Top 35+ Best Completed Manhwa You Won’t Believe You Missed

completed manhwa

Top 35+ Best Completed Manhwa You Won’t Believe You Missed – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 35+ Best Completed Manhwa You Won’t Believe You Missed. A completed manhwa is a type of comic that has already been fully published and is not an ongoing series. Readers can enjoy the entire story from beginning to end without waiting for new chapters to be released.

These manhwas cover a wide range of genres, including romance, fantasy, action, drama, and more. They often provide readers with a satisfying and conclusive storyline, making them a popular choice for those who prefer a complete reading experience without the anticipation of ongoing updates. Let us jump right into it.

38. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

completed manhwa

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp is a manhwa that tells the story of Dr. Song, the youngest professor at a prestigious medical college in Korea. In her previous life, she was a privileged princess known for her arrogance. However, when she is on the verge of meeting a tragic end over the ocean, she unexpectedly wakes up in the body of Princess Elise once again.

Armed with the medical knowledge of a master surgeon from her previous life, she faces a critical choice: Will she use her newfound expertise to mend fractured relationships from her past and heal the ailing empire, or is she destined to repeat the same mistakes of her previous life?

37. Mystical

completed manhwa

Mystical is a completed manhwa that revolves around the life of Garam. Garam has always harbored a deep passion for art, but his dreams of becoming an artist were put on hold after his mother’s passing. Seeking independence and the opportunity to focus on his art, he decides to move into his grandmother’s vacant house by the ocean.

In this new environment, Garam’s life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters his greatest source of inspiration: a mysterious water creature with no recollection of her past. Drawn to her enigmatic presence, Garam takes it upon himself to help her unravel the secrets of her forgotten memories.

36. A Good Day to Be a Dog

completed manhwa

Han Hana, a schoolteacher burdened with a unique family curse that has wreaked havoc on all her previous romantic relationships. The curse is triggered by a kiss; whenever she kisses someone, she transforms into a dog every night.

The only way to break the curse is to kiss the same person again while in her dog form. To avoid the curse’s effects, Hana has refrained from kissing anyone her entire life. However, one fateful night, a drunken encounter with her coworker, Jin Seon, who appears to dislike her, changes everything. In her intoxicated confusion, Hana kisses Seon, inadvertently triggering the curse.

Now, Hana finds herself transformed into a small and adorable white dog. For Hana, the solution to break the curse is a seemingly simple kiss, but there’s a catch—Seon is terrified of dogs.

35. The Fantasie of a Stepmother


The Fantasie of a Stepmother is a completed manhwa that revolves around a woman known as the “Iron Widow.” After her husband’s death, she is left with the responsibility of managing his vast wealth and raising his four children. Despite her youth and lack of experience, Shuri does her best to care for the children, even though they harbor bitterness towards her.

As her eldest son gets married, Shuri finally believes she will have the chance to live her own life. However, she is suddenly and mysteriously transported back in time to seven years ago, on the night of her husband’s funeral. This unexpected reset gives Shuri a second chance at a new destiny.

34. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

completed manhwa

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass is a completed manhwa that tells the story of Aria, whose life takes a dramatic turn after her lowly mother marries a count. She enjoys a life of luxury while tormenting her gentle stepsister, Mielle.

However, several years later, Aria finds herself facing execution, and Mielle reveals that she had cunningly manipulated Aria into earning a bad reputation that led to her impending execution. In a moment of desperation, as Aria wishes she could change her fate, she stumbles upon a mysterious hourglass. This hourglass has the power to transport her back in time.

With this newfound ability, Aria has the opportunity to turn the tables on Mielle and use her own tactics against her, becoming a true villainess in the process. The hourglass grants her the power to exact revenge, but it also raises the question of whether her actions will alter the past in unexpected ways that she couldn’t have foreseen.

33. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

completed manhwa

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is a completed manhwa that revolves around Lee Young-joon, an exceptionally attractive, intelligent, and wealthy man who serves as the vice-president of one of Korea’s top corporations. For nine years, Young-joon has been accompanied by his highly capable and diligent secretary, Kim Mi-so.

