Top 40 Best Romance Manhwa Worth Binge-Reading

best romance manhwa

Top 40 Best Romance Manhwa Worth Binge-Reading – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 40 Best Romance Manhwa Worth Binge-Reading. Romance manhwa focuses on stories that revolve around romantic relationships, often with a mix of drama, comedy, and emotional moments.

These manhwas explore various aspects of love, from the initial stages of attraction and infatuation to the challenges and obstacles that couples face as their relationships develop. Romance manhwas come in a wide range of themes and settings. They can be set in contemporary times, historical eras, fantasy worlds, or even involve supernatural elements like vampires, werewolves, or magical powers.

The characters in romance manhwa are usually well-developed, and the stories often delve into their personal growth and emotions as they navigate the ups and downs of love. Let us jump right into it.

40. For My Derelict Favorite


Meet Hestia, a huge fan of a novel she loves. She gets a chance to be part of the story when she becomes a side character in it. She’s thrilled to be close to her favorite characters, even if she’s just watching from the sidelines. She figures she’ll go back home once the story wraps up with a happy ending. But things don’t go as planned.

Instead of a happy ending, Hestia faces the tragic death of her beloved character. Suddenly, she’s back to the beginning of the story’s ending. With this second chance, she’s determined to do more than just watch. Hestia wants to change things and save her favorite character from that sad fate. No more sitting on the sidelines – she’s stepping up to make things right for her cherished character!

39. My Life as an Internet Novel


Meet Dani, an average student and a big fan of internet novels. She knows the drill: the main character is usually a stunning girl, with handsome guys competing for her affection, and a loyal best friend by her side. Dani is well aware of these typical storylines.

But imagine her surprise when she wakes up one day right in the middle of one of those novels! Suddenly, her life mirrors those stories she used to read. She’s got a gorgeous best friend named Yeoryung, and four incredibly good-looking boys all in her class. Dani’s initial plan is to keep a low profile and stay out of the way of the plot’s twists and turns. She doesn’t want to get involved.

However, as events unfold, Dani starts to wonder if she’s just a supporting character or if she’s actually the main character of her own story. In the world of novels, anything is possible, and Dani’s about to find out where her story truly leads!

38. Little Rabbit and the Big Bad Leopard

best romance manhwa

Meet Vivi, who has a pretty unusual secret—she’s actually a wererabbit! But there’s a catch: she’s not very good at transforming into a human like she’s supposed to. This weirdness makes people think she’s cursed, and she’s basically banished. It seems like she’s doomed.

But hold on! Just in time, Ahin from the Black Leopard Clan swoops in to save her from her bleak fate. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Ahin is a bit of a wild card, giving Vivi a hard time with his demanding ways and moody attitude.

She’s left wondering if she’s safe around him, and if she’s not going a bit crazy herself. As if that’s not enough, Vivi’s stuck in her rabbit form among all these carnivores who give off strong pheromones. It’s a crazy situation, and she’s just trying to survive and make sense of it all. The big question is whether she can learn to transform and tap into the power within her adorable, furry self.

37. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

best romance manhwa

Meet Lee Young-joon, a guy who’s got it all—looks, brains, money, and a high-ranking position in a major Korean company. He’s the vice-president of a big corporation. For nearly a decade, his super-skilled secretary, Kim Mi-so, has been his right-hand person.

She’s the only one who’s met Young-joon’s high standards and has stayed by his side, almost like a partner. So, it’s a big shocker when Mi-so suddenly decides to quit, despite their years of working together and all their achievements. She wants to live her own life and maybe even get married. Young-joon, though, isn’t ready to let her go.

He’s grown attached to Mi-so and is determined to keep her around. He says it’s just because he doesn’t want the hassle of finding a new secretary, but there might be more to it. Maybe there’s a deeper reason he’s not willing to lose her.

