Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020

Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020

Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020 – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020. So let us count down the list from lowest to highest.

10. Jack


So we’re commencing this list with an old star of one of the Emperor of the sea and a man who when he was first introduced into the series completely shattered our expectations of bounties at the time and that’s because Jack here happens to be worth around 1 billion of berries (1,000,000,000 berries) and to put that into some perspective at the time of Jack’s introduction Luffy was worth exactly half that and 500 million berries was still considered one of the highest known bounties in the series. Then came Jack and it’s not hard to see why he immediately shattered that ceiling thus he possesses ridiculous raw power. But more importantly a truly vicious personality to make use of it. In fact on the one occasion where he was asked to sit down and have a discussion Jack’s response was a very simple speak peacefully I refused and that was then followed by a five-day battle on the island of zou more or less single-handedly combated the forces of both inuarashi and nekomamushi as they continuously tag-teamed him demonstrating that Jack is a force to be reckoned with in this world. Although the sad thing about Jack is that this is likely to be the one and only time he’s going to appear on a list like this as he has the rather unfortunate number 10 spot and we have a lot of bounties left to reveal at least one of which comes from his very own crew. However at this point in time Jack the drought is worth a whopping 1 billion berries and that is how we are going to kick things off today.

9. Charlotte katakuri


Moving on to the Chiefs sweet commander and one of my personal favorite characters within the series, we have the staggering power that is katakuri. Weighing in at a hefty 1 billion and 57 million berries (1,057,000,000 berries) I have to say it’s very clear that this man is worth every last drop of that cash. Apart from Big Mom herself, katakuri is by far the most formidable presence within the big mom pirates and prior to Monkey D. Luffy’s infiltration of totto land he was thought to be something of a perfect being completely undefeated in the realm of combat and that makes a lot of sense. As he is a proficient wielder of all three types of haki a factor that will crazily enough to be incredibly common on this list but what sets katakuri apart is his particular brand of observation haki which has been honed to the point where it allows him to briefly see into the future. In addition to this he is also the only user of a special paramecia fruit known in the series at this point in time and also possesses base strength speed and endurance of truly insane capacity. what makes less sense is the fact that katakuri is appearing so far down on this list meaning that we’ve got some truly terrifying figures to examine next.

8. Queen


Here we have another calamity of the beast pirates except this time we have a threat deemed worthy of 1 billion three hundred and twenty million berries (1,320,000,000 berries). The Queen has well known for his expertise in engineering and chemistry which has led him to the rather horrifying hobby with crafting highly infectious and wildly deadly viruses. But aside from the literal plague he casts upon the world, Queen is ridiculously powerful in his own right with strength and speed capable of lazily outclassing basic attacks from Luffy as well as an ancient Zoan type devil fruit that allows him to transform into a Brachiosaurus and this is where Queen would truly earn his money. As in this form he was able to temporary subdue an amazing act Big Mom and yes while she was not anywhere near peak condition and she may very well have fallen asleep rather than being knocked out we’re still not going to take that away from Queen because it is still quite defined achievement to have gotten the better of one of the four Emperor’s at all and so Queen more than earns his value here today.

7. Monkey D. Luffy

Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020

Alright we should be pretty familiar with the 1.5 billion berry bounty (1,500,000,000 berries) on this man here unless of course you’re watching with no knowledge one piece whatsoever in which case here’s a quick breakdown. Luffy is an infamous member of the worst generation who has caused untold chaos throughout the world as well as having saved many many kingdoms and developed a following large enough to be considered the fifth Emperor of the sea. In terms of strength he is no jerk, however honestly he may seem a bit out of place here with these figures if we’re just talking about pure power that really isn’t where Luffy shines though because it is his drive and determination that manages to overcome whatever obstacle is thrown his way. For example, he managed to defeat the number nine contender on this list Charlotte katakuri despite being weaker, slower, inferior in regards to haki and having a devil fruit completely outmatched by Katakuri. So how did he win well I have a whole list discussing that but suffice to say Luffy has some incredibly unique talents so much so that he boldly claims that he will one day become the Pirate King and I have never once doubted those words by the end of the series Luffy may even be able to top this list but for now we still have a pretty long journey ahead because from here these bounty numbers are going to get pretty damn insane.

6. Marshall D. Teach

Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020

All right we are taking a big step here in featuring another member of the worst generation and a man who is quite possibly going to be the final antagonist of the series. Currently valued at a whopping two billion two hundred and forty seven million six hundred thousand berries (2,247,600,000 berries) and absolute bounty. But it’s hard to argue with such a high number in fact it’s almost shocking that it isn’t high given that he is one of the Emperor’s of the sea, a former warlord of the sea, engineered the escape of the level six prisoners have impelled down and not only landed the killing blow on the strongest man in the world but proceeded to become the first person in the series as we know it capable of wielding two devil fruit powers one of which is the Yami Yami no Mi considered to be the most evil fruit in the world while the other the Gura Gura no Mi has the power to quite literally destroy the world. But not only that Blackbeard has also managed to gather a mighty Legion held by his ten titanic captains and furthermore Blackbeard is also so infamous that he even has a former Marine Admiral working with him and that last part is something that absolutely nobody else on this list can boast and somehow we’re still only halfway through here.