She’s the only person who meets Young-joon’s demanding standards, and he keeps her as close as a husband would keep his wife. However, Young-joon is taken aback when Mi-so suddenly decides to resign, despite their years of working together and their impressive accomplishments. Mi-so expresses her desire to live her own life and possibly get married.

This decision shocks Young-joon, and he’s unwilling to let go of his beloved secretary. He’s grown attached to Ms. Kim and is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her by his side. Although he convinces himself that it’s only to avoid the inconvenience of finding a new secretary, there may be a deeper reason behind his reluctance to part with Mi-so, one that he may not fully understand himself.

32. Jack: The American Ghost


Jack: The American Ghost is a completed manhwa that revolves around Go-Eun Ma, who has been involved in running her family’s haunted house since her childhood, especially after her mother’s tragic passing several years ago.

Unfortunately, as time has passed, the haunted house has deteriorated, attracted fewer visitors, and is on the verge of being demolished within the year. To save her family’s haunted house from its impending fate, Go-Eun devises a daring plan.

She decides to embark on a journey to America to visit the infamous Ghost Jack’s House. The catch is that if you manage to survive and stay mentally stable for 15 days in the terrifying setting of Ghost Jack’s House, you could win a massive million-dollar prize. However, the challenge is not for the faint of heart, as it poses a significant risk to one’s sanity and life.

31. The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter

completed manhwa

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter is a completed manhwa that revolves around the Speràdo family, who possess a long-hidden secret: the power of shadow magic. However, this magical ability has remained dormant for a century. The story focuses on Leslie, a young girl who becomes the target of her own family’s greed and abuse, particularly from her favored sister, Ellie.

Unbeknownst to her family, Leslie awakens the power of darkness within her when Marquis Speràdo attempts to sacrifice her. Faced with the cruelty of her family, Leslie seeks to escape their clutches and makes a daring proposal to the Monstrous Duke. She offers to become his adopted daughter in exchange for her shadow magic powers, which she is willing to put at the duke’s disposal.

The manhwa delves into Leslie’s journey as she strives to break free from her family’s malevolent grasp and explores whether she can avoid being drawn into their wicked schemes or if she will succumb to their darkness.

30. Bring the Love

completed manhwa

Bring the Love is a completed manhwa that tells the story of Leah, the eldest daughter of the prestigious Hildebrandt family. Leah is known throughout society for her exceptional beauty and impeccable manners, but she harbors a secret she can’t share with anyone.

Her brother, Rihit, who was meant to inherit the family’s fortune and responsibilities, left behind a letter in which he promised to return as a better man. With Rihit’s whereabouts unknown, and their father’s sudden death, Leah faces the daunting task of supporting herself and preserving her family’s status.

In a bid to secure her family’s future, Leah embarks on a mission to find a suitable partner for a political marriage. However, what initially seems like a mere political strategy takes an unexpected turn and becomes a twist of fate that changes the course of her life.

29. Noblesse


Noblesse is a manhwa that begins with the awakening of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also known as Rai, from a white coffin within an abandoned building in South Korea. Rai is a figure of unimaginable beauty, dignity, and nobility. As he emerges into this unfamiliar era, he faces the challenge of finding someone he can trust, and that person happens to be his loyal companion, Frankenstein.

In order to adapt to contemporary human society, Rai transforms his old-fashioned clothing into a modern school blazer and enrolls as a student at Ye Ran High School, unaware that the school’s principal is none other than his servant, Frankenstein. Having slumbered for the past 820 years, Rai relies on Frankenstein’s guidance to navigate the complexities of the present age and experience a normal life.

However, Frankenstein’s plans soon encounter obstacles, stemming not only from the challenges of modern society but also from unresolved conflicts tied to their troubled past. Left with no other choice, Rai must use his mysterious powers to protect those he cares about.

28. Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid


Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid is a completed manhwa set in 1926 during the Japanese occupation of Joseon (Korea). The story revolves around 17-year-old Soo-a, an uneducated handmaiden serving in the household of a prominent Japanese collaborator.

One fateful day, she stumbles upon an unconscious young man named Eui-hyeon, an independence activist, washed up on the beach. Soo-a takes it upon herself to nurse him back to health, and during this time, Eui-hyeon shares with her the story of the “Little Mermaid,” a sea princess who saved a prince from certain death.

