Top 7 Shinobi Who Can Defeat Alive Minato Namikaze

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Top 7 Shinobi Who Can Defeat Alive Minato Namikaze – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 7 Shinobi Who Can Defeat Alive Minato Namikaze. We will be looking at 7 Shinobi who are mostly on Base Minato’s level or even weaker but are capable of defeating him. It isn’t 100% that these people can Defeat Minato. There’s a win/lose probability. So, let’s get started.

7. Mu


Mu not only possesses the deadly Kekkei Touta Technique “Jinton” but he also has incredible sensory perceptions and can make himself invisible. Base Minato is a sensor but he will most likely not be able to sense an invisible Mu. I am saying this because even KCM Naruto (Clone) with his negative emotion sensing couldn’t sense that Mu was still around after they sealed his clone. Of course Mu must become visible to use Jinton where Minato will most probably sense him but there’s a chance he executes Jinton from blindside before Minato can react.

6. Kabuto Yakushi


Kabuto proved himself when he fought against Edo Itachi and EMS Sasuke. This was mainly due to the Sage Mode powerup he had mastered. Whilst using Sage Mode he could access a lot of techniques which will be trouble for most and that includes Minato. Minato will have it difficult getting around the hydrification technique or oral rebirth and will likely have to resort to sealing. Then there’s the white rage technique, Tayuya’s genjutsu which was trouble even for a genjutsu user like Itachi. Minato will not have it easy against all of these and could pick up a few loses out of 10 against Kabuto.

5. Killer Bee


Minato’s performance against Kurama who is a lot stronger than 8 Tails puts him on a higher level than Killer Bee by portrayal but it doesn’t mean he will have it easy against Bee and could actually still lose. The struggles he had against Kurama will be similar if Killer Bee fully transforms. Minato doesn’t have anything to really harm Bijuu Mode Bee so he will most likely have to resort to sealing which wouldn’t be easy. Against Kurama he had Kushina’s chakra chains to restrain Kurama but here he doesn’t so Killer Bee winning is actually very plausible. Minato can still win though, if he manages to redirect a few Tailed Beast Bombs back at Killer Bee they will greatly damage him even if he survives them and could revert him back to base allowing Minato to finish him off. So a tough battle.

4. A (3rd Raikage)


The 3rd Raikage fought 8 Tails to a stalemate and this was mainly due to his immense chakra reserves, stamina and durability not forgetting his speed. He can easily outlast Minato because Minato will have to resort to sealing or figuring out how to get the Raikage to hurt himself, which wouldn’t be in any way be an easy task. While Minato doesn’t really have techniques to bypass the 3rd’s durability, a single hit from the Raikage will be game over so Minato has to be on guard throughout the battle and refrain from any mistake that could otherwise be fatal. We can clearly see that A has the advantage so his chances of winning are high.

3. Obito Uchiha

minato namikaze

Back in his time Minato made quick work out of a young Obito figuring out Kamui in no time. In this post we are taking about adult Mangekyo Sharingan Obito. Minato comes into this battle with knowledge on Kamui but Obito also has knowledge on Minato and has also greatly improved his reactions such that it wouldn’t be easy this time at all for Minato. Obito’s reactions as we saw in the war allowed him to react to attacks from characters; like KCM Naruto and Gated Guy. Minato still has high chances of winning since Flying Raijin is a good Kamui counter but being very experienced now and also having knowledge on Minato, Obito can manage to pull off a win.

2. Tobirama Senju

minato namikaze

There’s always this endless debate between Minato and Tobirama which is fair and only proves that the two are closer than you think. Anybody who thinks there’s a clear winner is surely mistaken. Both have shown incredible feats; Minato against Tobi and Kurama was legendary but we also saw Tobirama’s incredible performance against Juubito, outdoing Minato. Against each other the battle could be decided by many factors; who manages to tag the other first, who outlasts the other etc. so Tobirama’s chances of winning are as good as Minato’s.

1. Itachi Uchiha

minato namikaze

This is the Edo version of Itachi Uchiha. With Flying Raijin Minato can keep teleporting around so it will not be easy for Itachi to get his attacks to land. On the other hand Minato still has to get close and win the battle and since this is Edo Itachi who doesn’t have to worry about how long he is going to last and thus can keep his Susanoo up constantly, Minato will have to bypass it which will be difficult. On the other hand, Itachi can take advantage whenever Minato comes close and could use many of his deadly attacks; Amaterasu, Genjutsu, Totsuka Blade which would be trouble for Minato. So, the chances of Edo Itachi winning are better than those of Minato.

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