One Piece Warlords Ranking By How Well They Did Their Jobs

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One Piece Warlords Ranking By How Well They Did Their Jobs – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of One Piece Warlords Ranking By How Well They Did Their Jobs. For years, many One Piece fans have wondered, what even is the point of the Shichibukai, from an in-universe standpoint?

Most of them are terrible at their jobs of hunting pirates and they actively undermine the World Government. So today, we are going to be ranking all eleven Shichibukai members based on how good they were at their jobs. Oh well, let’s go the list.

11. Blackbeard


Blackbeard became a Shichibukai by turning in Ace, which is good, but then he used his position to raid Impel Down and freed or recruited a bunch of level 6 prisoners. Which is not good. He then attacked Marineford, stole Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi, and used this momentum to become an emperor of the sea. Although to be fair, the last part came after he had already resigned as a Shichibukai.

10. Donquixote Doflamingo

one piece warlords

Doflamingo did occasionally listen to the World Government, like when he fought at the battle of Marineford, or when he tried to kill Moria afterwards. But Doflamingo also did a lot of things that are harmful to the World Government. He is the owner of a slave auction house. He sells weapons on the black market.

He overthrew Dressrosa and turned a bunch of its citizens into toys for over a decade, before just destroying the entire kingdom physically with his Birdcage. Worst of all, he supplied Kaido and his army with artificial Devil Fruits. The same Kaido that wanted to start “the biggest war the world’s ever seen”. So yeah, Doflamingo was pretty awful as a Warlord.

9. Crocodile


To Crocodile’s credit, he did do his share of pirate hunting. He founded Baroque Works, a collection of bounty hunters. He also tried to take out Whitebeard during his first years as a Shichibukai. Although that didn’t end well for him. But now onto the negatives, Crocodile created a drought in Alabasta, incited a civil war, attempted to overthrow the kingdom before almost blowing up the capital.

He did all this to find Pluton, a battleship with a really powerful cannon so he can blow some more stuff up, and eventually use it to overthrow the World Government. Crocodile basically did a lot of what Doflamingo did, but not nearly as successful.

8. Boa Hancock

one piece warlords

Hancock goes on pirate expeditions sometimes, but we don’t know if she’s actually hunting pirates. From what we’ve seen of Hancock, she has been nothing but a negative asset to the World Government. Hancock initially refused the summon to Marineford by attempting to turn Vice Admiral Momonga and his entire crew into stone.

She then smuggled Luffy into Impel Down, causing many dangerous prisoners to escape. While Hancock was at Marineford, she was actively sabotaging the Marine’s war efforts. She destroyed a bunch of Pacifistas, turned many of her Marines allies into stone, and handed Luffy the key to Ace’s handcuffs.

Remember, she did all this during the battle that according to Sengoku, could’ve been the end of the Marines. After the war, she harbored Luffy on one of her islands, allowing him to train for two years. And now Luffy is one of the biggest threats to the World Government. Excellent work Hancock.

7. Bartholomew Kuma


Kuma volunteered his body to Vegapunk to experiment on, which led to the creation of the Pacifistas. Even before the surgery to remove his personality, Kuma had been mostly obedient to the World Government. But Kuma is a Revolutionary spy.

Kuma also saved the Straw Hats from Kizaru, which had immediate consequences when Luffy invaded Impel Down and Marineford just a couple of days later. And even after his personality was erased, he spent the next two years defending the Sunny for the Straw Hats. Making him completely useless to the World Government during that time.

6. Edward Weevil


This one is pretty straightforward. Weevil has taken out a lot of pirates associated with Whitebeard, but at the same time, he has also caused a lot of civilian casualties. However, Kizaru still considers him to be a net positive for the World Government.

5. Jinbei

one piece warlords

From what we’ve seen of Jinbei’s days as a Shichibukai, he seemed to have mostly been hanging out around Fishman Island. We don’t really know if he was actively hunting pirates, but he did turn Caribou in to the Marines, even though it was after he had resigned from the Shichibukai. So we can assume that he at least captures pirates that are hostile to Fishman Island.

Prior to Marineford, he seemed to have a decent relationship with Sengoku, who had thought that Jinbei would be the most cooperative out of the Shichibukai when it comes to Marineford. But just by not conspiring against the World Government, Jinbei is already a much better Shichibukai than most people on this list. Jinbei does have a couple of red marks against him though.