36. Jack: The American Ghost


Meet Go-Eun Ma, who’s been helping manage her family’s haunted house since she was a kid. The haunted house used to be a big attraction, but it’s now in bad shape, with fewer visitors and it’s about to be torn down soon. Since her mother’s tragic passing, Go-Eun has kept things running.

To save the haunted house, she hatches a daring plan. She decides to travel to the United States and visit the infamous Ghost Jack’s House. The catch? If you stay there for 15 days, you can win a whopping million-dollar prize. But the catch is surviving and keeping your sanity intact. Go-Eun sets off to face this challenge and hopefully save her family’s haunted house.

35. Operation: True Love

best romance manhwa

Meet Su-ae Shim, who’s dealing with a tough situation—she’s been dating her boyfriend, Minu Kang, for years, but he hardly seems interested in her. It’s not easy being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t seem to care. Su-ae sometimes wishes she could be more like her charming stepsister, Ra-im, who appears to have everything figured out.

But things take a strange turn when Su-ae discovers a special flip phone named Jellypop in her locker. And guess what? Jellypop can talk and has a lot to say about Su-ae’s love life. As Su-ae’s connection with Minu becomes weaker, she starts bumping into Minu’s friend, Eunhyeok. Plus, there’s the growing suspicion that Minu and Ra-im might be more than just friends.

34. Maybe Meant to Be

best romance manhwa

Meet Jia Han, a 32-year-old freelancer who’s struggling to find a job and move out of her parents’ house. She’s had enough of her parents constantly bugging her about getting married. One day, she bumps into her childhood friend, Mincheol Jin, who’s going through a similar ordeal with his own parents.

In a moment of frustration, Jia jokingly suggests they should just get married to escape their parents’ pressure. To her shock, Mincheol takes her suggestion seriously and agrees to it! Now, Jia finds herself in an unexpected situation—she’s suddenly married to her childhood friend because of a casual remark she never thought would come true.

33. Bring the Love

best romance manhwa

Meet Leah, the oldest daughter of the Hildebrandt family. She’s known for her beauty and good manners, and she’s quite popular in society. But she’s got a secret she can’t share with anyone. Her brother Rihit, who was supposed to be the family heir, left a letter saying he’d come back when he’s accomplished something significant. The problem is, nobody knows if Rihit is alive or not.

Then, with her father’s sudden passing, Leah is faced with a dilemma. To support herself and her family’s standing, Leah decides to find a partner for a political marriage. She wants to secure her family’s position, but there’s a twist. What starts as a strategic plan to save her family takes an unexpected turn. It looks like destiny has other plans in store!

32. A Business Proposal

best romance manhwa

In order to help her friend Jin Yeong-seo avoid another unwanted suitor, Shin Ha-ri decides to go on a blind date in her friend’s place. Her plan?

To dress up outrageously and act strange to scare the guy away, hoping Yeong-seo’s father will stop arranging these dates. But things take an unexpected turn when the man who shows up is Kang Tae-mu, the new CEO at her workplace. No matter how odd Ha-ri behaves, Tae-mu remains unfazed and even proposes to her, still thinking she’s Yeong-seo.

Caught in a web of lies, Ha-ri must figure out how to turn down Tae-mu, or risk losing her job when the truth comes out. As Tae-mu continues to pursue her, Ha-ri starts questioning her own feelings for him.

31. Revelation of Youth

best romance manhwa

Revelation of Youth tells the story of Chung-ah, who has been swindled by her uncle and left to live alone in an empty house. Her parents are off searching for the missing uncle. However, it turns out that Chung-ah’s family isn’t the only one that her uncle has deceived.

The powerful “Millennium Adventist” religious group, led by the charismatic headmaster, has also been tricked by him. As a result, Yohan, the headmaster’s son, ends up moving into Chung-ah’s house. Their cohabitation begins, and the manhwa explores the dynamics between these two characters.

With Yohan being part of a pseudo-religious group and Chung-ah facing the consequences of her uncle’s actions, their lives become intertwined in unexpected ways. The story delves into the challenges and comedic situations that arise from this unique living arrangement.

