How Strong is Sakura in Boruto?

how strong is sakura in boruto

How Strong is Sakura in Boruto? – We will be taking a look at How Strong is Sakura? From Boruto Naruto Next Generations. So, let’s get started.

1. Ninjutsu

sakura uchiha

Sakura learned how to use Medical Ninjutsu from Tsunade and today she’s the best Medical Ninja in the world. She succeeded in mastering all the techniques of Tsunade which included the 100 Healings Jutsu, and the Summoning Technique allowing her to summon the giant slug Katsuyu. She can also use Earth and Water Release Nature Transformations as well as Yin and Yang Release.

2. Genjutsu

sakura uchiha

While never actually seen using genjutsu, Sakura’s incredible chakra control makes her immune to a majority of Genjutsu. Only the most powerful ones in the series could be too much for her to break out of as seen when Sasuke put her under genjutsu using the Rinnegan towards the end of the war. Kakashi noted that she is well-suited for genjutsu and she is frequently been shown to quickly identity when it is being used, and release herself or others from it.

3. Taijutsu

how strong is sakura in boruto

Sakura’s Taijutsu continued to improve from the start of part two. It improved to the point that she could easily destroy several of Sasori’s Hundred Puppets and in the last movie while displaying incredible speed and strength easily destroyed several of Toneri’s Puppets. In Boruto, her Taijutsu was enough to go toe to toe against a Mangekyo Sharingan wielding opponent, Shin Uchiha in an intense hand to hand exchange. Her incredible speed and strength makes her dangerous in close quarters combat.

4. Speed


Sakura hasn’t shown many noteworthy speed feats but in Boruto, she was fast enough to land a devastating punch on Shin Uchiha before the latter even realized what had happened. He had eyes all over his head and should have seen Sakura but didn’t a proof of speed. She later was able to battle against him and keep up with his speed without a lot of difficulty. We also see incredible speed from her when she in no time at all destroyed numerous puppets during the battle against Toneri on the moon.

5. Strength

how strong is sakura in boruto

Sakura, by building up chakra into her fists (and infrequently her feet) Sakura gains monstrous strength enough to destroy buildings or upend the earth. Furthermore, she can send chakra throughout her entire body to lift greater mass, and improve her ability to withstand crushing blows. In the war arc, using a single punch she created a shockwave that took out hundreds of Juubi Clones with Hashirama stating that her strength might be greater than Tsunade’s. Her punch was capable of breaking Kaguya’s horn which is no small feat. She’s had many other strength feats since then, in the last and in Boruto.

6. Intelligence

sakura uchiha

While being quite weak in the academy, Sakura received consistently high test scores answering the written portion of the Chunin Exams all by herself, something that Genin were not expected to be able to do. In battle her observation enough to guess an opponent’s tactics from a brief scan of the battlefield and pick up on otherwise minor inconsistencies in conversation. Under Tsunade she quickly and completely mastered Medical Ninjutsu where Ino and Tenten failed. She also mastered how to store chakra in the Byakugou Seal in a much shorter time than Tsunade ever did and she could quickly create antidotes against all kinds of poison.

7. Defense


While Katsuyu is mainly for healing, She also acts as a form of defense for its users. Katsuyu is capable of taking all kinds of damage and healing from it as seen every time she’s summoned. By summoning Katsuyu, Sakura could cover herself from the opponents assaults. Katsuyu was capable of surviving Pain’s catastrophic Shinra Tensei while covering Konoha Villagers and also Chibaku Tensei when she was attached to Naruto.

8. Summoning


Sakura is able to summon Katsuyu, which is her’s and Tsunade’s Boss Summon. It is a very powerful Boss Summon and they’re known to have only summoned a small percentage of her full body. Katsuyu can spit acid using its Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid Technique, which is strong enough to melt through rock with ease. With its Slug Great Division, Katsuyu can divide itself into smaller clones to evade attacks or to serve small-scale functions, and is capable of quickly reforming itself if need be.

9. Chakra

sakura uchiha

Sakura is a shinobi with naturally high chakra reserves but after training under Tsunade she learned how to store chakra over a period of time in order to have the chakra necessary to complete the Strength of a Hundred Seal. When the seal is released, Sakura has access to all the accumulated chakra, allowing her to perform techniques of a greater scale than she is normally able to. With this chakra she didn’t run out of any time in the war and she was capable of using said chakra to heal thousands of shinobi from the alliance. During the Kaguya battle she had more chakra than a clone of Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto, seeing as it was enough to open a portal to bring back Sasuke when Obito initially said Naruto’s Clone didn’t have enough chakra to do so.

10. Stamina


Sakura’s stamina was such that she probably only got tired about once throughout the entire war despite all her feats in using chakra to heal people. As it is with Tsunade, the Byakugou Seal constantly revitalizes her allowing her to keep going in battle even when others are incapable. Her stamina is up there with the best.

We can clearly see that Sakura is pretty balanced in every stat and there’s no low point. This is quite interesting for someone who was the weakest in her class back in part one. Let’s continue to determine how strong she is.

In Which Tier is Sakura Uchiha?

how strong is sakura in boruto

You know Sakura is one who receives a lot of hate and this leads to her being downplayed. Let’s begin with the war arc. In the war Sakura was already on Tsunade’s level and lacked only in experience. I personally put her war self at Mid Kage Level because she was already on the level of the likes of Mei, Tsunade, Konan in my opinion. She continued to improve since then and there’s no reason to believe she’s still the same after 16 years. In the novel she was able to singlehandedly defeat an Anbu being empowered by a Tailed Beast Drug. In Boruto she went head to head against Shin without using Katsuyu or using the Byakugou Seal. She’s currently the strongest female ninja and possibly the strongest in history, so I think she’s “High Kage” as an adult.

Strongest She Beats and Weakest Who Beats Her

how strong is sakura in boruto

The main reason I put Adult Sakura at High Kage is because I believe she can stand against many High Kages, for example Old Hiruzen despite being old was High Kage for me but can only defeat Sakura by sealing her. So he’s the strongest she can beat for me and she can also outlast him. She also can stand against War Kakashi with One Mangekyo, 7th Gated Lee depending on how he is compared to Guy. Weakest who can beat her? Mei and her Kekkei Genkai (Lava and Boil Release) will be a problem for Sakura if it lands, so I see Mei as the weakest who can defeat her. Konan is a long ranged fighter and her paper bombs will be a problem too, so it depends on if Sakura can heal from all that damage.

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