As Soo-a falls in love with Eui-hyeon, she becomes determined to meet him again, much like the “Little Mermaid” in the story. However, she is unaware of the challenges and hardships that lie ahead as she embarks on her quest to reunite with her beloved.

27. A Business Proposal

completed manhwa

A Business Proposal is a manhwa that revolves around Ha-ri, who agrees to a deal with her best friend. Her task is to go on a blind date on her friend’s behalf and act like a super-vixen to deter any unwanted marriage setups. She expects it to be an easy way to earn some money, but things quickly take an unexpected turn. Her date turns out to be Taemu, the attractive new CEO of her company.

To deal with his own family’s pressure to get married, Taemu decides to propose to whoever shows up on the date, not knowing that Ha-ri is pretending to be someone else. Now, Ha-ri faces a dilemma: should she accept Taemu’s proposal and continue the charade, pretending to be someone she’s not, even though he’s her boss?

The manhwa explores the complications and humorous situations that arise from Ha-ri’s decision to lie about her identity while dating her CEO.

26. Dark Mortal

completed manhwa

Dark Mortal is a manhwa that begins with a tragic event in the life of Nam Kang. An explosion leaves him orphaned, scarred, and nearly blind, and he must face the challenges of daily bullying. To cope with his difficult circumstances, Nam relies on his imaginary companion, Inky, a friendly blob-like creature.

However, one day, Nam experiences a remarkable transformation. He wakes up after a severe beating to find that his scars have miraculously healed, and his vision has been fully restored. This transformation allows him to start anew at a different school, where he has the opportunity to live a more normal life.

But alongside the disappearance of his scars, something equally significant has vanished: his beloved friend Inky. The manhwa delves into Nam’s journey as he embarks on this new chapter in his life, confronting the mystery of Inky’s disappearance and coming to terms with the extraordinary changes that have occurred.

25. This Witch of Mine


This Witch of Mine is a manhwa that tells a story set in a world where individuals who excel in certain abilities or are exceptionally attractive are labeled as witches. In this society, being a witch can be both a blessing and a curse. The story follows an outcast young boy who doesn’t quite fit in with the norms of his society. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with a mysterious witch.

As they face various challenges and navigate the twists of fate and time, the two protagonists will discover that they need more than just magic spells and incantations to overcome their obstacles. They will find that they need each other to overcome the societal prejudices and challenges they encounter along their journey.

24. Light and Shadow


Light and Shadow is a manhwa that unfolds in the kingdom of Earlswald, where an uprising has led to the downfall of a cruel and oppressive king, along with his family. Cayden, the leader of the rebellion, becomes the new monarch, and he bestows upon his loyal right-hand man, Eli, the title of duke.

Despite being hailed as a hero for his role in the war, Eli is shrouded in rumors of being a ruthless and fearsome figure. To settle an old debt and allegiance to the former king, a nobleman is obligated to marry off his eldest daughter to Eli. However, he instead sends a servant named Edna, pretending that she is his illegitimate child.

Though their marriage starts on shaky ground, Eli becomes intrigued by Edna’s refined demeanor and fiery spirit. Edna, in turn, discovers that Eli is not quite the monster rumors portray him to be. Yet, Edna must maintain her disguise because if Eli ever uncovers her true identity and the reasons behind her loyalty to the kingdom, it could jeopardize not only their marriage but also her very life.

23. Pigpen


Pigpen is a manhwa that begins with a young man awakening on a beautiful beach in what should be a paradise-like setting. However, there’s a catch: he has no memory of who he is or how he ended up there. As he struggles to piece together the puzzle of his past and present, he quickly realizes that uncovering the truth won’t be a straightforward task.

The more he investigates, the more perplexing and unsettling the mystery becomes, with each clue raising even more baffling questions. To make matters more complicated, the family that welcomes him into their home is not as they appear, adding an element of danger and deception to his already confusing situation.