30. Ending Maker


Ending Maker follows the story of “outboxer009” and his rival “sandstorm,” who find themselves transported into the game world of Legend of Heroes 2. In this fantasy setting, they inhabit the bodies of characters Yuder Bayel and Cordelia Chace. As they explore this new reality, they quickly realize that navigating the game world is much more complex than they anticipated.

With the threat of an apocalyptic ending hanging over them, “outboxer009” and “sandstorm” must work together. Combining their quick thinking, gamer skills, and unique personalities, they strive to create a different and more favorable outcome for the game’s conclusion.

29. This Witch of Mine


This Witch of Mine is set in a world where being exceptional in any way, whether it’s being very skilled or very beautiful, can label you as a witch. The story revolves around a young boy who is considered an outcast and a mysterious witch.

In a world full of twists of fate and the passage of time, they find themselves drawn together. As they navigate the challenges and mysteries of their world, they discover that they need more than just magical spells and incantations to overcome their struggles. Their connection with each other becomes a crucial part of their journey.

28. Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid


Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid is set in 1926 during the Japanese occupation of Joseon. The story follows 17-year-old Soo-a, an illiterate handmaiden in the household of a Japanese collaborator. One day, she discovers an injured young man named Eui-hyeon, who is an independence activist.

Soo-a nurses him back to health, and Eui-hyeon shares with her the story of the “Little Mermaid,” a sea princess who saved a prince from death. Soo-a falls in love with Eui-hyeon and is determined to meet him again. She embarks on a journey reminiscent of the “Little Mermaid” fairy tale to reunite with her beloved. However, as she pursues her quest, she is unaware of the challenging fate that awaits her.

27. The Siren: Becoming the Villain’s Family

best romance manhwa

In The Siren: Becoming the Villain’s Family, the story follows Aria, the last remaining siren, a mystical creature that enchants humans with her voice. However, she is imprisoned and forced to sing for nobles, which takes a toll on her health. Eventually, the demonized Grand Duke Lloyd Valentine rescues her, but it seems too late, as Aria believes she has already died.

Yet, to her surprise, she wakes up in the past and seizes the chance to protect the duke. Determined to change her fate, she devotes herself to ensuring his safety. But beneath it all, she questions the worth of her existence. Can she break free from the cycle of singing and captivity, or is she destined to repeat the same tragic melody forever?

26. Light and Shadow

best romance manhwa

Light and Shadow follows the aftermath of a kingdom’s uprising, where the oppressive king and his family have been overthrown. Cayden, the leader of the rebellion, becomes the new ruler, and his loyal companion Eli is granted the title of duke. Despite his hero status, Eli is feared by many due to rumors of his ruthless nature.

Amidst these changes, a nobleman arranges for his daughter to marry Eli, as a way to make amends for his past support of the old king. However, he sends his servant Edna instead, pretending she is his illegitimate child. As Edna and Eli navigate their new marriage, they find themselves drawn to each other despite their initial differences.

Edna must hide her true identity and motivations, as revealing her secrets could be dangerous. The story explores their evolving relationship and the challenges they face in a world filled with political intrigue and hidden agendas.

25. Another Typical Fantasy Romance

best romance manhwa

Another Typical Fantasy Romance follows the story of Lithera, a girl who gets transported into the world of her favorite fantasy romance novel by the gods. She soon realizes that achieving a happy ending is not as simple as it seems in her beloved stories. Determined to make the most of her second chance at happiness, Lithera is eager to avoid the mistakes of her past life.

Her journey begins with the goal of meeting the kind and caring Grand Duke with whom she exchanged letters for years. The story revolves around the expected path of a typical romance plot. It explores whether Lithera and the Grand Duke will follow the traditional storyline or if they can forge a unique path to their own happy ending.

24. Unholy Blood

best romance manhwa

Unholy Blood is a story set in a world that drastically changed ten years ago with the emergence of vampires. These vampires are terrifying creatures with immense strength and an insatiable thirst for blood. The problem is, they look just like ordinary humans, making it nearly impossible to tell them apart.

