Top 35 Best Romance Manhua Recommendations

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Top 35 Best Romance Manhua Recommendations – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 35 Best Romance Manhua Recommendations. Romance manhua offer readers a delightful journey into the world of love and relationships. These comics come in various settings, whether it’s historical China, contemporary urban environments, or imaginative fantasy realms.

What makes them special is the way they bring characters to life with relatable personalities and relatable stories. Whether you’re in the mood for heartwarming tales, dramatic love stories, or comedic adventures, romance manhua covers a wide spectrum of themes and emotions. So, let’s get started.

35. For the Win!

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For the Win! is a romance manhua that revolves around the story of Selene, who was once at the peak of her success but lost everything. Struggling to find her identity once again, she encounters Hunter in an online game they both adore. Hunter possesses qualities that Selene has lost touch with: popularity, kindness, and generosity. When they join forces in the game, they become a formidable team.

However, the challenges they face in real life are far from easy to overcome, and they must confront the pressures that threaten to keep them apart. Despite these obstacles, they set their sights on winning the top prize both in the game and in love. The story explores their journey as they navigate the complexities of their relationship, both in the virtual world and the real world.

34. Demon X Angel Can’t Get Along!

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Demon X Angel Can’t Get Along! is a romance manhua that explores the unlikely relationship between demons and angels, who have historically been natural enemies.

Faced with growing tired of their constant conflict, the two races decide to take a step towards peaceful coexistence by arranging a marriage between them. The arrangement comes with a unique condition: if the couple cannot get along within a one-year trial period, the marriage will be dissolved.

Jiacheng, a demon, and Yu Shanshan, an angel, are chosen as the “lucky” pair for this experimental marriage. Despite their shared goal of divorce, they embark on a journey of “happy” cohabitation, and the story follows their experiences and interactions as they navigate this unusual relationship and strive to understand each other better.

33. This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real!

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This Contract Romance Must Not Turn Real! is a romance manhua that centers around Xia Zhenzhen, a wealthy young woman who, after being betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, finds herself being pushed into a marriage meeting by her mother.

Desperate to avoid this situation, she decides to enter into a contract romance with a handsome waiter from a bar, following her sister’s advice. According to their agreement, they will act lovingly in public but remain distant in private, with his time in exchange for her money.

Both parties are determined that their contract romance should not turn into genuine love. However, as the story unfolds, Xia Zhenzhen notices the waiter looking at her with apparent anger, leading to questions about the authenticity of their emotions and the development of their relationship.

32. Can’t Hold


Can’t Hold is a romance manhua that begins on Qin Qing’s first day of transfer to a new school. On that day, she accidentally finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict when someone starts a fight. Qin Qing decides to intervene and helps her senior, who is being ganged up on, without realizing that he is Wen Yufeng, the infamous school bully.

This impulsive act sets off a chain of events, and from that moment on, Qin Qing’s peaceful high school life is forever disrupted as she becomes entangled with Wen Yufeng. The story explores the challenges, conflicts, and unexpected connections that develop between these two characters as they navigate the complexities of high school life together.

31. My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago

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My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago is a romance manhua that tells the story of Jiang He, a girl from the Tang Dynasty who mysteriously travels through time and arrives in the present day, where she meets Xu Qing. Fate intertwines their lives, bringing together a love that spans a thousand years.

For Jiang He, everything she once knew and cherished has become history, as her relatives, friends, and enemies all belong to a time 1,200 years in the past. Xu Qing, the boy she encounters in the present, is open-hearted and helps her adapt to this new world.

Together, they navigate the challenges, pain, confusion, joys, and laughter that come with Jiang He’s unexpected journey through time, forging a new life and love story in the process.

30. Mad Queen of the Magic Kitchen


Mad Queen of the Magic Kitchen is a romance manhua that follows the story of a top assassin from the 21st century who finds herself accidentally transported through time, becoming an empress in a seemingly unfavorable situation.