22. Cheolsu Saves the World

completed manhwa

Cheolsu Saves the World is a completed manhwa that begins with a dire situation: a colossal asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, posing a catastrophic threat to all of humanity. Despite the best efforts of scientists and authorities, they are unable to prevent the impending disaster, and it seems like the end of the world is inevitable.

In the midst of this crisis, an ordinary Korean office worker named Cheolsu is unexpectedly granted the opportunity to travel back in time. His mission is clear: to prevent the catastrophic asteroid impact from ever occurring. The story revolves around Cheolsu’s journey as he navigates the challenges and obstacles of altering the course of history to save the world.

21. Leviathan


Leviathan is a manhwa set in a world where, over a century ago, a comet struck the Earth and caused the sea levels to rise, gradually submerging the continents. Humanity now survives by living on ships that sail the endless ocean. Beneath the water’s surface, gigantic and bloodthirsty sea creatures pose a constant threat to anyone who ventures near the surface.

The story follows two young siblings, Bota and Lita, who live on a scavenger vessel with their father. Their father tells them stories about legendary harpoonists who used to protect humanity from these monstrous sea creatures. However, when tragedy strikes their family, they are taken under the wing of one such harpoonist named Kana.

As Bota and Lita join Kana on her harpoonist journey, they are about to face unimaginable horrors and challenges as they confront the terrifying sea creatures and navigate the dangers of their submerged world.

20. Unholy Blood

completed manhwa

Unholy Blood is a completed manhwa that tells the story of a world that changed dramatically when vampires, powerful and bloodthirsty beings, suddenly appeared. These vampires look just like humans, making it difficult to identify them, and they kill people without remorse to satisfy their cravings.

The main character, Park Hayan, is an orphan who has always wanted a normal life. She desires to protect her siblings and make friends as a college student. However, as vampire attacks increase, Hayan’s traumatic memories resurface, and she fears that her life will fall apart.

A tragic accident makes Hayan a target for the “Angels of Death,” an underground organization governed by the most powerful vampires. To confront her past and seek revenge, Hayan teams up with Euntae Hwang, a police officer with hidden abilities. Together, they embark on a mission to eliminate every vampire and put an end to the terror they bring to their world.

19. Navillera: Like a Butterfly

completed manhwa

Navillera: Like a Butterfly is a heartwarming manhwa that begins with Dukchul Shim attending the funeral of an old friend. This experience prompts him to make a life-changing decision: he wants to pursue his long-held dream of learning ballet. What makes this decision even more surprising is that Dukchul is a 70-year-old man.

Despite the potential shock and disbelief from his wife, children, and those around him, Dukchul wholeheartedly dedicates himself to following his passion for ballet. With the guidance of his young instructor, Chaerok, and the support of others who also aspire to achieve their dreams, Dukchul embarks on a remarkable journey.

The story beautifully illustrates the significance and joy of pursuing one’s dreams, even in the face of challenges and the inevitability of our own mortality. Navillera: Like a Butterfly serves as an inspiring reminder that it’s never too late to chase one’s aspirations and find fulfillment in life.

18. Beware the Villainess!


Beware the Villainess! is a completed manhwa that revolves around a modern-day college student who finds herself in an unexpected situation. After an accident, she suddenly wakes up in the world of a romance novel as the story’s antagonist, Melissa Foddebrat.

Melissa is far from being the readers’ favorite character in the novel, but she does have a significant advantage—she’s the daughter of the duke. With a determined spirit, the new Melissa decides to embrace her role in this fictional society and live life on her own terms, ignoring the expectations of the antiquated society she’s a part of.

She’s determined to make her own mark and isn’t willing to let anyone stand in her way. In Beware the Villainess!, readers can expect a story filled with humor, drama, and a protagonist who refuses to conform to the traditional role of a villainess.

17. See You in My 19th Life

completed manhwa

See You in My 19th Life is a completed manhwa that tells the story of Jieum Ban, a young woman with a remarkable gift—she can remember all the memories from her past lives. After her previous life ends tragically due to an accident, Jieum embarks on a mission to reconnect with the people who were significant in her previous existence in her current life.