The story follows Park Hayan, an orphan who dreams of a normal life where she can protect her siblings and make friends as a college student. However, her life takes a dark turn as vampire attacks become more frequent, triggering traumatic memories from her past.

After a tragic incident makes her a target for a group known as the “Angels of Death,” which is controlled by some of the most powerful vampires, Hayan decides to confront her past. She forms an unlikely partnership with Euntae Hwang, a member of the police force who hides a few secrets of his own. Together, they embark on a mission to eliminate every vampire.

23. The Baengri Clan’s Unwanted Granddaughter


The Baengri Clan’s Unwanted Granddaughter follows the journey of Yeon, who starts as an orphan living on the streets. Her life takes an unexpected turn when a man claiming to be her father takes her to the Baengri estate, his family’s home.

However, Yeon soon discovers that this grand estate is filled with treachery and deceit, making her realize the toxic nature of her new family. As events unfold, she finds herself standing at her father’s funeral, realizing that there was so much about him she never truly understood. In a surprising twist, Yeon wakes up to find herself back in time, inhabiting her six-year-old self once again.

Armed with the knowledge of what’s to come, she is determined not to repeat the mistakes of her past. This time, Yeon is determined to change her fate and the fate of her father.

22. Beware the Villainess!

best romance manhwa

Beware the Villainess! follows the story of a college student who finds herself in an unexpected twist of fate. After an accident, she wakes up in the body of a character named Melissa Foddebrat, who is known as the villainess in a romantic tale. Melissa is far from being well-liked; however, she happens to be the daughter of a duke.

Unwilling to accept her role as a mere antagonist, the new Melissa is determined to take control of her own destiny. She refuses to conform to the norms of the antiquated society she’s in and decides to live life on her own terms. With a fearless and independent spirit, she’s prepared to challenge anyone who stands in her way, whether they’re suitors or others who underestimate her.

21. Trapped


Trapped follows the unlikely duo of Chae-a Han and Yunsu Park, who, despite their angelic appearances at church, have hidden secrets. Chae-a isn’t as innocent as she seems – she’s an ex-convict with a sharp tongue. On the other hand, Yunsu isn’t just a regular person; he’s a vampire.

Their lives become entangled when Yunsu blackmails Chae-a for a crime she didn’t commit. Feeling trapped and desperate to free herself from his hold, Chae-a searches for ways to escape this situation. However, as fate would have it, an unexpected opportunity arises, shifting the balance of power.

With Yunsu’s life now hanging in the balance, Chae-a seizes the chance to turn the tables on him. Their dynamic takes a dangerous turn as they engage in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. Both are drawn deeper into a web of deceit and intrigue, finding themselves ensnared in each other’s schemes and traps.

20. The Remarried Empress


The Remarried Empress revolves around Navier Ellie Trovi, an empress known for her exceptional qualities—intelligence, bravery, and excellent social skills. She dedicated herself to her role as the empress and was devoted to her husband. Navier’s life takes an unexpected turn when her husband introduces a mistress into their relationship and demands a divorce.

Despite her initial shock, Navier agrees to the divorce and even grants her husband permission to remarry. In a surprising twist of fate, Navier herself remarries another emperor while retaining her title as empress. This decision allows her to keep her childhood dream alive and maintain her position of power.

19. The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine


In The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine, Ailette Rodeline appears to be a talented and cute child prodigy. She excels in various skills like cooking, tea brewing, and alchemy.

However, beneath her innocent facade lies a major secret: Ailette is actually someone who has been reborn into this world. Having died prematurely in her previous life, she now inhabits a character’s body in a world that’s destined for doom. Against all odds, Ailette must uncover ways to survive and avoid her impending demise. Luckily, she discovers an unexpected solution: an insurance package?

18. See You in My 19th Life

best romance manhwa

In See You in My 19th Life, Jieum Ban possesses a unique ability to recall memories from all her past lives. Unfortunately, her previous life ended abruptly due to a tragic accident.