Despite her initial challenges, she gains an incredibly handsome husband and a genius baby. The empress soon realizes that in order to gain dominance within the imperial harem, she must excel in both culinary arts and the art of pleasing the emperor.

With her skills in cooking and the assistance of a spirit chef system that provides her with helpful equipment, she embarks on a journey to win over the emperor’s heart. Along the way, she faces various challenges and obstacles but ultimately manages to capture the emperor’s affection, seize control of the harem, and achieve the pinnacle of her life.

29. Seasons of Love

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Seasons of Love is a romance manhua that comprises four distinct love stories, each featuring a different girl with her unique personality and characteristics.

The first story portrays a girl who lives her life in fear, hesitant to take risks. The second story centers around a girl who rejects whimsy and prefers a practical approach to life. The third story revolves around a girl who is trapped in sorrow, while the fourth story features a girl who is skeptical about love.

Despite their individual flaws and differences, each of these girls experiences the season of love in their own way. The stories highlight the idea that no matter whether you’re a coward, a queen, a sad individual, or a skeptic, there is always someone who will appreciate and embrace your flaws, loving you for who you are.

28. Miss Divine Doctor: Conquer The Demon King

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Miss Divine Doctor: Conquer The Demon King is a romance manhua that tells the story of Jun Jiu, a skilled divine doctor who is killed by a rival and then finds herself transported to another world. In this new world, she stumbles upon a sealed altar, and during her encounter, a mysterious and arrogant man grabs her by the chin, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

The man she meets is a powerful demon, and the story revolves around their interactions and the unfolding dynamics between them. As Jun Jiu navigates this new world, she must confront the challenges and mysteries it holds, including her complicated relationship with the enigmatic demon king.

27. Only Love


Only Love is a romance manhua that follows the story of Meng Ting, who tragically lost her life at the hands of her stepsister, Shu Lan, only to wake up in her second year of high school in a new life.

In this second chance at life, Meng Ting has specific goals: to help her loving stepfather, correct her poor eyesight, and avoid Jiang Ren, the delinquent young prince of the country’s most prominent real estate company, who had caused chaos in her previous life.

While Shu Lan is infatuated with Jiang Ren, it becomes evident that Meng Ting is the one who captures the bad boy’s attention. The story explores the dynamics between Meng Ting, Shu Lan, and Jiang Ren, as well as the romantic developments and challenges that arise as Meng Ting tries to navigate her new life and relationship with Jiang Ren.

26. The Flower and the Hedgehog


The Flower and the Hedgehog is a romance manhua that tells the story of two individuals from different backgrounds who cross paths and develop a unique connection.

Hua Manman, a wealthy young woman who has been pampered throughout her life, encounters Xiao Ye, a stoic yet kind college student, on a cold night. Despite their contrasting worlds, fate brings them together. After their initial meeting, they go their separate ways, only to reunite when Hua Manman’s father compels her to attend a regular college in anonymity to gain real-world knowledge.

As they spend time together at the college, Hua Manman and Xiao Ye’s friendship grows, but they must navigate the challenges posed by their differing backgrounds and circumstances. The story explores whether their bond can withstand the differences that threaten to pull them apart.

25. Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet


Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet is a romance manhua that follows the story of a woman who wakes up to a shocking transformation. In her new appearance, she has an explosive wig, tattoos, and a demon-like makeup style that is far from conventional beauty standards.

She questions Si Ye Han’s unusual taste for still wanting her like this. Before her rebirth, she had been in love with someone else and desperately wanted to escape from Si Ye Han. She held a deep hatred for him, especially after being forcibly locked up by him.

However, after her rebirth, her perspective begins to change. She starts to see Si Ye Han in a different light and wonders if he has undergone a transformation for the better. The story explores the complexities of their relationship as she reevaluates her feelings toward him.

24. Phoenix Goes Against the World

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Phoenix Goes Against the World is a romance manhua that begins with the protagonist, Huang Beiyue, a skilled assassin known as the “ultimate weapon,” awakening to find herself transported through time into another world. In this new world, she inhabits the body of a girl who is the legitimate daughter of a princess royal but is subjected to humiliation from those around her.