However, this extraordinary ability comes with its challenges, particularly in matters of romance. As Jieum’s memories from her 18th life resurface, they may complicate her relationships in her 19th life. The story explores the question of whether the memories of her previous lives will hinder her chances at finding love in her current one, or if love can transcend the boundaries of different lifetimes.

16. Surviving Romance

completed manhwas

Surviving Romance is a completed manhwa that follows the story of Chaerin Eun. Chaerin is an avid reader of romance novels, and one day, she finds herself unexpectedly transported into the very story she’s reading, becoming the story’s protagonist. She anticipates a perfect fairytale ending with the novel’s love interest, Jeha.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Chaerin realizes that the story is not following the book’s plot. To make matters even more confusing, Chaerin must seek the assistance of an unexpected character from her own class to break free from the altered storyline and find her way back to the happy ending she desires. The catch is that she needs to identify this mysterious “Unknown Extra”.

15. Romance 101

completed manhwa

Romance 101 is a completed manhwa that tells the story of Jung Bareum, a university student who is extremely organized and focused on her goals but lacks experience in romance. She always uses her busy schedule as an excuse to avoid relationships. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Shin Jaehyun, a handsome fellow student.

To spend more time with Jaehyun, Bareum impulsively joins a small programming club he is a part of. However, her journey towards finding love is not without its challenges. She also encounters Na Yuyeon, another club member who is quite different from her. Yuyeon enjoys online games and is often late to class, making Bareum believe they have nothing in common.

Despite their differences, there might be something special between them. The story revolves around Bareum’s efforts to balance her busy schedule, explore romantic relationships, and deal with the annoyances that come her way.

14. Positively Yours


Positively Yours is a completed manhwa that tells the story of Hee-won, who is devastated to discover that her two best friends are now dating each other, leaving her feeling alone and disappointed. Frustrated by the situation, Hee-won decides to have a one-night stand with a handsome stranger as a way to cope with her feelings.

However, what was meant to be a brief encounter leads to an unexpected consequence—she becomes pregnant. Fate brings Hee-won and the man from her one-night stand back together, and he turns out to be Doo-joon, a person known for his disciplined and structured life. Determined to do the right thing, Doo-joon offers to marry Hee-won and take responsibility for the pregnancy.

However, there’s a catch—they are essentially strangers to each other, except for their intimate encounter. Hee-won must grapple with her feelings and decide what’s best for her and her unborn child in this unexpected turn of events.

13. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion


The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion is a completed manhwa that follows the story of Park Eunha, who dies in modern-day Korea and suddenly finds herself in the body of Raeliana McMillan, the daughter of a wealthy baron in a world identical to a novel she once read. In this world, Raeliana is beloved by her family, but her role in the story is that of a plot device.

Her murder by her fiancé serves as a catalyst for the entire plot. Determined not to accept this fate, Raeliana decides to take matters into her own hands. She sets her sights on Noah Volstaire Wynknight, the wealthy male protagonist, with the goal of changing the original story’s outcome. Using her knowledge of the novel’s future events, Raeliana strikes a deal with Noah.

She offers him information about what’s to come in exchange for him posing as her fake fiancé. However, things become complicated as Noah’s two-faced nature and conflicting intentions create obstacles for Raeliana’s plans.

12. Winter Woods


Winter Woods is a completed manhwa that tells the story of Winter, an alchemist’s creation who has been alive for thousands of years. Winter decides to live with a woman named Jane, who is a writer.

In exchange for a place to stay, Winter agrees to share his life story with Jane. As Winter and Jane spend time together, they form a close bond, and Winter begins to understand what it means to be human. He learns about emotions, relationships, and the complexities of human life. Meanwhile, Jane’s life is profoundly impacted by Winter’s presence, although she may not initially realize it.

11. Ooh La La

completed manhwa

Ooh La La is a manhwa that revolves around a playful and charming first love story. The main characters, Gomyung and Minhan, are in a unique relationship that may appear uninterested on the surface.

However, as they encounter various exciting and challenging experiences together, their connection gradually deepens and their relationship begins to evolve. It is a tale filled with moments of excitement and growth, ultimately portraying the beautiful journey of two individuals discovering the depths of their affection for each other.