Determined to reunite with the individuals from her past, she embarks on a journey to reconnect with them in her current life. But there’s a twist: will memories of her 18th life affect her chances at romance in her 19th? Can love withstand the challenges posed by different lifetimes and memories?

17. Surviving Romance

best romance manhwa

Surviving Romance follows Chaerin Eun, who unexpectedly finds herself living the plot of the romance novel she’s been reading. She hopes for a perfect ending with the novel’s male lead, Jeha. However, things take an unexpected turn when the story deviates from the book’s script.

Chaerin realizes that the events aren’t going as planned, and she needs to team up with an unexpected ally from her class to break free from the altered storyline and find the happy ending she desires. The catch is that she must first discover the identity of this mysterious “Unknown Extra.”

16. Positively Yours


In Positively Yours, Hee-won is facing a disappointing situation: both her best friends have started dating each other, leaving her feeling left out. Frustrated, she decides to let loose for once and finds comfort in the arms of a handsome stranger.

What was meant to be a one-night stand takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that she’s pregnant! As fate would have it, Hee-won and the stranger, Doo-joon, cross paths again. Doo-joon, who usually lives a structured life, decides to take responsibility for the situation and proposes to marry her. The twist? They’re practically strangers apart from their previous intimate encounter.

With their lives suddenly intertwined, Hee-won faces a dilemma: how can she navigate this new reality while dealing with a growing connection to the father of her child?

15. Romance 101


Romance 101 follows the life of Jung Bareum, a university student who’s incredibly organized and efficient in everything she does. While she’s successful in many aspects of her life, there’s one area where she falls short: romance.

She’s always too busy with her tightly scheduled life to think about dating. However, everything changes when she meets Shin Jaehyun, a good-looking classmate who sparks her interest in love. To spend more time with Jaehyun, Bareum spontaneously joins his small programming club. Her hope is that this will bring them closer together and maybe lead to a romantic relationship.

But her journey to finding love isn’t without its challenges. She encounters Na Yuyeon, another club member who is quite different from Bareum. Yuyeon is into online games and often runs late to class, creating friction between them. Despite their contrasting lifestyles, there might be a deeper connection waiting to be discovered.

14. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

best romance manhwa

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion tells the story of Park Eunha, a modern woman who unexpectedly finds herself in the body of Raeliana McMillan, a character in a novel she once read. This novel’s world is not typical—it’s the same one she knows from the story.

In this world, Raeliana is the daughter of a wealthy baron and seems to live a fairy tale life. But she quickly realizes her role as a plot device, destined to be murdered by her fiancé and spark the novel’s events. Unwilling to be a passive character, Raeliana sets her sights on Duke Noah Volstaire Wynknight, a powerful figure in the story.

She plans to alter her fate by using her knowledge of the plot to her advantage. She proposes a deal to Noah: he becomes her fake fiancé, and she provides him with valuable insights into future events. However, things get complicated when she discovers Noah’s complex and two-faced nature, throwing her plans into turmoil.

13. Winter Woods


Winter Woods is a touching romance manhwa that delves into the story of Winter, an alchemist’s creation from thousands of years ago. Winter’s life takes a new turn when he starts living with Jane, a writer, in exchange for sharing his own story.

Through their interactions, Winter starts to grasp the essence of being human, and in the process, Jane also begins to see a man who profoundly impacts her life. As their relationship unfolds, they both undergo significant changes and personal growth.

12. Ooh La La


Ooh La La is a romance manhwa that follows the quirky and charming first love story of Gomyung and Minhan. Although their relationship may seem unconventional at first, it’s filled with playful moments and genuine affection.

Gomyung and Minhan may appear disinterested in each other on the surface, but as their story unfolds, their bond deepens. With a sprinkle of excitement and unpredictability, their relationship gradually transforms and develops into something more meaningful.