With this new identity, Huang Beiyue must navigate her way out of obscurity and rise above her challenging circumstances. As she begins her journey of self-discovery and empowerment, she also attracts the attention of a mysterious man who becomes increasingly intrigued by her.

The story explores Huang Beiyue’s transformation and the budding romance that develops as she confronts her past and embraces her newfound strength and identity.

23. Chasing The Sun


Chasing The Sun is a romance manhua that follows the story of high school student Xiao Xiang An as she experiences life in the big city while staying with distant relatives. During her stay, she is persuaded by her relative’s friends to disguise herself and sneak into a bar with them. There, she encounters a handsome and charming bar employee.

However, the following day, when she returns to her regular appearance, she has a completely different encounter. She meets a guy who is rude and hateful, in stark contrast to the charming employee she met at the bar. The story explores the duality of these encounters and the mysteries that surround the characters, leading to romantic and emotional developments in Xiao Xiang An’s life.

22. Detective Duo


Detective Duo is a romance manhua that begins with an eventful escape from a wedding, where the spirited female detective Su Mu crosses paths with Zhang Zhao, the head of the Ministry of Investigation. Despite their initial bickering and teasing, they share an unspoken but complete understanding of each other.

As the two of them embark on a journey of solving cases together, their partnership deepens, and romantic feelings begin to develop. However, in parallel with their blossoming romance, they uncover details about their interconnected past, shedding light on their shared history and adding complexity to their relationship.

21. Summer Never Ends


Summer Never Ends is a romance manhua that begins on the first day of high school when Wei, determined to confess her feelings to her childhood sweetheart, ends up making a mistake due to nervousness. Instead of confessing to her crush, she accidentally confesses to the wrong person.

The story explores the consequences of this mix-up and the unexpected twists that Wei’s high school life takes as she navigates the aftermath of her confession to the wrong individual. It delves into the relationships and experiences that await her in the coming days, shaping her campus life in ways she could never have anticipated.

20. My Imperial Guard Boyfriend


My Imperial Guard Boyfriend is a romance manhua that unfolds in a modern setting. In this story, a highly attractive ancient Jinyiwei (an imperial guard in ancient China known for their loyalty and martial skills) literally falls from the sky into the home of a modern-day young girl.

With no parental figure in sight, the young girl develops an instant connection with the Jinyiwei and considers him her closest person. In a surprising turn of events, she even expresses her desire to become his bride. Despite the Jinyiwei’s initial aloofness, cold demeanor, and pickiness, he finds himself increasingly drawn to her and struggles to distance himself from her.

The story explores their evolving relationship, as the Jinyiwei’s exterior tsundere (cold on the outside but warm on the inside) traits clash with his growing feelings of attachment and affection for the young girl.

19. My Lucky Star

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My Lucky Star is a romance manhua that tells the story of Star Mu, a cute and cheerful young girl, who has been friends with Austin Si, a popular and athletic boy, since they were five years old. Their bond is incredibly strong that they know each other inside out. However, as they enter their teenage years, they start to develop new and deeper feelings for each other.

These newfound romantic feelings, while exciting, also bring challenges to their close and sweet friendship. Star begins to distance herself from Austin, causing confusion and uncertainty for the usually perceptive young man. With new friends entering their lives, each with their own aspirations and goals, the simplicity of their relationship becomes more complex.

18. Our Rainy Days of Melancholy


Our Rainy Days of Melancholy is a romance manhua that revolves around You Qiuzi, a well-known figure in her school due to her intimidating demeanor. With her imposing presence, aloof attitude, and heavy makeup, she easily pushes people away and avoids social interactions. However, behind this facade lies a wounded heart, and her unfriendliness is simply a defense mechanism to distance herself from others.

