

With this new knowledge, creating a will that allows Ichigo to now accept every single version of himself and no longer choosing to reject any part of himself. By taking hold of an asauchi and pouring this new found resolve and acceptance; a new Zangetsu is formed. This time, crafted into two separate blades; each one representing the different significant marks of Ichigo’s heritage.

These new swords, as stated before, allow Ichigo to wield the full power of an actual zanpakutou and give access to new improved versions of previous attacks Ichigo was capable of; able to fire an immensely powerful getsuga tensho with just a small slash of his tinier sword and create devastating black Shockwaves capable of creating large holes in the Soul King’s Palace with the large blade.

2. Bankai Form (Rebuild)

all forms of ichigo kurosaki in bleach

With his newly forged swords, by placing them side by side and releasing a surge of energy that engulfs both him and his zanpakutou; Ichigo Kurosaki’s fully realized Tensa Zangetsu completely merges both his hollow and quincy powers and molds them into one large solid blade shaped like a khyber knife.

While the true power of Tensa Zangetsu is currently unknown, it was horrifying enough for a Soul King empowered Yhwach to deem dangerous enough to attempt to eliminate it from every equation of the battle any chance he could.

While the zanpaktou itself remains a mystery, access to his bankai as mentioned before, does allow his multiple different planes of existence; his hollow form, shinigami form and quincy form fluctuate in unison, resulting in Ichigo taking a form that seems to be an amalgamation of his Vasto Lorde Hollow Form and his normal look with pure pale skin and black markings.

While in this transformation and wielding his bankai, Ichigo was seen competing with Soul King Yhwach and restraining his sword arm while he was attempting to attack, as well as exerting a level of reiatsu that even Yhwach deemed as Magnificent. He can also combine his different lineages to use destructive techniques like a combined Gran Rey Cero and Getsuga Tensho attack.

1. Pure Ichigo

all forms of ichigo kurosaki in bleach

In the very final moments of the battle against Yhwach, as the silver arrowhead pierces Yhwachs heart and opens up the opportunity for Ichigo to land the last attack; in his final gasps of life Yhwach takes what power he has left and attempts to shatter Tensa Zangetsu once more to save himself. But instead as the sword crumbles away, instead in its place lies the pure, original form of Zangetsu’s shikai.

After this moment, it seems like Ichigo’s zanpakutou doesn’t revert to its forged dual blade form; but remains in its original shikai shape even as we make our way into the Echoing Jaws of Hell Arc.

It would seem no power or strength is lost whatsoever with this form, and as the title dictates of “Pure Ichigo” is most likely meant to represent Ichigo’s complete synchronization with every facet of his existence, achieving complete equilibrium with no piece or part of him needing to fight for supremacy.

Despite us only seeing this form active mostly in Ichigo’s retired, adult form; it is still clearly powerful enough to completely debilitate a Jigoku no Gaki in one single slash as well as save Renji from Szayelaporro.

That is it from today’s post on All Forms of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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