11. Roxana


The story centers around Roxana Agrece, a member of a notorious criminal family whose downfall is predicted in the scandalous novel “The Abysmal Flower.” When Roxana’s father kidnaps Cassis Pedelian, who is the older brother of the novel’s heroine, Sylvia Pedelian, Roxana faces a critical decision.

She can either wait for Sylvia’s revenge, as foretold in the novel, or take matters into her own hands to secure her survival. Cassis becomes the linchpin in her plan. However, in a world filled with deceitful characters and dangerous situations, the question arises: Can Roxana and Cassis trust each other enough to dismantle the ruthless Agrece family?

10. The Perks of Being a Villainess


The Perks of Being a Villainess is a romance manhwa that follows the story of Dohee, who had a weak and submissive life in her previous existence and died unhappily. However, she gets a second chance when she’s reborn into a novel as the infamous villainess, Deborah Seymour. Surprisingly, her new life comes with some unexpected benefits – Deborah is now the wealthiest villainess in existence.

With her newfound status and wealth, Dohee plans to live a carefree life, enjoying her advantages. However, there’s a catch – the story predicts that Deborah will be sent to a monastery, leading to yet another tragic ending. Now, Dohee must navigate her way through the challenges of being a villainess while trying to rewrite her fate and avoid the impending doom.

9. The Male Lead’s Little Lion Daughter


The Male Lead’s Little Lion Daughter is a romance manhwa that tells the story of a girl who gets an unexpected twist of fate. The powerful and enigmatic Duke Voreoti, known for his cold and intimidating demeanor, shocks everyone by declaring that he wants to adopt a child.

To everyone’s surprise, the child he chooses is the protagonist herself. Taken from an orphanage, the girl is brought into the Duke’s luxurious palace, nestled in a snowy landscape. As she settles into her new life, she starts learning about the ways of the feared Voreoti family from the Duke’s knights. However, things take a turn when the Duke begins to have suspicions about her true origins.

With her distinct features including fangs and jet-black hair, the girl starts to realize that there might be more to her connection with the Duke than initially thought.

8. The Fantasie of a Stepmother


The Fantasie of a Stepmother is a romance manhwa that tells the story of Shuri, known as the Iron Widow. After her husband’s death, she is left to oversee his vast estate and care for his four children. Despite her inexperience and their initial resentment, Shuri does her best to raise them.

She anticipates finally having the freedom to live her own life when her eldest son gets married. However, something mysterious happens. Shuri finds herself inexplicably transported back in time to seven years earlier, on the night of her husband’s funeral. With this unexpected second chance, she wonders if she can find happiness and reshape her destiny.

7. Spirit Fingers!


Spirit Fingers! is a romance manhwa that follows the story of Amy Song, an almost 18-year-old girl who struggles with low self-confidence and awkwardness. Frustrated with her lack of dating experiences and feeling unsure of herself, Amy finds herself at a crossroads. She has a choice: continue isolating herself or take a chance on something new.

In a surprising turn of events, Amy decides to join the Spirit Fingers art club. This club is unlike any other – it’s quirky, unique, and filled with individuals who welcome her with open arms. Through her journey in the club, Amy not only discovers the joy of art but also learns that uncovering her true self is a process that goes beyond just putting paint on canvas.

6. Seasons of Blossom

best romance manhwa

Seasons of Blossom is a romance manhwa that captures the ups and downs of youth and love throughout the changing seasons. It follows the journeys of different teenagers and young adults as they navigate the intense and sometimes confusing experiences of growing up.

The story is divided into four parts, each representing a different season: spring, summer, fall, and winter. In each season, the characters face various challenges and emotions that come with youth. These include themes like young romance, the complexities of friendship, the pressures of strict parenting, issues related to bullying, and the importance of mental health.

5. I Shall Master This Family


I Shall Master This Family is a romance manhwa that follows the story of Firentia, who was born into the prestigious Lombardi family. However, after the passing of the family’s patriarch, the Lombardi family’s status starts to decline, and Firentia faces mistreatment from her cousins. She’s a mixture of Lombardi and peasant origins, which makes her situation even more complicated.