After five long years of a mundane daily life, You Qiuzi’s world is once again illuminated by the return of her childhood friend, Gao Tuoyi. Although he is now both unfamiliar and familiar to her, she is determined to reconnect with him and see his smile once more. Despite her struggles with socializing, she is willing to take action to rekindle their friendship and perhaps even something more.

17. Knight Fantasy Night


Knight Fantasy Night is a romance manhua that revolves around Ling Lin, a timid senior high student whose life takes a surprising turn when she comes across a mysterious game disc.

This disc transports her into the world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. In this enchanting world, Ling Lin encounters a beautiful castle, a courageous young king, a knight who emerges from a lake, the illegitimate son of the Pope, the sinister Black Duke, and his enigmatic Dark Knight.

All of these elements combine to create a world she has never experienced before, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy as she navigates the challenges and wonders of this newfound dimension.

16. A Step Closer to Your Heart

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A Step Closer to Your Heart is a romance manhua that follows the story of Leaf Su, an awkward girl who unexpectedly becomes best friends with the most popular kid in school after he offers to be her first friend. Despite entering high school, he remains a charming goofball and a bit of a show-off, yet also displays genuine gentleness and care.

As time goes on, Leaf Su starts to feel that there might be something more to their relationship, but she quickly dismisses those thoughts, convincing herself that they are just friends. She notices that he is also close to a pretty girl in their class, which adds to her confusion.

Additionally, Leaf Su frequently encounters an upperclassman who always blushes around her, adding to the mystery of her romantic life. The story revolves around Leaf Su’s attempts to understand her feelings and navigate the complex web of relationships and emotions that surround her.

15. Pharaoh’s Concubine


Pharaoh’s Concubine is a romance manhua that tells the story of a young girl who is adored by many but unable to express her feelings for her brother because he is already in love with someone else. Overwhelmed by her unrequited love, she finds herself transported to Ancient Egypt due to a snake-shaped bracelet inscribed with a three-thousand-year-old love oath.

In this ancient era, she encounters the Pharaoh’s heir, a carefree and fun-loving individual. The heir becomes captivated by her, declaring that she will become his concubine. However, fate has a way of playing tricks on her. She must now choose between her beloved brother and this unfamiliar heir. She also faces the dilemma of whether to return to the present or remain in the past.

14. A Journey to The Past


A Journey to The Past is a romance manhua that revolves around a unique service agency specializing in people’s past lives. This agency offers individuals the opportunity to revisit their previous lifetimes in order to uncover the origins of their troubles, seek redemption, and potentially reshape the trajectory of their current lives.

Interestingly, the agency doesn’t seek financial payment; instead, they request a single teardrop from their clients as a form of compensation.

13. No Doubt in Us

romance manhua

No Doubt in Us is a romance manhua that starts with an unusual twist. The story begins when the queen, in a moment of surprise, accidentally pushes the handsome king into a pool during a close encounter. However, this unexpected mishap results in their bodies being swapped, leaving both of them in a state of confusion.

The main problem they face is not knowing how to switch back to their original bodies. To make matters worse, the emperor, now inhabiting the queen’s body, is furious about the situation. Before they can return to normal, the emperor must deal with the mean imperial concubines he had no prior knowledge of, while the queen is tasked with mediating the affairs of the ministries in the emperor’s absence.

The story unfolds as they each attempt to handle their new roles and challenges while trying to find a way to reverse the body swap and return to their rightful positions.

12. The One


The One is a manhua that revolves around the life of Cane Lele, who was born into the fashion industry. Her parents, both successful models, tragically perished in an airplane crash, leaving her orphaned. As a result, Lele harbors a deep resentment toward the fashion world, considering it superficial and unnecessary. She is raised by her maternal grandmother, away from the fashion industry.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when her aunt, Ye Fei Hong, a fashion model agent, persuades Lele to enter the modeling world. Initially resistant, Lele’s perspective changes when she encounters a photo shoot featuring the popular American model, Angus Lanson. She begins to view modeling as an art form and becomes intrigued by it.