10. Your Letter


Your Letter is a touching manhwa that revolves around Lee Sori, a kind and principled young girl who attends a middle school plagued by bullying. When she witnesses the devastating effects of bullying on her friend Kim Julie, Sori decides to take a courageous stand against the bullies. However, her noble actions only make her the new target of the bullies.

In an attempt to escape this distressing situation, Sori returns to the city she used to live in and changes schools. But the trauma from her past experiences continues to haunt her, causing her to withdraw from others and isolate herself. Just when Sori begins to feel the weight of her difficult circumstances, she stumbles upon a mysterious letter hidden under her desk.

Intrigued by its contents, she soon discovers that this letter is just the beginning of a series of messages. As she follows the trail of these letters, Sori embarks on a captivating scavenger hunt to uncover the true purpose behind them and to find out who the anonymous sender is.

9. Sweet Home


Sweet Home is a manhwa that revolves around Cha Hyun, a reclusive high school student who prefers spending his days playing video games in the comfort of his room. However, his life takes a tragic turn when he loses his entire family in a devastating car accident. Forced to leave behind his carefree lifestyle, he moves into a new apartment by himself.

Initially, his biggest concerns are his bothersome neighbors and financial difficulties. However, the world soon plunges into chaos when people around him start transforming into horrifying monsters. This apocalyptic nightmare becomes even more terrifying when Hyun realizes he is gradually becoming one of these monsters. Simultaneously, a mysterious voice in his head grows louder, adding to his distress.

As time runs out, Hyun must join forces with his fellow tenants to uncover the root cause of the outbreak and find a way to survive in this bleak new world. Along the way, he fights desperately to retain his humanity, making Sweet Home a thrilling tale of survival and transformation in the face of overwhelming horror.

8. The Boxer


The Boxer is a manhwa that tells the story of a 17-year-old boy named Yu, who has endured relentless bullying for most of his life. Due to the constant abuse, Yu has become emotionally numb and disconnected from reality, no longer able to behave like a normal human being.

Although he possesses a remarkable ability to evade punches, Yu chooses to endure his attackers’ beatings, as he sees no purpose in surviving. However, Yu’s life takes a turn when he encounters an experienced boxing trainer known as “K.” K, who has trained five champions, recognizes Yu’s exceptional fighting potential and charisma. Despite Yu’s initial lack of interest, K is determined to mentor him.

As the story unfolds, Yu’s perspective shifts when he reconnects with a positive memory from his past. He decides to accept K’s offer, hoping to rediscover the sense of light and purpose he once experienced. Thus, Yu enters a world filled with formidable opponents, both righteous and monstrous, and for the first time in his life, he is compelled to fight back.

7. Bastard


Bastard is a manhwa that revolves around the life of Seon Jin, a high school student trapped in a nightmarish existence. He faces relentless bullying at school because of his quiet and fragile appearance, but the true source of his fear is his own father. Jin’s father outwardly appears to be a successful businessman, a helpful member of society, and a loving parent.

However, beneath this façade, he is a deranged serial killer, and Jin is forced to be his unwilling partner in crime. Together, they have been deceiving the police for years, with no one suspecting their true nature. However, everything changes when Jin’s father takes an interest in Yoon Kyun, a new transfer student.

Faced with a difficult decision, Jin must choose between becoming a coward who allows his father to harm another victim or standing up against his wicked parent, even if it means defying him and risking his own life. Bastard is a harrowing exploration of morality, fear, and the choices one must make when confronted with unspeakable evil.

6. The Horizon


The Horizon is a manhwa set in a world torn apart by war. It follows the story of a young boy who is on a lonely journey after the death of his mother. As he walks through the devastated landscape, he witnesses the aftermath of war, including military tanks, lifeless bodies, and his once-beloved city now reduced to ruins.

Despite the overwhelming sorrow in his heart, he presses on, determined to keep moving forward. One morning, he meets a girl while seeking shelter in an abandoned bus where he had spent the night. Shortly after their chance encounter, the area erupts into a battlefield, forcing the two of them to flee into a long-abandoned lane.

Together, they make the decision to continue their journey side by side, embarking on a companionship that brings a glimmer of hope to their weary hearts. The Horizon explores themes of resilience, survival, and the power of human connection in the face of devastation and despair.