In a twist of fate, Firentia is reincarnated back to her seven-year-old self. Determined to change her family’s destiny, she sets out to protect the family’s honor and prevent the tragic events that led to her father’s death in her previous life. She is particularly focused on gaining the favor of her grandpa Lulac.

With her second chance at life, Firentia is determined to become the head of the once-great Lombardi household. Throughout the story, she works tirelessly to regain the family’s former glory and secure a better future for herself and her loved ones.

4. Who Made Me a Princess


Who Made Me a Princess is a romance manhwa that tells the story of a beautiful girl named Athanasia. Unfortunately, Athanasia meets a tragic end at the hands of her own father, Emperor Claude de Alger Obelia, who is known for his ruthlessness.

It sounds like a typical fairy tale until one day, a woman wakes up to find herself in the body of that very princess! Now, stuck in this precarious situation, she must come up with a plan to survive her seemingly doomed fate. Time is of the essence, and she has a few options to choose from.

Plan A involves living a quiet life while trying not to attract the attention of the infamous emperor. Plan B is about gathering enough money to escape the palace and the impending danger. And then there’s Plan C, which involves using her wits and charm to win her father’s favor. The story revolves around her efforts to navigate this new life, avoid her cruel fate, and possibly change the course of history.

3. Villains Are Destined to Die

romance manhwa

Villains Are Destined to Die is a romance manhwa that follows the story of a regular university student who decides to check out the latest otome game that’s gaining popularity. She quickly clears the normal mode and feels sorry for the game’s villainess, Penelope Eckhart. Penelope is a stand-in for the missing daughter of a duke, who is actually the protagonist of the game.

Feeling confident, the woman attempts the hard mode of the game, but it’s much more difficult than expected, and she ends up passing out from exhaustion. When she wakes up, she’s in a completely different place and realizes that she has been reincarnated into the body of the villainess herself!

Now in a world where danger lurks around every corner, Penelope must be careful to avoid the path that leads to her demise. With a tyrant prince, a mysterious magician, a fallen nobleman, and even her adoptive brothers in the mix, she must make smart choices to survive.

2. After School Lessons for Unripe Apples


After School Lessons for Unripe Apples is a romance manhwa that follows the story of Mi-ae, a regular middle school girl navigating the challenges of school life. She enjoys listening to the pop group “The Fire Boys,” reading comics, and singing karaoke. Everything seems normal until a boy she knew from the past transfers to her school.

However, instead of things going smoothly, he starts causing disruptions. Mi-ae tries to connect with him, but it appears that her efforts go unappreciated. She’s left wondering why he’s not responding positively to her attempts to get to know him better. The story explores Mi-ae’s journey in trying to understand this boy’s actions and her quest to build a connection with him despite the obstacles.

1. Daytime Star


Daytime Star is a romance manhwa that follows Yura Hwang, an actress struggling to make a name for herself after seven years in the industry. Despite her efforts, she only lands minor roles. On the other hand, Seunghyeon Kang, a famous celebrity, keeps encountering Yura, who always appears upset whenever he sees her.

In their new movie project called “Time,” Yura and Seunghyeon find themselves working together again. Yura hopes this could be her chance to become more recognized, while Seunghyeon can’t shake the thought of Yura from his mind. As their paths cross, will Yura finally get her big break, and will Seunghyeon discover why he’s so drawn to her?


In conclusion, romance manhwa is a captivating genre within the world of comics that revolves around the theme of love and relationships. With a diverse range of subgenres, romance manhwa offers something for everyone, from heartwarming and sweet stories to more dramatic and intense narratives.

These manhwa explore various settings, including modern life, historical periods, and even fantasy worlds, providing readers with a wide array of romantic scenarios to enjoy. With intriguing characters, intricate plotlines, and captivating art styles, romance manhwa continues to be a beloved and popular genre among fans seeking stories of love and affection in various forms.

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