Jiraiya vs Kisame – Who Would Win?


Jiraiya vs Kisame – Who Would Win? – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Jiraiya vs Kisame – Who Would Win?. Jiraiya vs Kisame who is stronger and who would come out on top if they are to battle it out? We will try to find out. So, Let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu


Jiraiya possesses variety of Ninjutsu techniques capable of using water, wind, earth and fire nature transformations proficiently. He’s skilled in fuinjutsu, barrier ninjutsu, can spit oil from his mouth, use the toad swamp, summoning, manipulate his hair. He can also use the Rasengan and whilst in sage mode the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan and Sage Art: Goemon. Kisame’s main affinity is water release and he could manipulate at a very high level and is able to use numerous water style techniques some for offense and some for defense. He can also summons sharks to use in battle.

2. Genjutsu


Jiraiya is able to make use of the Genjutsu technique of the Toad Sages “Frog Song” whilst using Sage Mode. It is very powerful, capable of affecting anyone if it gets to reach their ears. He also studied how to break out Genjutsu seeing as how he attempted to teach Naruto the same trick. Sage Mode will also help him sense the build-up of chakra and if need be, can battle without having to make direct eye contact with his opponent (for visual genjutsu users). As for Kisame we haven’t really seen his prowess in Genjutsu at least in breaking out of it since we know that he can’t perform Genjutsu.

3. Taijutsu


Jiraiya is a Sage Mode user and all Sage Mode users have their Taijutsu significantly increased due to the enhancement of their sensory perceptions, reactions and strength. It isn’t just about hype but they have the feats to back it up. The pain paths through their shared vision could follow jiraiya’s movements but once their shared vision was broken he began to overwhelm them in closed quarters whenever they attempted to engage him. Kisame is also skilled in Taijutsu/Kenjutsu. He was more than capable of keeping up with base Guy in Taijutsu and didn’t seem to be on a disadvantage, not until guy started using the gates.

4. Speed


Jiraiya was already fast in base, able to intercept Kisame’s blade just before it made contact with Naruto back in part 1. He was fast enough to catch Konan off guard and greatly damaging her using his fire release technique. Sage Mode will only further increase his speed as it does with other physical aspects. Kisame has also proven to be very fast, managing to not get blitzed by Guy who was using the 7th gate and could react to and perform his own attack before the latter’s Hirudora got to him. He could also keep up with Killer Bee’s speed whilst in version 2, the same speed that Sasuke was incapable of following even with his sharingan.

5. Strength


This is the greatest physical trait that sage mode users seem to benefit from at least toad Sage Mode users since they have shown the feats to back it up. Jiraiya showed immense physical strength during the battle with pain. A single kick from him was powerful enough to send a pain path flying while completely knocking it out. He could also kick away pain’s giant multi-headed dogs and could lift and throw away large boulders. Kisame is also quite physical enough for him to easily wield samehada with a single hand and use it flexibily in battle without any form of strain. While weakened he was still physical enough to break free of Yamato’s Chakra Suppressing wood restraints.

6. Intelligence


Jiraiya is among the most intelligent characters, knowledge wise and even quick thinking in battle. He only appears goofy especially as a kid but that doesn’t mean anything. Being a spy he specializes in intelligence gathering and thus must have acquired a lot of knowledge. In battle he’s able to quickly deduce his opponent’s abilities as seen against Pain where he managed to figure out several of Pain’s abilities by only seen them once. A feat which will later be beneficial in taking down pain. Kisame isn’t really known for his intelligence but most at times in battle he keeps a cool head and analyzes his opponent’s abilities.

7. Defense


Jiraiya is able to grow and manipulate his hair “Hair Needle Senbon” either offensively to bind and destroy targets or defensively to surround himself which in turn protects him from incoming attacks although it isn’t very powerful. Kisame can use water release to create large scale water walls if need be to defend himself from attacks. Since many of his techniques are able to absorb chakra, they also act as a form of defense for him. He would absorb his opponents chakra and become more powerful.

8. Summoning


Jiraiya could at any time summon a toad or more from Mount Myoboku for many purposes in battle which they could do independently of him once summoned. He can summon the toad sages to fuse with him for better use of nature energy, he can summon a toad’s oesophagus, to cover an area and restrict any movements within that area, he can even summon one of the giant boss toads to perform the food cart destroyer. Kisame can also use the summoning technique, to summon sharks for both battle and message sending purposes.

9. Chakra/Stamina


Kisame earned the moniker “Tailess Tailed Beast” due to his monstrous chakra reserves and this tell us that his reserves are at least close to that of tailed beast. He was stated to have the most chakra within the Akatsuki. His stamina is also immense, such that even after being Defeated by guy he still had the stamina to break free of Yamato’s wood restraints. Jiraiya also possess huge chakra reserves a requirement for learning Sage Mode, which he did. Nature energy further increases his chakra allowing him to battle for quite a long time without running out. His stamina was such that after a long battle against Pain and almost exhausted he could still endure and decipher some of the latter’s abilities.

From the stats we see that Jiraiya is well rounded while Kisame hugely lacks in certain areas. But the battle could be determined by other factors. So let’s continue to determine who will actually win this battle.

Base Jiraiya vs Kisame


Why I’m Starting with Base Jiraiya? Simply because in character he wouldn’t get to Sage Mode right away. He only hurriedly tried to enter Sage Mode against Pain because Pain was from the get go too much to handle. In this case Kisame would have a great advantage. Water prison of course wouldn’t work due to the fact that Jiraiya can just use food cart destroyer to crush it or use toad prison. On the other hand, Kisame’s one thousand feeding shark technique, or his most powerful technique, Water Release: shark bullet technique would be difficult for Jiraiya to handle considering all his attacks would likely just get absorbed by them making them more powerful. In close quarters Kisame also has the advantage against Base Jiraiya, and even more so if Kisame is merged with samehada, so Kisame should take it.

Sage Mode Jiraiya vs Kisame


In Sage Mode Jiraiya is a different beast though. I didn’t state this initially but Jiraiya’s oil and earth release techniques are a counter for Kisame’s water. If he tries to flood the area with water, Jiraiya can retaliate by using Sage Art: Goemon which involves fire, oil and wind. This will allow him to turn whatever flood Kisame creates in his favour while also taking care of any underwater technique Kisame creates like the thousand feeding sharks. Kisame’s only option against Sage Mode Jiraiya is to try and absorb his techniques with samehada, but can be? We know that senjutsu attacks can petrify anything and being being fused with the sages, Jiraiya can keep pumping nature energy into his attacks rendering Kisame’s attacks as well as samehada useless. Any physical battle wouldn’t bode well for Kisame either, so there’s only one winner here.

Final Verdict


Kisame’s should be capable of absorbing Base Jiraiya’s attacks with his own and win but it wouldn’t be easy since Jiraiya still has toads to wrestle against Kisame. I will give Kisame the win. On the other hand Kisame can only win against Sage Mode Jiraiya if he’s capable of absorbing his senjutsu based techniques. He might be able to do so with some of it but not if Jiraiya continues bombarding him with said attacks. So, Jiraiya should win without too many problems. I forget Kisame needs to have a counter for frog song if not he might be defeated even faster.

That is it from today’s post on Jiraiya vs Kisame – Who Would Win?. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Animesoulking for more information about Anime and Manga.

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