He refuse the call to Marineford. He defended Whitebeard against ambitious pirates like Ace, and worst of all, he freed Arlong, which allowed him to terrorize Nami’s hometown, Cocoyashi Village. But overall, Jinbei was a pretty good Shichibukai.

4. Buggy


As a warlord, Buggy ran a mercenary company called Buggy’s Delivery. We don’t really know much about the activities of Buggy’s Delivery because we’ve only seen two pages of it. After Doflamingo’s defeat, Buggy sent his mercenaries to cover the places that Doflamingo used to sell his weapons in. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The mercenaries could be defending kingdoms and islands against pirate invaders. There have been a lot of those throughout the story One Piece. But Buggy also told his men to “pillage” and encouraged them to conduct pirate activities, so that’s not great. Either way, Buggy is reducing the amount of rogue pirates on the sea by recruiting them into his crew, which is a plus for the World Government.

3. Dracule Mihawk

one piece warlords

Mihawk is one of the few Shichibukai that we’ve actually seen fight pirates. Twice, he demolished Don Krieg and his fleet. He also fights swordsmen that dare to challenge him. And these swordsmen often happen to be pirates like Zoro. Mihawk contributed greatly at the battle of Marineford.

He fought Luffy. He fought Crocodile. He fought Vista. He fought Buggy. But Mihawk also trained Zoro for two years, and now Zoro is one of the strongest pirates alive. Other than this, Mihawk has an almost perfect record as a Shichibukai.

2. Gecko Moria


Despite not being the strongest, Moria was actually a really good warlord. He has a floating fortress dedicated to hunting pirates, and he puts it near Sabody Archipelago, where a lot of strong pirates tend to gather.. He has taken at least 1000 shadows, so his pirate count is pretty high. Moria also fought the hardest out of the Shichibukai during Marineford.

He landed the finishing blow on Oars Jr. He got beat up by Jinbei, but continued to fight until the end of the war. However, not all the shadows Moria has collected were from pirates. When Luffy punched the shadows out of Moria, we see that some of them returned to Marines and even civilians. So that’s a minus point for him.

Moria also still has aspirations to become pirate king, which is his motivation behind collecting shadows and an army of corpses. Although I don’t think he was ever close to actually acting out against the World Government. Moria was pretty much the model Shichibukai. He hunted pirates and he fought when he was asked to. Despite all this, he was the first Shichibukai the World Government chose to get rid of.

1. Trafalgar D. Water Law

one piece warlords

At number one, the Shichibukai that was the best at his job was Law. To become a Shichibukai, Law captured the hearts of 100 pirates. Law then went to Punk Hazard to shut down Ceasar’s illegal operations. During this time, he also rescued the children that were kidnapped and experimented on by Ceasar, and he defeated the corrupt Vice Admiral Vergo.

He then played a major role in overthrowing Doflamingo and freeing the people of Dressorsa from his tyranny, as well as shutting down the Smile factory that was supplying Kaido with artificial Devil Fruits. He did ally himself with the Straw Hat pirates, but it was for the sake of defeating the greater evil that were Doflamingo and Kaido.

Law had been pretty much a perfect Shichibukai, he actively worked to take down powerful pirates, but he was still stripped of his position by the World Government.

So what does this list tell us?

warlords one piece

It tells us that the World Government are terrible employers. Although there are a lot of Shichibukai that were absolutely garbage at their positions, it was actually the most productive members like Law and Moria that were punished. When you penalize hard work, you get employees like Hancock, who does less than the bare minimum.

The Marine complain that the Shichibukai are no different from any other pirates, but why would they be? The World Government has created a toxic work environment where the Shichibukai are not rewarded for their work. They have no incentive to do their jobs. If anything, it’s better for them to keep a low profile. Being a Shichibukai also has no possibility of career advancements.

Once you become a Shichibukai, you’ve already reached the pinnacle of your pirating career. There are no promotions or any ways to climb the corporate ladder within the ranks of the World Government. This is why warlords like Doflamingo and Crocodile looked for alternative ways to expand their influence.

Had Doflamingo been given the possibility of working his way back to becoming a Celestial Dragon again, he probably wouldn’t have done half the things he did. So while most of the Shichibukai were useless and awful employees, it was the World Government that encouraged this kind of work culture and behavior.

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