5. Spirit Fingers!


Spirit Fingers is a manhwa that tells the story of Amy Song, an 18-year-old girl who is extremely awkward and lacks self-confidence. She spends most of her time alone in her room, studying and wondering why she never gets asked out on dates.

However, her life takes a different turn when she decides to join the Spirit Fingers, an eccentric and welcoming art club. Through her journey with the Spirit Fingers, Amy learns that self-discovery and gaining confidence are about more than just painting and art. The club helps her find her true colors and grow as a person.

4. Seasons of Blossom


Seasons of Blossom is a completed manhwa that explores the lives of teenagers and young adults as they navigate the challenges and experiences of youth. The story is divided into four parts, each corresponding to one of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Throughout the series, the characters grapple with various aspects of youth, including young love, friendship, the pressures of strict parenting, bullying, and mental health issues. The narrative captures the essence of being young, full of energy, and relatively carefree, but also highlights the struggles and conflicts that can arise during this period of life.

3. Who Made Me a Princess


Who Made Me a Princess is a manhwa that revolves around the beautiful Athanasia, who meets a tragic end at the hands of her own ruthless father, Emperor Claude de Alger Obelia. This might sound like a mere bedtime story, but it becomes a startling reality when a woman wakes up to find herself reincarnated as the unfortunate princess.

Faced with her impending doom, Athanasia must quickly devise a plan to survive. She has three options: Plan A, where she tries to live quietly, avoiding the notice of the infamous emperor; Plan B, involving gathering enough resources to escape the confines of the palace; or Plan C, sweet-talking her way into her father’s favor.

As time ticks away, the manhwa unfolds the twists and turns of Athanasia’s journey, as she navigates these plans in a quest to secure her future and escape the tragic destiny that awaits her in the treacherous world of the imperial court.

2. Daytime Star


Daytime Star is a manhwa that follows the story of Hwang Yura, a young woman who has always aspired to become a star. Despite her seven-year career in the entertainment industry, she has yet to secure a major role. Nonetheless, Yura continues to persevere, hoping for her big break. Eventually, she lands a role in a promising movie, but it’s a minor one, disappointing her once again.

While working on the film set, Yura unexpectedly encounters two familiar faces from her past: her self-absorbed ex-boyfriend, Kim Jeong-u, and the renowned actor Kang Seunghyeon. Determined to stay focused and professional despite Jeong-u’s presence, Yura finds herself catching the eye of the handsome Seunghyeon due to their previous interactions.

As the story unfolds, Yura and Seunghyeon’s relationship evolves during the challenging filming process. Daytime Star delves into the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, as Yura navigates the relentless obstacles and opportunities on her path to stardom.

1. Solo Leveling


Solo Leveling is a manhwa that takes place in a world where a mysterious “Gate” opened ten years ago, connecting the real world with a realm of magic and monsters. This event bestowed ordinary people with superhuman powers, turning them into “Hunters.” Among these Hunters is Sung Jin-Woo, a twenty-year-old who is infamous as the “World’s Weakest” due to his low-ranking E-Rank abilities.

Despite his weakness, Jin-Woo relentlessly hunts monsters in low-level Gates to pay for his mother’s medical bills. However, Jin-Woo’s life takes a dramatic turn when he believes he’s the sole survivor of a disastrous mission. After awakening in a hospital three days later, he encounters a mysterious floating screen known as the “Quest Log.”

This interface presents him with an incredibly challenging training program that he must complete, or face severe consequences. Initially hesitant because of the task’s difficulty, Jin-Woo soon realizes that this quest could potentially transform him into one of the world’s most formidable and fearsome Hunters.


In conclusion, a completed manhwa is a fully published Korean comic that offers readers a self-contained and finished story. Readers can enjoy the entire narrative from beginning to end without waiting for ongoing updates. Whether it’s a thrilling adventure, a heartwarming romance, or a thought-provoking drama, completed manhwas offer a complete and fulfilling reading experience.

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Hey there! I'm Chandan and I'm from India. I'm a writer and youtuber. I love to watch anime and reading manga. You can contact me at: [email protected]

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