As the story unfolds, Lele’s journey takes her to a meeting with Angus Lanson, unaware that Angus has an identical twin brother, Eros Lanson, who is secretly accompanying him. This leads to confusion and sets the stage for a captivating tale that intertwines Lele’s aspirations in the fashion world, her ambition to become a top model, and the possibility of love.

11. Find Me in the Dark


Find Me in the Dark is a romance manhua that tells the story of Reya Tang, a young woman who becomes blind after courageously thwarting a kidnapping attempt on her friend. Her heroic act leads to her being shunned by her family. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Zayn Luo, who has surprising connections to her, including being engaged to her horrible sister.

Despite Reya’s initial reluctance, there is an undeniable and intriguing connection between her and the usually cold and distant Zayn. He finds himself irresistibly drawn to her and is willing to go to great lengths to remain a part of her life. The challenge lies in how he can get closer to her when she is in the dark, both figuratively and literally, due to her blindness.

10. The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet


The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet is a romance manhua that focuses on the relationship between Song Yan and Wen Li, a famous contract couple in the entertainment industry. Despite their public image as a married couple, they have distanced themselves from their professional lives and appear to have little personal connection.

Fans express disappointment, yet many continue to support the idea of them being together. Everything changes when the two of them decide to participate in a national-level variety show for couples, reluctantly returning to their careers. As they go through the recording process of the show, Song Yan and Wen Li gradually realize that the bond between them was firmly established several years ago.

9. Cheating Men Must Die


Cheating Men Must Die is a manhua that revolves around Su Lüxia, a chosen girl who travels through various worlds. Equipped with experience and a system, Su Lüxia undertakes her missions countless times. Her primary objective is to assist the story’s female lead, whose body has been taken over by her consciousness, in changing her fate and confronting unfaithful men and antagonistic individuals.

These women, whether they are abandoned royal concubines, least favored second daughters, or betrayed superstars, find themselves in dire situations. Su Lüxia’s mission is to help them overturn their worlds and destinies, taking on the scoundrels and villains who have wronged them.

8. Summer Bloom


Summer Bloom is a romance manhua that begins with the nineteen-year-old protagonist, He You, starting her new life as a university freshman. However, her first day takes an unexpected turn when she has an encounter with a stranger while moving in, leaving her feeling disheartened.

In her moment of despair, she stumbles upon a fragrant flower shop and is warmly welcomed by its beautiful and friendly owner, who is also desperately looking to hire help. Inside the shop, He You comes across a flower from her childhood, one that holds magical and enchanting qualities. To her surprise, the stranger she met earlier turns out to be the owner’s son.

As the story unfolds, He You begins to wonder if the seemingly aloof young man before her could be the same “magical” boy from her cherished childhood memories. The manhua explores themes of nostalgia, romance, and the possibility of rekindling a connection from the past.

7. Stars-crossed Lovers

romance manhua

Stars-crossed Lovers is a manhua that tells a heartwarming tale of two individuals who are destined to be together. Their story unfolds as they embark on a romantic journey filled with memorable moments and shared experiences. The manhua portrays the male protagonist’s heartfelt efforts to create cherished memories with his destined lover.

These moments include collecting seashells by the Sea of Love, sings for her on the top of minaret in the Flower Citt, and capturing the beauty of a unique starry night together. Through these encounters, they gradually come to know and understand each other, eventually falling deeply in love.

As their miraculous journey comes to an end, their love story begins, emphasizing the idea that true love knows no boundaries and can blossom under the most enchanting circumstances. Stars-crossed Lovers is a testament to the enduring power of love, destiny, and shared experiences that bind two souls together.

6. My Lovely Girl

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My Lovely Girl is a manhua that tells the story of Anran, who experiences a heartbreaking revelation on her wedding day when she discovers that her fiance is cheating on her. In response to this betrayal, she flees from the wedding and loses faith in love.