5. Shanks

Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020

Moving on to Luffy’s mentor and a former member of the Roger pirates here we have our first truly staggering bounty clocking in at four billion forty-eight million nine hundred thousand Berry’s (4,048,900,000 berries). Now shanks is quite the mysterious living legend however despite the very very small information we know about him, Every detail we do receive is rather world-shaking sometimes quite literally such as when he clashed with Whitebeard and calls the sky to split open. In fact his power is incredibly impressive in general given that he is the first figure to appear on this list who is not confirmed to be a devil free user everything about this man is 100% raw shanks. Nothing is off-limits for this fiery redhead as he is a man who can casually stroll into The Holy Land Mary Geoise as one of the most infamous pirates in the world to have a chat with Five Elders and at the same time he’s also the kind of guy that can step foot onto a battlefield between two of the greatest and most powerful factions that this vault has ever seen and calmly state that he is here to end the war and you know what happened that war ended immediately. There is something about shanks that demands the respect of the world and that is well reflected in his bounty.

4. Charlotte Linlin


Here is a figure in the world who commands fear like no other. Honestly Charlotte Linlin monetary value of four billion three hundred and eighty eight million Berry’s (4,388,000,000 berries) barely describes what this woman is capable of in my opinion. To put things into some perspective Linlin was born abnormally strong to the point where she was capable of combating and killing Giants the tender age of five years old. Moving into adulthood there is very few in this world that can equal her physical prowess. She is invincible due to her natural state but she is also mastered all three types of haki and on top of that she acquired one of the most alarming devil fruits within the entire series Soru Soru no Mi paramecia type fruit allows its user to manipulate the souls of others as well as themselves but others is what we’re really focused on. Although her true element of fear comes from the fact that she will very commonly erupt into hunger Tantrums using all of her established powers to wreak havoc and kill indiscriminately until Linlin receives the food she desires without a doubt the strongest woman in the world and more than likely the current strongest human in the world period. However there are at least three individuals whom the world government have considered more of a danger than Linlin.

3. Kaido

Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020

So there is very little in this world capable of matching the sheer physicality of Charlotte Linlin but here is one of those very rare existences. In fact recently in the manga we received first  evidence of their power in contrast to one another resulting in a stalemate and another sky splitting moment. However sitting at a ridiculous four billion six hundred and eleven million one hundred thousand Berry’s (4,611,100,000 berries) Kaido has been deemed as more of a threat to the world. Now why is that, well Kaido is a creature who is essentially unkillable during his life as a pirate Kaido has been defeated seven times and captured 18 times. From here he has been subject to torture and sentence death forty times but no method of execution produced so much as a scratch on Kaido. His durability is so extreme that Kaido can jump off a sky island and land 10,000 meters later onto the ground and emerge with but a mere headache. Oh and he can also become a giant dragon and defeat Gear Fourth Luffy with a single strike. Kaido is impossibly powerful and disturbingly volatile. Also unlike Linlin whose dream is to unite the races of the world in her own twisted manner Kaido desires only to plunge the entire world into war and you know what he has the power to do just that.

2. Edward Newgate


Breaking an inconceivable barrier here I now present to you the strongest man in the world also known as Whitebeard and being worth a preposterous 5 billion and 46 million berries (5,046,000,000 berries). As with most figures on the upper half of this list though it’s hard to argue with that number especially given everything we’ve seen of Whitebeard and to be clear we’ve not even seen this man in his prime. During the marineford arc, he was 72 years old  and in very poor health and yet he was still unequivocally the most dangerous presence in the Paramount War and when we’re talking about a conflict that features figures like the Marine Admirals, all the warlords of the sea that’s not a light statement to make. However Whitebeard was capable of handing all of their asses to them having made a specific example of then Admiral Akainu through his sheer strength and devil fruit which has already been mentioned on this list but it was the Gura Gura no Mi which once again held the potential to quite literally destroy the world and even when he was overcome in his old age by 267 sword wounds, 152 bullets, 46 cannonballs, a laser beam to the chest and a magnifying off 1/3 of his head. Whitebeard passed away standing tall without a single wound or scar on his back. During his entire pirate career he had never once run away that is the kind of person worth five billion berries.

1. Gol D. Roger


Here at long last the former pirate king himself revealed to have a bounty of five billion 564 million eight hundred thousand Berry’s (5,564,800,000 berries). So what can one man possibly do to be worth this much, Well a good start would be by being the captain of the only known crew to have set foot on Raftel resulting in him becoming the Pirate King. A feat so impressive that it is believed impossible to achieve by the vast majority of the world. However in order to get there Roger made quite a lot of enemies one of which being the hero of the Marines Monkey D. Garp. It was quite possibly the most powerful marine to have ever existed and even he was incapable of capturing Roger despite having cornered him on many occasions. Rogers exploits certainly do not end there though as he also made enemies of Big Mom, Kaido and Whitebeard. As all three of them were part of the same pirate crew back in the day and Roger actually teamed up with Garp to defeat them. But oddly enough Rogers most infamous action in this world was his death that sparked the great age of piracy and a long-standing race to become the next Pirate King and you know what compared to that five and a half billion doesn’t seem like it was anywhere near enough to cover his legacy.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Highest Bounty in One Piece 2020. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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