Anran starts a new chapter in her life, no longer believing in the possibility of love stories. However, unexpectedly, her childhood sweetheart returns and offers to mend her broken heart with care and love. The manhua explores how their reconnection leads to the possibility of healing and rekindling their love despite the scars of past betrayal.

5. Eternal Love


Eternal Love is a romance manhua that unfolds the story of Wen Yifan, who returns to her hometown for work and unexpectedly encounters the incredibly attractive guy everyone is talking about.

However, to her surprise, this charming individual turns out to be Sean Yan, a person she rejected in high school, causing him a great deal of heartache. Fate intervenes, and their separate paths from high school now seem to intertwine as they continuously cross each other’s lives.

What’s even more coincidental is that they both end up renting the same apartment and becoming roommates. As the story unfolds, it explores how Sean Yan, known as the “perfect boyfriend,” navigates the complexities of love amid a whirlwind of unspoken feelings and intense emotions.

4. What Love Looks Like: Heart Wants What It Wants

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What Love Looks Like: Heart Wants What It Wants is a romance manhua that follows the story of two individuals, Clara Lu and Charles Chi, who share a common ambition in the world of acting. Clara Lu, an optimistic actress, had to break up with someone she loved in pursuit of her dream. Despite her unwavering dedication to her career, success continues to elude her.

Charles Chi, a brilliant actor, also faced struggles in his journey to achieve his dream and became increasingly isolated after a heartbreak. Their paths cross, and they evolve from being adversaries to frenemies due to a shared experience. Through this connection, they begin to encourage and support each other on their respective acting journeys.

The story explores whether they can find the courage to listen to their hearts and believe in love once more, despite the challenges and heartaches they’ve endured.

3. My Secret Crush


My Secret Crush is a romance manhua that centers around Zhi Sang, who harbors a secret crush on Jiaxu Duan, her brother’s college friend. She goes to great lengths to keep her feelings concealed, believing that her crush on him must remain a secret. However, to her surprise, she eventually discovers that Jiaxu Duan has already noticed her affection for him.

As Zhi Sang grows up, the story delves into whether she will be able to find her happy ending with the person she has secretly admired for so long. It explores the complexities of unrequited love and the possibilities of a future romantic relationship between the two characters.

2. Love Like Cherry Blossoms

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Love Like Cherry Blossoms is a romance manhua that tells the story of two high school students who discover each other’s secrets and make a deal to keep them hidden. The male protagonist is the most popular guy in school, while the female protagonist is known for her exceptional academic performance.

They agree to help each other safeguard their secrets, intending to become strangers afterward. However, things take an unexpected turn when the male protagonist offers to assist the female protagonist in confessing her feelings to her crush.

This twist leaves the female protagonist wondering if he is genuinely trying to help her or if he’s just teasing her. The story explores the evolving dynamics between them as they navigate their feelings and hidden intentions.

1. Once More

romance manhua

Once More is a romance manhua with a storyline that revolves around two high school classmates who lost touch due to a misunderstanding and reunited as teachers at their alma mater after graduating from college. It’s been seven years since they last saw each other, and the male protagonist, Muli Yang, fails to recognize that the female protagonist, An Xun, is the same young girl from their high school days.

Now, they both have different personas as adults. Muli Yang is a gentle yet scheming male math teacher, while An Xun has become an unromantic and poker-faced female physical education teacher. When they cross paths again, the chemistry and emotions from their past are still present, but they have both changed significantly as individuals.

The story explores whether they can rekindle their relationship despite these changes and the secrets from their high school days that slowly come to light.


In conclusion, romance manhua offers a rich and diverse world of love and relationships through the medium of Chinese comics. These stories, set in various settings and featuring a wide array of characters, provide readers with heartwarming, dramatic, and often humorous tales.

Whether it’s navigating complex love triangles, exploring emotional depths, or simply enjoying the journey of two people finding each other, romance manhua has something for everyone. With its captivating artwork, serialized releases, and accessibility on online platforms, this genre continues to capture the hearts of readers around the world.

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